Get Paid For Just Surfing/Visiting Websites – 0.0005 Bitcoin Daily

If you follow the methods & trick as described in the article you will be able to earn daily 0.0005000 Bitcoin without any investment in an hour only.

You must have a Faucethub Micro wallet account or Bitcoin Wallet. If not, sign up here to create an account. 

Remember, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but, you’ve not spent a dime and it’s all free! Micro earnings take a lot of effort, yield very low income but are usually a very safe bet and real income.

There is two types of claims can be made one is Auto which required nothing to do and second is Manual which required Captcha Solving.

Earn Bitcoin by Surfing Websites

Method 1

Step 1 – Register for bitcoin, dogecoin wallets & altcoin wallets and micro wallets

First, you need to register for bitcoin and altcoins wallet which provide addresses to receive money in cryptocurrency. They store it securely free of cost. It is free of cost.

If you don’t have a Wallet, here are some multi-coin wallets which provide you addresses for receiving money.

  1. Coinbase ( Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum Wallet and many more)
  2. Dogecoin Wallet
  3. Litecoin Wallet

It is not necessary to sign up for all wallets. Choose only one which suits you)

Users also need to register following all micro-wallets to receive small amounts from many sites.

  2. Faucet Pay

Step 2 — Claim Free bitcoin, dogecoin & altcoins from different websites



Method 2

This is a surfing site that pays in Bitcoin. This is more interesting than other surfing sites.

Here you will be able to know about the most recent and trusted sites which pay to their users. It takes only 15 seconds to surf one site and limit to 100 daily. Your earning will be paid in Surfing Pool Rewards.

500 -1000 Satoshi every day

Join Now & Sign Up 

Trick and how to use

Open links in Google Chrome browser and register your account.

Open the Mozilla Browser and connect with a VPN. Now your Mozilla browser is VPN protected having a different IP address. Paste your referral link of your first account and create another account with Mozilla.

Now you have two accounts and can surf at the same time i. e one with google chrome and one with Mozilla VPN Browser.

Use it carefully. While making two accounts use completely different information for your profile. One yourself and other your friends.

So the total would be 0.00001000 – spent only 30 minutes.

2. This is also a surfing site. Here you can surf unlimited to earn Bitcoin. But you can withdraw only upon reaching $20. Trusted site since 2017.

Sign up and create account

Trick and how to use – Earn Bitcoin by Surfing Websites

Click on “ Earn Cards Here” at the right side of the menu bar. Once clicked, a list of websites will appear.

Click right with your mouse on the link, open in a new tab. Do the same with all 100 websites. Open each link in the new tab at the same time. The timer will be running in the background. 

Maximum it will take 5 Minutes. Click on each tab to know how much BTC you have earned.

Note use Google Chrome new Browser.

Here is the video on how to use Multiple Browser at the same time.

1000 Satoshi minimum, maximum no limit.

Calculate your 30 Minutes every day – Earn Bitcoin by Surfing Websites

0.00005000*365 days = 0.018 BTC = It is your one complete savings without investment

3. This is shortlink site which pays you highest Bitcoin. I have withdrawn many times through my facucethub account. You can earn free 2000 Satoshi within 30 Minutes.

Sign up and create account

If you face any problem to solve captcha, just zoom browser minimum to 25 % to 30%. Then solve the captcha.