Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

There are many ways to make money, but for beginners, the simplest way is making money by writing comments. This method is especially suitable for those who understand that they need a job and are not afraid of new experiences.

Your work will be to leave comments on articles on websites, discussions on forums, posts on social networks, products in online stores, descriptions of films, games, and so on. It is just a kind of paid to write job.

Leaving or writing comments is a way to make money online, and it’s easy to start. It can be spent over time, and it will allow you to go to the next level of making money online. You can also choose to create an Internet business if you want.

I’m going to show you how you can make a decent extra chunk of change by writing comments for people on their websites. You’ll need to set aside about two hours a day, but it’s worth it.

Here is the type and example of work earn money by writing by writing comments

Video Comments Write: different companies offer such a service for 200-800 rubles. Well, you can take such an order on job exchanges, where they pay 100-400 rubles for a few minutes of your time.

Write Review and Comments for Google Play Apps : online stores and applications are ready to pay 20-50 rubles for a review accepted on the site (tasks take 5 minutes).

Answers or writing comments on forums, questions and answers platforms : give 2-5 rubles for approved answers, where you usually need to praise something and leave a link.

Comments and reviews in social media networks : payment of 0.5-3 rubles for one minute of the time spent in one of the social networks.

Writing Reviews Comments about the site, product, service : pay for small articles where the client describes his purchases. Money is usually given for views (1 view 2-30 kopecks).

Sounds good?

Let’s get started…

Why Would Someone Pay You To Write Comments?

Why would people pay you to leave comments on their website? Well, the reason for this is that it helps the website look trustworthy and authoritative.

Comments on websites also make it easier for the site’s visitors to trust it. This, in turn, boosts the ranking of the site in search engine results. Hence, Comments are an extremely valuable asset for websites.

Webmasters may look to search engines as a free, high-quality, and reliable source of traffic. But they must make sure their websites look professional with quality content. If so, Google will rank them higher and readers will find the website. Comments also allow website owners to answer questions from people and build more trust.

Many content marketing specialist ask to write comments for their portfolio as well.

Answered comments allow your readers to feel that they are a part of the process, too. It encourages other readers to answer as well, which will create a more organic conversation with real readers.

Anyways, but what do you care right?

You want to know how you can make money from this, don’t you? Well, allow me to show you how you can earn $0.50 per comment.

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How To Get Started Make Money Writing Comments

There are other ways to get paid for commenting on things, but 5 sites that I know of that are legit and I’m using now and making money. Just register with these sites and start making money from writing comments in all sectors.

List of 5 sites that will help you to make money by writing comments

1. Microworker

I am working with this site since 2018 and in month I am able to grab around 50$ just for writing some comments as per given guidelines and according to tasks requirements.

Microworker is an online micro tasks sites where people offer money to write comments for their product or websites.

You can also post your job if you need comments for your websites, product, or apps. This is what gives you, the opportunity to make money writing comments. Some job will be reviewing products websites and provide your feedback of functioning.

To request a withdrawal from Skrill or PayPal, you must earn at least $9, while Payoneer requires as least $20. A withdrawal commission of 5 to 7.5 percent is also charged. These all ewallet should be connect with bank account.

Click here to join Micorworker (it’s free) and then move on to step 02;

Step 02: Click on Job Section
Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

You’ve created your account! Now what? Head over to the Job feature, which you can find by following this path:

Websites >> Job Tab.

Step 03: Pick Your Interests of work

Next up is you need to pick your job as you interested.

I suggest you leave each interest checked as it will give you more opportunities to earn money. You can use the comments feature on websites that you find interesting.

Step 04: Start Leaving Comments

Next up is to start leaving comments.

  • You have to open the tasks and
  • Then leave a comment in the text box below with personal thoughts or questions about the original topic.

Once you’ve written your comment and submitted it, your job is done.

2. is a site where you can find jobs to write comments on websites. It’s great because you can find jobs with flexible hours and earn money quickly. However, you’ll need to put in the effort to get paid, so make sure it’s worth it.

