Work anywhere: 25 remote jobs that you can do worldwide or from home

remote jobs from home

Who doesn’t want to be his own boss and earn money while traveling or just from home with remote jobs. Digital nomads are living it. They travel and earn their money with a wide variety of freelance jobs or even their own online business. 

Since the digital nomad life has experienced a new hype and many dream of breaking out of everyday life and traveling to foreign countries. But with which professions can you work remotely and regardless of location?

Career abroad has put 25 jobs for digital nomads and self-employed under the microscope. You can do these jobs from anywhere:

Top 25 digital nomad remote jobs from home

1 Blogger

The blogger profession is number one among the digital nomads. As a blogger you can earn money with your own platform, website or as an influencer . 

Usually you look for a certain niche and then can earn money with advertising, affiliate marketing or your own digital products. You can do this job from remote as well from home.

2 Author

A longer trip or a sabbatical are ideal for bringing the long-cherished book idea to life. The times of finding a suitable publisher for your book for ages are over and you can publish your book as a self-publisher.

3 Accountant

As a self-employed accountant, I prepare tax returns, pay slips and customs declarations. 

As soon as you have established yourself, you can make ends meet with a regular customer base. 

A tax return has to be made every year and this can guarantee you orders if a customer was satisfied with you the year before.

4 Content creator

Most content creators work freelance and create content in the form of digital texts, videos or photos for agencies, organizations, lifestyle magazines or news services.

5 Data scientist

Data scientist is also remote jobs from home. Anyone who is technically gifted, has an affinity for numbers and has also successfully completed an IT, physics or mathematics degree should consider further training as a data scientist. 

These analyze big data and create solutions for top management and are therefore in great demand.

6 Photographer

As a freelance photographer, you can work from anywhere from home. You can do it remote area. Who wouldn’t want to visit the most beautiful places in the world and take photos of them. 

You can sell your photos as stock photos or directly to magazines or publishers.

7 Graphic designer

The jobs that a graphic designer can do range from logos, brochures, catalogs, flyers, advertisements to business cards. If you want to be successful as a graphic designer, you absolutely need a good portfolio to draw attention to yourself and to land new orders.

8 Headhunters

Headhunters and HR consultants can work from home or from anywhere, because you only act as an intermediary. To find the right candidate for a job, a good headhunter needs a smartphone, a stable internet connection and access to LinkedIn and Xing .

9 Caricature and comic artist

As a cartoonist, you can design comics, illustrations or picture puzzles for newspapers, private clients or advertising agencies. For this you can work independently and on an order basis.

10 Career advisor

Anyone who has already had experience in personnel consulting can also become self-employed as a career consultant. The consultation can be conducted via Skype, telephone or email. We can consider best and easy remote jobs from home.

11 Editor

Many editors work in publishing after a long study of German. But you can set up your own business and correct and edit all kinds of texts. The order book for editors is growing steadily, especially due to the increase in self-publishing authors.

12 Online Marketing Consultant

As an online marketing consultant, you will advise companies and the self-employed on how they can draw attention to themselves better and more effectively. The online marketing portfolio includes email marketing, social media, online presence and online advertising.

13 Online shop owner

You don’t have to be there to run an online shop successfully. You can package, manage and outsource the dispatch to a fulfillment service and only have to take care of sales & marketing, customer service and accounting.

14 PR consultant

As an independent PR consultant, you will take care of corporate public relations. For this you stand by the side of the company in an advisory capacity and shape its external communication.

15 Programmer

As a programmer, you are responsible for programming software or apps. Since programming is only possible from a laptop, this job can be carried out anywhere without any problems and remote jobs from home.

As technology continues to develop, you always have to stay on the ball. The information from computer science courses becomes out of date very quickly and therefore you can teach yourself the basic knowledge of web development in an online course.

16 SEO specialist

A search engine optimizer ensures that the websites of its customers arrive high on Google. There is no classic training path for this profession either, you have to be constantly up to date with Google’s algorithms.

17 Language teacher

Those who enjoy teaching other languages ​​can of course also do so online. To find language students , you can either create your own website or register as a teacher via the iTalki platform .

18 Trader

Some digital nomads trade alongside travel. However, this sounds easier than expected. 

Getting into stock market trading is done with a few clicks of the mouse, but you have to have a good nose for stocks and this can sometimes be quite risky.

19 Translator

In order to translate from one language into the other, you don’t necessarily have to be a sworn translator. 

Those who are fluent in two languages ​​can also register on platforms for translators and freelancers and apply for individual jobs.

20 Business consultant

Even if the profession of management consultant is not legally protected and can be carried out by anyone, you should have experience in this area before you set up your own business and offer your consulting services.

21 UX designer

There is no classic training path to become a UX designer. Therefore, this profession is ideal for career changers. 

You can qualify as a UX designer alongside your job in an online course. A UX designer analyzes websites and products according to their user experience and creates strategies to make them more user-friendly.

22 Web designer

A web designer creates, designs and programs websites. It is important that the website is user-friendly, functional and visually appealing. 

As a freelance web designer, you of course need your own website to get customer orders.

23 Copywriter

Copywriters are not only responsible for advertising slogans and website texts, but also design entire advertising strategies for companies and give them a voice.

24 Videographer

A videographer films, cuts the material and adds music to it. In order to work from any location in this profession, you can specialize in editing and cutting.

