Best Freelance Websites to Make Money Online

Freelance career is a great alternative to working a job that you do not like. Keep in mind that unless you have started earning on a daily or weekly basis by freelancing do not quit your regular job. Try to spare your time daily to working as a freelancer together with your job.

There are plenty of places you can go to find freelance opportunities, so do not despair. Here are some best freelance websites you should definitely check. Select working with these according to your skills, knowledge, and interest.

1. Facebook Page for Business Owners

This is one of best source of earning creating Facebook Page for business owners.

Look into your local market and surrounding who are business owners such as Restaurant Owner, Mobile Shop, Supermarket, Gold Shop, Sport shop, Gift Card Shop, Malls etc.

Create facebook page for their business showing their services and sales. Facebook has emerged as a Social Media tool for boosting business sales due to easy reach to the people.

It is a good freelancing idea to make money online. Learn how to create Facebook Page

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

2. Upwork

Upworks is a website for freelancers. With upworks you will be making an active income.

Businesses and individuals post services on upworks and they would like to outsource such as article writing, video editing, app development, coding. There are tons of jobs and services being outsourced on upwork.

The beauty of all upwork is its low barrier of entry, you just have to be good at something. If there is something that you are good at maybe graphic design or coding or just about any skill, head over to upworks and start making some Money.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

3.Amazon (No selling or buying anything)

The company Amazon started by Jeff Bazos for selling books, now Amazon sells almost anything you can think of.

It is not just a site for buying your favorite toys though, you can actually make money with amazon. And here is three ways you how… The first way is Amazon Mturk.

Mtruk is kind of like Upwork, it is a place where businesses outsource work that is too difficult for a computer program to do.

Such as audio editing and transcribing, translating audio and video from different languages, testing webpages, writing reviews, and a whole lot of other services.

You can make as much as $20, $30 an hour, by working on a few different tasks. This is a legit way of making money, and they do pay. This is an active income though.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

4. Online Moderator

(Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online)

Online Moderator is a very entry-level freelancing job. You will be mostly in charge of online communities like Facebook groups community forums anything that involves an online community or a specific group or specific company or business and for this job.

You definitely need some organization skills and basic communication skills as well you also need to get very familiar with the company’s requirements and what they want from you. This is how you will be learning that freelance jobs that make money.

One of the companies that actually hires online moderators is called Metaverse Mod Squad 

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

5. Micro Tasks Freelancing

(Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online)

Micro tasking will pay you literally within 24 hours into your account working as a freelancer.

If you really wish to start making money online quickly, go with these websites which they are looking for micro tasker to do the job. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge and skills, only you need to have basic knowledge of English.

Check here the freelance earning methods to make money faster.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online


Take lessons is a freelance website where you can teach any skill that you possess.

Everyone has a skill, that they can teach, whether that might be, teaching someone a language, how to cook, how to play a musical instrument, how to solve complex math equations… and so much more.

Anything that you think someone else might not know, you can teach people on take lessons, and start making money.


7. People Per Hour

On this website you can post anything the services you would like to sell as a freelancer. You will be charging per hour.

If you are just starting out make sure that you set a reasonable price per hour, in that way you can get more work to get your ratings up. This is the way you get hired more often on this website.

Make an impressive profile to get hired quickly. Google certifications will boost your profile and you can obtain it free.

Get Free Google Certifications from here. After getting the certificate you will be become a qualified freelancer.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

8. Fiverr

You have probably heard of Fiverr mentioned a lot of times, because it is a simple and easy site to start making money.

But if you have not, basically it is a freelance website where you can literally outsource anything and I mean anything… as long as its legal, for as little as $5.

There are so many different ways to make money on Fiverr, just to name a few.

You can do animations, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Photoshop Editing, Architecture & Floor Planning, 3D Models & Product Design, T-Shirts & Merchandising, SEO, Google Ad Campaign, Google Analytics and so much more.

If there is anything that can be outsourced, you can most likely find it on fiver. Head over and check out Fiver, it a legit of making money.

