How to Make Money with Shine Ranker SEO Tool

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If you are wondering, how you can make money with, the answer is via your blog or website and providing SEO services. If you can identify the right keyword, you will undoubtedly make money from your blog, and the Shine Ranker tool can assist you in ranking your website on Google.

You can find keywords that are very relevant to your blog or company by using the new keyword research tool ShineRanker. I am new blogger an using shine ranker free trial to find the easy and high-density keyword to rank my site.

What is ShineRanker and who is owner of the tool

It is a web tool that assists both new and experienced bloggers in locating High Volume, Low Competition Keywords for which they can rank. The tool also assists users in developing a ton of keyword suggestions for content that is relatively simple to rank on Google.

Chase Reiner from created Shine Ranker. Chase Reiner is a Santa Barbara, California native who specializes in SEO.

Additionally, well known is Chase Reiner’s YouTube channel, where he frequently shares professional advice on SEO and site audits.

Chase Reiner Profile

Chase Reiner has a growing community of SEO enthusiasts with over 4000 followers on his YouTube channel and Facebook group. I advise you to do the same. By clicking on the images, you can do that.

How do I make money with Shine Ranker Seo Tool

Since I’ve been writing blogs for about 4 years, I can honestly say that one of the hardest things to do in this business is to find good volume keywords with little competition.

I wish the Shine Ranker Tool had been around when I found the solution to this problem.

The Tool does an excellent job of addressing all the common problems with keyword research!

I’m confident that I could have sped up the process of having my niche-relevant keywords rank on Google if I had this Shine Ranker Keyword Tool at the outset.

However, wallowing in the puddle of milk doesn’t help anyone.

Since then, I’ve taken more than 300 keywords from these tools and used them to promote my blog. Here you can check my  site based on Shine Ranker Keyword Research Tool.

I also do services to clients seo to make additional money at the side.

Key Features of the Tools and How to Use Shine Ranker

Let’s get started. The parts of the tool are as follows:

Projects Dashboard – The page you land on after signing in called shine ranker dashboard. An overview of your tracked, archived, and most active keywords can be found there. Click here to shineranker login or create an account.

Keyword research – Enter your target keywords here to conduct.

Rank Tracker – This tool lists keywords in order of their URLs.

Keywords Difficulty – Search your website for words that are difficult to find.

Keywords Check – Check your website for the presence of specific keywords by running a keyword check.

Shine Audit – Find ways to enhance website components.

Traffic Checks – Determine how to increase website traffic and where it is coming from by conducting traffic checks.

Site audits – You can now quickly evaluate the websites of your clients and bill them for any necessary updates.

Content editor – Evaluate the Seo score of any piece of content and make necessary revisions.

On-Page Optimizer – Use Google standards to optimize pages for any website.

A.I Content Generator – Create artificial intelligence (AI) content that has been shown to rank on Google.

Ways to Make Money by using SEO Tool Shine Ranker

Keyword Research

You can create your 7 days shine ranker free trial account by using the link and start doing your keyword search.

You can locate simple-to-rank keywords that will boost your business’s profitability. Adding a project will be your first step, after which you’ll look at websites on Google’s first page that are already ranked for the keywords you want to target.

You take their URL that you copied earlier and paste it into the dashboard’s traffic checker.

Shine Ranker Keyword Research

You can see all of the keywords that the website is ranking for using the tool. After that, you can select and research the keywords you want to rank for.

It will display your website’s position in search results for the keywords you entered. All the keywords you want to rank for on your page can be managed by you.

With the keywords you discovered from other websites on Google’s first page that you would like to rank for, this product enables you to conduct additional keyword research.

It will locate every keyword you can rank for while also providing you with information on the monthly searches, competition, and keyword bids for new terms.

You can check the difficulty of the keywords, and the tool will let you know whether they are challenging, manageable, or simple to rank for.

It will also display the proportion of websites with the keywords in the title. The easier it will be for you to rank on page 1 when you have the keyword in your title, the fewer keywords you use.

Plus Point

Your website can be ranked on Google and earn money using the Shine Ranker tool. This tool has been created to remove superfluous technicalities from other tools.

Shine Ranker’s ability to check keywords in bulk and determine their difficulty using the “intitle” search operator is one of its best features.

Shine Ranker Traffic Checker

Shine Ranker Traffic Checker

The Traffic Checker tool will look at the URL’s keywords and give it a score if it complies with Shine Rankers Custom Metric. It also shows the average CPC, the number of searches per month, the current rank, and the previous rank of the keyword linked to a particular URL.

Keywords Difficulty

Simply enter some ideas, topics, or queries into this function, and it will find thousands of keywords associated with the topic.

Yes, I am aware of the limitations of other keyword tools.

Not exactly I’ve conducted some tests simultaneously using Ahrefs and Shine Ranker, and the outcomes have been very different.

If I were to use the keyword’s ahrefs KD score, which is well over 70, I would not pursue it, but its shine rank indicates that it is a simple keyword to target.

Shine Ranker, on the other hand, views it as simple; as a result, if you’re aiming for a highly competitive niche, SEO targeting these keywords is a good idea.

