Captcha Work : An Easy Way to Make Money Online

Captcha Work is one of the easy types of earnings without investments on the Internet. I am sure that if you have a free minute, you can devote it to a useful activity and can make money part time

Who can work ?

Anyone who has a computer with Internet access and at least a minimum reserve of free time can make money on captcha typing work. This is one of the easiest ways to generate income. You won’t get big money by captcha work, but you can earn money to pay additional expenses like internet cost, tea or coffee party etc.

Do you need investments?

You don’t need to invest money to make money on captcha. Earnings depend only on you. If you can devote to this activity for 1-2 hours a day, you will have a small but stable profit. Focus on work without being distracted by social networks and other affairs.

Who should try it?

For beginners. Because … if you are at an older age, there are many more suitable (more profitable) ways to make money on the Internet. So, you can safely try if you:

  • Do not have the knowledge and / or skills necessary for a qualified highly paid job;
  • You have unlimited reserves of free time (nevertheless, such a waste of time is much better than many other useless activities).
  • Do you want to get your first experience of making money on the Internet.

What is requirement to stat working with Captcha job? 

Computer or Laptop, installed browser (Chrome, Opera, FireFox) and internet access. It’s good if you can type quickly without looking at the keyboard. So your earnings will increase. 

To make money on captcha, does not need to have special skills and education.

There are some websites or companies where (for example, on RuCaptcha ) you can work from your phone. Therefore, a computer is not necessary at all. 

However, it is more convenient for me to work with a laptop / PC. This is faster and more productive.

How to start captcha work to make money online

Before to get into the work, you must understand what is captcha, what you to do in captcha typing work, types of captcha and how much you can by captcha typing work.

Lest start one by one……….

What is captcha

The concept of captcha appeared at the beginning of this millennium. Any Internet user is familiar with it. 

Have you ever registered with any web resources? Surely yes. And at the same time, after entering the information, most likely, a window popped up.

Where it was required to write a certain combination of letters (more often, Latin) and / or numbers. Remember how you had been entering the required characters. This is called the Captcha.

A few words captcha

Captcha types: a few words

Pictures Captcha. You need to select those images that match the conditions. Here’s a simple example.

Captcha types: pictures

How to start Captcha work?

Just you have to recognize text / numbers (symbols) from pictures and write them with the help of keyboard. Some might be click on images. This case apply with Google’s ReCaptcha).

Sample of Captcha Typing Work

You have to type the same word showing in the picture at blank area. This is a simple captcha work. Easy to work.


Types of Captcha

There are several types of captchas:

  • Alphanumeric . This is the most common captcha. This types of captchas consisting of letters and numbers. Sometimes it consisting only of Cyrillic or Latin letters with numerals. Might it takes quite a long time to understand them.
  • Text . Here the whole word is encrypted like phrase. Characters are given in a random combination. There are options where, when solving a captcha, you need to answer a question asked in a field.
  • Mathematical . In this case, a mathematical example of one or two steps is encrypted. You need to solve it and enter the answer in the field.
  • Recaptcha . The second most common type of captcha. It is a set of images. Earnings are higher for this type of captcha work. You need to sort the pictures according to work. For example, find images where there are road signs, cars, people, animals, houses, and so on.

How much can you earn?

You shouldn’t quit your main job for this type of work. Working on entering captchas will not make you a millionaire. It should be considered as some kind of additional earnings in free time. 

Captcha work is a kind of confirmation that there is money on the Internet, and it can be earned. Later, you can move on, mastering higher-paying areas and skills.

Let come to the earning calculation

It takes 5-10 seconds to enter 1 captcha, that is, 6-12 pcs per minute, or 360-720 units per hour. For example,  rucaptcha pays $1. to 1.5 for 1000 entered captchas,(depending on the time of day). 

Here you will not be able to get 500 $ even if you work 8 hours a day. But the earning are quite enough. You can top up your phone account or pay for the Internet with this earning. However, this does not mean that making money on captcha is a waste of time.

