earn money from facebook likes and comments

Ever heard of Facebook making money? Lots of people share their success stories and how they made money on Facebook. Here I will show you the best ways how to earn money from Facebook likes and comments.

You won’t get rich with it, of course, but you can easily build up a small additional income with it every month approx 20 Euro.

All you have to do is signup with Facebook likes and comment service providers to earn money from Facebook like.

You can work effective anywhere in your part-time job. If you don’t have a smart phone you can soon afford one and of course it works faster on the PC too.

The Ultimate Guide to EARN MONEY WITH FACEBOOK from likes and comments

Facebook is one of the best platforms to make money. At the push of a button, you can inform people about your business and direct a lot of visitors to your website or offers.

Register with all the service provide which offers money in return of your facebook likes and comments.

Need at least one social network account

  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account
  • Google+ account
  • YouTube account


  • A good amount of pocket money end of the month-
  • Little time required 10-30 minutes a day for all 5 platforms
  • Secure money transfer
  • Good money for referring friends (referral bonus)

The 5 Commandments of Facebook Money That Work

LINK I LIKE – Earn money with Facebook by “sharing” (social seeding)

How to earn money from facebook likes and comments

Linklike is running its services since long. This social network website enables you to earn money with Facebook by sharing entertaining content. 

Joining is free. After registered, you can enter your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr profile and share campaigns. 

You will receive a small amount credited to each campaign. You can also earn money by recommending it to friends. Minimum withdrawal is € 10 via bank account or PayPal.


  • Up to 0.40 euros per action / share
  • Payout from 10 euros via PayPal & bank transfer within 48 hours.
  • Post offers from advertisers on your profile
  • per share on Facebook: approx 0.40 cents
  • Time required: 2 – 10 minutes per day

Earn money from Facebook fanpage or profile

The only thing that counts here is share on your Facebook profile. You get a very high fee, you don’t have to register with any operator to see if you are suitable for advertising!

The advertising where offers are made are very modern on Facebook. You have 100 percent control over what you want to post.

So you don’t even earn 0.40 euros in half a minute, of course you can only share as much as is offered, but you will always be kept up to date by email

Paidlikes – Earn money with Facebook through likes

How to earn money from facebook likes and comments

On this platform you can earn money by liking other Facebook fan pages . Registration is very easy via your Facebook profile. 

After registration, you will be shown a list of all available likes. You get 1-3 points per like, 1 point equals 1 cent. 

A maximum of 40 likes can be clicked per day.

In addition, you can earn money by recommending your referrel link to your friends, you receive 10% of the earnings of the likes of your referred referrals. 

A payout is possible via PayPal or bank transfer and can be requested from a credit of 250 points. Minimum withdrawal is Euro 5.


  • Facebook exchange likes 2 cents
  • Paid facebook likes up to 5cent
  • Payout from 5.00 euros via PayPal & bank transfer within 24 hours.
  • Only Facebook likes possible
  • Referral bonus 10% for life

Fanslave – Earn money with Facebook through likes

How to earn money from facebook likes and comments

Fanslave is one of the best likes and comments like sites on the internet to earn money from Facebook. You can earn good money if your Facebook account gets a good fan page.

So make sure you have a lot of friends on Facebook and that your profile is well filled out. With a good Facebook account, such as a twitter and Google account, you can have a lot of fun earning money

Here you can also earn good money with traffic (watch homepage) and watch YouTube videos) and watch YouTube videos

With Fanslave, as with the previous platforms, you can also earn money by liking other Facebook fan pages. The virtual currency at Fanslave are credits, 200 credits correspond to 1 euro. Converted, you can earn € 0.04 per like.

A payout is possible an amount of € 15.00. In addition, you can use the partner program and recommend Fanslave, and on top of that, another 15% lifetime commission for every time your referred user buys or earns credits.


