Part-time job on the Internet

Online part-time job or work is a great addition to your main income. You can do a simple job or work and get good money for it. 

For example, Creating websites, writing comments under posts, and even promoting a brand on various social networks. It is not the whole list of possible ways. 

The World Wide Web opens up excellent prospects to fully satisfy your ambitions and replenish your wallet with rustling bills. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic methods of online part-time work and reveal a few secrets to help you increase your productivity.

Content of the Article

  • How much money does a part-time job on the Internet bring
  • Where to start: the main questions
    • Where to look for jobs and customers
    • How to get paid for work
    • How long should an online part-time job take
  • Top 15 types of part-time jobs on the Internet
    • Rewriting texts and posts
    • Paid captcha input
    • Quests from Workzilla
    • Small services on axle boxes
    • Work for Yandex.Toloka
    • Mediation for online stores
    • Online support or call center
    • Placement of advertising information
    • Part-time work on forums and social networks
    • Moderation of sites or groups
    • Paid ad views and survey participation
    • Tutoring
    • Photo processing and design
    • Audio and video editing
    • Audio and video transcription
  • Conclusion

How much money you can earn from a part-time job

Even 10 years ago, part-time work on the Internet was very skeptical. Some even managed to cash by offering to purchase some kind of online courses. Which were supposed to help increase capital and become a successful network tycoon. 

Fortunately, now the boundaries have expanded. Now you can sit at home without any problems and make a good income. A quite natural question is brewing: how much?

An additional part-time job can bring both a small income (if you devote a little time to this every day). Probably it becomes your main source of income later. 

If you carry out simple assignments that anyone can handle, then count on about 10 to 20 $ for 4 hours of work. This applies to making money on captchas, comments, reviews, and testing websites. If you are a schoolboy, then the amount is quite decent.

If you continuously expand your capabilities and test new options, then in a year you will be able to earn up to 500 $ per month. The amount is approximate and directly depends on your skills.

If you stop developing and stop investing in education, you will be stuck at 300$ (this is at best). 

Where to start: the main questions

The hardest part is getting started with a part-time job. You need to think about creating a quality portfolio and choose a niche in which you can fit yourself. 

Below we have answered the most common questions that freelancers ask themselves at the first stages.

Is there a universal formula for earning from scratch? Patience and a little effort. Have you heard such a proverb? But, alas, your success is not only based on this. Here are some tips for beginners:

  • work for the result and do not be lazy;
  • Time is the most valuable resource for a freelancer, so don’t waste yourself on trivial tasks and waste energy doing useless activities. Try to get benefits from everything, even if not always material.
  • part-time work on the Internet is unstable, so try to procrastinate by creating a financial cushion;
  • avoid unnecessary purchases;
  • try to always have several sources of income at once (for safety);
  • invest in finance education. For example, buy online courses or helpful webinars;
  • make useful contacts and competently form the environment.

Is it possible to earn without investment? Unfortunately no. You will still be constantly investing time, money, or other resources. 

The most affordable way for those who want to earn money on the Internet, without investing practically any finance, is to sell their knowledge. For example, you can write articles or design websites.

What actions need to be taken? 

Success directly depends on your efforts. To build a customer base, follow these tips:

  • register on several sites at once to find a job (we will describe them in detail below);
  • take responsibility for filling in the data. Provide only truthful information, detail your qualifications and focus on skills;
  • if you already have experience in this area, make a portfolio;
  • do not be upset if the customer’s choice did not fall on you. Don’t give up and keep applying for new interesting projects;
  • remember one simple rule: first, you work for the rating, and then the rating works for you;
  • do not stop improving your skills, because the continuous movement is the basis of success in freelancing;
  • do not take on the execution of several projects at once. Such a load can play a cruel joke with you and you will not have time to meet the deadline;
  • never deceive a potential employer or gloss over reality.

Where to look for jobs and customers

Here are some useful and popular websites that post hundreds of relevant jobs every day:

  • Work-Zilla – This site has a job for everyone. The “Simple Help” category is considered the most in-demand (about 29% of the total number of all freelancers are involved in it). There are also creative tasks that require special qualifications.
  • Forumok – A website for those who actively blog and have pages on social networks. The bottom line is simple. You get paid for posting from your accounts.
  • Qcomment – There is an opportunity to earn on posting and comments.
  • Weblancer – The largest portal on the Runet. To increase orders, we advise you to fill out the portfolio, detailing your basic skills.
  • Freelance – At first, this site functioned exclusively within the framework of a forum with useful tips. But literally in a year it significantly expanded its boundaries, turning into a promising freelance website.
  • Freelancehunt – An excellent website for copywriters, designers, programmers, and PR people. Orders come from all over the world, so you will definitely not be left without work.
  • Copylancer – This website is designed for those who know a lot about writing high-quality texts.
  • Turbotext – A new website that has emerged recently. Here you can sell finished articles.
  • Pravoved – A service website for suggestions. Here you can answer questions and get paid for it.
  • Logopod – Online service for designers.
  • Author24 – A large website specializing in the execution of abstracts, term papers, and theses. Great part-time job for students.
Part-time job on the Internet

How to get paid for part time job

In order to receive money on the Internet, you need to create an electronic wallet such as PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza, Skrill, etc. 

