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Making money on the internet

There are millions of people around the world who make or earn extra cash/money by clicking ads on PTC sites and paid-to-click websites.

However, only a fraction of these people have recognized and realized that you can make really good money with PTC sites and even make a living from it.

The reasons for making little money with PTC sites are quite complex compare to making money with online surveys.

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Often it is because PTC sites are repeatedly associated with the term “fraud” and / or the personal attitude towards this business is simply not given.

However, don’t worry too much about fraud. The TOP 10 websites we have presented all pay off so far and can be recommended as a source of income and basis.

And let’s be completely honest: No PTC site will be on the market forever, but that doesn’t just apply to the paid-to-click area.

So you should just forge the iron while it’s hot and since all pages are free, you only have to lose the “time” factor.

Thus, PTC websites are the easiest way to make money on the Internet at no cost. Here you will be click ads and earn money. Always deactivate your adblocker for Faucet and PTC sites.

How Much Can You Really Earn Money with PTC Sites?

If you are an active user of PTC Sites this question will surely come to your mind. How valuable is the time you invest in PTC sites to you? Well, that depends on several factors.

Do You Really Love Making Money Clicking Ads? If you really enjoy it and apply it in the right way, it will turn into a profitable business model for you.

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At first it seems difficult to make money from PTC sites. The amount of money you are making doesn’t seem attractive enough to be worth doing for a long time.

Most people therefore leave PTC sites after a certain and unsuccessful period of time which is actually a shame. Because the real reason for your leaving is:

You only see the low earnings for clicking on the respective advertisement and not that you can earn much more money through further measures. The PTC users have the wrong idea and attitude to and from the business.

However, if you think about this business model properly, you will come to the conclusion that a lot of money can be made with paid-to-click sites.

For what reason should many new PTC sites come onto the market every day if this business model was not lucrative for operators and users?

Do something special to increase your PTC earnings. If you really stand behind the cause and you enjoy working with PTC Sites, then let friends, acquaintances or people around you know.

The key to your success with PTC sites is building your own downline. After all, everyone likes to earn money without having to invest any.

Are PTC Sites Really Worth Your Time toe earn money with it?

Yes, if you really seriously invest your time putting some key points into action.

– Make it a habit to process all advertisements at a fixed time every day.

– Plan a time window of five to ten minutes / day for processing the WebAds for each PTC website. The processing of surveys and other earning opportunities offered on the respective page are not included in the time window.

1. Purchase premium membership on any PTC website as soon as you exceed the limit of direct referrals that you can advertise for free on this website.

2. Recruit as many direct referrals as possible through email, Facebook, Whatsapp, your own website, blog, etc. Because remember, the referrals in your downline are the backbone of your own PTC income. So, if you want to increase your revenue with PTC Sites, you must be constantly on the lookout for new direct referrals.

3. If you have advertised a few referrals for one of your pages, you only have to click an average of 4 ads on this page personally (the number of clicks varies from page to page) in order to receive the commission generated by your referrals the next day. Of course, if you have the time, you can still click all of the ads on this page.

A calculation example …

How did you set up a small sample calculation of what your earnings could look like with PTC sites (only minimal values ​​were used and the number of ads to be clicked can vary depending on the website). This example would of course work through more

If you have advertised a few referrals for one of your pages, you only have to click an average of 4 ads on this page personally (the number of clicks varies from page to page) in order to receive the commission generated by your referrals the next day.

Of course, if you have the time, you can still click all of the ads on this page.

Please also consider that out of hundred referrals registered in your downline, perhaps only 30% are working seriously and clicking the WebAds.

It’s just like in real life: even with paid-to-click you have to work hard and invest a lot of time and nerves, especially at the beginning.

  • You have signed up for 10, 20, or thirty PTC websites.
  • You click ten web ads / day per website and get $ 0.005 per click.
  • There are 30, 100 or 500 referrals clicking daily in your downline.
  • These referrals also click ten WebAds / day per website and you receive $ 0.002 per referral click as commission

Earn Money with TOP 10 PTC Websites or sites

Cointiply- Rating 

Operator country: United StatesUSA , Year – 2017
Rating: 5.00
Time : 60 min.
Payment options:Bitcoins Coinbase Dogecoin
Registration & Further information

Neobux – Rating 

Operator country: PortugalPortugal , Year – 2008
Rating: 4.50
Earnings potential : 0.1 – 1 earn per click
Payout from: 2 $
Payout options:Skrill Neteller
Registration & Further information

Ojooo – Rating 

Operator country: GermanyGermany, Year – 2010
Rating: 4.50
Minimum age: 18
Earnings potential: 0.1 – 1 earn per click
Payout from: 2 $
Payout options:Bitcoins Coinbase
Registration & Further information

