Swagbucks Survey Review

Swagbucks survey website is one of the most exciting online panels for paid surveys across the globe.

Founded in the USA in 2008 and active since the beginning of 2016. It has around over 30 million members.

It is one of the world’s largest online bonus programs. The special feature of the Swagbucks that it has different ways to earn free PayPal money or vouchers .


Your can make cash by giving your opinion together with watch videos online if you like to watch.

You will also get cashback on shopping or earn special offers and other earning options. Take a closer look at Swagbucks.

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Swagbucks Survey site facts at a glance:

Earnings: up to 10 EUR per survey
Affiliate program: yes
Mobile phone app: yes
Minimum age: from 13 years
Payout: from 3.50 EUR
Number of surveys: a lot
Payment: PayPal, vouchers

Further facts:

Operator of the panel: Swagbucks GmbH
Registration: in 2 minutes free of charge, simple and non-binding
Minimum age: Minimum age 13 years, resident in Germany
Payout limit : from 3.50 EUR
Payout options: Vouchers, PayPal
Delivery of surveys: online in the members area at home or on the go via the app

Signing up at Swagbucks survey

You could register easily and free of charge with Swagbucks. An email address is only need. It will not take much more than 2 minutes. 

Once your first logged in, you will see screen offered initial points of orientation and quick earning opportunities.

By the way: Participation is permitted for anyone aged 13 or over .

Swagbucks reward system and options

Swagbucks is based on points system. The point currency is appropriately called SB. 

500 SB is of 5 EUR. The value of the minimum withdrawal limit is EUR 3.50 for a voucher from Swagbucks.

You can withdraw your SB in form of vouchers. There is numerous well-known online retailers, such as Amazon, Zalando, Rossmann, Steam, iTunes, Douglas. 

Alternatively, you can have your points credited to your PayPal account. 

In the rewards area, there are also special offers where we would have had to redeem fewer points for individual vouchers. A clear “thumbs up” for it!

The payment of our points for an Amazon voucher worked smoothly in the test.

Options to make money at Swagbucks

The homepage welcomes its members clearly with various offers from the individual income opportunities. 

The main focus is certainly on answering surveys. You can additionally discover special offers, cashback shopping or watching videos.

Which are certainly among the most interesting ways to build up your self-service account quickly.

The left side menu offers a good orientation with an overview of all relevant income channels. With one click, the overall offer opens up that each individual earning option has in store.

Below is an overview of how to earn money online with Swagbucks:

1. Online surveys:
  1. In the answers section, members are paid for taking part in surveys
  2. It is advisable to answer the profile questions. You will receive surveys based on your profile information.
  3. Swagbucks pays for answering the profile questions. 
  4. You can find daily scope of surveys in the gold surveys category absolutely top in the comparison of providers. 
  5. Survey times vary between 5 – 30 minutes. 
  6. You can do survey with the Swagbucks survey app. It also offers the option of receiving additional self-service while on the go.
  7. Swagbucks also follows the highest data protection standards and is one of the reputable providers of paid surveys.

2. Internet Search / Browsing

  1. You can earn money with your daily Internet search at Swagbucks. You will find it very exciting that.
  2. Not every search entry is paid for directly, but in the test window you achieved search profits almost every day. 
  3. Internet Search / Browsing with Swagbucks is a very good way to improve the extra income. Especially when you consider how often you search the Internet on average per day. 
  4. In addition to the paid surveys, we were happy to take the self-service here as simple self-service profits.
3. Cashback shopping:
  1. Cashback shopping is another way to improve your earnings. You can reimburse your online purchases cashback shopping. 
  2. Swagbucks has over 1000 partner shops from all areas, including well-known brands such as Lidl, Lieferando, Media Market or Booking.com.
  3. In the shopping area, members can also find great special offers where they can save additional money or receive additional bonuses.

3. Discover special offers:

  1. Swagbucks is recommended for everyone who would like to test a product or offer and earn self-service. 
  2. There is a wide range of options, from the free Amazon Prime test subscription to product tests and competitions. 
  3. The majority of the offers are free and are integrated through so-called OfferWall partners, with whom you can significantly improve your survey earnings and thus receive free vouchers faster.

4. Watch videos:

  1. You can watch videos and earn more SB very easily. 
  2. Depending on your interests, you can view video playlists from the areas of music, cinema, technology, gaming and other.
  3. The selection is large and new playlists are added every day.

5. Special promotions:

  1. In the test time window, we noticed that the portal provides its members with bonus SB on a daily basis.
  2. You can actively involves with them through numerous, sometimes very entertaining, promotions. 
  3. We received a lot of extra SB in the test for the promos, such as the Team Challenge or Monthly Swago.
  4. Invite and Earn partner program, Swagbucks pays up to EUR 5 in self-service and 10% on earnings for each newly registered member. 
  5. Anyone who wants can use the Swagbutton browser extension to keep themselves informed at any time.
  6. Even away from the portal, about additional earning opportunities or bonus self-service in the form of swag codes.

Our experience & review with Swagbucks Survey

Swagbucks survey has many different opportunities to earn on the side that you need something to gain. 

Earning with Swagucks is very interesting and entertaining. You will earn via paid surveys, but also of combining your points account with other earning opportunities.

 Register here for free

Anyone who can find a little time every day. Swagbucks gives a good chance of earning additional income of EUR 100 or more per month. 

In our opinion, which options of the extensive range you prefer depends on the time and type. 

We see some room for improvement in the translations on the website or in the German-language videos in the watch section. 

Looking at the mother’s site in the USA, one can certainly expect a lot more exciting things from this provider in the future.