We have tested numerous times about the possibility of making money with online surveys panel and websites. Toluna is one of them and here is our Toluna review and experiences. 

We have personally tested once how easy it is to earn money with such surveys and how lucrative the job is in the end! Our survey provider: Toluna Influencer.A part-time job that enables a nice extra income with comparatively little effort. 

Table of contents 

  • What is Toluna or Toluna Influencer?
  • How does Toluna work?
  • Can you make money from Toluna?
  • How much can you earn from Toluna?
  • Our experience with Toluna
  • What are the pros and cons of Toluna?
  • Is Toluna Legitimate?
  • Toluna Review by Reddit
  • Overall conclusion: is Toluna worth it?

What is Toluna or Toluna Influencer?

Toluna is one of the largest and best-known community platforms for opinion poll and paid survey site. Currently Toluna survey panel has more than 30 million members worldwide. As a provider of online surveys, Toluna has set itself the task of bringing companies and survey participants together.

Toluna mediates between you as the survey participant (Toluna Influencer) and the companies or organizations that conduct paid surveys. For the most part, these are market research agencies, brand PR agencies and public organizations

If you relate to the desired target group, you can take part in the respective survey and will be rewarded for participating depending on the duration of the survey. 

The survey topics are extremely diverse. The survey range might be about certain products and services on society and politics.

Basically, the whole thing is a win-win situation. The survey providers receive valuable information for their products, services etc. and you are rewarded for your opinion. 

So it all sounds very promising. In our Toluna review, we will tell you whether the whole thing is so easy in practice. But first we would like to explain to you in a little more detail how Toluna works!

How does Toluna work?

Registration with Toluna Survey Panel is free and simple. You have to complete your profile and fill out profile surveys. The more information Toluna receives about you through profile surveys, the more targeted Toluna will offer you surveys that suit you. 

You can find out how important this is. You will receive 100 reward points for each of these profile surveys just for filling. However, it is up to you whether participate in profile surveys. 

Even without completing the profile surveys, Toluna Survey Panel offers you surveys to participate.

The survey process is usually quite uniform. After a so-called Quick Survey, in the context of which some introductory questions have to be answered, it is clear whether you are suitable as a survey participant. Only then does the actual questionnaire begin.

A survey usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes, but occasionally up to 60 minutes. Toluna will initially reward you some points for each survey participation. Then you can redeem it for vouchers or cash (payment via PayPal) above a certain amount.

How much can I earn at Toluna Influencer?

After completing each survey, you will receive points as a reward. The exact number of points that you can grab by participating in the survey depends on the level of difficulty and features of the survey.

Before you start a survey, you can see the possible number of points and decide whether you want to take part in the survey or otherwise. So it is up to you whether you want to focus on surveys with high scores or take part in less lucrative surveys and focus on quantity instead of quality when collecting points.

At Toluna, 4,000 points are currently around 1 euro (as of April 2020). On average, 1,500 to 2,000 points are possible per survey. 

With 38,000 points you can secure an e-voucher for cinema tickets, from 40,000 points you can pay out as a voucher for various shops. You can exchange points for cash, but at least 145,000 points are required for this.

All in all, you can earn a nice extra income at Toluna due to the large number of surveys. If you take part in surveys on a regular basis, at best, you are sure to get 15 to 20 euros per month. 

However, the cash payment limit is 35 euros. In order to exchange your points balance for cash, you will probably have to calculate two to three months and participate in surveys regularly during this time. You can, however, secure vouchers earlier (from 10 euros).

How is the payment made at Toluna?

It is up to you how you want to redeem your Toluna collected points. You can choose between different vouchers, raffle tickets and cash. Sometimes you can also donate your points and do something good with them.

