How to make money with Yandex Toloka

This article is about an online mini job website called Yandex Toloka. I conducted a small experiment to figure out whether it is realistic to make money on this website and, if so, what sums you can count on.

You may heard about the fact that you can make money on the Internet without investments, many newbies start with clicks on ads, filling out surveys and the like. 

Using these obvious methods, it is difficult to earn even 100 $. Not to mention the fact that fraudulent sites and forums simply do not give even these cents.

Some money making websites set high payout thresholds. This will become an unpleasant surprise when trying to withdraw money.

However, in 2020, among all this garbage, there is a real site which do not require investment of money way for earning money.

It is suitable for schoolchildren, student, part time job and retirees without experience and special skills. 

We are talking about Yandex Toloka – a special service with simple tasks and real payments without any barriers. 

Interesting? Then let’s see together what Yandex Toloka is, how to make money here, and how much can you get for completing the tasks laid out here?

How and how much they earn on Yandex Toloka: registration, first tasks, useful tips

Important Topics
  • 1. What is the Yandex Toloka job exchange?
  • 2. Types of tasks in Yandex Toloka
  • 3. Definition of toxic comments
  • 4. How to start making money on Yandex Toloka
  • 5. Checking completed tasks
  • 6. Life hacks to increase earnings on Toloka
  • 7. Additional income
  • 8. How to withdraw earned
  • 9. Advantages and disadvantages of making money on Toloka

What is the Yandex Toloka job exchange ?

Toloka is a service created by Yandex ( a Russian browser company) that offers work with payment on the Internet for everyone. 

As simple we can say that Yandex.Toloka is a platform where you can get money for completing tasks.

To start making money, you need to register, choose a task to your liking and fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Having heard about Toloka for the first time, many think that they are being played out, not understanding why the service would pay for such tasks. 

May be you know that the algorithms are not perfect. Sometimes human intervention is required to evaluate the content, identify violations, evaluate what has been done, etc. Now we will not focus on the nature of the tasks, since we will consider this point in more detail below.

Yandex offers only one weighty requirement to performers – you need to be of age. 

However, as of 2020, no one checks this in any way. Therefore, even schoolchildren can make money here. As for other less significant requirements, they boil down to the need to have:

  • Yandex mail or gmail;
  • device for access to Toloka;
  • the Internet.
  • Download app in your mobile

Types of tasks in Yandex Toloka

To make money in Toloka, there are several categories of different tasks. Let’s get to know them.

Here is some works which I found with my Yandex profile.

Field work

This type of tasks involves making money not on the Internet, but in the field – on the street. 

Regardless of the settlement in which the performer lives, he can easily find paid “field” tasks for himself. Usually you need to do:

  • general photographs of buildings;
  • pictures of individual building elements (entrances / exits, shop windows);
  • count the number of cars that have passed over a certain period of time.

To take on this task, you will first have to install the Yandex.Toloka mobile application on your smartphone.

This is sample of instruction , it may vary.

How to make money with Yandex Toloka

Moderator work

There are most of such tasks for making money in Toloka. You need to view pictures, videos or read texts to determine the presence / absence of some elements in them. 

Most often, you have to monitor whether the materials contain 18+ content. And if so, which one. 

To understand the gradation of adult content, you must first read the instructions:

Each task has different instruction. You have to follow those instruction according to requirement.

How to make money with Yandex Toloka
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-9.png

Having studied the instructions and keeping them at hand, you can safely proceed with moderation.

Defining toxic comments

As you know, on the Internet you can speak freely without fear of punishment for your words. 

And many people take advantage of impunity by venting their negative emotions on others. 

To make money by suppressing this behavior, you need to analyze messages and mark those that contain:

  • obscene language;
  • insulting other users.

This is only for sample.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-11.png

Performing such tasks, you decide whether to leave the analyzed message or delete it.

Verify Highlights, Tips, and Facts from Text for a Place

In such tasks to earn money in Toloka, one often has to assess the quality of the text, picture and place. Here are the conditions and prices for such tasks:

Well, here’s an example instruction:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-11.png

It is important not to rush at the beginning, but to carefully study the instructions. 

Then we open the video and carry out an analysis according to the specified criteria.

Comparative analysis of content

Search algorithms are improving every day, but they are not yet able to capture all the semantic aspects. 

In such cases, you can help them compare and evaluate certain search queries, and even make money.

Before undertaking such tasks, you will have to go through a short training. During which you will be introduced to the basic knowledge of what search queries (keys) are. 

Here’s an example:

How to make money with Yandex Toloka

Well, here’s what the instruction for it looks like:

How to make money with Yandex Toloka

Important: Toloka does not pay for training in this and other types of tasks. 

But you will not be able to ignore the training, since access to the most highly paid tasks opens only after successfully completing the training.

Comparative analysis of websites

Here you will have to compare sites with each other , following clear instructions. This is how it looks for such tasks:

Record audio or video file

For owners of certain models of smartphones and laptops, tasks are available in which you need to demonstrate the operation of a microphone and camera. 

Example instruction:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-8.png

The above are only the main types of tasks. In general, there are many different types of them in Toloka. 

Sometimes you have to search for information on the Internet, classify data, take surveys, find inaccuracies in translation, errors in voice acting, etc.

How to start making money on Yandex Toloka

If you liked the idea of ​​helping a search engine make the Internet better and still earn money.