9. Freelance Transcription

(Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online)

Freelance Transcription jobs are quite popular among online work-seekers lately. The rationale is that the character of labor is relatively easy, and it also can get very rewarding for people.

The best part is that you will earn an honest amount per month at the convenience of your home without requiring any advanced or professional skills. This is a sort of freelance jobs that make money for you.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

10. Clear Voice

Are you are writer and wished to be paid for it, Clear Voice is freelancer website where you can sell you writing skills. Set your own rates, typically 50$ for and above 1000 words blog post.

Customize your CV and apply. It is a great job site to sign up. In freelancing work, you have full authority to organize your work your own way.

It is sites that connect you to freelance writing jobs.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

11. Guru is another freelancing website which connects companies and freelancer at one platform.

Here you can do translating, design art, administrative or secretarial work, sales and marketing, business, finance and many more.

Browse the websites and check what suits you and start working with Guru as a freelancer.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online

12. Freelancer

Since 2004 in the field of freelancing services. It has large following data base.

Here you will find plenty of services outsourced to freelancers including web design, writing, marketing and data entry among other things. Select the category as per your interests and skills and start working.

13. iFreelance

iFreelance is specially for those who are interested in photography and videography freelance jobs.

It has a very wide freelance network. You will find here also marketing, traditional art, writing, translation, architecture, engineering, graphic design, accounting and administrative support jobs.

Easy to set up an account and start looking for a project you wish to contribute.

14. Indeed

It is a job portal site, but uniqueness of this portal is that it allows you to search for work across numerous job boards.

Here in the portal, you will find a variety of freelance jobs posted here and pay rates. You just need to be perfect your job search skills to include words like remote, work at home and freelance.

There is advance search options you can use it to focus on remote positions only. You can upload your cv or resume so you can easily apply to those jobs at the press button.

15. Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is a job portal websites specially dedicated to freelance work and home based works. It is filled with part time jobs, freelance jobs and flexible jobs.

It is important to understand the difference between remote and freelance. Remote jobs means you are simply working from home.

On the other hand, freelance works is when you set the parameters for your work hours. There is some gigs are on-time,short-term and long term.

Remote works are hired some times as a employees with benefits. You will not get it when you are a freelance or contractor.

This job board is not free and start with $14.95/mo.

16. 99designs

This is another freelance website for designer who know how to create logos, product packaging, product label, illustrations, book covers, apps, t-shirts.

This website connects to potential clients and showcase their work from 281,579 designers from 192 different countries.

A client gives information about his business and a rough idea of the type of logo he wants.

Accordingly, the designers send in their work and the client can pick out the one he likes best.

You can also participate in contests. They allow businesses to hold on tests and you get to participate in them.

If you want to and submit your ideas you would have to have a winning idea if you can create any type of logo or any book covers for e-books or anything.

17. Data Entry Freelancing

Easiest Best Freelance Websites to Make Money Online. Some companies hire data entry operator or contractor to do work from home.

You may not be able to use this as a full-time job because data entry online works are usually paid as independent contractors.

It is a very easy job and you’ll have a flexible schedule. There are a few online jobs and a few companies that hire for data entry freelancer and they are hiring on and off.

A note, some of the data entry jobs do require you to type a certain speed per minute. So in order to help you do some typing practice with typing tool that you can get it online.

This is typing and you can go ahead and test your typing speed before you apply.

Once you know what your typing speed skills is, you can apply as a data entry jobs.

Companies Hiring Data Entry Freelancing Click here.

Final Word

Anticipate that the above information “Best Freelance Websites to Make Money online” will help you start a freelancer career.

But do remember, try these all in your free time to get started and making some additional bucks to cover up your additional expenses such as electricity bill, home rent etc.

Once you become to establish a generous income monthly you think to switch as permanent. Hope you have understood how to make money freelancing online.


No Earnings Projections, Promises Or Representations. Any earnings or income statements, or any earnings or income examples, are only estimates of what we think you could earn.

There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided.

This applies whether the earnings or income examples are monetary in nature or pertain to advertising credits which may be earned (whether such credits are convertible to cash or not).

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