Work From Home as a Data Entry Operator

Many companies are started hiring Data Entry Contractors and people can do it from home. I am listing over here in the post latest openings or work at home jobs.

I’m going to telling you about five different opportunities in this post, but there will be more at the end of the post for you to check out. Some will be related to work from home as a Data Entry Contractors and some others segments.

Let’s go ahead and jump right in.


Work From Home as a Data Entry Contractors | Latest Jobs
Work From Home as a Data Entry Contractors | Latest Jobs

I want to start off with a worldwide opportunity. I wanted to share with you guys a company called the Simpletexting. They have two different customer service.

One is customer on boarding specialist and then the other one is for Customer Support Specialists.

Click the below link for both of those jobs and application process

SimpleTexting Customer Onboarding Specialist- Worldwide Hiring

SimpleTexing Customer Support Specialist- Worldwide

Actually, its customer service and on boarding positions available right now. These are remote opportunities and you can live anywhere and work for this company.

You can check them out and see if you’d be a good fit for either of these opportunities and have work with the opportunity.

I want to share next this is for a day camp instructor for a virtual camp.

Online Adventure Camps

it’s a full-time opportunity. Target start date was actually today the job listing is still up. So I would say you still have an opportunity but it would end at the end of summer so you definitely want to get your applications  in quickly.

You would be creatively engaging with campers aged 10 to 12 in a virtual setting. They want ou to have a bachelor’s degree and one plus year experience teaching children in a group setting. If you do have that then you can go ahead and find the opportunity down below and read more about it. I’m pretty sure it’s just U.S base. It doesn’t matter where you live in the United State.

You can do this position from home and the pay is $14 an hour so if you feel like you would be a good candidate for this role fine down below.

See the list of Opening

Online Adventure Camps
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I wanted to let you guys know that Williamsburg learning is hiring for a customer service team specialist to work the afternoon shift. Company is located in Utah but most their members work remotely all over the US and worldwide

This position is perfect for somebody who is looking for less than full-time. That is flexible and wants to work from home. The shift they’re looking for is from Monday through Thursday from 1 4 p.m. in mountain time and you’d be answering phones.

 You’d be placing phone calls during business hours and then you’d be carefully reading and understanding web content including academics and billing policies registration procedures and course information etc.

The pay for this is 11 to 13 dollars an hour depending on your skills and experience. If you want to find out more about this you can find it down below and apply if you like if anybody has HR experience.

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Amazon – Seasonal HR contact center associate

Amazon is looking for a seasonal HR contact center associate. So for this opportunity they’re hiring from over 30 states in the US. I’m not going to get into too much details because you do need to have four plus years as a contact center HR or related experience.

If you are interested, you can go ahead and find them down below there is another position from Amazon.

This is for a seller support associate. They’re only hiring from a few states for this one and it’s a six month contract. Both those Amazon positions will be down below for you.

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The last opportunity I want to share with you guys is from a company called pop-up-menu. They are looking for data entry contractors to work from home. This is U.S based position.

You can make 9-10$ dollars an hour and you would be building at least twenty menus per week.

They take about two hours on average and they have lots of new clients onboarding due to Covid-19. This company is in the early stages.

They help restaurants take on real-time control of their menus and turn them into essential tools for attracting and engaging guests.

You would be responsible for creating those menus from home. You must have a computer, stable internet connection.

This is a remote position. You will need to have some tools such as Google sheets Mac numbers move fast and you hate making mistakes. You do a lot of checking your work your tech savvy and you have experience in the restaurant industry.

If you want to apply for this, I would say apply quickly because I’m not sure how many people they’re looking for but it’s going to go this opportunity since it’s being an on phone job and you’re just working on the computer.

It’s going to go fast so that’s everything.

List of Jobs and related Links to apply jobs!!

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