Various service owners, websites, and customers use them to transfer money for work. From these wallets, you can withdraw your money to your bank account.

You can also provide the employer with your bank card details. Some websites provide for work through the bank account. You complete the order and receive payment only after it has been verified.

How long should an online part-time job take

The schedule of work will be determined by yourself. You can work both during your lunch break devoting a couple of hours of time to it. You can turn a part-time job into a “weekend activity”. 

The main thing in this matter is consistency. Do not try to complete all assignments overnight.

Assess your capabilities and make sure that additional work does not interfere with the main one. There is no general timing, which is the beauty of freelancing.

Top 15 types of part-time jobs on the Internet

It all depends on the level of your knowledge and basic skills. For example, you can try your hand at copywriting.

If you know how to correctly formulate sentences and write texts that will surely interest the reader. 

Captchas, comments, small reviews, and product reviews are not the whole list of options. 

We will talk about possible ways of additional income, advantages, and pitfalls of each profession in the following sections.

Part-time job on the Internet

1. Rewriting texts and posts

Rewriting texts is a great way to earn extra money. This is how many commercial writers and successful bloggers started out. 

The essence of the part-time job is as follows:

  1. You are given the topic of the article. Search the Internet for several relevant sources and formulate sentences in your own way in order to achieve maximum uniqueness of the text, but at the same time not to lose meaning. 
  2. You can get good money for this if you hone your skills and learn how to do the assigned work quickly.
  3. If you know any other language well and know how to write coherent texts, then this option will be the best. Working 3-5 hours a day, a freelancer is able to earn in the range of 100 $ per month. It all depends on your skills and the set price.
Part-time job on the Internet

2. Paid captcha input

Almost every day people come across captchas, but not everyone knows that they can make money on them. 

There are several sites on the net that are willing to pay money to solve their clever captchas. 

The task is this: they send you a picture, you decipher it, the customer checks the correctness of the input and pays for the work done.

Captcha is one of the most dreary and time-consuming ways to earn money. 

To get at least some income, you need to devote at least 3 hours a day to this occupation. 

You will have to master the skills of fast typing and learn to distinguish between letter values ​​on the first try. It’s not easy. 

An experienced user gets on average up to $2 per hour for this type of work. The figure is not impressive.

If you are ready to do monotonous work and sit in one place for hours, then this type of income is for you. 

Recommends registering on the following sites: Rucaptcha2CaptchaKolotiBablo

3. Quests from Workzilla

Workzilla is a large Russian-language job search platform. Here you will find a variety of orders from printing texts to filling in tables. 

Even if you are new to this business, you can still try your luck by doing simple errands. 

For example, consider transcribing audio or writing short product reviews. 

For advanced users, there are tasks on design, site layout, and programming. Naturally, the payment, in this case, is much higher.

In order to work at Workzilla, you must subscribe to a paid subscription. 

This is a kind of protection against irresponsible users who are used to giving up their business half way. 

For a month of access to the site, you have to pay 400 rubles. This is the only real internet job with daily pay that you have to pay money for.

4. Small services on axle boxes

Buxes are sites replete with simple errands and easy tasks. The range of offers is large enough. 

For example, you may come across tasks from the category: write a school essay, like on social networks, leave a comment under the post, and even call a taxi. 

To make good money on bucks, you will have to build a referral network. What does it mean? You attract new users and get a percentage of their total earnings. 

The scheme is simple: the more people, the more money. Network Marketing in Action.

Is it worth spending your time on this? The axle boxes are an excellent starting point. 

After such a side job, an understanding will form in your head of what money is paid for on the network. How you can earn more, and what it is better not to waste your precious time on at all.

List of sites:

5. Work for Yandex.Toloka

Yandex is increasing its popularity by publishing paid tasks for users. At the moment, the statistics are as follows:

  • over 4 million users are registered on Yandex.Toloka ;
  • more than 100 thousand people complete tasks and receive money every month;
  • over 500 projects are available in the system every day;
  • 5 million markup units per day are produced by performers.

Toloka arose due to the fact that Yandex employees need people to carry out simple tasks: check geolocation, clarify the address of the institution, monitor the current statistics. 

The approximate salary, if you work at an average pace, is 100 rubles per hour.

