How To Make Money With Videos Online

How To Make Money With Videos Online

With the advent of the Internet, the world began to change at a rapid pace. And more and more often we are wondering how to make money with videos.

After all, people have more opportunities for self-development and effective earnings. Social networks are actively developing.

Now you can not only have fun, but also earn income. We will tell you how you can make money on video .

The most famous platforms for making money are YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. Before making a profit, you need to spend a lot of time, effort and patience.

Good advertisers won’t show up overnight. You need to work fruitfully in order to earn authority.

In this article we will see the possibilities make money with videos via YouTube and YouTube Channel.

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YouTube Channel Earning from Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting sites in the world. Where it is quite possible to make money on a good video.

YouTube ranked second in terms of the number of visitors. Every day millions of people watch videos on this site.

Some are looking for educational videos, others prefer entertaining content. Some analyzing the information and many are wondering how to make money on videos.

After all, you can not only watch other people’s videos, but also upload your own videos.

The site provides many opportunities for businessmen, singers, artists to advertise their goods and services for free.

To do this, it is enough to post thematic videos filled with interesting information for the viewer.

In addition, YouTube pays for ad views . Everyone has the opportunity to earn money.

Having decided to become a blogger, you need to understand that there is huge competition on YouTube.

For example, 400 new videos appear on the website in one minute.

How much does YouTube pay for videos

Channel revenue depends on the country for which the content is being created.

The language of presentation is important. For 1000 views, a blogger with an English-speaking audience receives $ 7.60.

In the CIS countries $ 3. By gaining views, each video will generate income for years.

Popular YouTubers can earn millions of dollars a year from watching content.

The profitability of the channel depends on the chosen niche, material supply, and the quality of shooting.

Authors who regularly update the channel with new videos earn the most.

YouTubers quickly generate income in the following segments:

  • entertainment;
  • celebrity gossip;
  • news; cars;
  • let’s play;
  • life hacks;
  • makeup.

Such videos are gaining millions of views. Such topics are of interest to many.

To understand how much you can earn from watching videos, there are special Youtube income calculators .

YouTube Monetization

How To Make Money With Videos Online

You can get income from watching videos through advertising. You do not need to search for advertisers on your own.

Everything will be done by YouTube. Thousands of advertisers strive to find their audience on this resource. You just need to connect monetization.

Bloggers who have more than 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of views in the last 12 months can make money from watching videos.

It is not recommended to artificially cheat indicators. YouTube is actively fighting offenders, and may even block the channel for such actions.

When the required number of views and subscribers is reached, monetization can be enabled through the application in the Creative Studio.

Customize the ad format, designate when it will appear: at the beginning, in the middle, at the end of the video.

For more information on ad formats, see YouTube help. If the content does not comply with the rules, the administration may reject the application for monetization.

Affiliate Links Promotion to make money with YouTube videos.

Partner with online retailers and manufacturers who are willing to pay money to acquire customers.

Promotion of affiliate links is another income option from YouTube video hosting.

Consists of the following steps.

  • You advertise the customer’s products.
  • An interested viewer follows the link to purchase the product.
  • In case of a successful transaction, you receive a commission on every purchase.

To improve sales, place links at the beginning of the description and promote the product in the video.

However, don’t overuse ads. Integrate customers’ products if they look harmonious in the content scenario.

It is important not to spoil your reputation and advertise worthy products. After all, viewers trust you.

Subscribers for whom you are a trusted resource will follow these links. If the product interests them, they will make a purchase.

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Donations Links with YouTube Videos to make money with it

Most bloggers leave a link to donations under video content. This is a voluntary donation from users for the content provided.

Promotes the development of the channel. As long as the videos are interesting and useful, viewers reward the author generously for his work.

The blogger can indicate for what purpose he collects donations. But it may not indicate.

Often, the authors use the funds received to purchase equipment, pay for the costs of creating video material.

Viewers often donate during live broadcasts. They ask questions and get paid for it.

The author can specify the minimum donation amount. Better to keep it low so that more users can send money. For large translations, you can install soundtracks.

This encourages other viewers to donate money to attract attention and thus advertise the channel. YouTube takes a certain percentage of donations for itself.

What Videos can be uploaded

How To Make Money With Videos Online

You can shoot and post absolutely anything that does not contradict the YouTube rules.

First you need to create a channel and fill it with content. Decide on the topic. Shoot what you like best.

