Passive Income Ideas

As an entrepreneur, there is always a limit to how much you can earn, unless you can make money without being directly involved in the work. You are not rich if you cannot earn money in your sleep. Passive income ideas allow an entrepreneur to generate income without having to participate directly.

Millions of people are looking for ways to even increase passive income streams. If you want to be financially free and earn in your sleep, you can read these 20 passive income ideas for 2020. Shorten URL and Earn Money could be A Daily Passive Income Idea

What is passive income?

  •  Passive income is not linked to the number of hours worked.
  • It’s scalable because you can make more sales without putting more work on its end. You have an infinite depth of inventory, and more sales doesn’t mean more work. In my experience, it’s the only way to create multi-digit six-digit businesses as a one-person operation. Whether you’re selling 5 or 500 copies of your eBook or course, you don’t need to do more work.
  • Passive income is all about frontloading – you have to do the work in advance, automate the processes and then continue to earn income day by day, month by month.
  • Passive Income allows you to focus on the FUN STUFF – the big vision, creative, important things – because the little things are automated. You shouldn’t send digital files or passwords – that’s what automation is for!
  • Sharing news, article or video shorten url link on social media and friends.

1 Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing between a website owner and an online retailer. The website operator places ads on its websites to either help sell the retailer’s products or to send potential customers to the retailer’s website.

There are three types of affiliate marketing programs you can choose from: One pay per click or cost per click, two pay per lead or cost per lead and three pay per sale or cost per sale.

Mylead is the best Affiliage Marketing platform which give you offers for only registration on sign up earning.

2 Blogging ( Cleaver Passive Income Ideas)

The blogging scene has changed in recent years: people used to blog to pursue their passion, some found it the perfect way to stay in touch with loved ones around the world, given the growing popularity of the Internet. Blogging purely generate Passive Income.

Now everyone wants to make money blogging in fact many earn an excellent income blogging directly from home. Create your niche blog, choose your blog, wisely set up your own blog to host greater flexibility.

Go for effective blogging software like WordPress. Promote your blog regularly and stick to proper blog maintenance. There are many articles and videos for setting up a blog or website. Check them out.

3 E-commerce business

If you are one of those who still want to see how wonderful the e-commerce business is, then you definitely need to start now. It is necessary that you take the opportunity to create an e-commerce business today. As many retailers are hesitant to continue their plan to create e-commerce businesses.

4 Dropshipping

In dropshipping, you sell a product that you never have to store. You set your retail price and every time you sell your wholesaler, the product ships for you to your customers on your behalf and you keep the profit, how is it possible that it is referred to as drop shipping, simply a drop shipper is a distributor who ships products in individual units directly to your customers on your behalf.

5 Mobile apps ( Smart Passive Income Ideas)

Have you always wanted to develop your own great game or dream app for iPhone or iPad? Making money with mobile applications is such a clever passive income ideas.

Step one – Learn the system, study it and think about what type and platform you want to develop for your mobile app.

Two – Think of appeasing big ideas to learn programming languages or hire a freelance programmer to create your app.

Three – Create the app you have now, it’s time to make your idea a reality and test it.

Four – Add it to the App Store within days not weeks of winning every day decide on pricing the usual price for an app ranges from $0.99 to $10.

6 Video blogging ( Youtube Idea for Passive Income)

Frankly, video blogging is a completely new resource for introducing ideas and products over the Internet. We are certainly familiar with text blogging, but now videos are being used as the preferred form of presentation. This form of information exchange may require a lot of resources, but it is all worth it.

If pictures say more than a thousand words, then video blogging goes beyond that. You can earn thousands of monthly income by becoming a successful YouTube.

7 Membership pages

You can set up a membership page that charges a monthly fee for access. As long as you can keep a stream of traffic to your website, you will receive money every month.

8 Product creation

You can create your own product and put it up for sale on your website. It can be an e-book on a subject you have some knowledge or expertise about. In an audio or video service, you create the product once and you continue to get paid for it every time you sell a product.