Latium Freelancing is an excellent resource for making money quickly. Simply complete tasks in the Instant Hire section of the website and get paid for it.

You will a lot of jobs such taking online survey, writing comments on social media account, sign up under a affiliated links, writing clients looking for freelance writer.

You will find in job section that many affiliate marketers posting jobs to get signup for their affiliate links.

Latium freelancers are available everywhere, and you can sign up regardless of where you live! To become a freelancer, you must be 18 years or older. I found it a good site in order to make money by writing comments for the websites or apps.

Here is the complete how to start working with Latium and My Personal experience review

3. Wealthy Affiliate

There are probably other options, but one platform I know of that is both legit and that I have used myself in the past is Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteComments tools.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university for those looking to build websites to make money online, one of the features implemented in this University is the fact that you can “buy comments” from other members.

This is what gives you, the opportunity to make money writing comments.

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate (it’s free) and then move on to step 02;

Step 02: Visit The SiteComments Section
Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

Once you’ve created your account, visit the SiteComments feature which you will find by following this path:

Websites >> Site Comments

Step 03: Pick Your Interests
Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

Next up is you need to pick your interest.

I highly suggest you leave all interests checked as this will give you more opportunities to make money but you can pick out these interests at will and only leave comments on websites which you find interesting.

Step 04: Start Leaving Comments

After then, it’s time to start leaving comments.

• You must read the entire blog post and then make a word-comment with personal comments or questions regarding the subject.

Your task is finished once you’ve written and submitted your opinion.

Step 05: Accumulate “Cash Credits”
Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

Continue to leave comments and accumulate cash credits.

As I previously stated, you may need to perform this for at least one hour per day (preferably two) to see results.

Step 06: Withdraw Your Earnings

To withdraw your earnings, you’ll need at least 20 credits, which is the equivalent of $10.

You can check out for as little as $10, $25, $100, or $200, and you can use PayPal to do it.


Apperwall is a website that I use as an example of how you can make money by writing comments for apps or games.

You don’t have to create an account and you can make money by just downloading the apps. It’s a platform that I use amidst many, and I feel it’s worth mentioning for its simplicity.

Apperwall will help you get paid for downloading and writing review and comments of apps. The premise is simple: create a profile, verify your account, and start earning money.

Make Money Online by Writing Comments: A Guide and Methods

Apperwall and other similar websites often pay between $0.25 and $1.50 for accepted written comments and reviews, however the fundamental problem with these platforms is that they come and go.

Because it is against the Google PlayStore or App Store rules of service to write fraudulent evaluations, these businesses rarely enjoy a smooth journey.

You might be able to generate some decent side income in your spare time if you conduct some study or perhaps check out Apperwall for yourself.

I wrote a piece about how to get money by testing websites and games, and I would argue that user testing work pays more and is more trustworthy than writing app reviews, so there is another alternative to explore!

Other Writing related online jobs


Slice The Pie isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it’s a great place to put my writing skills to work and make some money by writing comments.

Slice The Pie is a music and product review site that has not worked for me in the past. However, it may be a good way to make money if you are creative and have run out of other options.

Slice The Pie allows you to write reviews and comments of:

  • Music
  • Tech
  • Accessories
  • Various other products where you give feedback about the brand.

The most popular genre is music, and you must listen to new tracks for at least 90 seconds before writing a decent review.

You don’t make much money per review, maybe a few pennies to $0.05 to $0.10 at best, and cashing out with PayPal costs $10. However, if you’re out of options, you might want to consider it.

6. Enroll

Enroll App is a website that pays you to test websites. It helps companies and other website owners make decisions about their business. You may be asked for feedback, clarification of content, writing comments about website design, or just checking how the site’s being used.

Over 120,000 tests have been taken on it. Even better, you don’t need any technical skills to do it. They give simple tasks such as feedback about logos, web design, and menu structure.

Pros & Cons of Making Money with Comments Writing

PRO 01: Start Making Money Right Now

I’ve decided that it’s time to write a guide about this because it’s something that can start making money for you literally today.

Starting out is one of the main difficulties with making money online.