List of sites / services for making money on captcha entry work

Follow the link to one of the services from the list below in the article). Go through a quick registration and starting your captcha assignment work.

Earnings on captcha

ruCaptcha  is a simple and convenient site where you can make money by entering captchas.

This is the most famous Russian-language platform for Captcha work. To start working on Rucaptcha, just go to link and register as an employee.

It is interesting that it contains a training video on working in the system (right on the main page). 

Most tasks are estimated in the range from 0.01$ but at night the rate doubles. You have opportunity to filter out captchas (for example, only in Cyrillic or only in Latin).

Has the following advantages:

  • Captcha rate – from 0.01 $;
  • Variety of work (text images, pictures, questions, “mini-tasks”);
  • Fast payments to the following payment systems: Yandex.Money, BITCOIN, Payeer, Webmoney, Qiwi, mobile phone account;
  • A rating system is in place, which opens access to the task filter;
  • Lots of work (especially at night);
  • Simple interface;
  • Computer and mobile applications.

I personally recommend starting with this site if you are interested in making money on captcha. 

Everything is simple. Site is convenient for beginners. Payment is “decent”. Payments are made within a few hours.


English version of RuCaptcha website. It is designed to operate in a foreign market. therefore, all captchas will be with English characters.

By entering a thousand captchas, you can earn $ 0.5-1, but there are also bonuses for activity in the system. You can register on here

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.5. There is a very worthy referral opportunity program for earning.

Training, tasks, interface – everything is the same as on RuCaptcha. You can withdraw Payment through WebMoney, Payza, Perfect Money, BITCOIN, AdvCash.


Another very popular captcah typing work compnay. It has been operating since 2007. To register on it, you need to go to the specified link… 

Kolotibablo has a friendly multilingual interface. It pays money for solving captchas of all kinds, including recaptchas. There is a special plugin for it. 

In addition to the standard version for PC. There is also a well-developed version for Android.

Payment is made in US dollars. There are many possibilities for withdrawal. The minimum amount is $ 0.5. 

The amount of payment is approximately $ 0.6-0.7 per thousand standard captchas. For activity and the absence of errors, you can get a bonus of 5-25% of earnings.

Earnings in the Kolotibablo project

Benefits of the Anti-Captcha service:

  • Low price – for 1000 images you will need to pay from $ 0.7 (42 rubles).
  • The minimum deposit amount is 30 kopecks;
  • Average response time – 15 seconds;
  • Simple API for integration;
  • Captchas are recognized by performers from all over the world;
  • Convenient statistics.

In the section “Help” – “Support” you can find a question related to making money on captcha.


A well know and genuine website to make money with captcha typing. Register yourself with gmail email. You need a invitation code to join megatypers. Without the invitation code you cannot register. 

Enter the code: DPI2 . After that you will be taken to the menu. By clicking on “Start working” on the right side of the screen, you can start solving captchas.

Withdraw your earnings via WebMoney, PayPal, Western Union, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payza. Payments are made every week. Please note that the details cannot be changed, they are indicated during registration.


  • High payment (from 0.60 $ for 1000 captchas);
  • Convenient interface;
  • User statistics (TOP employees, personal statistics).


  • English only. You can translate the site using built-in Google technology, however, suggestions are displayed with errors.
  • There are downtime.

Website link:

Advantages and disadvantages of making money on captcha

In the course of working on captcha work, I was able to identify the main advantages and disadvantages:


  • Simple work that does not require special skills and professional knowledge;
  • Availability. You can work on websites, in programs for PCs and in applications on smartphones;
  • Good income from affiliate programs. For example, on RuCaptcha and Kolotibablo you will receive 10% of the income / waste of the invited user;
  • A small threshold for payments (from 0.50 $);
  • Various ways to withdraw money WebMoney, PayPal, Western Union, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payza


These are the “advantages” of the way to make money by entering captcha. Now about the disadvantages.

