How to become a video blogger and how much can you earn from it?

How to become a video blogger

The video blogger shoots videos and posts them on his channel on the Internet. Video topics can be very different. It can be a review of products, educate subscribers about useful things, entertain, or just talk about bloggers lives. 

Who are video bloggers? Ordinary people of all ages – children, youth, and retirees. They are united by the ability and desire to tell and show something interesting.

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For some, video blogging is a hobby, and for others it is also a source of income. Moreover, the income can be very serious. Popular video bloggers earn no less than Hollywood stars. 

The most famous bloggers in the world earn up to 15 million euros per year. In this article, we will tell you where to start and how you can become a popular video blogger on YouTube. You will also learn how to make money from it.

How and how much do video bloggers earn?

There are different ways to make money. Let’s take a look at some of them and see how much video bloggers are paid and how to make money.

Way of making money

How much and for what they pay

YouTube affiliate program (pay for video impressions)

On average, 1,000 impressions generate $ 1. 

Income strongly depends on the topic and audience of the channel. For popular channels, revenue from video views is a side effect rather than the main one.

Placement of advertisements in commercials. For example, placing an ad insert at the beginning or end of a video. Integration into the video.

It may cost 100 thousand rubles to place a small insert at the beginning of a video with a top blogger with a large audience. Advertising integrations in a video can cost 300-500 thousand rubles. from bloggers-millionaires.

Manufacturer partnership

A popular blogger can be invited to appear in commercials, release a product with his name, and so on.

Sale of paraphernalia

A video blogger can sell accessories, souvenirs with channel attributes. Income depends on the volume of sales.

Selling your services, courses

A common practice for selling courses is to upload some of the lessons for free, and keep some of them in private access. If viewers are interested in the lessons, they can pay for access.

To sell services, a review format is often used, as well as training videos. The blogger shares his knowledge and shows his expert level. One consultation from a popular video blogger can cost 10-15 thousand rubles.

Advertising of other channels

You tell in the video about someone’s channel, give a link to it. If your channel is not very popular yet, the money for such advertising will be small, but this is a good option for a start.

Social media advertising

When the channel goes up a bit, it will inevitably draw attention to your social media pages. And they can also sell ads. A publication “as an advertisement” can cost 50 thousand rubles from a top blogger.

In general, how much and how video bloggers earn on YouTube. It solely depends on the promotion of the channel, its audience and other features. The total income of the owner of a top channel can be several thousands dollar per month.

How to come up with an idea for your channel?

There are 3 most important requirements that your channel must meet:

  1. This is interesting to you personally.
  2. You understand this.
  3. The topic is interesting to a large number of people if you want to become a popular blogger and make money on it.

The first point is very important. If the topic seems promising, but you are not personally interested, your enthusiasm will quickly fade away. 

You don’t need to be guided only by how much video bloggers get on YouTube for showing videos of a particular topic. In the first place should be your interest, desire to try something new and develop. And only then the money will come.

So, think about what you are fond of, what do you know how to do well? Consider all options. What seems common to you can be very interesting to other people.

And to understand what is interesting to a large number of people, look at what genres are in demand on YouTube.

Types of channels, genres in demand on YouTube

Product Reviews

Cosmetics, technology, cars, whatever. You need to have a good understanding of the product in order to review it. Users are not interested in hearing about what they already see: “This is a black phone with a large screen.” Pay attention to the nuances of the product, details that are not obvious to the average viewer. 

Another option is not to dive into details, but to do the review so vigorously and with a twinkle that they will be watched only for the sake of your presentation.

Let’s Play

Videos where bloggers play video games and comment on the process. A very popular format. Again, to make the audience interesting, you need to know the intricacies of the game, have some tricks of your own and do not regret sharing them. Keeping track of a beginner’s game is extremely boring.

Educational channels

You can teach anything: working in Excel, gardening, car repair, and so on. The main thing is to be good at doing what you teach. Examples of educational channels on YouTube can be found in the selection.

