I observed plenty of article generator tools and websites are flooded over the internet. They claim that you can create or write unique article with the help of these free unique article generator tools and websites. I am not completely agreeing with it. Here is the problem of free unique article generator. For the paid tools, I don’t have much ideas as haven’t used so far. So, there is no opinion for paid version. I haven’t seen any blog about which discussed about the problem of free unique article generator.

Free Unique Article Generator – Web Beast

Free Unique Article Generator from Web Beast is a script tool where you can download the YouTuble Video Subtitles in Text in English. But you can’t download every subtitles of YouTube videos.

Process is very simple to download the YouTube subtitles with Web Beast. Just copy the YouTube  video Link and paste it on the Free Unique Article Generator area and click start. Tools will generate the video into text. Copy the text and paste in your word file. Read it and modify accordingly and use for your blogging.

Problem of free unique article generator web beast

You can’t download YouTube subtitles of private videos or if the video is locked. By using Web Beast you can only download English subtitles of YouTube videos not for the other language. You will face this issue with web beast also like “ Error”.

Alternative of Free Unique Article Generator – Web Beast

If you have tried to download youtube subtitles through Web Beast Free Unique Article Generator and could not succeed , don’t worry here is the solution for it. Follow the process

Try downloading the all kind of subtitles with the Download YouTube Subtitles or Down Sub

You will get the subtitles in NotePad in text format.

Free Unique Article Generator

Copy these texts in word file. Files will be look like this. Image.

Free Unique Article Generator

Do modification of the text with the below process according to image.

Free Unique Article Generator

Once done, the text format will shown like this as a story without fullstop and comma.

Correct it with the help of the editor or you can do it manually by reading the text.

Correct the text with correct word with the help of spell checker.

Free Unique Article Generator

Now Your Unique content is ready

Free Unique Content Generator Online (https://articlegenerator.org/)

As this website claim that Article Generator is an automatic online tool developed to help those who want to create fresh content for any purpose, whether you need content for your website, SEO , blog, school or college Article Generator can do that for you in few seconds, without any effort.

Article Generator is one of the best article writing tool online as it can rewrite unique content for your website, blog or college, unique articles can increase your website ranking in search engines and can get more traffic to your website.

Just scroll below, add the keyword on the topic you want to generate articles and click generate articles to get fresh articles.

Problem of the Free Unique Content Generator Online

I used this website to create free unique article. In order to create article, I was asked to type a keyword to get the article. Once I type my keyword it has generated the article. When I started reading the content of the article, found that it was not much relevant what I was looking for. Some of the content’s parts were parallelized. My problem is based on the free version. There is option of buy premium key. You can buy and check the services.

There is no guarantee of the content that the same will not be generated for others. You can use it to get idea for to write content by yourself.

FREE Unique Article Creator Online – Article Creator

No doubt, by using this website you can create articles but the same content article could be produced if you use the other article creator or article generator. This website claims that they can create Multi Languages SEO Friendly Article Generator Online.

Problem of the FREE Unique Article Creator Online

Article Creator –  I created articles by using this websites with the same keyword “ Make Money Online”.

And it has given me the three articles and in which one article was same as the previous one which I created with the other free unique article generator tools and websites. Be cautions while using these contents on the blog or website. Please check PLAGIARISM before using it on the website.


Aritcle Forge – Your Personal AI Content Writer

The website say that it can be your a freelance content writer; you give it a keyword phrase and you get back a unique, relevant, high-quality article. However, unlike a freelance writer, you’ll have a finished article in under a minute at a fraction of the cost.

Problem of the Article Forge

Your Personal AI Content Writer – I tried to login with the free trail version to check their services. But it was mandatory to provide the bank details or paypal account to use the free trails. There plans are $ 52  Per Month and $ 27/ Per Month for year. I decided not go the might be a problem for me to use Aritcle Forge.

Article Generator Pro: Auto Content Creation Tool

ABOUT ARTICLE GENERATOR PRO – Generate article, essay, research paper, blog content, website content with our revolutionary software. Forget about out-dated content generators that limit your options to a predefined topic list. With Article Generator Pro, you can create articles on absolutely any topic. In one click of a button, a high-quality article is presented to you. To make sure your content are unique and passes plagiarism checks, our content generator utilize rewriting and paraphrazing algorithms. Our content generator also inserts images and bibliography to your article!


The websites has no trail version. You have to purchase plan to use it and create unique article. Subscribers will receive the following benefits

  • Generated unlimited articles on any topic
  • Display full article instead of first few sentences
  • Unlimited use – Use as much as you like
  • 24/7 priority support
  • 7-day refund guarantee, no questions asked

How to choose article and blog post generator and builder

If you are an online business owner or a regular blogger, you have already come across article builders and article creators who are ready to help you. The problem is, they can be confusing. This article will explain how to choose the best online article marketer and blog content generator tools.

