Make Money Online as a Website Tester

Do you want to make money as a website tester – easily and comfortably from home? Getting paid to browse the internet sounds very attractive, and in fact it can be. 

Companies are looking for homepage testers who, as members of their potential customer group, report on the usability of a website and provide feedback.

There are companies that will pay you up to $30 per hour just to test and review a website and app.

It does not require any experience, qualifications, or even a degree? You just to look around the website and then give some feedback that they requested.

But what exactly does a website tester do? How does a website test work? What can you earn as a homepage tester? And which are the best providers in German-speaking countries? You will get the answer to all of these questions in this post.

  • What exactly does a website tester do? 
  • How does a website test work? 
  • What can you earn as a homepage tester? 
  • And which are the best providers across the globe? 
  • How you can start making money today?
  • Tips to start working as a website tester?

Why do websites need to be tested?

Companies often spend 5 to 6-digit amounts on creating and setting up websites. 

In the age of digitalization, more and more sales are generated via online shopping. Even many companies only sell their products via their websites. 

Other service providers make online services available to their customers. The success of companies rises and falls with the user friendliness and the usability of a website.  

Even if developers and graphic artists have invested hundreds of hours in the design and creation of websites, they often overlook smaller or even more important details that are important for users.

Website testers are hired to ensure that even the smallest errors and quirks have been fixed before a website is launched. 

Your job is to test the user experience on the website and to provide feedback.

It is also important for companies that their website has been tested by members of their target audience.

And they receive feedback from potential customers . A website doesn’t have to please everyone, but the target group of the company should have a positive user experience.

  • If you correspond to the company’s target group, they are particularly interested in your feedback and possible suggestions for improvement.

What does a website tester do?

A website tester has the exciting task of putting a website through its paces. Specifically, it is about testing the usability or the user experience and giving feedback . 

Tester has to be very attentive and to ensure that no elements or content remain that could confuse or irritate users. Such elements can quickly lead to website visitors immediately leaving the site.

You have to take a good look at a website and follow the instructions given in the briefing about the test. Usually you will navigate the website page by page.

You make a note of what strikes you particularly positively and negatively.

You have to form a general opinion about the website and what could be improved. It is precisely that feedback is particularly valuable for companies.

Companies have spent thousands of dollars on the website and even more on attracting visitors. 

This is why the website has to be perfect through and through. It has to contain relevant information and present it in such a way that it is understood and accepted by its target group.

How much do you earn as a website tester?

How much you can earn as tester, it depends mainly on how many website tests you carry out and how detail they are. 

Usually you will spent between 10 and 30 minutes for a test , and you can earn between € 5-20. You can earn significantly more with it than with online surveys.

The number of offers as a tester depends with your experience and profile. Most of the time you are chosen of the test based on correspond to the company’s potential target group (age, gender, education, place of residence, …).

How does website testing work?

Most website tests record your screen or browser window. Don’t worry, nobody wants to spy on you.

However, the provider or client would like to understand how you navigate the website, which buttons you click or which subpage you are currently on while you speak your feedback through the microphone.

During the website test, your screen and your spoken feedback will be recorded by microphone.

This is important for the website owner because he can use your video to analyze how potential prospects or customers find their way around the website.

What they are looking for, and which elements may still need improvement. This also ensures that you have actually been on the page for the minutes and followed the instructions.

  • With each test invitation, you will receive a detailed briefing explaining what exactly you should do on the website. Follow the provider’s instructions while you take the test.

Depending on the provider’s instrucitons, you may just have to look around the website. 

Sometimes, you may be asked for a specific process , such as a test registration, using a contact form, or the like. Just follow the provider’s instructions.

Sometimes company will ask to provide feedback about website design, type and information about the written text etc.

