30 Sites Will Help You to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

30 Sites Will Help You to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

This post is for those who are looking for how to make money online without paying anything. Without wasting any time join these sites that will help you to start earning money for free from day one.

I personally working some of these sites and getting extra income. This extra income is all is saving money.

Here is the list of websites, my best strategies, and recommendations for making money online for free. I hope these will help you earn some extra cash without having to pay anything up front! You can consider these work as a home jobs.

Best 30 Sites to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

1. Start Working with Clickworker

This site does not ask you to pay anything to join their program for making money online. Basically, Clickworker is crowdsourcing platform and running since 2014. Anyone can join and no countries boundary. This site has globally presence.

As a Clickworker, you can make money by completing microtasks such as text correction, online typing, survey taking, and data sorting.

Clickworker also hires people to proofread, copyedit, test apps, and record short audio and video clips.

To get started, create a free user profile and take a skills assessment. If you perform well on the evaluations, you will be assigned to the best jobs to make money. These all jobs you can do without paying anything.

2. Join UserTesting Site for Fast Money

Do you love to report about nonperforming of any website which you have faced during browsing? UserTesting site perfect for you to money for reporting those errors. You can join this site without paying anything and can make money for this error report.

Brand Companies use UserTesting to examine how customers engage with their mobile app, products, and marketing materials.

Once you complete registration, you will visit a website or app, complete a set of tasks, and provide feedback when working with this micro job site. This assists brands in understanding how their website, app, or logo are perceived by customers.

You will be paid $10 for every 20-minute video you create, and payments are made via PayPal. You will be paid seven days after completing a task.

Users must have access to a computer and an internet connection. You must be over the age of 18 and fluent in English.

You must also apply to begin this micro job by submitting a sample testing video. There will be a waiting period during which UserTesting validates the quality of your recording. When you are authorized, you will receive emails informing you of testing possibilities.

Finally, UserTesting is an excellent choice for people who are comfortable giving their thoughts on video.

1. Register

By taking a sample test, you can apply to join our global community.

2. Taking Test

Provide comments on the goods you enjoy and use today.

3. Receive payment

Earn $10 for each 20-minute test and even more for interviews.

3. Earn quick money with Yandex Toloka

Yandex. Toloka is a global crowdsourcing or microtasking platform. It allows you to earn money by executing short and easy activities from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

That good thing is that they don’t ask you to pay anything to start working and making money from the site.

It is a free platform for earning money on the Internet without making any investments. To make money with Yandex Toloka, you must have an internet connection, a mobile device, and a computer.

Your real task will be to test various services and answer questions on how to improve Yandex’s or its partners’ or customers’ products.

About the Company “Yandex Toloka” – Yandex. Toloka is a crowdsourcing website that debuted in 2007. It is a Russian-based company. I am paid on a regular basis. Here is a copy of my most recent payment receipt.

The tasks are simple, and no particular training is necessary to carry them out. They are mostly concerned with content analysis and evaluation. As a result, anyone can do tasks and get rewarded for them.

The web interface is incredibly user-friendly; everything is simple and straightforward.

You can work directly from the website or from a mobile application. However, not all jobs are available on mobile; some are only accessible via browser or website. In the complete version of the site, I operate from a smartphone.

4. Work with Remo task as a Micro Jobber

As a Remo Task worker, you can earn money by doing microtasks such as tagging photographs, Transcribing audio and moderating contents. There are numerous exciting tasks to complete. The task is adjustable and can be completed on your schedule.

The only requirement is that you be fluent in English to make money online without paying anything.

When it comes to payment, you have the option of receiving weekly or monthly payments for your tasks. To begin, create a free user profile and take a skills exam. If you perform well on the examinations, you will be matched with the top tasks. When you complete a work, you will be paid.

Remotasks paid its taskers via PayPal. The payout for each assignment varies according to its difficulty. The hourly cost might range between $1 and $2. The minimum payouts are $5. The payments are made on a weekly basis.

5. Make Money Fast with Sign Up and Registration Work

You can join Latium Freelancing Micro Job site to make money without paying anything to them. It is one of my favorite sites to make money. Only I do here signup and registration work to earn quick money.

