OneSpace: A Part-Time Online Job from Home

Do you want to earn money working as a Part-Time Online Job from Home? You can then put your expertise to work with OneSpace.

OneSpace, formerly known as Crowdsource, is a great company to make extra income to do a variety of tasks online through its cloud-based platform. You get a competitive salary for all your approved tasks. This article will explain more to the company to help you get started.


What is OneSpace?

OneSpace is an online crowdfunding website that pays freelancers to complete micro-tasks.

You may have heard of micro-task sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Clickworker. OneSpace has the same concept. Once you create an account and once you are approved, you can choose the tasks that you can complete correctly and get paid to complete each task.

OneSpace was founded in 2010 by Stephanie Leffler and Ryan Noble and is currently headquartered in Swansea, IL.


Types of jobs with onespace 

OneSpace is looking for qualified applicants for the following positions. If you do not see a situation suited to your skill set, submit your application to OneSpace, and they will contact you if a relevant opportunity is available.

Image and graphic designer

  • Create amazing product imagery for retail / e-commerce customers.
  • Ideal candidate should have experience with photo editing software (Photoshop, InDesign) and making mobile-ready images.

English and International Language Transcriptionist

  • Listening to audio files and converting spoken words into written form. Audio files range in length from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes. These micro-task opportunities are open to those who are fluent in one of these languages.
  • An assessment may be required to test individual skill levels.
  • Current languages ​​required: Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Euro Portuguese, Dutch, German, Thai, Korean

Small business and accounting writer

  • Authors experienced in creating English content that caters to audiences from one of the designated countries and is relevant to small business and accounting disciplines for big brands. The ideal candidate should be able to provide samples of published material for reference.
  • Accounting knowledge is required for at least one of the following: India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico.

Extensive knowledge of conversational English as well as AP style guidelines. In addition, the brand should be able to adapt to voice and tone guidelines quickly.

Experience creating published content for enterprise brands that is not limited to cover-just-these categories (must have experience in multiple categories):

  1. Small Business
  2. Accounts
  3. Finance
  4. Trade Financing and Planning
  5. Marketing
  6. Starting a Business

Examples of content published online. Preferably, for specified countries that are relevant to the mentioned topics.

For example, a published article about starting a company in India.

Currently, there are living, and extensive experience of small business and accounting practices for the country concerned.

There are many small business and accounting policies / procedures that differ from country to country in that we need our contributors to deliver high quality content to our customers.

For example, Canada does not have LLCs and they should not be referenced in content targeted in that country.

After you apply, a personal skill level test will require at least one assessment.

Small Business and Accounting Editor

Experienced content editor in editing relevant English content for small brands and accounting topics for big brands. The right candidate must be able to complete an assessment with 98% accuracy. Accounting knowledge is required for at least one of the following:

India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico.

  • Extensive knowledge of conversational English as well as AP style guidelines.
  • Previous experience working with enterprise brands.
  • Ability to quickly adjust brand, voice and tone guidelines.
  • Experience in editing content (must have experience in different categories) for big brands covering these categories:
  1. Small Business
  2. Accounts
  3. Finance
  4. Trade Financing and Planning
  5. Marketing
  6. Starting a Business

Familiarity with small business and accounting practices for one of the designated countries.

  • Currently, has extensive experience of small business and accounting practices for living, living, and / or related country.
  • There are many small business and accounting policies / procedures that vary from country to country that we need to be aware of to our contributors to deliver high quality content to our customers.

For example, an LLC does not exist in Canada and should not be referenced in targeted content in that country.


Onespace Freelance 

Working with Onespace can be a freelancing jobs as these task are being carried out remotely. To become a onespace freelance you need to register and open account with Onespace. Being a OneSpace freelancers you have freedom to make you own  schedule and can log in at any time to submit work anywhere.

How to get started with OneSpace

To get started, all you need to do is create an account on OneSpace with your email and password. You will also have to upload your resume with them as they demand an experienced workforce. You can work with OneSpace from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to PayPal.

Onespace sign up

You can create your account by onespace sign up process which is very easy. Clink the link here and it will navigate you the onespace sign up

onespace sign up – Click here


How much work can I do for OneSpace?

Minors pay 10 cents per work. But such tasks should only take 1-2 minutes. Writing assignments pay between $ 0.02 and $ 0.035 per word.

OneSpace Advantage

Paid daily

Get paid quickly. OneSpace provides daily payment for your approved work.


Stay in your piece or try something new. From writing and editing materials to data entry and product research, OneSpace always has a variety of works available.


Do as much or as little work as you can. OneSpace freelancers have the freedom to create their own schedule and can log in at any time to submit work anywhere.



Enhance your skills and gain vast experience by working on projects for some of the world’s largest companies, including Staples, Overstock, Wal-Mart, and eBay.

OneSpace : International friendly

OneSpace is international, they use freelancers in over 100 countries.

OneSpace drawbacks

low pay

Like any micro-task site, do not expect full-time job income on such a site. Think of it as a compliment to any income you currently make.

For more in-depth information about OneSpace, please see their FAQs here.

Onespce job review 2020 – as Part-Time Online Job from Home

The company is operating since long time and paying well. It has scored very well itself over the internet in the filed of providing microjobs, freelance carrier and work from home jobs.


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