Make Money With Reputable Online Surveys

Make Money With Reputable Online Surveys

We introduce you to market research companies where you can earn rewards and cash by taking part in paid surveys via online. 

Register online free of charge with portals such as mysurvey, opinion study or Decision Club and receive bonus points for every completed survey. You can exchange these points for rewards, vouchers or money.

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We have checked all survey portals for reliability and security and, in a survey comparison, show you which premiums are most worthwhile. 

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List of Reputable online paid surveys for making money

Opinion Makers

Do you want to earn a few euros with free surveys? Then we recommend the Meinungsmacher portal, it is a online free paid survey website.

With online surveys you collect points for rewards or you can donate the money to a non-profit organization of your choice. 

If you register now, you will receive 250 points (500 points equals € 1) as a welcome gift. Get your 250 welcome points now and register for free at Meinungsmacher!

Get 250 welcome points from opinion makers

Earning Opportunities and Features:

  • 250 welcome points
  • from 2,500 TrendPoints: € 5 voucher
  • from 5,000 TrendPoints: 10 € IBAN account transfer

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Listen to your senses

Register now for “Listen to your senses” and earn something with free surveys. Earn points and secure your chances of winning

The survey portal is primarily about fragrances and flavors that appeal to our senses when using everyday products. 

As a thank you for your registration, you will be credited 10,000 points directly to your account. 

Collect even more points and use them for additional tickets for competitions.

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OpinionSager is a survey portal that has been operating for more than 15 years. Share your opinion at and earn money

It offers not only simple surveys, but also the opportunity to participate in other types of studies, such as product tests. 

OpinionSager gives you points, with 100 points corresponding to exactly one euro. 

If you have a credit of 1,000 points or more, you can have this paid out (by bank transfer). This is how much you can earn with the surveys:

Earning Opportunities and Features:

  • for a short online survey approx. € 0.50 – € 3
  • for a telephone survey approx. € 2 – € 6
  • € 20 – € 50 for participating in a group discussion

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Overview of survey portals on survey place

With paid surveys, you can easily make money working from home. But which market research institutes are serious and safe? 

Polling place helps you with the search. The portal constantly searches the market and regularly delivers the best providers free of charge. 

And the best: The service is 100 percent free!

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Opinion Study

Take part in online surveys, diary studies or product tests while working from home and receive reward points for this.

You can redeem this for gift vouchers from top brands such as, Zalando, GALERIA Kaufhof and many other providers. 

For every paid survey that you complete, you will receive up to € 7 as a point credit for an opinion survey.

Your opinion will be rewarded in an opinion study!

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An International market research website. YouGov is considered a pioneer in market research and is one of the top 25 market research companies in the world. 

As a member, you are part of a global community of people who exchange their opinions and receive points in return. 

You can exchange these for prizes or € 50. Get yourself 125 welcome points for free registration.

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Consumer Opinion

At Consumer Opinion, you receive sums of money from market research companies for participating in surveys. 

The registration is particularly quick as only a small amount of data is required. 

You can have the credit paid out to your account for as little as € 10. Register quickly and earn money with surveys.

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Opinion space

Do you want to help shape the trends of the future and have a say in new products? You can earn money with opinion polls.

Register now for free and without obligation on the opinion station. You will receive cash compensation (between € 1 and € 2.50) for every successful participation in a survey. 

To participate you have to be at least 14 years old and live in Germany. The remuneration is paid out from € 15 and is transferred to your account. Register today.

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Talk Online Panel

Take part in the loyalty program and collect points by actively participating in surveys and survey projects. 

You can exchange these for money, vouchers or other rewards or donate them. 

For example, for 2,000 points you will receive € 20 as a transfer or a € 20 voucher for Amazon. Register quickly at Talk Online Panel and earn money.

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Toluna members

Help shape future products, take part in surveys and product tests and collect valuable points. More than over 10,000,000 Toluna members.

The first points are for registering and filling out the profile. As soon as the balance grows, it can be redeemed for prizes, money, vouchers or competition tickets. 

Polls and the large community ensure variety.

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Decision Club – A Remunerated online surveys

With your opinion, you can help shape the products of tomorrow and shape trends. 

You share your valuable opinion and take part in an opinion study, the Decision Maker Club pays you for it. 

Simply register and receive invitations for paid opinion surveys by e-mail. 

You can have the collected money paid out to you and secure a small additional income.

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Have a say in what’s going on in the cinema and find out about new films before everyone else! 

moviepanel offers you the chance to have an impact – with professional and entertaining cinema market research. 

Each time you participate, you collect bonus points that you can exchange for cinema vouchers or Amazon vouchers.

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Do you want to earn rewards on the go? Then log in to the Nielsen Mobile Panel and use your smartphone or tablet to collect points. Earn rewards on mobile devices with Nielsen

You download the app and continue using your device as normal. You can earn points worth € 25 per mobile device per year. 

For example, if you have a smartphone, tablet and work cell phone, you will receive points worth € 75.


The market research company mysurvey is number 1 worldwide when it comes to paid surveys. Participation is very easy and Earn money online with Mysurvey.

Register for free, share your opinion in online surveys and earn points. You can redeem the points for money or rewards such as shopping vouchers or household electronics.