Latium Freelancing is an online platform where you can look for jobs and hire people using digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you want quick cash, join the site. You will find the below categories of work with Latium:

  • Surveys
  • Registrations
  • Graphics & Design
  • Social & Digital Marketing
  • Usability Testing
  • Translation & Languages
  • Transcription Jobs
  • App Downloads
  • Video & Animation
  • Audio & Music
  • Other
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Business, Accounting, HR & Legal
  • Data Annotation
  • Data Entry & Collection
  • Engineering & Science
  • Mobile Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Writing & Content

6. Work as Micro Jobber with Mircoworkers

A reliable and legit site that offers making money online without paying anything. I use this site to make money online and advertising my websites to get traffic. I post my affiliate link over there to get sign up in order to get money by registration or sign-up work. If I can earn you can too.

The Microworkers platform is without a doubt my favorite micro jobs platform, as it provides for a sizable percentage of my income.

Microworkers is a crowd sourcing website operated by Weblabcenter, Inc. that employs over 700,000 people globally.

Employers may design a professional-looking campaign by using the Microworkers template. The only and worst aspect of Microworkers is their address verification method for the initial withdrawal.

After you join, you’ll have access to numerous of activities that fit your skills. A few examples of tasks include searching and clicking on, signing up, liking a Facebook page, and downloading an Android app, among others. Payment is sent twice a week.

7. Become Search Engine Evaluator with Appen

One of my friends joined Appen and become Search Engine Evaluator without paying anything to the company. She is continuous getting work and using her free time to make money online with appen’s tasks.

Appen is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that develops machine learning programs using data obtained from humans.

By chance, they allow you to earn money even by performing minor jobs for them.

The Appen essentially requires data from human interactions, such as doing simple tasks, to assist Artificial Intelligence systems in becoming more human-like.

The organization hires workers from remote areas to complete modest jobs online from home and pays them for it.

The nice part about Appen is that the tasks they provide do not require any technical skills; all you need to do is be fluent in English.

The AI company provides a wide range of remote employment options. Overall, there are three fundamental sorts of occupations for which you can apply:

Micro Projects, Survey and Data Collection are the main tasks with Appen.

8. Earn free gift cards for your opinion with MyPoints

MyPoints is a fantastic online money generating platform where you can get paid to shop online and taking surveys. It will you help you to make money online without paying anything.

In my opinion, there are five methods to earn money with MyPoints: conducting surveys, viewing movies, purchasing, playing games, and even watching videos. You can accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

MyPoints has partnerships with over 1,900 prominent merchants, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Sign up for MyPoints here

9. Join Amazon mechanical turk (MTurk)

MTurk is a microtasking or job website run by Amazon Web Services that has been in operation since 2005. It is a crowdsourced online marketplace with millions of members worldwide (over 190 countries).

By signing up for MTurk, you can work on a variety of online activities such as easy data validation and research, survey participation, content moderation, and more. This is a fantastic way to earn money online without having to pay anything.

I am not sure you can get started with Amazon mechanical turk (MTurk), because it has country specific worker. If you did not succeed to make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk, then try alternatives sites. Here is the list of alternative sites.

10. Make Free and Fast Money with social media

If you want to make money quickly and for free, I recommend using a social network account. There are websites that pay users to perform simple tasks on social media platforms.

You can make money by liking a fan page, following a tweet, joining a group, blogging, and other similar activities. Advertisers require this in order to reach customers with their messaging.

List of Sites that pay for such work and help you to make money online without paying anything

  1. Everve
  2. Fandealer
  3. Paid Likes
  4. Forumok.com


If you have social media account and looking for how to make money with your social media account, BLOGUN is the site for you. It is free and you can join without paying anything. If you have twitter account, you can make money with this site free.

Blogun, a well-known service site, offers several interesting ways to make money on Twitter. So, if an account has a large number of followers and posts receive a large number of retweets, you can place an advertiser’s ad here.

Another option is to view sponsored adverts in the context of your Twitter account, i.e. the header. Another approach is to show adverts when users click on links in the account owner’s tweets. The prices on “Blogun” are exorbitant.

As a result, a tweet will cost you at least 0.01 USD. Owners of “promoted” microblogs may have to pay much more (and much more). A well-known expert in a certain industry. Who has his own Twitter blog can make a lot of money. In summary, the Blogun service offers a wide range of opportunities for making money through social networking.


ProfitTask is a four-year-old website. You can make money online with your Twitter by completing simple activities.