25 Virtual personal assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will help clients with administrative tasks such as e-mails, creating presentations, planning travel, making appointments or doing research.

What to consider before quitting your job

Living and working independently is a dream for many. No micromanagement from the boss, no subordination of annoying customers, no compulsion to be in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and wait weeks for the boss to approve the vacation. 

Digital nomads are either self-employed or manage their online business from a laptop and use their freedom to the full and handle this remote job from home.

So it may well be that you spend three months in Thailand, another three in Bali, the summer in Germany and the rest of the year in another warm country. 

Simply getting on the plane with your laptop and working from the beach is easier said than done. 

More and more digital nomads are also criticizing the alleged dream life. A career abroad highlights the most important aspects

Live in the most beautiful places in the world – or where it is cheap

Traveling around and exploring the world is great. Unfortunately, in most cases the whole thing is associated with considerable costs, which must be taken into account. 

Many digital nomads therefore use the geo-arbitrage advantages. This means that you earn your income in an economically stronger country or currency and live in a country with a significantly lower cost of living. 

Southeast Asia in particular is very popular with digital nomads, as it is relatively cheap to live here. 

Many digital nomads also share their year as with Eat Pray Love in two countries with low and one country with more expensive living costs. 

If you change location every few months, it also means that you are constantly looking for cheap flights, suitable accommodation and co-working spaces. 

So the question arises not only which country suits you , but also how easy or difficult it is to get there at all.

As long as stay in one place as long as the visa is valid

Why do most digital nomads only stay in a country for an average of three months? 

Most tourist visas are usually only valid for three months. If you want to stay longer, you can either leave and re-enter, inquire whether an extension is possible locally or have to look for other visa options. 

Most digital nomads quickly notice that you have the freedom to settle where you like, but constantly traveling around can also be quite exhausting.

Work routine for remote jobs from home

With self-employment , of course, the money does not fall from the trees and in most cases you have to do acquisitions in order to get an order at all. 

Especially in the early days, it is important to concentrate fully on your work, either to build up a customer base or to collect good recessions in freelancer portals. 

This point of criticism is talked down by many digital nomads, because it can take a long time before you can live off regular jobs.

If you have already gained experience, it is easier to determine how much money you can ask for an order. And know how to get new orders or how to bridge the time until you can generate passive income with your own online business. 

Those who are tied to an order and have a deadline must of course adhere to it, but they can organize their time freely. 

So you can go swimming or surfing in the morning, for example, and be productive in the evening, or do all tasks very early and take the rest of the day off.

Concentration and separation between private life

Sitting down and going to work is not always easy when working independently. 

Not everyone can work in the same room in which they sleep, and most of them have their private laptop full of distractions that can keep them from working. 

To get into “work mode”, many digital nomads go to so-called work-spaces that can be rented for a day, several weeks or even months. 

A good co-working space has stable internet, external monitors, a coffee machine and everything you need to work. 

In addition, you can exchange ideas with other self-employed people in a co-working space and do not work all by yourself in a cave without human contact. 

Since a freelance activity often mixes private and work life, one should try to clearly separate this from the start.

Freelancer or your own online business

Most digital nomads start their journey as freelancers, but quickly notice that working on an order basis means a certain degree of dependency. 

Constantly looking for new jobs is almost like having to apply for a new job every day. 

This can be exhausting in the long run and also time-consuming without generating income. 

It is therefore important not to put all your eggs in one basket and to build up several streams of income at the same time or one after the other. 

This creates more security and more income. You don’t necessarily need a business plan, but you should think of a strategy for continuously making enough money to do more than just make ends meet. 

The OpenCollegeshave created a detailed guide on the subject of digital nomads, the main thing being to create a good plan.

Put in minimalism, mucking out and items

Those who travel from one place to another can only take the bare essentials. 

Anyone who dares to become a digital nomad must first radically muck out

Most of the things that you have lying around at home you don’t need every day anyway, but it can still be difficult to get rid of material objects. 

A lot can be sold, other items can only be disposed of. Anyone who has ever cleared out an entire apartment or even a whole house knows how difficult it can be. 

Things that cannot be separated from under any circumstances can be left with relatives or stored in rented containers. 

If you want to be a digital nomad, you have to get used to the idea that you should only travel.

With the bare essentials and from now on you can no longer go on extensive shopping trips without carefully considering whether you really need a part or whether it is way too much Takes up space in the luggage.

Equipment and a digital office for remote jobs from home

A reliable laptop that doesn’t weigh too much is a must. You also need an external hard drive to back up all important data. 

A good smartphone should of course not be missing. A stable internet connection is the most important thing in order to get in touch with customers and to negotiate new orders. 

If you know in advance that the Internet connection in a country should not be particularly good, you can also get an Internet stick and use the Internet with a local SIM card.

Loneliness and imported problems

Traveling around the world and doing what you want sounds exciting at first, but you have to thank you for not being able to shake off certain problems. 

Even if you meet a lot of new people while traveling, many contacts only remain very superficial. 

It is therefore very important to build up a social network on site and to keep in touch with family and friends. 

The easiest way is to get in touch with other digital nomads and go to a co-working space or events.


Remote jobs from home are in demand now. You can do it any part of the world. Comments are welcome if missed to add in the post.

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