Top 20 Passive Money Income Ideas for 2020

Passive money income ideas allow an entrepreneur to generate income without having to participate directly. Millions of people are looking for ways to even increase passive income streams.

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21 Ways to Make Passive Income of Money

Passive Income when you do the work one time and getting money continuously from it on regular basis. Passive income strategies require different amounts of effort, time, and money to get started.

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10 Websites That Will Pay You DAILY Money Online

Interested in making money online and want to know about websites or program that will pay you literally within 24 hours working from home

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Free Online Courses to Learn Skills

Skills play an important role to make money online. Sills are like an asset which you can sell any where and make money. Learn the skills how?

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Get Paid to Watching Videos Online

Take a look at the sites below to decide what is important to you. Each site has different options, such as paying in cash, which you can choose to start by making money while watching a video.

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Fee Traffic from Social Media Exchange Sites

You can see how important these social exchange sites for organic rankings as they will be getting referral traffic and more backlinks. I know you want to start now.

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We help you to start Making Money Online, Learn the Skills & Ideas of Passive Money Income.

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. In this website you will find the way to empower you in becoming an Online Earner through Passive Money Income Ideas and Methods of Making Money Online.

Mark Carmel
Mark CarmelA Graduate Passed University Student

First encounter the word Make Money Online make me amazed. I was, not at all, from any computer background. I was just a simple graduate having some English Language Knowledge. I started researching over the internet from where to start. So, I decided to learn some skills related to Passive Income Ideas how to make money online. Appreciate the website Global Passive Money through this a learn a lot.

SahinaGraduate University Student

I was passionate for making money online. Once I completed my graduation from my university, started searching for a job online. At beginning I started working in company. When the pandemic covid 19 hits, I lost my job and started looking for how to make money online. Global Passive Money website helped me a lot in deciding to choose the right way. Passive Money Income Ideas and Social Media Exchange sites helped me a lot to start working on the internet.

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Not Sure Where to Start from?

I'd love to share my experience to help you start Making Money Online. At, beginning I started working with Micro Jobs and Captcha Solving Jobs and it was quite ok for me to cover up my daily expenses. I was able to earn $200 to $300 approximately in a month.

Shorten URL and Earn Money – A Daily Passive Income Idea

Do you know shorten url could be a daily passive income idea for us to earn money online on the Internet? Sound Crazy? Yes, we can and earn by sharing Shorten url. Captcha entry is also an option to earn money.

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The Basics of Earning Money on the Internet

The rise of the Internet has irreversibly changed the way we sell and make money, making it accessible to all. I hope that the this post will serve as a guide for new to medium-sized people in e-business.

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