Payrate – Rating

Operator country: GermanyGermany, Year – 2018
Rating: 4.00
Minimum age: 16
Payout from: 2 €
Payout options:Transfer PayPal
Registration & Further information

Claim bits 

Operator country: United StatesUSA, Year – 2019
Rating: 4.00
Earnings potential : 5 min.
Payment options:Bitcoins Coinbase
Registration & Further information

Bitclix – Rating 

Operator country: TurkeyTurkey, Year – 2018
Rating: 3.50
Earnings potential : Daily
payment options:Bitcoins
Registration & Further information

Paidspider – Rating 

Operator country: GermanyGermany, Year – 2018
Rating: 3.50
Minimum age: 16
Payout from: 4
Payout options:Transfer PayPal Amazon credit
Registration & Further information

Fanslave – Rating 

Operator country: Great BritainGreat Britain, Year – 2011
Rating: 3.00
Earnings potential : 0.2 cents per click
Payout from: 15.00
Payout options:Amazon credit
Registration & Further information

SuccessBux – Rating 

Operator country: United StatesUSA, Year – 2012
Rating: 2.00
Earnings potential : 0.05 – 0.1 cents per click
Payout from: 1 $
Payout options:PayPal
Registration & Further information

Important before registration:

Before you decide to register with an international Paid2Click provider (Bux), you should create an e-payment account (if you have not already done so) with PayPal ,  Skrill or Neteller . 

These e-payment providers are the most popular online payment services worldwide and are standard for most of them. 

You can only have your money transferred if you have an account there. From these accounts you can then transfer the money to your German bank account (for a small fee). 

Alternatively, we recommend Coinbase , here you can have your cash paid out in euros or Bitcoins (crypto currency).

The following reputable euro PTC sites to earn money with it

Receive payouts from crypto PTC sites to earn money with it

What exactly is PTC – Pay to click?

In the heyday of these portals, Pay to click was simply what it means in translation. You have been paid to look at advertising pages, banners, videos or emails.

The remuneration now fluctuates between 0.1 and 1 euro urocent per advertisement. 

You have to leave the advertisement open in the browser for a few seconds and you are often not allowed to switch tabs.

Such portals are still interesting today because you can build up a “downline”. 

That means you earn money when someone you refer looks at an advertisement. 

The difficult thing is to only find direct referals (the names of the members you have referred) and to keep them active.

That is why some portals, such as Neobux for example, have the option of renting referals. 

So you pay for new users to be assigned to the site and for you to earn money from their clicks.

You will find tons of promising strategies and reports from (supposedly) very successful users on the Internet.

In the meantime, however, the boundary between PTC, survey portals and casback providers is merging and is actually fluid.

This is also the reason why these portals still exist. They offer a variety of income opportunities. The payout limits are usually reached very quickly.

If you don’t hope for “I’ll get rich with it and can quit my job”, these PTC providers are still a nice way to earn a few euros a month on the Internet.

Why are the remuneration prices falling?

This is due to the fact that in the past the companies themselves were not so fit in SEO and therefore paid better advertising offers from these portals. 

Simply because they didn’t know how to get traffic to their websites themselves.

Today internet marketing is still very complex – even more challenging, but the advertising companies have recognized that they have to take care of the flow of visitors themselves. 

Because PTC customers do not automatically have to be relevant to the advertising company.

I claim 99.9% open such a pay-to-click ad solely because of the remuneration. Almost no user will stay on the advertised page afterwards.

How Much Can I Earn With PTC?

Theoretically, there are no limits to earnings. As is so often the case, it’s down to your own diligence. 

With PTC providers, however, the factors of luck and willingness to take risks also play an immense role in relation to the actually possible additional income .

If you have a good idea to convince many people of the site you are a member of, then you can passively earn a lot from them.

Are you ready to take a risk and invest capital? In this case, the so-called “renting” of referals such as  Neobux is worthwhile .

Then you can earn a lot but also lose everything if your strategy doesn’t work.

Who is PTC for?

If you want to earn a few euros on the side and are also interested in other ways to earn something, then PTC is still worthwhile for you. 

In principle, these portals are a combination of cashback and survey portals. But here you have the opportunity to invest something and earn something extra with the right strategy.


Pay to Click is definitely getting on in years. Definitely you can make money with pay per click websites. But, the remuneration of the advertisements leaves a lot to be desired and is actually not worth it. 

If you want to test the program with the rented referals, you should decide for yourself whether they are really real people you are “renting” or whether you are ultimately only investing in an algorithm.

At the end of the day, PTC is dead to me and the portals have turned into survey portals. In parallels there are many online job trusted sites to make fast and easy money

If you perceive this as a survey provider and use it that way, then nothing speaks against registration. Neobux and ySense in particular are known as paying portals.

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