Toluna Panel Survey Payment options at a glance:

  • Vouchers : From 38,000 points you can secure an e-voucher for MovieChoice. If you collect a total of 40,000 points, you can choose from additional vouchers worth 10 euros in the reward center (e.g. Zalando, iTunes, OTTO etc.).
  • Competition tickets: If you want to “gamble”, you can also invest your points in competition tickets. For every 500 points you have opportunity to take part in the daily Toluna Millionaire Lottery and get the chance to get 1 million reward points (1 million reward points currently equals 250 euros). Participation is of course voluntary. You can also save your points for vouchers or cash.
  • Cash: From a value of currently 145,000 reward points (currently equivalent to 35 euros), you can also have your collected points paid out in cash. The payment is made via PayPal.
  • Donations: Toluna also allows you to donate the reward points you have earned. There was such an action during the Australian bushfires 2019/2020 in favor of the Red Cross. Toluna often doubles the value of the donation to the respective organization. Occasionally, you can do something good with your points.

There are different exchange rates of points in Toluna. Whereas with vouchers 4,000 points correspond to exactly 1 euro, you have to collect more points for cash withdrawals. 

You need 145,000 points to secure a payout of 35 euros. 1 euro corresponds to approx. 4,143 points. 

If you want to exchange your points for cash, your points are therefore less valuable than when you redeem them for vouchers. You should keep this in mind when redeeming your points in the Rewards Center.

Important: Your points earned at Toluna expire after 16 months. So you should always keep an eye on your points and not miss the deadline. Otherwise your effort has been in vain. 

After 16 months at the latest, you should have collected enough points that you have reached the payout limit. As a reminder: you can currently redeem your points for vouchers from 38,000 points.

Toluna survey review : Our experience with Toluna

Enough for the theory. We would of course like to share our experiences with you.

1. Registration or toluna sign up

Registering with Toluna is simple, straightforward, and quick. You enter your name, address and a valid e-mail address, create a password and confirm the registration via a verification link. Which you will receive in your e-mail address inbox.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Now you are a member of the Toluna community and have the opportunity to take part in surveys. 

You can enter your mobile phone number when registering, but you do not have to. We left out the field and the registration went without any problems.

2. Collect points with profile surveys

After registering, you have to answer a few personal profile questions (e.g. household size, household income, number of children, educational qualifications, etc.). 

Answering these profile questions takes a few minutes and for this you will be rewarded with 500 points. Shortly after registering, we were credited with 500 points directly on our account:


Following these first profile questions, which earn 500 points for little effort, you have the opportunity to collect additional reward points by filling out additional profile surveys, e.g. on topics such as internet usage, sports, travel, etc.

We would recommend that to you. Because, for each short profile surveys, you will receive an additional 100 reward points. By participating in a total of 12 profile surveys, you can secure an additional 1200 points (12 x 100). thus you have up to 1700 points in your account immediately after registration. 

So Toluna is quite generous here, considering that other portals do not reward profile surveys at all.

We recommend that you fill out the profile surveys not only because of the remuneration. By completing the profile surveys, you also ensure that the surveys that Toluna will offer you in the future are better suited to you. 

Before each survey, you have to pass a short “Quick Survey”, which ultimately decides whether you are actually a suitable candidate for the survey offered. 

So if you don’t want to fill out countless quick surveys on surveys that are not really suitable for you from the start, you should fill your profile with as much information about yourself as possible. 

In this way, Toluna already makes a preselection and offers you targeted surveys that are tailored to your profile.

3. The polls

Shortly after registering, you will see the list of survey which you can do instantly. You don’t have to wait for invitations but can start right away. This is not so easy with similar survey websites as a participant, you first have to wait for invitations.

You wills see the survey which you can do and receive money for participating in survey.

As compensation for the effort, we received an entry in the daily raffle for the chance to win 1 million Toluna points (you remember, that is currently 250 euros).

The most urgent tip that we can give you is Complete your profile!