Let study the procedure for starting up for beginners:

  1. Go to the main page of Toloka and click on “Join” (in the center) or “Login” (top right). 
  2. To enter the service, you need to have a pre-registered Yandex mail. If it is not there, then in the window that opens, select “Registration”.
  3. Create an electronic mailbox, and then return to the Toloka page and log in to the system with its help.
  4. Once in your personal account, we select the tasks you like, go through, if required, training, read the instructions and proceed to implementation.

Note that on the right, you can filter some types of jobs and customers:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-15-1024x909.png

The interface of the personal account of the Toloka performer is quite simple:

  1. By default, when logging into the system, the user is on the “Tasks” tab (screenshot above). 
  2. In the central part of the window, available tasks are displayed, which can be viewed and accepted for work if you like the conditions.
  3. The “In Progress” tab displays active tasks that the user has already started doing or has just given consent to perform.
  4. The Achievements section shows the awards received, as well as the results of the periodically held competitions.
  5. The “Profile” tab displays all the data about yourself that were used when registering mail: last name, first name, citizenship, education, age. Skills, the amount of money earned, ways of withdrawing funds, rating, history of completed tasks, referral program and notification settings are also indicated here.
  6. The “Messages” section contains notifications about all important aspects of the service.

Checking completed tasks

There are two types of checks in Toloka:

  1. Automatically accepted tasks. In this case, immediately after completing the work, the performer sees the result.
  2. Delayed check. Here you need to wait for the customer to find time to check how well the task was completed.

If you don’t want to wait for a check, then at the stage of selecting tasks, uncheck the box opposite the corresponding item, and then earnings go faster.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-20-1024x684.png

How much can you earn?

Having opened the tab of any task, you can see how much you can earn on Toloka. Moreover, the tab states:

  • how much task give for completing the task;
  • you can earn on such tasks per day;
  • how income grows depending on the skill.

For example,

The work below shows that the task will be given 0.01 dollars. If you work actively, then $ 0.22 will come out of such tasks. 

However, these figures are valid in the absence of the “Comments” skill. If you pump it over, then the rate can triple to $ 0.03.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-21.png

When completing tasks, it is important to consider: the service charges a commission of 20% of earnings, but it is already included in the price. 

Therefore, the money that will fall on the balance sheet can be withdrawn for sure. They should not be afraid of any additional commissions.

As the reviews show, after spending 1-2 hours on the simplest tasks, a beginner can earn $ 0.2-0.5. 

If you sit all day fishing for the most expensive tasks, you can earn 2-4 dollars. Little, right? Indeed, the earnings are more than modest, but honest, and they will definitely be taken out without problems. 

However, this is not all. There are ways to increase your profits.

Life hacks to increase earnings in Toloka

  1. For those jobs that pay more, training is required. Do not be too lazy to spend time to delve into the conditions and understand what the customer wants from you. 
  2. With a little effort, you can confidently complete more challenging tasks in the future and make more profit. Therefore, the time spent on training will pay off with interest.
  3. You don’t have to grab onto everything you see right away. It is better to pay attention to one direction. Become a professional in it, pump your skill. This will significantly increase your income and make your earnings more enjoyable.
  4. Even if you specialize in performing different types of tasks, try to organize your workflow so that you do all the same type of tasks first. This will speed up the execution time and have a beneficial effect on the results.
  5. Control how much time it takes to complete a task. For example, comparing sites will require a long study of the instructions and the completion of the task itself, and during this time you can manage to do several checks of comments.
  6. Many performers consider Toloka as a way of part-time work. Therefore, they carry out tasks there in the evening or on weekends. This means that on weekdays during working hours there are more tasks, and there is less competition – use this!

Important: working properly and trying to do each task so that the customer is satisfied, you can count on bonuses from Yandex. Once a month, the most diligent top-rated performers receive cash bonuses of $ 10-100.

Additional income

Having learned about Toloka, it is useful to tell your friends and acquaintances about this earnings. 

There is a referral program especially for this. Everyone who follows your referral link and starts working will make a profit in the following amounts:

  • The system will give you 20% of the income of the invited person from the “field” tasks;
  • 5% of all other tasks;
  • 5% of the monthly cash bonus.
Go to "Profile" - "Referral program"

To get a referral link and track your friends’ achievements, go to “Profile” – “Referral program”.

How to withdraw earned

To withdraw funds, select “Profile” – “My money” and see the following:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Yandex-16-2-1024x471.png

We choose any of the convenient directions and click “Withdraw”.

Advantages and disadvantages of making money on Toloka

Among the obvious advantages:

  1. It’s safe to work with Yandex. This is not some kind of sharashkin’s office, and therefore, if the tasks are completed correctly, they will both accrue and withdraw money without problems.
  2. There are many tasks, and to start making money on Toloka, you do not need any special knowledge or skills.
  3. Money is charged quickly.
  4. The simplest interface in Russian.
  5. By completing assignments, you gain basic knowledge of working on the Internet.

The disadvantages include:

  1. They pay little for completing tasks. Even if you train your skills and watch every new order almost all day long, you still won’t earn more than a couple of hundred dollars a month.
  2. It takes a lot of time to complete the training.


In general, Toloka is a great option for a side job from Yandex. It will especially appeal to those who want to make their first money on the Internet, but do not know at all where to start. 

Here it will be easy for both a pensioner and a schoolchild. The main thing is that there is a desire and everything will work out!

More about Yandex.Toloka? 

This service allows anyone who wants to contribute to the overall development of the Internet and improve Yandex search results. Here are placed the simplest tasks that are feasible for the human mind only.

For example, users need to determine whether there is adult material on the screenshot of the page, whether a video is uploaded, evaluate the site’s advertising, and the like. 

Tasks are completed quickly and most tasks are instantly billed.

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