Shine Ranker Check Difficulty Tab

The manual process of coming up with keyword suggestions and then classifying them as low competition takes a lot of time and effort, which is where the tool really shines.

You only need to target the simple keywords and produce content that ranks around them if all of the work has already been done for you.

In all honesty, I believe this makes this tool ideal for beginners.

Shine Audit

Shine Audit features is the best way to selling your SEO skills to websites owners by website audit.

Shine Ranker SEO audit tool

As I previously stated, the tool really shines for beginners. The shine audit feature allows you to audit your site while you make changes and update it. It will give you updates and has some great suggestions for optimizations to make your on-page SEO successful. with very small adjustments.

You can determine whether your website’s pages are ranking for the keywords you now have using the keywords you have.

If you do, you can now optimize those pages by typing your website’s address into the search box on the shine audit tool, which will then audit your website, give you all the information you need, and also highlight any problems you might be having with the pages on it.

Due to the level of detail in this process, the tool will show the keywords that each page is ranking for along with scores and suggestions for optimization in red and green.

Use this function to audit anyone site or websites, and tell the owners that you can fix it for them and you will make money.

Project Management

You can quickly share your keywords with your preferred content producers using Shine Ranker. They can now create better content that will appear higher in natural search results on sites like Google and Bing.

Shine Ranker is the SEO tool you need if you want assistance finding keywords and website analysis. You can find “low-competition” keywords with Shine Ranker, which can help you rise to the top of organic search results quickly.

Additionally, Shine Ranker can assist you in finding website errors so that you can fix them and raise the ranking of your website.

ShineRanker – Getting The Best Content Editor

The content editor in Shine Ranker is ideal for producing SEO-friendly posts that will easily rank higher your blog or website and you will make money. Many content writers are using this features.

Shine Ranker Tool

You can quickly produce content that outperforms your competitors thanks to its robust metrics and simple interface.

Shine Ranker’s A.I for the keywords you have just suggested. The keywords will now be used by the content generator to create unique content for each page. You will have all the information you need to write the content containing the keywords.

If you don’t want to use the content created by the A.I., you can create a link with all this information and send it to a writer from within the platform. Make sure the content score is 90 or higher to get the best-optimized content.

Shine Ranker Tutorial

In case you encounter issues or are unsure how to use a feature, Shine Ranker provides an instructional section where Chase provides detailed instructions.

Shine Ranker alternative

Here are some alternatives that might be suitable for you if you are unsure whether Shine Ranker is right for you.


It is also free to use a keyword research tool not like comprehensive to Shine Ranker. You can use this tool 5 times free if do a keyword research.

With the help of Ubbersuggest, you can gain understanding of what customers who use your product are thinking and learn how they’re succeeding.

You can quickly get an overview of the TOP results by typing in any topic, from “best practices for customer service” to “student loan repayments,” and Ubbersuggest will do the rest.


The “LongTailPro” program is a solid alternative for Shine Ranker, which we can suggest.

With its own database, LongTailPro occasionally offers even better recommendations for keywords that will help you rank in the Google SERPs quickly and simply.

The “LongTailPro” program displays easy-to-rank keywords based on a long-standing, regularly updated database, as the name already implies.

By clicking here, you can access our full blog post about LongTailPro.

A look at the program can also be had by going to the LongTailPro website.

Shine Ranker Pricing – How Much Is Shine Ranker?

The best part about Shine Ranker’s current monthly price of $75 US is that it is billed from your start date rather than at the end of the month like most subscription services. 

Considerably affordable for a keyword tool, in my opinion. Below image is the shineranker pricing on their site. You can also check for update price.

shine ranker pricing

Is shine ranker free to use

You can use shine ranker free for seven days as a trial. You satisfy with the tool you can make your subscription. Register you self and can see the shine shine outlet list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased my subscription via the Shine website or via an in-app promotion and would like a refund. What can I do?

If you purchased your Shine Premium subscription via our website and would like a refund, please contact with either your purchase receipt or the email associated with your subscription. 

Why do I recommend Shine Ranker if You Are a Beginner?

In addition to giving you low competition keywords that will make your job much easier, Shine Ranker will give you some excellent starting keywords.

Additionally, it won’t overcomplicate matters with a huge number of filters and input parameters that many users inherently misuse.

You will be fully aware of the subjects you ought to choose for your initial research.

How to Cancel your subscription to Shine Ranker Keyword Tool?

It’s very simple; just click the menu link next to your name in the page’s upper left corner and select Settings.

This will display your current status, and a sizable pink button to cancel your subscription is visible immediately.

Writing blog content for money 

Use the Shine Ranker content editor that tells you everything you need to include in your content to show up #1 Google 

Conclusion – shine ranker tool

The above describe the complete shine ranker review and able to you understand how to get benefit and use of ranker seo.

Shine Ranker is the tool for you if you’re looking for a strong SEO tool that can assist you in finding keywords and analyzing websites.

You can find “low-competition” keywords with Shine Ranker, which can help you rise to the top of organic search results quickly. Furthermore, Shineranker can assist you in locating website flaws so that you can take the required

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