  • only works with many friends (high fanpage approx (300 – 600 friends))
  • Up to 0.06 euros per action / click
  • often refreshes with cash prizes
  • Payment from 15.00 euros via PayPal & bank transfer within 14 – 30 days
  • Referral bonus 20% for life
  • Facebook likes; Google+; Twitter; Youtube and traffic
  • Earnings per month: approx. 16 euros
  • Time expenditure: 1 – 4 minutes per day

FanDealer – earn money with Facebook through likes and comments

Another platform where you get paid by liking other Facebook fan pages is FanDealer. You will receive 1 coin = 2 cents for each page you liked. A payout can be requested from a credit balance of € 10.00 by bank transfer.

This page enables you to get money quickly, here you can like Facebook likes as well as Facebook photos and URLs. You can also watch websites and videos on Youtube and earn really well.

The lowest payment is 2 cents.

Earnings per month: approx. 15 euros.
Time required: 2 – 10 minutes per day


  • Up to 0.10 euros per action / click
  • often refreshes with cash prizes
  • Payout from 15 euros via PayPal & bank transfer within 48 hours.
  • Facebook like; Picture like; Facebook url like; Youtube and traffic
  • Make money with Facebook

SeedingUp – Earn money with Facebook by “sharing” (Social Seeding)

earn money from facebook likes and comments

SeedingUp – Earn money with Facebook by “sharing” (Social Seeding)

At SeedingUp you can market your Facebook fan page and your profile. You enter your page and then have it listed on the marketplace. If an advertiser is interested, he can make a booking and you will earn money.

Paypal: Minimum payout limit of 4.00 USD

You have to join as a publisher and complete your registration process in order to book your space.

The price is based on every single follower your Facebook fan page has. For example, I set 1.3 ct per follower and earn € 10.17 per booking with a fan page that has 782 followers. 

SeedingUp provide affiliate program also. You will receive a commission for every successfully referred new customer.

You will receive a one-off € 30 for every new publisher. This only has to generate a turnover of at least € 10 within 12 months. 

For each new advertiser you will receive a commission of 8% on the monthly invoice amounts for one year from the day of registration.

Ranksider – Earn money with Facebook by “sharing” (social seeding)

earn money from facebook likes and comments

I’ve been a blogger at Ranksider for a while and I’ve already earned something. 

At Ranksider, in addition to your website, you can also earn bread with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest , YouTube or Tumblr. 

After your free registration you can enter your social media profile, set the price for a booking and then have it listed on the marketplace.

Ranksider Affiliate Program – Up to 600€ per customer

You can also earn money for attracting publishers. You can get 10% out of the publisher’s total revenue.

For each publisher, you can earn up to 100€. If a Publisher is an Advertiser at the same time, then you will earn the double amount. The duration of this affiliate program is indefinitely.

Fanslave – earn money from facebook likes and comments

At Fanslave, you can earn money by sharing and liking your Facebook account. In this way, you can get money on the Internet very quickly and easily.

In my test run, I was able to earn 30.51 euros with Fanslave . You have to decide for yourself whether that is a lot or not. 

If you look at the cost / income ratio, you have a comparatively good and very fair remuneration. In addition, the payment takes place immediately , so you don’t have to wait long.

Fanslave itself is represented in several languages ​​and countries, including: Germany, Turkey, France, Spain and England

Earn money with fanslave facebook like and comments

A “Like” is very valuable, but it wasn’t always like that. It only developed this way over time and then a market for paid likes emerged in Paid4. 

Incidentally, Fanslave was the first platform of its kind. Every provider that you will run into over time is a copy of Fanslave.

If you want to earn money on this platform, you first create an account with Fanslave . The user name, a password and the email address are required here. The email address is only used for account administration, no advertising is sent.

Once the account has been created, you log in and look for the menu item Earn in the navigation bar and then click on Actions .

Now you are on the most important page of Fanslave. All paid promotions are then displayed here.