6. Dropshipping for online stores

The term “dropshipping” is firmly established on the Internet. If you are not yet ready to become a full-fledged owner of your own online store.

You can use this scheme:

You find a client, transfer the order to the supplier, who sends the goods directly to the buyer, and the client, in turn, sends you money, which you pay with the supplier. 

It sounds complicated, but in fact, it is a very easy and profitable scheme. 

The benefits for both parties are obvious: the supplier gets a new buyer, and you have the opportunity to earn extra money on the price difference.

An example of a dropshipping platform is qnits. You can also find a dropshipping supplier directly on social media.

7. Online support or call center

The essence of making money is extremely simple with this method. You sit at home, call potential customers and offer them goods or services of a certain company. 

You can look for a part-time job on special exchanges, call center sites, banks, or on popular Internet portals.

Firstly, as a result of such work, you gain invaluable experience and hone your communication skills. This will probably be useful to you in the future, and secondly, skilled salespeople are very much appreciated, so they earn good money.

8. Placement of advertising information

You can make good money by posting advertisements on various forums. 

The customer provides you with the text, and you, in turn, post it on the relevant resources. 

The work is simple, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties. The income per hour of work can be from $1.

money picture

9. Part-time work on forums and social networks

If the forum is still young and not experienced enough, its owners are interested in increasing attendance. 

You can create topics, comment, chat, engage in verbal battles, and get a little money for it. 

The approximate monthly earnings (with active posting and communication) can vary between 10 to 15$.

10. Moderation of sites or groups

Let’s first understand the definition of the concept. Moderation is control over the fulfillment of requirements in a community, a group on a social network, on a forum or an online conference. 

What is your job? The responsibility is to restrain and moderate the users of the Internet resource. In fact, the moderator acts as an assistant to the group administrator and performs the following assignments:

  • edits and deletes user posts;
  • cleans comments;
  • bans users for behavior that overrides the community guidelines;
  • warns users and notifies about possible changes.
money man pictures

11. Paid ad views and survey participation as a part time job

All you need to do is sit on the site and watch videos. The occupation is tedious, and earnings will not please you with the number of zeros. 

You can earn a little more from watching a video than from clicks. The only advantage for the performer is that you can safely go about your business by minimizing the tab with the intrusive ad video.

Another simple option for a side job is taking surveys. If you register for 5-7 questionnaires and devote at least 3 hours to this activity every day, you can receive up to 3-5 $. 

It sounds tempting, but few people know that to get into the category of respondents, you need to meet certain criteria. 

How exactly? Nobody talks about this much. Another disadvantage is delayed in payment. Some questionnaires simply block funds.

12. Tutoring – A reputable part time job

Online tutoring is a great option for additional income. Do you thoroughly know a certain subject and can you teach it? Then a similar job is created for you. 

For a successful start, you need to get headphones, a microphone, a webcam, and a laptop. It is desirable, of course, to have work experience behind you.

In modern realities, the most popular are English tutors, who, with proper qualifications, can earn from 10$ per hour

This work involves regular Skype calls and online classes. You don’t need to waste time on tedious transfers, so you can take more students. Another good option is group sessions in a conference format.


13. Photo processing and design

Are you fluent in Photoshop and good at processing trends? You can try your hand at special sites. 

For example, on the Weblancer website, you will find many orders from large online stores and foreign portals. They constantly attract new people to perform retouching, color correction and other small assignments. 

Earnings directly depend on the number of processed photos and your quality of work.

Designers are always in demand, so you can make good money by creating logos or designing a corporate identity. 

To become a successful and promising designer, it is not enough just to take a one-day course and read a few books. 

It is advisable to get a specialized education and acquire a good portfolio. In this case, the average monthly income will start at 100$ to 200$.

photo processing

14. Audio and video editing

Video editing is quite a profitable activity that in the long term can bring you a good income. 

Now one of the most in-demand skills in editing video from GoPro cameras. 

If you are proficient in special programs and are guided by current trends that will help you create high-quality visuals, then feel free to register on freelance sites. is a great option. You can also find a part-time job using Vkontakte groups.

15. Audio and video transcription

Transcription is the job of translating audio recordings into text format. 

Basically, you will simply rewrite what the audio and video media say. You don’t need to have any special skills. 

The performer must be assiduous, responsible, and competent. It is better to look for work on special freelance exchanges. 

For example, Etxt or Copylancer.

For this kind of part-time job, you will need headphones, a laptop, and a small set of programs to slow down audio and video.

laptop headphones


There are really a lot of options for part-time jobs on the Internet. You can write texts, leave comments on forums, promote pages, and create brand logos. 

Earnings directly depend on the time you devote to work, as well as qualifications. The main rule is to do only what you like and do it efficiently.

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