As a website tester, you have to carefully test the respective websites and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are all elements of the page displayed correctly in my browser on desktop PC? Does this apply to every browser – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera?
  • Is the website displayed on your smartphone optimized for device?
  • Is there any important information I can’t find on the website? If so, what information is that?
  • Is the information is simple and clear?
  • Do I have to install a browser plug-in to be able to display the website properly and completely? If so, which plugin is it?
  • Do all the links on the website work and do they lead to a valid page? Or are there links that link to a website that no longer exists?
  • What could be improved on the website? What is still missing?

How do you become a website tester?

Once you have decided on a testing portal, you can start earning money as a website tester in 3 simple steps:

  • Step1: Register as a website tester with a testing portal.
  • Step 2: Do a website test and give your feedback.
  • Step 3: Submit your feedback and get compensation for testing website.

Where can you earn money as a website tester?

You will not be working directly with the operators of the website. As with many other home-based jobs, there are also service providers for website testing on the Internet who specialize in performing website tests.

In short, you will register as a website tester on testing websites. When you have successfully completed the short application or entry test, you can start earning money.

What should you watch out for with website testing providers?


Check the popularity of the provider you want to register with? The more well-known the provider is, the more companies he will have as customers, which means more potential jobs and earning opportunities for you. 

Otherwise, you can wait weeks for a first order from less known providers. So pay attention to the provider’s named customers.


What experiences and reviews are there about the provider? Of course, the reputation also helps the provider to win more customers who can bring you orders. The most important thing is whether the provider pays on time and reliably, after all, you invest time and want to earn money as a website tester.


If you speak fluent or very good English. You can earn a lot more money as a website tester because most websites are in English-speaking countries. 

If you can give your feedback in English and evaluate websites, then you have the chance of more assignments. 

Is your english not perfect? Don’t worry, even if you only speak German, you can earn money as a website tester, there are enough companies in Germany that are looking for website testers. Then look specifically for providers in German-speaking countries.

Compensation structure

How do you get paid to run tests with the testing provider? Either a lump sum per test carried out, depending on the complexity and scope of the instructions, and an amount for the detection of errors (bugs) are common. 

The remuneration for bugs found can be variable or fixed. It is important that you convert the earnings into a kind of hourly wage in order to be able to compare it well.

Payment methods

What payment method do you use to get paid for testing website? Most international testing websites use PayPal for this, which is a convenient and practical method of payment without having to reveal your account details. 

So if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you should register one. In contrast, providers in Germany transfer funds to your bank account. To be on the safe side, check the payment method (s) you are using before you register with a provider.

The best website testing jobs providers at a glance

1. – $10
2. – $5
3. – $10
4. – ~$10
5. – $5
6. – $10
7. – $10
8. – $10
9. – Up to $50
10. – $1-$10
11. – Varies
12. – Varies
13. – $5-$10
14. – $3
15. – $5-$25
16. – Varies
17. – Varies
18. – Up to $50
19. – ~$20
20. – Varies
21. – Varies
22. – Varies
23. – Varies

Make Money Online as a website tester

You can become an active tester by joining the “crowd” pool. In addition to websites, you will also test smartphone apps. is a reputable provider and a well-known group of customers with companies such as Lacoste, Soundcloud or an award from the Technology Council of Forbes magazine.’s compensation structure is a little different from other websites. Here you are not paid based on time, but only for bugs found

  • However, there is up to a whopping 50 € per bug , which can be a lucrative income.

However, there are also test cases where you receive a flat fee for testing a website. Overall, you have several earning opportunities here. You can withdraw your payment once a month via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or bank transfer.

While registering, you will be asked to specify all testable devices, such as PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, that you have. 

This allows the corresponding project invitations to be sent to you. Immediately after registration you will start your first test, which will of course be paid when you find bugs.

After the first project you will continuously receive further project invitations by email if you match the profile you are looking for. 

The more tests you complete, the higher the chance of becoming a test champion and exclusive, particularly lucrative tests.

You don’t have to install any software on the device , because it’s primarily about finding errors.