Link your all social accounts with Fanslave

In order to be able to like pages, you have to link your Facebook profile with fanslave. 

To do this, simply click on the corresponding button. Then you will be asked by Facebook whether Fanslave is allowed to link. After clicking OK, you can start liking Facebook pages.

It is similar with Google and Twitter. The profiles have to be linked so that Fanslave can see how active you are, how many friends you have and which pages you have already liked. 

Fanslave won’t do anything to your profile or post something on your behalf. Since I am asked that from time to time, I wanted to make it clear. So you don’t have to worry

As already mentioned, you earn money here by liking Facebook pages, Twitter posts or as a follower on Google +1.

A like is done very quickly and is remunerated with 0.02 – 0.07 euros. So just a few likes are enough to make the quick euro. Due to the level of remuneration, the platform is one of those who pay the most for a like.

Traffic and Youtube

With traffic, you visit websites. After you have called up the website by clicking on the button, you have to wait until the page has completely loaded. 

Then a timer with 15 seconds appears at the top of the browser. If this has expired, a button “Click here to get credits” appears which you then click on.

On Youtube you click on the suggested video, then a popup will open and the Youtube video will be played automatically. 

If you now look back at the button where you clicked on it before, you will see a timer with 30 seconds. After this has expired, click on “Get Credits”. 

From now on you can continue to watch the advertised video or close it – you already have the money.

Fanslave experiences – what do I have to consider?

I myself have had very positive fanslave experiences, but one thing has to be kept in mind here. On Facebook, you shouldn’t give too many likes a day, otherwise Facebook will block the Like button for a short time .

Somewhere I read that from 70 likes the said lock applies. But I myself have never made more than 35-40 likes a day and therefore I cannot say whether the number is correct. I think with around 45 likes in one day you are on the safe side.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10 points

earn money from facebook likes and comments

Register here for free

Fanslave payout

Now we come to a very interesting point, but before that I want to ask you something.

The hype about bitcoins has become really extreme and a lot of people want to own them. No wonder, since a Bitcoin is now worth several thousand euros.

But are you one of those people who already own bitcoins? No? Then that can change from now on!

Since July 13, 2017, Fanslave has also been able to have your earnings paid out in Bitcoins .

I used to have my money paid out via PayPal. This is no longer possible, unfortunately. I then switched to Payza because that was the next possible alternative to PayPal.

But since you are now also being paid out in Bitcoins, you have the best opportunity to continue to invest your money here. So can 50 € -> 100 €.

At least that’s my opinion. Nobody knows what will really happen to Bitcoin in the long term. But although Bitcoin has been around for a while and we were already at just under 4,000 euros per Bitcoin, we are still only at the beginning.

According to experts, the Bitcoin still goes up to over 10,000 euros. That’s why I decided to have the money I will earn at Fanslave in the future, paid out in Bitcoins. Instead of consuming the money , I’ll invest it .

My fanslave payouts

I made a screenshot of my 4 last payouts for you. I have n’t been active in the last few months , so there haven’t been that many payouts and, at € 15 a month, not a lot either. But I would rather have it than not have it and with the picture I really only wanted to show that fanslave pays off.

My next payouts will then only be in the form of bitcoins. I will publish an article on this. In addition to my report, the article also shows how exactly this will work with bitcoins.

If you don’t know what to do with Bitcoins, you have the following other payout options:

  • OKPay
  • Payza (PayPal alternative)
  • Payeer
  • Advcash
  • Amazon voucher (very popular)
  • Paysafecard (very popular)

Conclusion – fanslave experiences

You have to decide for yourself whether it is worth registering with the platform Fanslave to earn money from likes and comments of Facebook. 

In this regard, not everyone can be bought. But if you have no problem exchanging likes for money, Fanslave is one of the best places to go.

If you don’t need the money right away, you should definitely consider the subject of bitcoins. I see great potential here to invest the money you have earned and to make even more of it.

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