Beauty Blogs

A popular format for girls. In them, bloggers talk about the nuances of choosing and using cosmetics and care products, post master classes on makeup, manicure, hairstyles, and so on.

How to become a video blogger? Step-by-step instructions for beginners

  1. Select a theme for your channel. We described above how to do this.
  2. Come up with an interesting and memorable name and register a channel.
  3. Decorate the channel. Make or order for him a beautiful logo, hat, avatar, splash screen. Add an interesting and understandable description. Tell us who you are, what your channel is about, why your videos are worth watching.
  4. Shoot your first video. Keep it short, it’s easier to start this way. Choose the most suitable location and angle for shooting. Try not to get extra objects into the frame. Eliminate extraneous sounds. Think over the script of the video in advance. You can even write the entire text. This will make it easier for you to shoot video, especially at first.
  5. Upload the video to YouTube. Pick up some nice music and add to your video. Please note that music must be copyright free.
  6. For starters, you can do without a video editor. But if you master it, it will become more convenient to work. You can improve video quality, cut and paste fragments, and much more.
  7. Shoot videos regularly, at least once a week. Post them even if you don’t really like something. In the following videos, you will take into account these shortcomings, and videos will get better and better.
  8. Drive your audience to your channel. At first it can be your friends, acquaintances, then – friends of friends, etc. You can buy ads on other channels with similar topics to attract subscribers faster.
  9. Optimize videos for popular YouTube searches. So you can get a new audience from YouTube search.

What to shoot the first videos with?

You don’t need a professional technique to start. It is not so important which camera the video bloggers are shooting with. Many popular bloggers started out with videos captured on their phones.

Almost any device with the ability to record more or less decent video is all a video blogger needs. Therefore, use what you have – a phone, tablet, camera, computer webcam. 

When the subscribers grow steadily, it will be possible to acquire high-quality equipment: a camera with support for Full-HD resolution, a good microphone, specialized video editing software and everything else that video bloggers shoot and edit.

How to become a successful and well-known video blogger?

The following guidelines will help you gain and retain subscribers:

  • Chat with subscribers. Encourage them to comment on the video – ask questions, ask for advice. Be sure to reply to comments. Thanks for the recommendations.
  • Keep the pace: If you start uploading videos once a week, do not slow down to once a month.
  • Add hashtags to videos. They should be popular and themed. There is no need to put the hashtag “cats” on the video about car repair.
  • Post links to your new videos on social media. Do not be shy or shy, encourage your friends to subscribe to the channel, like and repost.
  • Order ads from popular bloggers. Let them “like” your videos, then they will be displayed to the subscribers of a popular blogger. No need to contact top bloggers. Due to their high employment and demand, they can ignore the request of a beginner, and prices will be high. Write to “average” bloggers.
Few more things you should apply
  • Collaborate with other newbies. Let them talk about your channel in their videos, and you in yours. Or put mutual “likes” so that your subscribers can see your partner’s video, and vice versa.
  • Don’t worry about negative comments. Constructive criticism is your opportunity for self-development, non- constructive criticism is a sign that you are gaining popularity. There is no need to respond to non-constructive negative comments. Their only purpose is to spoil your mood. But it was not there! After all, you already know that the appearance of such comments is a sign of popularity, that is, a good signal.
  • Develop your channel, think about how to make your video even better. And then the number of subscribers, albeit slowly but surely, will grow. There is no secret how video bloggers become popular. Constant work and unquenchable interest in your project will certainly bring results.

Despite the popularity of video blogging, many niches remain unoccupied on YouTube. Take advantage of it to create a popular channel. Get an interesting experience, and in the long term – the opportunity to make good money on video hobby.


I hope you found the answer to the question of how to become a video blogger and make money on your channel. Breaking into the TOP of YouTubers is not an easy task. But absolutely all celebrities started out as ordinary bloggers unknown to anyone.

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