Let’s face it, when it comes to these content creation tools, there are a lot of things that can actually do a good job. But one thing you really need to keep in mind is that the more features your business needs, the more you will pay for this service. This is not what you want to be.

SEO Article Generator

I have to say that the biggest advantage of using Article Creator and Builder is that you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what to write. Leave all aspects of writing and creativity alone to article creators and architects, so that you can get back into the real business of marketing your business. Without an online marketing plan, you could be wasting a lot of time without any results.

Online business owners are looking for tools that will help them focus more on the marketing aspect of their business. This is the main advantage of using article and blog post generation tools. You will be able to focus more on the details of your work needs.

Online Article Generator

Now, before you get confused and waste a lot of time trying to find out which tool is right for you, you need to inform your article creator and blog post generator about what you really need. Is. The first thing you need to know is that there are some things you can’t control, while there are other things you can do. So, be aware that the article you write and the post you publish should be relevant. Let’s take a look at this perspective.

Not to mention that if you’re making money from your business, you need to grow your business and make money. That’s why you need to create quality articles and blog posts that get readers’ attention. When you do this, the traffic you get will help increase your revenue.

Content generator for SEO

Would you like to know how you can actually influence readers to make a choice? If you do, the best way to do this is to provide them with just the information they need. That’s why the article and blog post generator you use offers you only the tools you need to write and publish your content.

And finally, writing can be an important step in generating sales, but not everything can be taken care of. That’s why you need to hire a professional and reliable content writer and blog writer for the job.

The best article generator

Finally, we can say that if you are a beginner in this type of business, it is important that you pay close attention to the details and the things you need to know so that you do not waste your time and effort. In addition, you will not waste time finding a solution before you really need to, in addition, all the details must be done beforehand.

However, the best way to master the art of article writing and creativity is to consult an article creator and blog post author. You can either go online and find them or you can tell your friends who have already successfully developed your online business and tell you how they do it. ۔

Automatic article generator

These professionals can provide you with professional help to start your own business, but you can take it to the next level using their online tools. Many of these offer tutorials and tips to help you write better and sell more through your blog or website.

So, when you finally decide to choose tools for your article content generator, make sure you choose one that offers you all the tools you need to write and publish your articles. However, the more features, the more interesting and unique content you need to write, so that you can earn a lot of readers over time.

Automate your content, compose, and increase your traffic

Every website owner or webmaster is looking for an automated article writer. It is difficult to create new articles for a website because they lack variety. Although there are software programs that can help you write articles, most of them require you to spend a lot of time.

The purpose of this article is to inform website owners and webmasters about automated article authors who can help them in less time and get the best results. There are software programs available that help writers create better content. This article will automatically create and submit.

Website Content Generator

You can auto-submit auto-content submissions using a Content Writing Generator. It works with some of the triggers you set and can automatically generate content by posting it on your website. You will be easy to use and take very little time.

There are various software applications available that you can use as a content generator. All you need to do is click on the program option in your website and follow the instructions. One is not limited to Word or Microsoft Word only. It may take some time to become comfortable.

Content generator software

Automatic Article Writer allows you to create content from pen and paper without the need for your own hands. All you have to do is create a template and program the rest. Once you fill in the information, this article will be published on your website.

Article creators are so easy to use online because they have a step-by-step guide. There are videos that are also available. It can be used to prepare articles.

Automated article writing software

Automated article writers can also help you save time and money. Not everyone has the time to spend on research. This software program can be used to write standard content.

The author of an automated article can help you increase your search engine rankings and improve your website traffic. This is because it provides you with quality content. Your visitors will love reading your articles.

Blog Content Generator

Managing your online business has become easier. You do not need to hire anyone to complete the articles. It is available in very cheap now.

You can budget for the content author’s services for your website. There are many companies available online that can handle your job. With this software program, you can easily create and create high quality content for your website.

Blog article generator

Using automated article authoring software will free up time for your other tasks. This will help you to manage your time so that you can focus on other important matters. You will also have less frustration with creating articles and submitting them to your website.

Anyone can benefit from using an automated article author and you can be assured that you will be more productive because you own the site. You will no longer spend hours searching for the information and files you need. All you need to do is sit back and watch your website traffic increase.

Why you should use article generator software to create unique content

Article Generator is one of the most used and useful tools in the internet marketing industry. It helps you create quality content that you want to share with your target audience. With the help of a good article writer you can become the best expert in a particular article or niche.

