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earn money reading emails

Is this your question that how to earn money reading emails or is It Really Possible with it.? The answer is yes, read the full article how to earn.

As we know that Working from home can be extremely attractive for people in certain life situations. 

The advantages are obvious as you have no long journeys to the workplace and free time management.

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Home work is also possible for people who are physically bound to the home. For example, some look after children or relatives in need of care.

Anyone looking for opportunities to work from home on the Internet will sooner or later come across the ” earn money with reading emails” offer . Is that actually possible and what exactly is behind it?

Paidmails – what is it?

Paid mails are advertising e-mails that you receive payment for it. The reason for the remuneration is as follows:

Companies that send advertising want to make sure that the recipient actually gets it and read it . 

Corresponding advertising emails often end up in the addressees’ spam folders . 

The recipient therefore receives an email, opens it and receives payment for this later .

What are paid mailers?

Paidmailers are service providers who specialize in sending advertising emails. 

These companies collect a large number of emails from advertising companies and then send them to interested parties . 

They have a portfolio with a variety of addresses to send advertising to. The more addresses you have, the more sales you make. Because of this, they are usually always on the lookout for new members.

In such a campaign, all three parties involved benefit:

  • First of all, the company ensures that the advertising for itself or its products is actually received and read by someone. This can be particularly worthwhile for operators of topic-relevant websites, as they can find “unique visitors” in this way.
  • Then of course the paid mailers, who charge a corresponding commission for their offered service , and the recipients of the emails who confirm their receipt and are paid for it, earn .

How does making money with emails work?

Companies create a promotional email for their company, their services or their products and send it to a paid mailer for distribution. 

From there, they are then forwarded to a large number of recipients who earn money by opening the emails .

Often it is required that the recipient clicks on a corresponding “read” link . 

This is nothing unusual and can easily be done with a provider that has been checked by consumer protection. 

It is not necessary to actually read the letter – all that matters is receipt and confirmation.

Earning money with emails – how much is possible?

Anyone interested in earning money with emails should be aware that this can only be a mini job. 

For people who want to earn some extra money with little expenditure of time, this activity could be very attractive.

Companies that promise huge earnings are usually dubious. Payments of 0.1 to 1 cent per opened email are realistic . 

How many emails you receive from paid mailers per day can vary greatly. In some cases it is five a day, with other providers or at other times, maybe up to ten.

Since the amounts involved are very small. They are usually collected on a personal customer account until a certain amount is reached. 

Earning money with emails can take a relatively long time. If you assume that maybe only 10 cents are earned every day . 

Once the minimum amount has been reached, payment can be requested. Some companies pay weekly, others only monthly.

A pyramid scheme is of course profitable for paid mailers, as they can get to new addresses without any further effort. 

For this reason, by recruiting friends and acquaintances for the same job, some companies can earn extra remuneration . This can be a one-off payment or a percentage of their earnings.

How do I find reputable websites to earn money from reading emails?

In order not to register with a dubious provider, it is important to read their general terms and conditions very carefully before. 

It should be absolutely clear from them that the personal data will not be passed on to third parties. 

You can also differentiated through experience reports and review from other users on the Internet about Serious and dubious websites. Many claims that you can earn money from reading emails.

Another possibility is to inquire with the relevant consumer protection associations.

Advise to earn money via reading emails

We advise against paid mail providers at this point, because they are only cents and it takes you a long time to reach the payout limit . 

It is much more rewarding to take part in online surveys , where you can earn up to 6 euros with a single survey . You can find more information here for Earning money with surveys.

Top 16 websites to Make Money from Reading Emails:

Quick start Guide:

1. Register with several survey portals
2. Click on the confirmation link in the email
3. Log in and fill out your profile
4. Wait for invitations to surveys
5. Take part in surveys and earn money
6. Cash out money or redeem vouchers

1. Mysurvey

earn money reading emails
  • Members:2.5 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 5 euros 
  • Register now for free

2. Decision-making club

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.06 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 3 euros 
  • register now for free3. GfK

3. GFK

earn money reading emails
  • Members:1.5 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 5 euros 
  • register now for free

4. Opinion

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.7 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 2 euros 
  • Register now for free

5. Trend question

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.05 million
  • Earnings / Survey: up to 3 euros 
  • Register now for free

