How to Make Money on Freelancing : Step by Step Instructions

How to Make Money on Freelancing: Step by Step Instructions

Let’s consider whether it is possible to make money on freelancing on the Internet if you don’t know how. We give you step-by-step knowledge of how to start working and get good money. After all, with the advent of the Internet, a whole world of remote vacancies has opened up, and everyone can find a job to their liking.

Freelancing is an alternative to standard office work usually we work. In freelancing, you work for customers, but you are your own boss.

How to make money on freelancing as a beginner

If you have an Internet connection, any beginner can easily make money. The main thing is to follow the basic rules and the instructions. 

You shouldn’t dream of large sums at the first stage, but it may be enough to pay some bills. As the experience increases, the earning will increase. The most important thing is to be motivated and to act on your own.

To make money for a beginner on freelancing, you should study the step-by-step instructions. 

A beginner freelancer needs:
  1. Purchase a computer and Internet. A freelancer’s workplace is a computer monitor. It is worth developing the habit of working independently and not being distracted by unnecessary things.
  2. Create electronic wallets for withdrawing money from freelancing job sites. Not every platform provides an opportunity to withdraw funds to a bank card.
  3. Set up the necessary work programs depending on field of activity which you chosen. For example, for copywriters it is Word, for designers – Photoshop and so on.
  4. Create a work account. To communicate with customers, you need an official profile with at least a few works for an illustrative example. A profile is a resume and a business card for a potential employer.
  5. Select the desired area. A beginner freelancer needs to decide on the activity in which he would like to develop. To do this, choose the most interesting and suitable for development from the list of in-demand professions.

If you approach the issue with serious intentions, then you can achieve great success and a good salary. Having understood how to make money on freelancing and take the first order, you can become a professional without any problems.

These days, remote vacancies are gaining momentum. For example , here is the TOP Internet professions for remote work. Knowledgeable experts in their field are always required. 

There is no clear answer that how much you can earn on freelancing. It all depends only on diligence and ability. It is safe to say that with a serious approach.

You can get more than the average salary in your country. The main thing is to find yourself and be confident in your abilities.

How to make money on the Internet: who are freelancers

Every remote worker wants to know how to make money freelancing. There are many ways to make money on the Internet. 

You just need to understand what to expect from this or that work. Whether it’s just a short-term small income for expenses. It could be lifelong business and a good profit. It is worth starting from your desires, aspirations and skills.

How to Make Money on Freelancing: Step by Step Instructions

Freelancing is a fairly promising business, if you approach it wisely. Freelancers are remote employees looking for customers and jobs on their own. 

In other words, this is the name for people who work from home. A person himself plans the daily routine. He absolutely does not depend on the boss and work colleagues.

A remote worker can be a person who does not have a specific skill. Nowadays, you can learn anything and achieve earnings on freelancing, if there is a desire for this.

How to make money freelancing: 5 steps for beginners

In order to start making money on freelance, you need to listen to yourself. You must understand what you really want to do. After all, it is unlikely that it will be possible to develop constructively in the direction in which there will be no interest. 

There are 5 steps that every aspiring freelancer must and should follow.

Step 1

The first step is to determine the direction of work or job. There are some of the most in-demand activities:

  • Designer (artist, web designer)
  • Text specialist (copywriter, rewriter, translator, editor, etc.)
  • Work with video and audio-sound (transcription, text scoring, etc.)
  • IT – sphere (website development, games, programmer, etc.)
  • Other areas of activity: photographer, marketer, content manager, etc.

To begin with, you need to decide exactly what you want to devote your time to. And in which direction it is better to develop as a specialist. It should be understood that it may take a certain amount of time to master any sphere. If you become master in field , wealth will be much higher.

Step 2

The second step is skill and experience. If you want to achieve good earnings, then perhaps, to gain experience and skill. Sometime you will have to work for free. These can be services for friends or family. 

The main thing is not to stop striving for what you want. Friends and family will help you understand and, possibly, determine the direction. Then you can try to place orders for unfamiliar people for a nominal payment. Feedback will make it clear which area is best to start from.

Step 3

The third step is building the portfolio. Free orders can serve as a layer for the portfolio. It is easier for a novice freelancer to find customers and work, having any examples. 

It is unlikely that anyone would want to contact an anonymous specialist without visual work. The portfolio can be placed on the freelancing sites, on your website, or on social networks.

