Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin. Ethereum has done extremely well in the past two weeks alone. It now trades at $345 — just shy of 2019’s high and up approximately 50%.

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The recent bitcoin price action comes as a breath of fresh air for the corrupt traders, who had to deal with BTC’s flat lining at $ 9,000 for almost two and a half months. The leading crypto asset is trying to move to a local height of $11,500 as this post is being written.

Despite the strength of the breakout, indicators of the macro volatility of the bitcoin are at historically low levels. This may suggest, according to Mohat Sorout of Batazu Capital, that BTC has the potential to rally in reverse as the ongoing volatility seems to be supporting the bulls.

This latest rally in the crypto market has pushed the bitcoin above the significant $ 10,500 resistance. The bitcoin has been valued at تین 10,500 in three separate rallies over the past year, indicating that it is extremely important in holding bulls.

This article will be released shortly after the candle closes in July. Analysts say that if the bitcoin can hold either 10 10,500 or ، 11,500 when it is close, it is a very good spot on a macro time scale. According to the context, Bitcoin’s closing above 11,500 would mean that BTC is at an all-time high (from a monthly candle point of view) since the $ 20,000 high.

The bitcoin has actually been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of the past week as it fluctuates to support the growth of larger cryptocurrencies than smaller altcoins.

Ethereum has also performed very well. It now trades at $ 345 – the high of 2019 in just two weeks and shy of only 50%.

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