Another way to collect points:

At Toluna you can not only collect points with online surveys, but also increase your points account a little with so-called quick votes. Such polls are about expressing your own opinion in short votes. However, since the votes are actually only brief, the polls are not particularly rewarded with just 15 points per poll. The motto here is rather: the squirrel has a hard time feeding itself. Nevertheless: If nothing else works, points can also be collected in this way.

You can earn points at Toluna in the following ways:

  • registration (500 points)
  • profile surveys (up to 1,200 points)
  • online surveys (on average 1,500 to 2,000 points, occasionally more)
  • through polls (15 points per poll)

You can also earn points:

  • inviting friends
  • creating posts
  • by participating in games
  • by participating in the million-dollar lottery, in which 1 million points are raffled off every day (a raffle ticket costs 500 points)

However, we focused on the first four points in our test.

4. The remuneration

If you have collected enough points, your voucher options are clearly displayed in the reward center:

Admittedly, we would have expected a little more choice, the list is quite clear. Nevertheless, there is certainly something for every taste.

If you don’t want to exchange your points for vouchers but for cash, you have the option to do so from 145,000 points. Go to “My Rewards” in the menu and enter your PayPal email address under “PayPal Details”. Now you can apply for PayPal as a reward type.

Important: As already mentioned, your points automatically expire after 16 months or if you have not been active for a while. So always keep an eye on your score and deadlines!

5. Interim conclusion after our provider test

We haven’t yet collected enough points to have the points paid out. Therefore we will unfortunately only be able to report on our experiences in this regard at a later date.

On the whole, however, we are pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and the high number of daily surveys that Toluna offers its members. If you stay particularly active, you can certainly earn a little extra income with Toluna. However, if you only take part in a survey now and then, it will be difficult to reach the payout limit of 38,000 points.

What are the pros and cons of Toluna?

If we have piqued your interest, we would like to list again the advantages and disadvantages that you can expect at Toluna.


  • Compensation for participating in profile surveys
  • Access to various surveys immediately after registration
  • New survey offers every day
  • many payment options (vouchers, money via PayPal, raffle tickets)
  • also available as an app, with which you can log in flexibly from anywhere
  • different ways to collect points
  • very lively community (almost 400,000 participants in Germany alone)


  • Cash payment only from 145,000 points
  • Remuneration per survey rather low
  • Reward credits take between 2 and 6 weeks to be credited

Is Toluna legitimate?

If you are stuck with a registration, but are still hesitant to reveal your details, we can take away your skepticism (doubt) based on our own experience. 

We perceived Toluna as a very reputable website that provides comprehensive information about which data is collected and where. As an established market research company, Toluna takes data protection very seriously. 

According to the terms and conditions, your data will only be passed on to those companies in whose surveys you take part – anonymously of course.

In addition, according to its own information, the portal currently has more than 30 million members in 50 countries. The high number of members also speaks for the seriousness.

Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

Big brands or companies always need to know through online survey that how consumers perceive their products / services. So, they can make the necessary product improvements. Here your opinion generate potential money with survey sites.

Companies hire survey panels or survey agencies to conduct surveys for their product and they pay for it. These panels create surveys and pay you to answer them which give your opinion back to the companies. Check out the list of 20 paid survey sites are legitimate.

Toluna review by reddit

Reddit is a reliable forum where people discussed about different different topic. Reddit users have given a good Toluna reviews and recommended to be members of it if wish to earn some extra money as a part time.

Overall conclusion: is Toluna worth it?

Toluna can be worthwhile if you daily actively and regularly take part in Toluna many surveys. 

In order to build up a regular additional income, you should definitely register with several survey panel similar to Toluna and its review.

In this way, you increase the number of available surveys many times over and you can get a total of 100 to 200 euros per month.

Theoretically, you can earn extra income on the way to work in bus or train, taxi etc, in the doctor’s waiting room or on the sofa in the evening – and that’s exactly what makes participating in online surveys a good way to earn money. In comparison to a rigid, inflexible part-time job, the effort for such online surveys is ultimately low.

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