Most Popular Topics:

  • unpacking a product (children’s toys, smartphones, tablets);
  • review of purchases from aliexpress; travel (review of hotels, attractions, excursions, customs of other nations);
  • training in drawing, knitting, sewing clothes;
  • Learning foreign languages;
  • DIY repair;
  • fishing;
  • growing agricultural plants;
  • Computer techologies;
  • music, singing;
  • cooking (step-by-step instructions for preparing different dishes);
  • humor (entertainment stories, funny pranks, anecdotes); animals (buying pet supplies, unusual pet behavior, training secrets);
  • animation, stories with fictional characters, cartoons.

Topics can be very different.

What videos can not be posted on YouTube

YouTube is concerned about the safety of viewers. It prohibits the posting of content that could induce people to commit dangerous or illegal actions that could be harmful to health.

Videos with elements of cruelty and violence are prohibited. You can not post materials teaching hacking, instructions for robbery and fraud.

Content about drug use and manufacture is inadmissible. It is forbidden to publish false information about coronavirus infection.

This is not a complete list of prohibited material. For more information, see YouTube help.

If you suspect that your video may violate site rules. It is best not to post it.

Content that does not comply with the rules of the site is deleted by the administration.

A notification will be sent to the author’s mail explaining which rules were violated.

After three warnings, the channel will be blocked. If the author does not agree with the decision, he can appeal.

Copyright Videos

Some bloggers upload other people’s videos to YouTube. In this case, the copyright holder can file a complaint and even go to court.

As a result, the administration will block the channel, the author will lose his earnings on the video .

If the reputation is damaged, monetization can be disabled for six months with limited channel functions.

If the issue is resolved in court, then the offender faces a fine or imprisonment for a term of several years.

Pay attention to the video you download. Some videos can be used without risk, while others get banned.

If you receive a message about copyright infringement, it is better to delete the video or the matching fragments.

The copyright belongs to the owner of the video, music, text. And it’s better not to use the content of other authors, create original stories.

How to start filming vides to make money

How To Make Money With Videos Online

Many people want to build a blogging career. We have already studied the information on how to make money on videos. But they face many obstacles:

  • afraid to show themselves on camera;
  • shy about their appearance;
  • don’t like the voice;
  • cannot clearly formulate a thought;
  • do poorly installation;
  • there is no appropriate equipment for shooting.

All this is nonsense compared to how much money you can get from watching videos .

Even a schoolboy, student, pensioner can start. The main thing is that there is a great desire, a video camera or smartphone, the Internet.

It’s hard to find a free niche now. But you can become the best in any existing niche.

Demand and achieve the impossible. Fight your fears. Shoot videos, hone your skills.

You will get better and better each time. You can take pictures of yourself, discuss interesting events, express your opinion. Each blogger has his own audience.

Equipment for shooting or filming vidoes

Consider the basic equipment for a budding blogger. Photos and videos are key pieces of content. Therefore, shooting equipment plays an important role. Good quality footage is shot with an action camera.

But if the budget does not allow purchasing such equipment, you can shoot with a smartphone.

It’s important to pay attention to the sound. It must be at a high level throughout the entire video.

To do this, you should buy a microphone. Wireless costs more. It is convenient for dynamic shooting.

A budding blogger can purchase a budget lapel. And then, as the channel develops, buy the necessary equipment.

A tripod is an indispensable accessory for a video blogger. The equipment will allow you to fix your smartphone or camera in one position.

The video will be shot with high quality, without jitter. For studio shooting, it is important to have professional light – ring lamps, softboxes, LED spotlights, LED lighting.

How to increase the numbers of subscribers for YouTube

Send links to your channel to friends, acquaintances and relatives. Most of them will subscribe and like.

The number of likes does not affect income. But they help in promoting the channel.

The more likes, the more the likelihood of getting into recommendations increases. Leave comments under the videos of other bloggers.

Interestingly expressed thoughts will attract some of the audience to your channel. Write in the comments a promotional text with a brief description of your content.

It will also attract a certain percentage of viewers. Promote your channel on social media.

Appropriate promotion will help you attract new subscribers. The main thing is that the content is valuable and interesting for viewers.

Shoot a collaboration with other bloggers. This way you will advertise your channels.

Mutual publicity is beneficial for both parties. Direct advertising of your channel in the videos of famous bloggers will also be effective.

YouTube Channel development

Allocate money to develop your channel. The costs will pay off over time. YouTube offers many advertising options:

  • sponsorship cards;
  • pop-up messages;
  • banners, etc.

Analyze your competitors’ channels. Work to improve your videos. Plan your script ahead of time.

Make a plan. Keep changes until you get the desired result. Make the beginning of your video interesting to keep the viewer engaged.

Create the most attractive cover. The preview determines whether the viewers want to open and watch the video .

Pay attention to the end screen saver. In it, you can invite viewers to watch the next video or motivate them to subscribe.

Optimize your content for search. Make headlines with keywords. Add subtitles to your video and meta tags.