But, it takes a lot of effort and time to create good content on your site. If you are a busy professional, creating and editing articles can be a daunting task. That’s why you should consider article authors and petitioners.

Auto Article Generator

Article authors who have the ability to create excellent content to present our article. These people are professionals in their field. They use state-of-the-art writing software that provides readers with the best tools to provide accurate information. They not only provide useful information but also help to make it a better content. Also give

Article generation, editing and submission are usually ignored by the average webmaster. However, with the right knowledge and understanding, you can promote your website more efficiently. This will help you generate more traffic and increase your sales.

Article Creator Online

New unique content is provided to site readers every day. They target specific customer segments. New headings have been created to increase the flow of visitors to your website.

Search engines love unique content because it means that it is being published by someone who knows what they are doing. They will take note of the keywords that were used when they were used and return them to the top search engine rankings. There is no better tool than this when it comes to generating traffic to your site.

Content generator tools

Submitting an article generates targeted traffic to your site. Articles published on the Internet are considered “Content” and may be reused and republished on other sites. When that happens, you generate new, relevant traffic to your site. This means you will find many new businesses for free.

You can create and post many articles on your own site to help your SEO rankings. Popular websites will post their articles on the internet to get their attention. It is important that the articles they submit are of high quality and contain keywords and phrases that are searchable. This helps to promote their rankings.

Automatic content generator

Articles submitted by article authors are not only perfect in their content but also in the technique used to write them. There are many software applications available in the market that make it easy for them. There are article writers who want to use this automated article writing software to focus on the more important things.

Auto Article Generator will generate new content without any hassle. This will save you time and energy. Automatic article writers will help you publish articles without having to stress or worry about making any mistakes. Most article writers who use automated article generators will agree that submitting articles is much easier than submitting them manually.

Content Writing Generator

When you submit an article to be published on your site, you also need to pay attention to what is written in it. By doing so, you can reduce your chances of being accused of theft. Another way you can reduce your chances of being accused of plagiarism is to make sure your name is not at the end of every article you write. If you believe the name you are using is the same as the author’s name, you don’t have to worry about being accused of plagiarism.

The best thing about article writing software is that you can get a bunch of unique content that is easy to create. Articles focus on the keywords your visitors will find. This makes the article generator even more efficient in its ability to deliver quality content to your website.

Article generator ai

Article Generator AI means an article will be written with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools or scripts. If you use free version of  Article Generator AI ( Artificial Intelligence) probably you will be having issue of duplicate of content upto 20% which is not good in view of plagiarism. You can remove it by modification in some text alteration by yourself. There is a website called Aritcle Forge – Your Personal AI Content Writer (https://www.articleforge.com/) .The website say that it can be you’re a freelance content writer; you give it a keyword phrase and you get back a unique, relevant, high-quality article. However, unlike a freelance writer, you’ll have a finished article in under a minute at a fraction of the cost.

Best Free Article Generator Software

Automatic Article Writer allows you to create content from pen and paper without the need for your own hands. All you have to do is create a template and program the rest. Once you fill in the information, this article will be published on your website.

Article creators are so easy to use online because they have a step-by-step guide. There are videos that are also available. You can use to prepare articles.

Fake Article Generator

Article Generator is a tool used for website positioning methods but can also be used for a variety of additional issues (such as articles).

This allows the key phrase to create unique articles, which can give the website or weblog a place in that key phrase.

This is an advanced technique that is often called website positioning 2.0

Free Article Generator Software Download

Automatic Article Writer allows you to create content from pen and paper without the need for your own hands. All you have to do is create a template and program the rest. Once you fill in the information, this article will be published on your website.

Article creators are so easy to use online because they have a step-by-step guide. There are videos that are also available. Watch it and use it to prepare articles.

How to Get Unique Articles for Free

If you decide to go for Article Generator then I would recommend spinrewriter.idit. It is a multi-function, spinrewriter is a good article spinner which is able to save a lot of money and time. However, it takes time to create a readable article. If you are looking for content to build hyperlinks to your cash website, then I strongly recommend that you take a look at this software. Use these tools to get unique articles for free.

  1. Free Unique Content Generator Online!
  2. Unique Article Creator
  3. Article Generator Pro
  4. SEO Article Generator | Unique Articles for your Blogs
  5. Wicked Article Creator – Article Builder, Article Spinner, Article Creator Software – Purchase
  6. The Smartest Automatic Article Writer Ever  

Private : I write myself , typically utilizing Spin writer however i do my proofreading

Final Thoughts

Hope the above clarifies you doubt and give you indication how to use the Free Unique Article Generator and it problem and solution. Please share this if you liked it.

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