You can earn money by browsing the site and downloading an application called mobile earning.

The platform’s payment for completed work is determined by the performer’s ranking and the total number of tasks performed.

ProfitTask’s ability to function from mobile devices is a distinguishing feature; a special app for this is available.

You can earn money on Twitter by sharing a link, writing a message, retweeting, or acquiring followers. Depending on the form, each job costs between 0.01 to 0.05 USD

13. Complete short tasks and survey with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is yet another of my favorite online money-making sites. Completing short tasks allows you to gain SBs, which are points.

They include going shopping at your favorite store, exploring the web, taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. You read that correctly. You may play video games and earn money at the same time!

The task payments vary according on their difficulty. The points can then be redeemed for store gift cards or cash via PayPal.

  • Average Earning Per Survey – $0.40 – $ 2
  • Minimum Withdrawal or Payout – $ 3 for gift cards and $25 for PayPal
  • Payment or withdrawal Method – PayPal, gift cards
  • Referral Income – 10 % of the profit of your referrals
  • Joining Bonus – $5 sign up bonus

14. Make Money with Lose Weight with HealthyWage

Do you know you can make money while losing weight by working online? That is exactly what HealthyWage provides!

HealthyWage is a fascinating and creative application that links money incentives to your own health objectives.

The idea is straightforward: you place a wager on how much weight you can reduce. You win real money if you reach your objective!

Of course, remember that you should reduce weight in a healthy way. Never go to great lengths to win a prize. It’s never worthwhile.

15. Earn cash instantly with LifePoints by completing surveys

LifePoints is a market research platform which conduct paid online survey on behalf of big brands. It is another one of my favorite online survey sites to make money online. Signing up is free.

The site has over 5 million active members that earn money on their phones or computers every day.

LifePoints collaborates with market research firms and allows you to share feedback on product development and advertising campaigns.

You are paid fairly for your time. They even have pulse surveys and mini polls that can be completed in seconds!

As soon as you complete your first survey, the app will credit your online account with points.

You may then effortlessly exchange them for cash or gift cards using PayPal! If you want to make PayPal money fast, you should absolutely try LifePoints.

16. Patriciate in Polls and online paid surveys

Polls or online paid surveys sites offer you to make money online without paying anything. Of course, you will be giving them your opinion on products which you have used. If you don’t mind share your opinion, then this is perfect job for you to make money online in spare time. Here is the list of Legit Survey Sites to Check Out for Money:

  • RewardSurvey
  • Survey Club
  • Harris Poll Online
  • E-Poll
  • MySurvey
  • InBoxDollars.com
  • Tellwut
  • i-Say
  • Panda Research
  • VIP Voice
  • Valued Opinions
  • Global Test Market
  • MySoapBox
  • American Consumer Opinion
  • Surveytime

17. Timebucks

Timebucks is a reputable online money-making platform that was founded in 2014. Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, headquartered in Australia, owns the corporation.

Timebukcs a PTC site which offers you to make money online without paying anything.

In this project, anyone may earn money quickly and easily by polling, viewing movies, voting, installing free apps, playing games, completing a web search, and other simple tasks.

TimeBucks is basically a rewards site where you can earn real money for doing various jobs and activities that you currently do on a daily basis.

You can earn money by doing surveys, posting on social media, viewing movies, voting, installing free apps, playing video games, and other activities.

TimeBucks is distinct from other reward sites in that we pay with actual cash rather than gift cards, and we have numerous unique challenges that are not found on other sites.

TimeBucks is free to join and offers a referral program where you can earn money for recommending friends. So, whether you’re a student or just need some additional cash to pay your expenses, TimeBucks is the way to go.

You must first complete a quick registration process and validate your email address. Once you’ve completed all of this, you can begin earning money.

18. IPSOS I-say

IPSOS I-say is an international market research company where you may share your thoughts on products and services and be compensated for it.

You will earn points for each completed task, which you can then redeem for prepaid vouchers, cash awards, and other incentives.

I-say is based on Ipsos, a global market research organization founded in 1975. Over 5000 customers in over 100 countries, performing over 70 million surveys per year.

Register and fill out your profile by completing few questions prior to the survey questions. A survey will be sent to you based on your profile information. You will be rewarded if you respond.

IPSOS I-say awards fairly fair points for each completed survey. Many completed polls award 45 points, while some can easily award 90 points or more.