Make Money Online as a website tester

Testbirds constantly looking for new website testers to test their customers’ websites on desktop or mobile devices. You can also get paid to test software, smartphone apps, and online stores.

Testbirds has already received awards from magazines such as Focus Business and Financial Times. 

Testbirds can come up with well-known customers such as Audi, Allianz, BMW, Otto-Versand or T-Mobile, so the platform is well known.  

  • The remuneration structure at Testbirds is as follows: The more complex the project, the higher your pay.

Normally you will receive € 15 per usability test . If you find a bug on the website or software, you will be rewarded with a variable amount. 

At the end of each test you have to write a test report for which you receive a fixed fee. Withdraw Payment through PayPal.

Once you have registered and been accepted into the pool of testers (the “crowd”), you will receive email invitations to projects that match your profile.

If you register for a test, you will receive access data and additional information on how your test will run. There are usually 1 or 2 days that the test can be taken. At the end of the day, you’ll need to submit your review.

With Testbird, no software is installed on your device. Test takes place via an internet connection. Your test behavior is recorded there so that customers can evaluate the test results and link them to your test report.


Make Money Online as a website tester

You can also earn money as a homepage tester at RapidUserTests. To do this, you must have a desktop PC or Mac and be over 18 years old, and you must set up a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

You can rely on a reliable and reputable provider who counts companies such as Zalando, Adobe, Deutsche Telekom or Sixt among its customers.  

  • According to RapidUserTests, earnings are around 6-10 € for half an hour of work, which corresponds to an hourly rate between 12-20 €.

Tests on PC / Mac are reimbursed with 6 €, tests on mobile devices are reimbursed with 10 €. 

Once you have registered as a tester, appropriate test invitations will be sent to you by email. 

Alternatively, you can also choose from the list of currently available tests on the website , provided that you match the profile you are looking for. 

For every test you will receive a briefing with specific tasks and instructions to test the usability of the website.

Your visit to the website is recorded on the screen, and you should actively comment on your procedure using the microphone. 

You do not have to install any software on the device , the test takes place directly in a browser window. So nobody sees what else you have open on your PC.

Userzoom is user testing service provider company. It conducts testing on behalf of the big companies for their websites and app through the target group of people.

Enroll yourself with the Userzoom and share your experiences to make money as a website tester.

You can make $10 on average and for standard surveys, the payment is $2 on average. Earning depends on the complexity of the study.

Here is a FAQ section of the Userzoon, check out for more details to maximize the earning.

A good usertesting websites. To work as a usertesting with UserInput you will need a a desktop / laptop to review sites, as you’ll be recording your screen, along with your voice.

Pay ranges from $5 to $15 per test depending on what kind of review you’re doing. Videos range from 5 to 15 minutes.

If you have interest in reviewing websites or testing web apps then trymyui is best place. You will earn money for your honest feedback.

You will earn $10 for each test you take. A typical test lasts approximately 20 minutes. Sign up now to start making the web a more user-friendly place!

UserCrowd has more than 12,000 testers from more than 40 countries around the world. You will get $1.00 bounty for reviewing all results as a bonus.

You have to identify the bug and feedback about them to customer and you will be get paid.

MyCrowd supports PayPal and can pay testers in 240 countries.


Earning money as a website tester can be an interesting, exciting and lucrative additional income on the Internet. 

You will earn money to review the user experience and usability of websites, find bugs, and provide your feedback . You will submit a written test report through screenshot and voice comments via microphone.  

TIPS for user testing websites

Tip#1, have a quality microphone. Speak clearly and provide strong feedback in English.

You are actually rated by the companies that provide the test after completion. The higher the rating and feedback for you, the better chance that you have of getting tests consistently. So go above and beyond your competition.

Tip #2 sign up for more than test provider company. there are many other sites that do the exact same thing as user testing.

And Tip #3 is be quick. Most of these sites have either email notifications and or dashboard notifications and where you have to be logged into their website waiting for a test to pop up.

Just like the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, so be the early bird.

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