9 Cryptocurrencies ( Trending Passive Income Ideas)

Cryptocurrencies are the latest big thing in the digital world and have now been recognized. As they are part of the currency system, enthusiasts have called them the revolution of money. If you have additional funds for investments, you can start buying and selling cryptocurrencies to generate passive income.

10 E-book publishing

There are many great online resources that will help you guide the process of formatting and publishing your e-book. Don’t be afraid to use them as a small initial investment. A guide will help you save valuable time and money in the long term.

11 Laundromat ( Longtime Passive Income Ideas)

This is another recession-proof offline business that is becoming more and more popular with investors from around the world. Setting up a self-service cloth laundry company is pretty easy. You need to hire someone to collect the money, or you can do it yourself.

Simply maintain the machines and accessories regularly. So you remain protected from various technical hazards and earn every day passively.

12 Creating a website with user-generated content

An article directory site directory can make a lot of money if the system is run properly. Sites like, hub make millions every year and share their revenue with contributors.

13 Creation of a website for managing competitions

Creating a contest management website is fun. These websites can also be financially rewarding. You need to develop a cool, professional, user-friendly website to attract attention. Then, you need to design competitions for the participants and visitors. If you enjoy testing these contest websites, this will be an amazing adventure for you, while at the same time making money without much effort.

14 Things to sell on eBay

I’m pretty sure you can find things you don’t use or need, and you can probably sell them for a few nice commissions on eBay. You’d be surprised to find out how many people are willing to pay for what you call junk.

15 Renting real estate properties

Real estate is a lucrative field for business investment. If you can invest a lot of money and have a clear idea of the region you live in, you can buy real estate and rent it out to tenants, giving you a stable passive income each month, and rents will also rise over time.

16 Vending Machines

One surefire way to create passive income is investing in vending machines. You have to admit that every time you see one, you wonder how much money the owner cashes in every time. They fill up and every time you steal your money. You wish it was you vending machines are a great way to earn income, which will continuously be your only concern securing contracts with sites and maintaining the machinery full.

17 Fixed Dividends Pay Stock

Choose the stocks and invest in wisely and make sure they are of the high-yield giving stocks This is one of the passive income ideas that are pretty reasonable and easy to work with – but don’t always make the mistake of opting for the high-yield ones you need to be entrepreneurial savvy.

18 Open an online store

e-commerce is amulet-billion-dollar industry now. People will quickly become fond of online shopping, if you want to take advantage of this huge industry as a stay-at-home worker then there are many ways for you to start your online shop

19 Freelancing

freelancing can end up being a great way to make money for individuals who do it part-time or full-time. The way to make money freelancing is to be dedicated and create a good reputation. Without these two things it will be hard to find jobs and generate new ones in the future. Checkout the Best Freelance Websites to Make Money Online.

20 Network marketing ( Most Popular Passive Income Ideas)

One of the most popular and maybe the oldest of all of the passive income ideas. This is a business that is structured in tiers you become a distributor or affiliate of a parent company that sells goods or services. If you want financial freedom and independence to earn more work less and have a great retirement someday passive income should be your goal you will need to have income streams that don’t need your direct involvement everyday in order to continue to function successfully.

Benefits of Passive Income

The best thing about passive income streams is freedom.

You can’t put a price on that. I love to travel, I’ve done cross-country road trips, international European tours and all the little excursions and mini-vacations in between, and to be able to say “YES” to everything that comes your way is an incredible feeling.

Knowing that even if you decide to chill out for a month and rest, visit family or friends or just do something crazy, and that your business is still running and making money all the time, it’s just amazing.

And for me, the greatest thing is to be able to work on NEW businesses and NEW exciting projects once the current product is set up and automated. I love building new businesses and new projects, and automating everything allows me to work on new things that pique my interest!

This means that if I create a product that I passively make $5k / month, I can create another product and double my income, and another to triple my income, allowing me to continue adding new “digital assets” to my “portfolio” of products and increase my income without additional maintenance and work.

Final Thoughts

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