10 Legit Micro Job Websites where you get paid to do short tasks

Micro Job Websites where you get paid to do short tasks

The internet is a treasure chest nowadays for those who want to make online money. You can get paid to do short tasks on so many websites. These websites offer various types of small and simple micro tasks.

Micro Job websites (crowdsourcing sites) provide a platform for employers and workers, where employers post jobs (tasks) to do their job, and workers do tasks to get money. Workers are free to choose the tasks that best suit their skills. To save your time looking for the best sites, we’ve kept a list of top 10 websites that allow you to earn money.

10 Legit Short Tasks Website where you get paid

1. Yandex.Toloka

Yandex.Toloka is an open crowdsourcing platform launched in 2014. On the platform, anyone can perform tasks and get paid for collecting and marking up data for different customers for a small fee.

10 Legit Micro Job Websites where you get paid to do short tasks

Tasks are usually fairly simple and do not require special training to complete them. This can be the classification of messages from social networks, checking materials for shocking or explicit images, transcribing short audio recordings. 

The amount of remuneration for completing such a task usually ranges from one to several cents. A complete guide how to start working with Yandex Toloka and to make money for doing small tasks.

2. Amazonian Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

MTurk is a micro tasks or job website operated by Amazon Web Services and has been in operation since 2005. It’s a crowdsourced online marketplace with millions of users worldwide (over 190 countries).

Here is the sample of short Tasks and by completing these tasks you will be get paid for it. Look how these tasks are simple and easy.

10 Legit Micro Job Websites where you get paid to do short tasks

There are two types of people working in MTurk.

Applicant – Applicants are those who post job advertisements known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) such as Categorizing Questions, Finding Someone’s Address, Tagging Images, or Selecting the Best Among Multiple Photos, etc. The requester reviews the work submitted by the worker and, based on their satisfaction, approves the work.

Workers – Workers are also called Turkers sometimes. Workers complete assignments submitted by applicants and provide proof of receipt of payment.

It is very easy to make money in Mturk, because there are a lot of small tasks jobs that don’t require much skill or require any skill.

Payment Methods

The following two payment options are Mechanical Turk, Amazon Payments account or Amazon gift card. The minimum amount that you will withdraw from your account is $3.

You can then move your earnings from Amazon’s payment account to your bank account if you reside in the U.S. Another important thing to remember is that you will collect your earnings in the form of Amazon gift cards for foreign workers.

Note – Indian members have the option to receive a direct deposit denominated in Indian rupees into their bank account.

3. Clickworker

Clickworker has existed since 2005. There are more than 700,000 active workers from 136 countries around the world. 

10 Legit Micro Job Websites where you get paid to do short tasks

Clickworker.com is a website that enables the users to earn online by performing tasks that are available on the website.

The tasks range from simple online surveys to writing an essay to categorization and tagging etc. The users can work through a web browser and may select tasks based on the price offered. To know more about Clickworker how to get paid 100$ in a month.

This site is free for anyone interested collecting data and researching, etc. As a click worker, you work on your own, you set your working hour and you get the opportunity to choose the job that interests you.

Small tasks such as taking pictures and categorizing questions do not require any formal qualifications, so anyone can perform such tasks.

For other tasks that require specialized skills, you must prove your qualifications by making a grade. You can now also complete Pollfish, Adscend and Peanut Labs surveys there, as with many other platforms.

Payment Methods

By PayPal you can withdraw your earned money (payment is processed every week from Wednesday to Friday). Minimum withdrawal amount – $ 5.

4. OneSpace

OpenSpace is a legal micro job site. This site is especially good for writers, editors, and moderators. 

Here you will find small tasks like labeling images, categorizing, transcribing, writing responses and writing a product description, etc., which do not require a lot of time and skill. 

There are currently 269 proficiency tests as Quality Assurance Specialist, Associate Copywriter , Senior Copywriter. You have to qualify more and more tests to be eligible for a great job to get paid for small tasks. 

Crowdsource operates in 180 countries and has a great user experience. I love their payment system.

Payment method – Paypal

Minimum withdrawal amount – Unlimited (complete an assignment worth 1 cent and receive a transfer of 1 cent to your Paypal account).

