How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications!

In this post we will learn How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications

We know all that Google is our friend and most the information we always search on the google.

Do you know how you can make money actually with Google. Yes, you can make money online with Google certifications. In this post I am going to show you how you can make money with the Google Certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Course Free?

Yes, this course is free and you can get certified without any investment from google itself. Upon completion of certification it will provide you ample of opportunity to you for Google.

How Can you get the certificate?

If you know English, you can get this certificate easily and become a google ad manager. I get the certifications with in day.

Job Opportunity after Certifications?

There are various freelancer sites providing Google Ad Manager jobs,facebooks ad campaign from home.

Google Ads Manager job listing

Is it easy to get the certification quickly?

As long as you , you go for the test, you will see the course duration. You can finish it as quickly you answered those questions.

Tips to pass the exam. Click the link. Just press control F and search the question , you will get the answer for Google Ads Search Certification.

Qualification Requirements

At least you know English reading, writing and speaking.

Let’s Start………….

What you have to do is type in google search bar. This is the website that is going to certify you by Google for absolutely free.

You are getting absolutely free training and these skills are very much needed for some businesses. They would rather hire someone like you, especially if you’re certified.

The course will make you master in the Google tools which you use at work with free online training develop skills.

You can apply right away with the learning courses designed by google product experts. Learn at your own pace and get Google Product certified.

This is pretty cool because you can do one of the certifications today, and do another one tomorrow. It will take you a few days to get them all done if you want to get the all done.

You don’t have to get them all done. You will see the list of free courses for online product training and certifications. Here we will discuss the opportunity of Google Ads and their pay scale.

Google Ads, we know how important that is for businesses and some businesses just don’t know Google ads.

Some business owner wants to put adverts on the google, but they don’t know how to set them up. You can set it up for them and get paid good money for that.

It will take you may be like 30 minutes to set up. I have done this before without a certification of course. You would be more skilled at this because you’re actually taking their training.

But even if you attempted to create Google ads it’s nothing like being certified and actually creating a business around it.

You can also get on Google marketing platform, Google Analytics. Google business is one of their new program.

All what you need to do is get certified in Google Ads manager, because there are companies that really need the stuff done for them. They can learn how Google ad manager can help them to earn revenue through Google ads.

This is something that companies are actually looking for.

Google AdMob and Googple Maps are additional tools to have certificate to enable you to Make Money Online With Google Certifications!

Enroll yourself in Google Ad certification course and learn the fundamentals of Google search campaigns and get Google Ads certified. These are all about Google ads.

You can be certified in all of these courses and each of these will take you maybe a few hours to complete.

Google ads module is about 15 minutes long 30 minutes 11 minutes nine minutes 20 minutes.

You can do them at your own pace. Whenever you are ready, click on the course and start getting training. You have to complete the modules to get the certificates.

Job Opportunity after getting the Google Ads Certificate

Once you are enhanced with the Google ads knowledge and certification , the another step is to getting the work online.

Click on the, Fiver & Upwork

Start Earning from Home today!


Peoplehour is a website where you will get the opportunity to work as a Google Ads manager. You will find variety of projects on this websites and you can do it as freelancers.

How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications!

You can charge per hour or they can pay you per hour or you can also choose a fixed rate. if you actually go up here to search projects. Have a look at the below images howmuch you can make and what projects are out there on the peoplehour website.

So we’re gonna go ahead and search for Google ads manager. Click on the arrow here though as you can see here’s one Google ads professionals wanted and this is a fixed price of two hundred and eighty three dollars.

How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications!

Once you figure it out once you do it a couple of times you will be really good at this and if you’re certified and you’re taking the training you’re gonna know exactly how to do this.

Google Apps campaign managers needed here this one is Google specialist a fixed rate of one hundred nine dollars.

Google Ad Words accounts setup and management $32 per hour.

We actually go back here to Google certification course page. You will see that there’s a certification for Google Ad Manager.

Click on the Google ad manager course and enroll yourself along Google Ads. It will take you few days to complete.

 If you do both of these and then you can move on to the other ones whatever it is that you’re interested in.

Now come back to the peoplehour websites and tell them that you’re certified with Google. This will make you look even better and you can actually get more jobs doing this alright.


Another place that you can go to right here on

I actually searched Google ads gig on Fiver to know the opportunity to work as Google ads manager and found that people are selling their services starting at $100 for optimizing Google ads,  AdWords and PPC campaigns.

That means having certifications from google excel the opportunity to Make Money Online With Google Certifications courses.

On Fiver there some guys who are Pro verified which means that this gig is offered by un revealed. It is a Talent verified opportunity by Fiverr for quality service. You can also become Pro verified.

After becoming Pro verified on Fiver, your will noticed more than usual freelancer and more chances to get contracted by them who are looking for Google Ad Manager services.

How To Make Money Online With Google Certifications!

so if you’re like you’re right how am Igonna do that I understand why would intimidating to actually apply for pro verification.

if you can go through the process of actually applying and if you actually get some sales and you provide really good customer service so you’rein good standings and you get really good reviews then you can apply plus

you’re also verified you can start earning money like this three hundred dollars seven hundred and ninety five dollars for basic so if you are really serious about this then you should really consider trying to become a pros eller on fiber with a gig like this

because you would have an actual certification and if we actually click on here this is for frequently asked questions of what is a fiber Pro applying for fiber Pro is that is open to everyone professionals freelancers who are new to fiber as well as longtime fiber sellers so you can find the application page and requirements right there

so you can definitely check out the requirement if you check this question out how does fiber decide whether I’m eligible to become a pro seller fiber business buyers want the very best wetherefore request pro candidates to go through a vetting process will ask you to tell us about your professional background your higher education notable projects.

you’ve worked on etc once we get to know you we will evaluate your application form and notify you whether you were found eligible to open a pro gig after you get some projects under your belt

you’d let them get to know you and let them know your higher education definitely let them know that you are verified which is a big accomplishment because now you have a verification for this specific gig which is a plus and that can help you become a pro seller so definitely look into this so that you can make as much money as possible

so that you can start charging seven hundred and ninety five dollars companies that come over here they want the best and they know that it is worth the money to have their campaign set up and their ads set up properly so this one is Fiverr you can go ahead and check this one out as well all right

Upwork ( A platform for To Make Money Online With Google Certifications)

So another one to check out is also

I just typed in Google ads in Upwork websites and it is showing how much money people are making that have been on here doing this for other people as a Google Ad Manager.

See the images, many people makes forty five dollars per hour as he is providing advertising expert google ad words. And many also do facebook ads over here.

Let go back to the Google Ads certification. There are many other certifications courses that you can get. People are making money having an additional certificate and providing related services like Google ads display Google ads video, shopping ads, Google ad campaigns.

Final Word

I recommend you to go through the course and be certified by google as Google is a brand. You will be identified more in the market having google certifications.

For sometimes, if you are new not earning online. Try this and I am sure you will be having some projects in hand by which you will be earning money online.

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