Tags will help you rank better. Insert keys in the first 25 words. Making money on video takes hard work.

Interaction with audience

Offer followers likes and better comments. Arrange prize drawings, contests. Do charity work.

These actions increase channel activity and show audience engagement. Answer audience questions.

Go live. Start streaming. Post polls. Ask your viewers what they like. This will help determine the theme of the new video.

The content must meet the expectations of the audience. Subscribers can choose one of the proposed options or add their own.

Share Gif images through messages in the community. This will be additional entertainment for subscribers.

Encourage viewers to repost and click the bell. Be active. If you want to be successful, don’t sit back.

Video editing requires attention and perseverance. Promotes the creation of quality content.

The developers have released a large number of video editing programs. With their help, you can do several manipulations:

  • cut off excess;
  • glue the fragments;
  • create a transition during a frame change;
  • insert music;
  • remove extraneous sounds;
  • adjust the volume level;
  • add special effects;
  • create animation;
  • speed up / slow down the frame;
  • replace the background;
  • write text;
  • do color correction, etc.

Editing programs are simple and complex, paid and free. It is better for a beginner to choose an easier option.

In the free version and gradually move on to a difficult level. You can use the demo version of paid programs.

How to edit video for YouTube

First, select the program in which you plan to edit the video. Upload your footage to a video editor.

Pick up a list of music files and add them. Group similar episodes. In order not to get confused in the future, sign them.

You can always add new material to the created project, if the need arises.

First, select the program in which you plan to edit the video. Upload your footage to a video editor.

Pick up a list of music files and add them. Group similar episodes. In order not to get confused in the future, sign them.

You can always add new material to the created project, if the need arises.

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To make the video look boring, insert frames from different shooting angles.

Changing angles should look natural. Delete frames that do not contain useful information.

Feel free to cut out the parts you don’t like. The material should be informative for the viewer and easy to understand.

Merge the selected frames. Work with sound. Save the finished video. Review the video several times. If everything suits you, upload it to YouTube.

Video editing as a way to make money online

The ability to edit videos will be useful not only for the development of your channel. It will also become an additional source of income.

You will master a creative and interesting profession. Read on how to make money on video editing.

Video editing is ordered by private clients. The work consists in editing video footage of children’s and family holidays, weddings, corporate events, travel.

Basically, customers do not require professional execution. Even a novice editor who is familiar with working in a video editor can edit a video.

Video bloggers order video editing. They can become regular customers. Indeed, for the channel to grow, videos need to be uploaded regularly.

Both professional and non-professional installation may be required. Video editing is ordered by the creators of films, clips, presentations.

They are demanding on quality. Newbies are usually not collaborated with.

How to master the profession of video editing

The profession of a video editor requires creativity, perseverance, and attention to detail.

Creative thinking will help you stand out from the rest and earn more. There are many training videos on the Internet.

There are paid programs and free ones. Modern video editors allow you to create real masterpieces.

You can learn quickly if you want. The main thing is to love the business you are doing, then the work will be a pleasure.

With experience and examples of work, editors make good money on the Internet.

You can work remotely, take orders or create your own videos for sale. The work is not tied to a specific place.

The main thing is to have at hand a powerful computer, high speed Internet, video processing software.

The price for installation services is determined by the complexity of the work and the time spent. How much you earn depends only on your diligence and professionalism .

Client search for video editing profession

Now you know how to make money on video editing. Let’s move on to finding clients.

Customers can be found on social networks. Place your ad in thematic groups and on your personal page.

Create a beautiful portfolio with examples of work. Register on freelance sites.

At first, orders will be simple, low-paid. But as the rating increases, serious customers will pay attention to you.

Offer services on message boards. Communicate on active forums, leave your data.

Write comments to bloggers with a proposal for video editing. Look for vacancies on job sites.

Create a personal website, post information about yourself. Offer services to acquaintances, relatives, work colleagues, friends.

Conclusions of make money with videos

Now you know how you can make money with videos. Let’s summarize. There are several ways to generate income:

  • earnings from viewing ads by viewers;
  • sale of goods through affiliate links;
  • donations from subscribers;
  • video ad placement;
  • earnings on video editing;
  • receiving donations.

To get more profit, you can use all of the above methods. Together, they provide a good income.

Earning money on YouTube is available to everyone. It’s never too late to start .

Develop, think, be creative, fill the channel with content, improve the quality of the video material.

Get inspired by browsing the channels of successful bloggers. Work on getting your videos to the top.

Strive to be the best among the competition. And over time, the work will pay off.

You will not be able to get rich quickly; it will take time to promote. The main thing is to set a goal.

Star work confidently go towards it and overcoming obstacles on the way toto make money with videos

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