Is it possible to make money with online surveys?

There are many ways in which you can easily make money from it – today it’s all about paid online surveys. 

Most people like to give their opinion, but if you do an opinion poll, you get paid to do it. You can read here how you can earn money with online surveys and what you need to consider.

Can I Make Money With Online Surveys? We show how to do it.

Table of contents: This is what awaits you in the article “Earning money with online surveys, is that possible?”

  • What are paid online surveys?
  • How does it work to make money from surveys?
  • How Much Money Can You Make From Surveys?
  • What is the benefit of paid polls?
  • Which providers of paid opinion polls are recommended?
  • Tips for Paid Online Surveys


What are paid online surveys?

Paid online surveys are a tool used by companies who want to know more about how their products and services are actually received by different customers. 

For this purpose, survey institutes are commissioned / appointed to directly ask the relevant target groups for their opinion. 

These opinion polls have been around for a long time, but in the past you spoke to people directly on the street. Today it works online, and you can make money from these surveys. 

How does it work to make money from surveys?

There are numerous opinion polling institutes appointed by companies. You register online with these institutes and will then be invited to various surveys, depending on whether you correspond to the respective target group. 

If you share your honest opinion, you will receive a credit for it. Sometimes it’s also about testing products, which of course you get delivered free of charge. Your remuneration will be paid out as cash or a bonus or voucher. 

How Much Money Can You Make From Surveys?

According to the poll or survey institute, you earn an average of 1 USD / Euro for every 10 minutes of opinion poll, sometimes more, sometimes less. Participants who frequently answer paid online surveys earn more and earn around 8 to 14 USD / Euro per hour. 

With each provider you only get a certain number of surveys per month, for example eight or ten of them. 

The remuneration also differs depending on the provider. So that you can earn real money with the online surveys , you should register with as many institutes as possible. 

On average, you can earn 20 to 30 euros per month and per survey institute. 

You see, a nice additional income is possible here that is easy to achieve for you. However, more than 200 to 300 euros are usually not included.

The faster you can read and enter questions, the faster you can fill out the surveys. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t finish answering the paid online surveys too quickly, because of course the creators of the questions know the average time that you spend on the respective opinion poll.

It can also happen that in the middle of the opinion poll you are told that you are not suitable after all. It can also happen that surveys are not remunerated. 

What is the benefit of paid polls?

Registering with the various surveys companies are free, so all you have to do is invest some time and familiarize yourself with the respective platform. 

Compared to other additional income, you do not take any risks and cannot receive a warning . You don’t have to invest any capital, you don’t need a bus ticket, a car or work clothes and you can also organize your time freely. 

However, filling out the profile thoroughly takes some time, which is not remunerated.

Earn money easily

Answering the paid surveys is really easy. The companies also value your opinion, so that you can even have an influence on the development of future products.

Your hourly wage will likely be around five to six euros initially, but there is room for improvement. 

If you’ve proven yourself to be a reliable survey partner, you will get better paid online surveys. 

You may then be able to take part in more surveys than you did when you registered. So it’s worth sticking with it. 

You can fill out the surveys anytime and anywhere, whether at home or on the go. 

However, you should regularly check your mailbox to see whether you have received an invitation to take part in an opinion poll, because popular polls are quickly “fully booked”. 

Each survey is only activated for a limited number of participants. 


For many suppliers it is a matter of testing new products and evaluating their effectiveness or taste. So you get products sent to you that you can keep and receive additional money for your opinion.

There are numerous providers out there and you should try them out for yourself to find out which ones really suit you. Here are four providers for an easy entry:

1. Toluna

There is a live community at Toluna. You can also ask your own questions and have them voted on. 

You can answer up to 60 surveys per month on this platform. The surveys last an average of ten minutes and are paid up to five euros in the form of money, vouchers and rewards.

2. Lifepoints

Lifepoints is one of the largest German-speaking platforms on which you can earn money online with surveys. 

Here you can answer 12 to 18 surveys per month, which last about 15 minutes and are also remunerated up to five euros. The payout takes place here either in cash or in vouchers.

3. GfK

The GfK (Society for Consumer Research) is probably one of the most famous opinion survey website. The contents of your shopping bag are of particular interest here. 

You can either do surveys here or by scanning your purchases. You can receive 10-15 surveys per month, which are remunerated with up to five euros.


At you can earn money through product tests, online surveys and website and app tests. 

Here you can answer around 15 surveys per month and earn up to 15 euros per survey. This can also be done here in the form of money or bonuses.

5. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks website works in a similar way to Payback. This means that if you register for free on the website, you can receive the so-called Swagbucks through various activities, which you can cash out. 

These activities include surveys, but also watching videos or shopping with selected partners.

Tip 1: Who Can Make Money With Online Surveys?

Since these surveys are essentially consumer research, you should be open to the topic to intake. 

The more brands and companies you know, the products you use and the more open-minded you are when it comes to form of survey, the more useful (and therefore better remunerated) your opinion is for the company . 

If you live in a village, grow your own vegetables and have a minimalist lifestyle, you will not be eligible for many surveys. Simply because you don’t know the company or product.

Can’t I just lie in an opinion poll?

Most users take part in paid surveys because of the money, and of course the survey companies know that too. 

That is why they use all technical possibilities to track down inconsistencies. For example, within the questionnaires there are control questions so that you cannot simply click through. If you do, your profile is worthless because you will be disqualified. 

Of course, you should only register with reputable opinion poll providers if you want to earn money online with polls. 

You can recognize reputable providers by the fact that participation is free of charge for you. Some providers only pay out the remuneration in premiums, which is not to be assessed as dubious. 

However, all providers who address customers from Europe / Germany are subject to the stricter version of the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation). 

This means that they must handle your data very carefully, must not pass them on under any circumstances and, upon request, must also tell you which data they have saved about you and what they do with it. 

You can request a provider to delete all of your data at any time.

4. Tip: Create your profile correctly

As soon as you register with a provider for online surveys, you have to fill out a profile for yourself. 

This is important so that the survey companies can assign you to a target group and send you surveys that suit you exactly. 

When you fill out your profile, you may first have to fill out a few unpaid questionnaires to describe yourself and your consumer behavior. 

In return, you will receive better paid and more suitable surveys in the future. It is therefore advisable to fill out your profile truthfully and completely.


Answering online surveys and making money is an easy way to get some extra income if you choose the right providers. 

Opinion polls are particularly interesting for people who are open to the topic of consumption. You can earn around 200-300 euros a month on the side, regardless of location.

As an entrepreneur, it is also very important for you to conduct regular surveys to find out how satisfied your customers are and to adapt your products accordingly. 

However, an institute does not always have to be commissioned for this. Many surveys can also be created yourself with the right tools. 

So that you can find the right tool for your surveys, we are introducing you to the 20 best providers for online surveys .

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