In most cases, points will be applied to your account within a few minutes of finishing the survey.

The exchange rate is: 100 points = $1.00. When you reach 500 points, you can withdraw them.

19. YSense

A let paid online survey site to make money online without paying anything. Ysense has around 7 million members and has been in operation since 2006.

It is unquestionably a reliable online money-making site. The platform has paid out over $4 million to its users.

That is visible on the paywall on the page where actual payments from members are disclosed.

Ysense provides people all over the world with the option to earn money through surveys, sponsored offers, and paid to click activities.

Ysense will give you $0.50 just for signing up, and another $0.50 will be added to your account once you finish your profile.

Even if you haven’t done anything to earn it, this amount is already in your Ysense account.

20. Superpay.me

Superpay.me is a survey service that has been paying its customers or members since 2010. The website has been online for almost ten years. I work with this site and make money online without paying anything.

It has approximately 778,299 members and has paid out approximately $1,860,327.25. You can earn money with superpay.me by taking paid surveys or completing paid offers.

It is an international survey site, and anyone from anywhere in the world can participate.

Superpay.me collects a large number of surveys from different sources on its website, so you will never be short of surveys to engage in.

You will be rewarded for watching movies, visiting certain websites, watching advertising, and many other activities.

Because there are so many of these opportunities, the income potential is limitless. With Superpay.me, you can earn money by completing the following tasks.

  • Paid Promotions
  • Surveys
  • Paid Clicks (PTC)
  • Prize Drawings
  • Paid Videos

10 Easy to Start Profession to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

1. Work as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants’ jobs are in high demand these days. As a Virtual Assistant you will assist business owners with general administration, customer service, sales, cold calling, and scheduling.

If you are pretty skilled in tasks such as data entry and social media marketing, you should apply for virtual assistant positions to capitalize on your abilities. Who knows, you might be able to turn it into a full-time job.

Full Guide How to Start Virtual Assistant Profession and Get a Job

2. Freelance writer Profession

Freelance writing job is also very popular right now. I have this opportunity to work as a freelance writer for several publications and websites. I love the flexibility, both in terms of workload and the people with whom I choose to work.

You can get freelance writing jobs through your existing networks or through services such as Texbroker, iWriter, nDash and Fiverr etc.

Don’t be shy if you’re a good writer. Advertise your abilities and begin searching for freelance writing gigs right away.

To start this profession, you required writing skills. If you are beginner, you can start also learning this writing skills. Here is the guide.

3. Be a Cab Driver  

Love driving, you can start working without paying anything as a CAB driver. Becoming a Cab driver can be an especially lucrative opportunity right now because of how much people love ordering take-outs.

DoorDash is an online food ordering and food delivery service platform in Canada.

Of course, they will need people to help their customers pick up food orders and deliver them to their houses. As a DoorDash driver, you can set your own time and your own goals and be your own boss.

4. Become a social media influencer or brand ambassador

Do you love making friends and good to make friends on social media? Do you know and familiar of the most popular social media platforms today? If you answered yes to both questions, becoming a social media influencer could be a lucrative side business for you.

Companies are looking for social media influencer to increase the sell of their products. These days, almost small and big companies is using social media.

If you’re on social media, please follow me on Twitter or Instagram if you haven’t already!

5. Create an Online Course

If you enjoy teaching but don’t have the time to hold online classes on a regular basis, you can create a video course and sell it on one of the following platforms:

Sell an online course which you have created. You should add regular video updates and respond to any student questions to keep the content fresh so that you can continue earning “evergreen” income. Your job as

Following the release of your first course, consider creating additional courses on similar material that are distinct enough to attract repeat students.

If you enjoy cooking, you could start by learning how to make pasta dishes. A subsequent course could include teaching your students how to cook seafood, host a formal dinner party, or prepare other gourmet food dishes.

6. Manage Social Media Profiles

This is somewhat a remote job which you can start make money online without paying anything. Your role will be to manage other people’s social media accounts only.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs with little or no experience handling social media, or who do not have enough time, often hire people to handle their accounts on their behalf. You can also be hired on a monthly basis.

Your services may involve:

  • Creating and scheduling posts for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Reach the target audience.
  • Interacting with followers.
  • Creating graphics to be used in social media posts.

