Univox Community : A Online Survey Community for Cash

Taking Univox online survey is one of the ways I personally enjoy doing to make money. It is my favorite site that pay me decently for my time.

Let’s start it working with some online surveys which take a while. Is it possible to Make Money with Online Surveys?

Not all quick 5 minute surveys cost $ 10 as some people would like you to believe.

Some of them can take 30 minutes or more and probably only pay $ 5 or even less.

So I’m very picky about the poll communities I join.

You should be too!

Finally, share your opinions and help companies design their products and services.

It’s huge.

You should want to be paid fairly for this.

That’s why it’s important that I check out some of the lesser-known polling boards to help you decide whether it’s worth your time or just a waste of time.

This review is aimed at the Univox Community, a website intended for online surveys and does not offer rewards for a number of other tasks.

If you are interested in joining another panel and want to learn how it works, this review has all the information you need.

What is Univox Community?

Univox Community is an online survey site where members received reward for registering and taking part in their online surveys.

The website is from Market Cube, a market research company that helps companies learn more about consumers like you, what they love to do, where to shop, and what to buy when they shop.

The Univox Community is one of many online survey communities that reward you for sharing your opinions by taking surveys.  The company claims you could make PayPal cash and gift cards, but is it legitimate?  Read our review to find out how Univox works and if it's worth your time.

The information you give the Univox community through surveys goes to market research to help them design their products, services, marketing campaigns and other things that affect their business.

Because you take the time to answer surveys, Univox Community pays you something in return.

You will get reward for every survey you fill out, refer your friends, and win contests.

The more you stay active here, the more chances you have to earn.

Who can join and how can I register?

Interestingly, I can’t find an FAQ page on the Univox Community website to answer the simple question of who is eligible to participate.

Instead, I had to find this information by comparing other notes on the web.

It seems that people from any country are eligible to participate, but you must be at least 18 years old.

However, as with most online survey sites, some countries may never get survey opportunities, or there may be few and far apart.

A lot of market research is aimed at countries like the US, UK, and Canada, so people in those countries are likely to get the most survey invitations.

If you want to use PayPal as a payment option, you must also make sure that you can sign up for a PayPal account in your country.

To join the Univox Community, you can go to the homepage and click the Join button at the top of the page or join from here.

Fill out the quick form with your information.

You have to confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email that Univox will automatically send you. You should then be able to log in with the information you filled out in the form.

The website will then ask you to complete your first survey. This is a questionnaire about you.

They use profile information to compare you with future surveys based on your demographic data.

Once you have completed the entire sign up process, you should be able to get $ 2 in credit in your account.

Complete your first Univox survey online

You will receive an invitation to the Univox Community Survey in your email inbox. So sign in with an email address that you have access to and check it regularly.

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Like other online survey , Univox Community requires you to qualify for the survey by answering a few questions. They want to see if you are good fit for it.

Qualification takes a few minutes only.

When you are fit, you will automatically switch to the full survey.

If not, Univox will remove you from the questionnaire.

Fortunately, you still get a few points for your time filling out the qualifying questions.

Univox Community is not other survey companies that don’t give you anything for the minutes you spend answering those questions.

Univox Community – Survey Payment / Survey

Your survey payment will depend on the length and complexity of each survey.

Some may pay 100 points ($ 1) if they’re tight, while others may award 500 points ($ 5) or more for your time.

When you receive an invite, you’ll see roughly how long the survey will take and how much you can earn.

I’ve scoured the Univox community forums and it seems that there are a decent number of polls available for active members every month.

Some say they usually get around 10, while others get 20 and up, which is much better than the 1 or 2 that other panels offer.


According to my research, you can earn 100 points for completing surveys that include referrals.

Also, some people mentioned that you can get 10 points for trying to complete a survey but fail. Once you pass the qualifying questions you will move to the full survey.

If you have a lot of referrals that stay active in the Univox community, it will help you increase your earnings.

Loyalty program

Univox Community offers to its members different levels of rewards for activity and participation in surveys.

Basic is the first one that everyone starts with it. Basic membership which could take up to a week to process your reward.

The next level is “Verified”.  Once verified you will get reward redemption within 72-hours, live chat support, and a minimum withdrawal of $ 15 instead of $ 25.

With Premium you will receive your reward in 48 hours and receive other benefits such as invitations to premium surveys and a higher probability of winning the random competitions that the website offers members.

Ambassador is the highest level you can achieve.

You will receive 24-hour redemptions, the benefits of the other levels as well as surprise rewards and a special CRM.

Be rewarded for your time

Univox online survey currently rewards you points for every survey you fill out.

100 points equals US $ 1 and you need 2500 points (US $ 25 equivalent) to cash out.

Univox Community offers four reward options:

  • PayPal cash that, once approved, will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.
  • Virtual MasterCard that will be sent to your stored address. These cards work like a debit card in that the money you used to pay for your purchase is directly deducted from your balance.
  • Amazon gift card delivered electronically.
  • Tango gift card, which is also delivered electronically and can be exchanged for any other gift card on the Tango marketplace of your choice.

Univox online survey community forums

The Univox Community receives its community title because it is not only a platform for surveys but also an online community.

Every member can post or reply in the Univox forums.

Even if you are not a member, you can read the threads to learn more about the website and how it works.

In fact, I did just that to get a better idea of ​​everything on Univox as I couldn’t find a FAQ page on the website.

There is a lot of helpful information here from members willing to help others. So it’s a good idea to check here first to see if you have any questions instead of contacting support (I hear it can take a while to get an answer from the support team!).

It’s also a great way to learn some tips and tricks in order to earn more on the platform.

There are also regular threads for chit chat. So, if you have interest in getting to know other people online, you can do so here too.

Univox Community Review: Is univox legit?

Based on my research, I can say that Univox Community is legitimate.

There are a lot of members who post on the forums about receiving payment. They also post about having no problem getting points for polls or referrals, etc.. It is an excellent sign.

There are some dubious things about the Univox community that I want to bring your attention. So that you can better decide if it’s a place to spend your time.

Less polls for higher levels?

I’ve seen a few topics on the forums from members mentioning that their survey invites seem to have shrunk since rising up the loyalty ranks.

For example, one ambassador claims that he received several surveys every day and week, but since becoming ambassador, that number has been zero on a few days.

Another member insists that they have stopped receiving surveys since reaching a level if they have received more than one before.

My assumption is that research firms will have to pay more to get their surveys off to parent members, so that could definitely hurt your chances.

If they’re looking for a bargain, stick with the Basic members, especially if there’s no incentive for them.

So it seems that for some, the level rewards are not rewards at all.

Chain polls

Another complaint is that after members are disqualified, some of the surveys are continuously linked to other surveys.

Univox should direct members back to survey profile in order to try to take another.

Yes, they will be credit point for disqualification. But it can be annoying to find yourself in an endless loop of polls.

Hopefully this is just a glitch. A lot of the members seem to have the problem and I haven’t seen anything fixed on it.

Support isn’t very supportive

Univox Community contact support is not available every time. I assume that Univox Community forum is for purpose.

So that members can help each other instead of f relying on constant support.

However, there are only a few issues that require the help of a support team.

From what I’ve read, the Univox support team is not particularly helpful.

It could take days or weeks for someone to get back to you about your problem while some members don’t hear a response.

I also don’t like that Basic members. It don’t give access to live chat support. This is a feature for only verified and higher levels members.

I think that should be available to every member.


Univox Community is a legitimate online survey site, but not the highest paid or most reliable.

Still, it offers an extra income for people who like to take surveys when they have some time.

Are you or were you a member of the Univox Community?

We would love to see what you think! Leave us a comment below.