  • Wages are low and time consuming;
  • The work is boring and tedious (especially for the eyes).

Tips for beginners to Make Money With Captcha

If you decide to try yourself in this type of activity. It would be wise to heed some recommendations, gleaned from personal experience:

  • Increase your speed . Earnings grow in proportion to the speed of captcha input. So it will be useful to master the method of “blind” typing. Work well in the English layout. This will make it possible to take on higher-paying jobs.
  • Remember to take breaks. A person is not a robot. He gets tired and starts making mistakes, which is fraught with penalties. After every thousand take a break is required. You can walk in the fresh air or at least just away from the monitor.
  • Participate in referral programs. Invite people through your referral link to work on captcha typing jobs. So post links wherever the opportunity arises. If the referral works you will get some percentage of their income. By this mean your passive income will increase
  • Build up your rating. Constantly work on ranking: All platforms value good performers and reward their hard work with bonus points and access to higher-paying jobs.
  • Try other activities. Many users start working of captcha typing work and switch to other, more complex and highly paid activities. This can be reposts, writing reviews, participating in a survey. Even something more interesting and more complicated like  web writing , SEO optimization, SMM marketing, and so on.

How to withdraw / withdraw money?

Each service has its own methods and conditions for withdrawing money. It can be withdrawn to WebMoney, Yandex Money, PayPal.

Is it possible to make money by entering captcha on the machine?

Not. If you see anywhere an offer of automatic earnings on captcha, most likely you are in front of a scam. At its core, this task involves “manual” labor.

Automatic earnings on captcha

Keep the link to the post in the official blog ruCaptcha – Auto earnings on captcha , read everything yourself. There is a chance to earn from 50 to 150 rubles per day passively! Just for the fact that the program will be installed on your computer. RuCaptchaBot-X, of course, if you’re lucky.

Software developers write: will the program work for you or not – directly depends on your IP address. Definitely worth trying your luck. If it doesn’t work out, it might make sense to try changing your IP using a VPN service.

If you missed the instructions for working with the ruCaptcha site – keep the link to the desired place in the article.


There is no easy money. The way to make money on recognition and introduction of captchas demonstrates very well. 

The work is extremely simple, but it will take a lot of your time and energy. And if you already decided to give it a try, keep a few more thoughts / tips:

  1. If you have a choice work through a browser or a program. Do not be lazy to install a software application (available in ruCaptcha, 2captcha). It is more convenient, therefore, faster + higher rate = higher income.
  2. ruCaptcha, 2captcha and Kolotibablo have a mobile application. The point is that you can work on public transport, using the time you would be wasting. This is an example.
  3. This work can be done in the “background”, for example, while watching a TV series. Thus, you “kill 2 birds with one stone”.
  4. Don’t overwork. Don’t work too long without interruption. After every 20 minutes of work, rest for at least 5 minutes. This way you can maintain high productivity for longer. Your eyes will be grateful to you.
  5. In order to increase your income, invite new participants to projects. Each site for making money by entering captcha has a referral (affiliate) program.
  6. Be persistent: working for 10-20 minutes and quitting is not enough. You will have to spend at least an hour before you can withdraw your first money.
Other two important factors

Possessing 2 rather weighty arguments in favor of making money on captcha input:

  1. This is a simple, if not to say, primitive job that anyone can handle;
  2. Instant payments: in a couple of hours you can earn and withdraw several tens of rubles),

This is low-paid work. Therefore, we recommend you pay attention to other ways of making money on the Internet for beginners.

The earning can includes on surveys, on social networks, on performing simple tasks, downloading mobile applications, reviews and comments, clicks, etc.


Making money on captcha is one of the lowest paid activities on the Internet. Let’s be honest, you can’t make a lot of money by constantly typing text from an image or selecting images. 

But this does not need to be treated as a full-fledged job. It is enough to spend half an hour or an hour a day to get money to pay for mobile communications or the Internet.

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