When you make your first dollar online, you will realize that there is more where that came from. $1 is a great start if you are trying to build up a passive income business.

PRO 02: Easy Withdrawl To PayPal

One other huge benefit of these for making money by writing comments is that most of them support PayPal and low withdrawal threshold.

PayPal is my preferred payment method. It’s fast, easy, and secure. No one likes to wait for their money so what are you waiting for?

CON 01: It’s Hard To Make A Decent Income

You will never be able to make this a full-time income. The issue here is, of course, that you will have to leave more comments than you could make in a year.

But don’t worry. I’m about to tell you some better ways to make money on the internet.

CON 02: You Are Still Trading Time For Money

I’ve always hated trading my time for money. One thing that makes me want to start making money online is the fact that I don’t need to trade my time for money. There’s a lot of hassle and work involved, but I’d rather go through that than continue trading my time for money.

You’re still trading time for money with the sites who offers you to make money be simple writing comments, but I’ll show you a couple (better) alternatives down below.

How Much Money Can You Make Writing Comments Online?

I mentioned that the average cost of a task is indicated in my review. I showed examples of tasks, where the average cost is shown. You can decide for yourself based on the data – posting comments can earn you some money.

I set up a cool experiment – I tried to get the most bang for my buck on the Microworker . For one hour, I got 1 $, and  I think this is a great result. Many simple ways to make money online don’t produce as much income (on social networks, reviews, etc).

I am sure that you can earn 0.50 $ to 1$ per hour by commenting on videos.

For working on the Internet, this is great! And this type of earnings can be combined with others, for example, writing reviews , taking paid online surveys , installing apps, getting paid for watching videos & ads , and much more.

Tips and Notes – Earn Money by writing comments

Before starting work on a particular service, carefully study the FAQ section or Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Read the project rules so as not to unknowingly get locked.

Each time you start a task, CAREFULLY read the terms and conditions of the customer. Many people sin with this, as a result, the customer refuses to pay for the work.

Always start by studying the material. If you need to write a comment under the article – read the article and figure out summary.

If the task requires it, watch the uniqueness of the text. To do this, just write in your own words. Additionally, you can check the text for uniqueness in the corresponding services.

Sometimes you need to write a given number of characters, for example, at least 250 characters. We assume you know how to check the number of characters in the comment text?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 How to write comments for money?

Register on the bookbox, forum or text exchange. Then start completing tasks and getting money.

Where can you make money from comments?

Performing tasks on boxes, text exchanges, forums, supporting the topics needed by the customer, freelancing, through contests in blogs and in services on social networks. Each method has its own requirements and payment.

How to withdraw money for comments?

Each service offers its own options for withdrawing money. Usually they are offered to be withdrawn to a mobile account or e-wallet. The speed and terms of withdrawal also differ from service to service.

What are the ways to make money on comments?

The simplest, but at the same time the least paid, is the execution of tasks in boxes. You can also use special services to make money on social networks by commenting on various accounts, articles or posts. In addition to services and books, such work can be found on forums and text exchanges.

What are the features of making money on comments

Unlike making money on reviews, you do not receive additional money for the number of views of your comment. Comment requirements can vary greatly in size.

 How to write comments correctly for money?

Read all terms and conditions carefully before writing a comment. Observe the high uniqueness of this comment and make it as real as possible. Sign with a name that’s appropriate for this situation, such as a pseudonym like “John Smith.”. Try to write quality comment.

What is the earnings from the comments in the boxes?

On the sites of buks, simple tasks are usually set, therefore, the payment for them is quite low, somewhere around 1 or 2 rubles per comment. But in addition to comments, the buks offer other tasks, like, subscribe, and others for which you can get money.

Final Words

There you have it;

A brief but comprehensive guide to making money by leaving comments on websites.

As I previously indicated, this is not the best way to make money (and it isn’t even entertaining), but you can start making money right now by simply leaving positive comments on their website.

If you want to start writing work, sign up with paid to write sites above and begin leaving comments. Writing comments for post article or products will not bring a lot of money for you, but something will sure.

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