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MOBROGEarn up to € 3 per survey

At MOBROG you can actively participate, express your opinion and earn money by participating in surveys or recommending friends. 

For each participation you will receive € 0.50 to € 3 as a credit and you can have this conveniently paid out via PayPal from € 5. 

Tip: With the MOBROG app, you can fill out surveys and earn money on the offer

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LoopsterPanel Earn cash with online surveys

On LoopsterPanel you will be rewarded for taking part in online surveys and earn real money. 

Registration is completely free and participation in the surveys is non-binding. 

For each completed survey you will receive between € 0.70 and € 3.50. With a credit value of € 10 or more, you can have the money paid out via PayPal.

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Scan shopping and earn rewards at Nielsen

Participation is very easy: you record your purchases with a hand scanner. 

This transfers the data to your profile and Nielsen credits you with points to your partner account. 

In the rewards shop you can exchange the points for rewards such as vouchers or household electronics. 

You get the devices free of charge, and an employee can explain how to use them over the phone.

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Register now at Swagbucks and get one free voucher after the other. Easily collect points on the website by shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos or searching for something online. 

You can then exchange the points for vouchers for your favorite shops. Sign up quickly!to offer

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GFK – Growth of Knowledge

Regularly report to GfK about your purchases (e.g. food, drinks, media) and benefit from high-quality rewards as a participant. 

You can transmit your purchases via scanner, smartphone or online and, in addition to the rewards, you will receive invitations to surveys and the chance to win. 

Rewards such as leisure articles, cooking accessories, vouchers or multimedia devices are waiting for you.

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NielsenRewards for surfing the internet

With your online habits you are making an important contribution to research and helping to shape the future of the Internet. 

As a thank you, you will receive points that you can redeem for high quality rewards and vouchers. 

Register now, install the Nielsen app on your PC, smartphone or tablet and earn rewards month after month with paid surveys.

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Ipsos i-SayGive your opinion and receive rewards

Do you want to give your opinion on various topics? Then stop by i-Say and become a member. 

In the online community, you can give your opinion on topics such as global brands or entertainment and collect points for the time you spend, which you can convert into rewards.

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Brother inkjet

Test the new Brother inkjet multifunction device now. Apply now to take part in the new Brother campaign with a little luck. 

Brother’s new printers print quickly and quietly, and you can copy, scan and even fax with them. 

The new printers also give you the opportunity to get high-quality printouts quickly and wirelessly. 

Would you like to have the chance to test one of the printers for free? Then click on “Apply now” on the promotion page and then enter your details.

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Norstat PanelGet great rewards with free surveys

You can now receive great rewards through surveys through Norstat panel for example gift vouchers. This site is only for European Country.

ou can also collect tickets and get great prizes in competitions. Participation in the surveys is completely free and membership is non-binding. 

After your registration you will be invited to surveys and studies for market research purposes. 

You can end your membership at any time. What are you waiting for? Just try it.

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Why are there opinion studies and surveys?

Companies must constantly improve their products so that they stand a chance against their competitors. 

For this reason, many companies rely on studies: In surveys, customers are asked to give their opinion on a product and thus help to further develop and improve products and services. 

Since very few companies conduct their own product tests or opinion polls, they work together with market research institutes.

Are Paid Surveys Reliable and Safe?

Registration and participation in the programs is free at any time and the data collected is stored anonymously. 

The market researchers are paid by the clients of the study to collect and evaluate the surveys. 

These reward you for taking part in surveys with a sum of money, rewards or vouchers. 

A serious business model that benefits everyone involved. Only serious market researchers who have been tested by the SPARWELT editorial team are presented here.

How Much Money Can You Make From Opinion Polls and Surveys?

With paid surveys, you can earn a little extra income – but you won’t get rich with it. 

As a rule, depending on the duration, you will receive € 1 to € 3 per survey, with special topics even up to € 5 are possible. 

If you want to earn as much money as possible, you should register for several survey potentials, as you do not receive invitations to studies every day. 

In addition, some market research portals have a payout limit that you have to reach first. The more panels, the more surveys and rewards are possible.

What tips are there for taking paid surveys online?

E-mail address : Create a separate e-mail address for participation in studies, so you will receive all surveys and information bundled in one place and can participate faster and more effectively. Also, check your e-mails regularly so that you don’t lose track.

Complete profile : Enter as much information as possible in your profile. Such as the number of people in the household, the highest level of education, any pets, place of residence, preferences or hobbies. 

So you are eligible for various studies and receive significantly more surveys. 

For example, if Nespresso is looking for coffee drinkers in a study and you have already specified your preference in your profile, you will definitely be selected for the survey.

Check questions : If you have questions like “Have you participated in a survey on the subject in the last 12 months?”, Tick “No” – otherwise you can be excluded from the study. In addition, users who work in market research or in an industry that might have something to do with the survey are excluded from the start.

Compare premiums : Vouchers for smaller shops are often offered cheaper than popular vouchers for providers such as Amazon or eBay. Therefore, it is worth adding the points and comparing the rewards offered.

Globalpassive Money Team wishes you every success in collecting points

Money was often tight while studying business communication. Many students are probably familiar with the problem. 

It was often a question of saving. During this time Robert developed a keen sense for real bargains and good deals. 

The way to Globalpassive Money website was only the logical next step, because the passion for good prices is still there.

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