5. Rapid Workers

Rapidworkers is a service from UnikScripts, Inc. Their site is quite similar to Microworkers. It has almost the same features and working interface.

There are two kinds of people on Rapidworkers – Employers and Workers. Employer post their tasks and workers are get paid for completing these small tasks.

Payment methods

You can place a withdrawal request if your balance exceeds $ 8.00 + 6% commission. It takes less than 7 days to process a withdrawal request.

Payment methods – Paypal and Payza

Minimum withdrawal amount – $ 8 + commission

6. Microworkers

Microworkers are by far my favorite micro jobs platform as most of my income comes from this. It is a crowdsourcing search site owned by Weblabcenter, Inc..

There are employs over 700,000 employees worldwide. Employers can create a professional looking campaign using the Microworkers template. The only and worst thing about Microworkers is the procedure for verifying their address on first withdrawal.

Once you join, you will have many small tasks to choose from that suit your skills best. Some of the simple tasks are Search & Click, Register, Like Facebook Page, or Download Android App, etc. 

Payment Methods

Payment methods – PayPal, DWolla and Moneybookers (skrill), bank transfer via Transpay (New). They send Payment twice a week. Minimum withdrawal amount is $ 9.

7. Figure-Eight

Figure-Eight is another popular short tasks site with 5 million members from 208 countries. The tasks you get here are usually related to content moderation, data collection and improvement, data categorization, sentiment analysis, etc.

You receive instructions before accepting an tasks for that you will be get paid. You can take a variety of tests to validate your skills and increase access to more work. 

Payment Methods

Paypal and other options are available to received payments. You need to have a minimum of $ 5.

8. PicoWorkers

A new crowdsourcing site but it is paying to the workers. You will see plenty of small tasks on PicoWorkers websites. If any of the tasks you complete you will be get paid for your time and effort. The interface is very similar to micro and rapid workers. You earn money by completing short tasks posted by employers. 

Here is the some small tasks which we can do with Picoworker as below:

  • Take a survey
  • Write an honest review
  • Test an app
  • Write an article

This is the wonderful work of Small tasks. They are straightforward to do and take little time to complete.

There are activities such as taking a survey, categorizing photos, helping to promote content and many others. Get credit right after the assignment is checked and don’t wait for a refund for a month or more. Just deliver your work and get paid for it.

Payment Methods

Paypal and other options are available to received payments. You need to have a minimum of $ 5. You can also withdraw through cryptocurrency.

9. Remotasks

It is a new but reliable site that is growing faster and has several prestigious clients such as UBER, Google Alphabet, Procter, Gusto and others.

Since they have clients from self-driving car companies, you will see many small tasks related with image annotation, cuboids, image tags, content moderation, etc.

You can create a Remotetasks Account by visiting the Sign Up page using your Facebook or Gmail account. You can begin taking courses at the Remotasks Training Center once you have registered your account. Then you can begin to work and earn money.

Payment Method

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – None. Everything you earned during the week will be sent to your PayPal account on Tuesday every week.

10. Spare5

Spare5 with over 500,000 registered users is somewhat similar to Remotasks in the nature of the tasks it offers. 

They have clients from all over the world in robotics, retail and automotive. Spare5’s core mission is to develop the high quality data required to train AI engines. 

Some large driverless car companies send them photographs and related data. They transform them into meaningful tasks and serve the workers.

A worker can complete tasks and get paid for his efforts and time. Classification, labeling, rating, review, and annotation are the kinds of challenges they offer. They are reliable when it comes to payouts. Spare5 processes payments every Friday.

Payment Methods

Minimum withdrawal amount – $ 1. You can withdraw your payment through PayPal.


These were good micro jobs that I now work with and earn extra money. It is easy to start with these sites and multiply your income. 

You should join such sites because you can complete tasks without leaving your home. If you’re stuck at home and don’t have a full-time job or have free time, it’s better to make some money than kill time.

Micro jobs sites can be a great place for you to use your skills and can help you become more productive. Give these sites a try and let us know your experience. You can also share information about other micro jobs platforms you use by commenting on them. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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