6. Talkonline panel

  • Members:0.05 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 3 euros 
  • Register now for free

7. Toluna

  • Members:4 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 5 euros 
  • Register now for free

8. Opinion study

  • Members:0.7 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 7 euros 
  • register now for free

9. Mafo

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.05 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 3 euros 
  • Register now for free

10. Movie panel

  • Members:0.05 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 3 euros 
  • Register now for free

11. Euroclix

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.5 million
  • Earnings / Survey: up to 6 euros 
  • Register now for free

12. Global Test Market

earn money reading emails
  • Members:3 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 6 euros 
  • Register now for free

13. i-Say

earn money reading emails
  • Members:2.2 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 3 euros 
  • register now for free

14. Swagbucks

earn money reading emails
  • Members:25 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 4 euros 
  • Register now for free

15. Opinion point

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.25 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 3 euros 
  • Register now for free

16. YouGov

earn money reading emails
  • Members:0.3 million
  • Earnings / Survey:up to 2 euros 
  • register now for free

Important Facts – Earning Money Online With Emails

The easiest way to earn extra income on the Internet is to earn money with emails. This variant of home work has existed for over 20 years and is still very popular then and now.

How does it work?

You will receive emails from the providers to earn money online every day containing advertising messages. In every email there is also a link that refers to the advertised website. 

By clicking on the link, you confirm your activity to the provider and you will receive a credit for your user account. 

Depending on the earnings portal, you will receive the credit either immediately or after visiting the advertised website for a few seconds.

With some earning platforms you can set the number of promotional emails received each day, while others send you a certain number of paid emails without your being able to influence this. 

What is Earning Potential for reading emails?

The remuneration per confirmed advertising email also varies from provider to provider and is in a range of 0.5 – 5 cents. 

Since you receive several advertising e-mails in your mailbox every day from every portal to earn money with e-mails, the individual cents add up quickly and thus ensure a small additional income per month.

In addition, you have the opportunity to increase your additional income via the members area or profile area.

Many providers for working from home with e-mails offer you participation in bonus campaigns. 

Bonus campaigns are divided into various categories and encourage you to take various actions. 

The level of remuneration for a bonus campaign depends on the action to be carried out. The more complex the action, the higher the remuneration. 

Area to Pay Attention for reading emails to earn money

Pay attention to the advertising messages while you confirm the emails from your mailbox one after the other. 

Sometimes these are promotions from well-known online shops such as Amazon, Otto or Karstadt. 

The promotional email could contain a voucher or discount code that you can redeem for your next online purchase. Not only can you make money online with paid email, but you can also save money.

Legit Websites for Earning Money Online With Emails

earn money reading emails

There are a lot of websites or portals that offer you the opportunity for earning money online with reading emails.

However, most of the services do not have high-ranking advertising partners and therefore have a smaller budget available with which to pay for the advertising emails. 

As a result, you earn less with such providers, which means that working from home with emails is no longer worthwhile.

Youromail – My Favourite website to earn money by reading emails

youromail.com has been earning money with emails for many years and has extensive experience in this area. 

Member Benefits of Youromail

  • FREE to Join!
  • Get Paid to Read Emails
  • All emails between 0.25 and 2 cents!
  • Earn up to $1 per Free Signup!
  • Earn Points for Free Advertising!!
  • International Members Welcome
  • No Activity needed To earn Referral Earnings! (Only click 1 link each 30 days to stay active)
  • Use your Cash and points for advertising!!
  • YouRoMail.com is an ad only website!!
  • 2 Cent Per Level 1 Referral!
  • 6 Referral Levels
  • Level 1 = 10% – Level 2 = 5%
  • 3 Level =   5% – Level 4 =   3%
  • Level 5 =   2% – Level 6 =   1%

We therefore only recommend earning portals that enable you to earn an above-average income in this sector. 

Our criteria also include that all of the above providers provide helpful support and process payment requests on time.

In the following we introduce you to reputable and established providers for earning money with emails. 

List of websites to earn money for reading emails










More Websites for reading emails to make money

You can find more providers for earning money with emails including payment receipts and background information on our recommended partner site AdiCeltic.de:

Click on the respective banner to receive detailed information about the earnings portal and then to register with it.

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