In other words, if you think you can be a social media influencer and influence the purchase decisions of others through your advertisements and recommendations, then go for it and try it out!

7. Browse the Internet

Did you know you can make money doing what you always do and enjoy, i.e., browsing the Internet? Yes, this is correct!

Some websites allow you to earn rewards for visiting your favorite websites on a daily basis.

You can use your rewards for online shopping or grocery shopping. You can also use PayPal to cash out your rewards, if the sites allow it.

Don’t have to do anything extra. All you have to do is search the internet for information.

You can even get paid to take surveys, watch videos, read emails, shop online, and play games.

There are many sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Smart Panel, etc. There is one Brave browser that you can install on your PC and earn bitcoins while searching the web.

8. Online Consultancy Business / Consulting Business

Though I was unable to start one because I do not provide such consulting services, I am confident that it can help you earn a reasonable income. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online without paying any money.

If you are skilled in convincing others of the benefits and drawbacks of various topics such as alcohol, marital issues, and smartphone addiction, you should unquestionably consider entering this online business.

Not only may you assist individuals with social concerns, but you can also assist them with a wide range of topics such as computer or technology-related issues, SEOs, accounting, and so on.

There are numerous astrology-related smartphone applications available. Start joining on such sites or apps and offering your services if you’re competent at it.

Simply spread the word about your company using social media connections, groups, and LinkedIn accounts to gain clients.

9. Freelancing

As a freelancer, I know that this is the quickest and easiest way to make money without paying anything. Freelancing is the first and foremost method that comes to everyone’s mind when looking for online opportunities.

If you haven’t heard the term before, a Freelancer is a self-employed worker. It simply implies that you are not employed by anyone or any firm, and you have no supervisor or employer.

You are your own boss because you provide your services using your skills and can work from

How Do You Become a Freelancer?

Begin by considering what you can do well. There are a variety of services below:

  • Content Writing
  • Photography
  • Video-Photo Editing
  • Web developer / Web Designing
  • Proofreading
  • Resume Making
  • Correcting Search Engine Issues or Mistakes
  • Data Entry
  • Converting Files from PDF to Word
  • Voice Over and much more.

Secondly, create an impressive profile with your skillset and your previous work (if any) on various sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc.

Select the pricing depending on the service you are offering, give them the time of submission and wait for the contracts and clients.

Most importantly, you should have patience because you might not receive an order for the first few days but let me tell you that you are all good to go, and you are not far from making money online once you start getting clients and reviews from those satisfied clients.

10. Start Your Own Blog

I enjoy writing in free time during my work, so I started a blog. If I talked about my personal experience, I loved writing. What’s more, you don’t have to be a tech whiz to embark on this blogging adventure.

You can learn from here : Web Beast Unique Article Generator – How to Use it Correctly

What you will need to start your blog and how you will earn money

To get started, all you need is a passion for writing, a domain name, and hosting. And with a little effort, devotion, perseverance, and hard work, you can start earning within 2-3 months. Create niche sites dedicated to one topic.

There are numerous ways to generate money online without spending any money by beginning your own blog, some of which are as follows:

11. Generate income from affiliate marketing / Online Marketing

Affiliate marketing, when done correctly, may be a lucrative way to make money online without paying any money. It is a kind of selling products through affiliate link. You can start earning money fast by selling the below:

  • sell online courses
  • selling ebooks
  • sell photos
  • Print on demand
  • Selling Credit Card

What exactly is affiliate marketing, you may ask? It is the method by which an affiliate (like you and me) earns a commission for marketing the items of another individual or company.

If you like a product or service, it doesn’t hurt to tell others about it and get rewarded for it, right?

Of course, when it comes to affiliate marketing, you want to be picky about the providers you work with.

Your reputation is on the line, so make certain that you only advocate for items and services that you honestly believe will benefit your audience.

Making your blog into an Amazon affiliate site is an excellent place to start. You can earn a commission on almost any Amazon purchase made through your link. In other work you can say it is marketing job.

Final Words

Making money online isn’t as difficult or as tough as it may appear, even if you’re just starting out. Whether you are a teen or not, there are numerous methods to begin earning money now.

It is not impossible to earn several thousand dollars per year, month, or week if you are devoted. All of these methods will generate extra income.

If you want to learn more about the Amazon platform, check out my post How to Make Money on Amazon!

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