Work Plan to Make Money Online

How to Plan and Organize your work on the Internet to make money online

I my opinion work plan is very essential to make money online and we should stick with how to make plan and organize our work on the internet to make money online.

From the outside, earning money on the Internet may seem like something simple. Simple I wonder why people who think so, themselves do not earn money in this way, not tiring and not requiring any special organization. 

In fact, earning money online without plans, without specific goals and without proper organization of working time – unfortunately, will not be very fruitful. 

Just because you’re at home in front of your computer doesn’t mean you’re not working. 

Precisely because you are sitting at home. You should plan your activities even more carefully and stick to these plans than people who divide their time between home and work. 

In people who go to work, there is a clear division of duties between working and free time. You do not have such a division and you should take care of it yourself. In today’s post I will show how I care about such a division.

All the tips described here are also part of 9 habits useful in earning money online 

Three pillars of good working time organization

On my example, I found out that the basis of online work organization are:
– writing down all ideas
– appropriate formulated goals and consistency in achieving them
– task schedule

Writing Down any Ideas

Work Plan to Make Money Online

Within a year, from scratch, I reached the level where I achieved satisfactory earnings from the Internet through blob.Despite the fact that for the first six months I was earning literally pennies. 

There is no business in the world that burned out right away, every idea evolves as you do it. You just have to start doing it and keep going. I say this because a lot of people think you should start right away with a great idea – and the reality is quite different. 

My advice is to start the way you can – then change and constantly develop your idea. 

By the way, I would like to add that this blog is an example of such thinking. I started with work journals on internet forums, then led mentoring groups and finally started a blog. 

I’m trying to say that you wouldn’t be reading this blog – if I hadn’t started earning a dozen cents a day and writing it down in my journal. 

Consistency in what you do is one of the most important aspects of successful earning, not only on the Internet. Of course, I don’t have much experience, but I deeply believe what I wrote. 

I hope I’m not being smart, because if so – let me know about it in the email.

Certainly, more than once browsing the forum, blogs or even Facebook, you came up with an idea to improve your earning. 

Unfortunately, it probably ended there – an idea. It happened because you did not write down your idea and you did not formulate and write down the goal. 

The idea remained an idea and did not turn into your goal – escaping from your memory.

I personally write down everything that comes to my mind and tick off everything that I have already accomplished. 

I recommend that you always have a piece of paper, a pen at your computer and write down EVERY idea. 

Of course, it may also happen that you come across “something brilliant” outside your home. Then write it down on your phone (I personally send text messages myself and I do not read them, then they will not escape me).

When the card is over, I copy all unrealized ideas into a new card. More than once I realize them after a month, two, sometimes even three – but I do everything I wrote down and consistently rewritten. 

I don’t remember the day when I sat in front of the computer and didn’t know what to do today.

How to achieve the goal thanks to the right formula?

Work Plan to Make Money Online

Achieving a goal consists of two elements: an appropriate formulation of the goal and consequences. 

As I wrote down everything that came to my mind, I noticed that some ideas are easier to implement, and others you don’t even want to approach. 

A saved idea ceases to be just an idea – it turns into your goal. The more generally we write down our goal, the worse for us. 

Let me give you an example of one of my goals – “To create YT channels for the promotion of browser games” – this is the general goal that I do not want to approach. 

I was rewriting it until I smashed it into smaller specific goals, like ‘Create a Channel Promoting the Ogame Game’. The more precise our goal is, the easier and more willing we will be to achieve it. 

The very formulation of this goal affects our motivation and consistency in achieving it.

Each major goal is made up of smaller ones – and it is on these smaller, measurable and achievable goals that we should focus on. Small steps, systematically, consistently. 

Instead of “I will start a blog” -> “I will install wordpress”, “I will choose a template”, “I will add the first post”, etc.

Task schedule – how to organize work time well?

We all know how important and valuable time is. Surely you have sat down in front of the computer more than once to earn money and … only then did you ask yourself what exactly to do here. 

You felt in the dark, you started, you didn’t finish – and the finals of the finals – nothing came of it. 

Even if you wrote down ideas before, you still didn’t know what to do first.

Why do some earners sit down and know exactly what to do? Well, they write down and keep an eye on their schedules of tasks to be performed. 

Such lists can be written every day or every few days. My favorite method is to schedule my schedule once a week – and top it up if necessary. Below, I will provide you with some effective advice on planning your work week.

Why do I think it is worth planning and organizing work?

1. We save time by not wasting it on daily thinking.
2. We plan our time, thanks to which we are able to define specific deadlines for the implementation of tasks.
3. We ensure continuous development by constantly moving forward in our projects.
4. We motivate ourselves – such a plan works incredibly for motivation, at least for me. The most pleasant moment is marking tasks as completed 🙂 Thanks to this, we can see the effects of our work.

What’s my plan?

1. Accurate – the more detailed the tasks, the better for us. It is much easier to get started with “adding <name> games on youtube” than “adding games on youtube”.

2. Real – let’s take into account how much free time we have and plan the tasks adequately to it.

3. Well-thought-out – tasks should be logical, well-thought-out – and not written down quickly, just to do something.

How do I prepare a work plan?

I recommend preparing a detailed plan once a week, e.g. every Sunday. Let’s take an A4 sheet of paper and divide it (horizontally) into 7 columns. As you might guess, each column is dedicated to one day of the week.

Probably some of you just thought to do it on the computer. Well, I advise against. 

I recommend that you turn off the computer 1-2 hours before planning and sit down to do it completely “calmly”. 

As you’ve probably noticed, you think a lot slower with the computer and you can be distracted by many things. 

Apparently, this worse thinking at the computer is related to the electomagnetic field and the bombardment of our brain with stimuli that it is not able to digest “for the moment” – therefore, after a long work, you can be really tired.

Writing everything down on a piece of paper has additional advantages. 

We have our own tangible action plan that we can touch, read and analyze at any time. 

At any time, we can also add any additional tasks and most importantly (for motivational purposes) mark the tasks as completed. 

We can clearly see whether we are implementing our plans, or whether we should be more tense – or a little less demanding from ourselves. When we do not manage to cope with everything while working at full capacity.

I recommend keeping such a written plan at the computer for the whole week. 

Despite the fact that we have already done a great job – writing tasks – you should remember that something new can come to us every day to be done immediately.


I encourage you to use the described method. Turn your ideas into goals and write your goals as detailed as possible. 

I hope you find the text useful. Personally, I act this way and I can see that it actually works. 

If it weren’t for the weekly plan. I suppose I would be “limping” on replying to messages every day. After several dozen replies, the person is really tired and does not mind wondering what to do next. 

Thanks to the plan, already thought out in advance. You can act almost without thinking (and the excuse of being tired and not thinking after work will be useless.

Finally, I would like to add that a very good technique to help motivate yourself to execute the prepared plan is the pomodoro technique. The pomodoro technique works and motivates you to work . I recommend trying

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