Step 4

The fourth step is finding potential customers. It is best for beginners to turn their attention to popular freelancing sites with low wages. 

The freelancing platform can bring acquaintance with customers. When you achieve professionalism, then customers will already be looking for a connection with you. 

The main rule of freelancing is that first you need to work for experience and reputation, even for little money. And then these experiences will work for you, bringing in excellent income.

Step 5

The fifth step is going to the next level. This means that it is not necessary to sit on freelancing platform for a long time. 

Having gained experience and reputation, you can go free sailing. However, even on the platform, having a high reputation and reviews, you can already get good money. 

Many customers will be happy to place an order for you. Having gained knowledge, experience and customers, you can expand the boundaries of your job search:

  1. Create your own website or blog. Having received a lot of visitors and responses, you can monetize the profit from projects.
  2. Create an agency. Learn to profitably offer and sell your services. Train people by sharing invaluable experience.
  3. Open an online school. Train people in homework format. This will be a great profit.

If you achieve professionalism in any area. You can get a decent income and do what you love. The main thing is not to give up and only go forward.

How to work freelance correctly

There are several rules for any freelancer. For successful, you need to choose a suitable area. Self-discipline is the strong point of every successful employee. 

Without composure and control, it is difficult to succeed in telecommuting. 

After all, there is no boss and no schedule to control the work process. Success and earnings depend on only one person – you. A remote employee has no income limit, the amount of money earned depends only on him.

Top 5 freelance job exchanges

The choice of a freelancing platform should be taken very seriously. When choosing, you need to be based on your skills. Top freelancing platforms:

  1. is a wide platform for job search. The exchange is very popular across the globe. It has over 1+ million users in different countries. Employees in the IT field will be able to find jobs to their liking. You can find large and well-paid jobs for an advertiser, designer, website development specialist, etc.
  2. Upwork is considered the most successful exchange for a beginner. The site has diverse projects in different directions. Thanks to the attentive administration, every newcomer will be able to safely cooperate with the employer.
  3. is the oldest and most popular platform. It will be easy for a beginner to work with. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and a large flow of orders. A freelancer will be able to quickly fill his hand and become a professional copywriter. Almost every order has a tender system. This means that several candidates submit a job application, and the customer chooses whom to give the order to.
  4. Yandex.Toloka is also one of the oldest platforms for remote work. Nice interface and a large number of orders. On it you can find a diverse job and try yourself in different fields. 
  5. is another decent freelancing platform. It is one of the most popular today. On it you can take an order for copywriting or rewriting. There is a tender system between customers. On it, you can sell your own article for good money.

Choosing a suitable platform, you should not immediately hope for a large flow of orders. Successful work requires a good reputation, rating and reviews. The number of customers and the cost of completing tasks will depend on the skill level.

How to become a successful freelancer

A successful freelancer is a lot of work. There are a few basic rules for figuring out how to make money freelancing and maximize your productivity.


Discipline is the basic rule for a successful freelance career. Self-discipline includes a daily routine, a schedule, adherence to deadlines. In the event of a delay , you must warn the customer, respect your working hours and his.

Good Health

Productive freelancing is impossible without good health. It is about both physical and mental state. You need to monitor your emotions to avoid burnout. In case of fatigue, it is better to take a break and gain strength than to burn out to work.

Maintain Scheduling

A successful employee has an individual schedule. After all, he no longer depends on the rules of the company and the boss. Some are productive in the morning, some at night. Once you’ve identified a convenient schedule, it’s best to stick to it to build a habit.

Well-organized workplace

A well-organized workplace helps to be productive. The atmosphere should be completely comfortable. It is not a bad idea to get comfortable equipment, including a table and a chair. The place does not have to be an apartment. The main thing is that the place gives inspiration.

Good Communication

To become a successful freelancer, you need to have excellent communication skills. You need to be able to sell your work and negotiate with the client. Good communication is the key to successful freelancing.

Work Quality

In your work, you need to rely on quality. In freelancing, you can’t just sit back and dump work on a colleague. The success of any freelancer depends on the professional level.

Financial Backup

A successful freelancer must have their own airbag. Freelancing does not promise financial stability. So it is definitely worth having a set of money deferred.

Professional skills

An important rule is to improve professional skills. We are talking about literature, courses, trainings, etc. With constant self-improvement, success will not take long.

Top 10 Most In-Demand Freelancing Jobs to Make Money

If you have not decided on a specific activity, then there is a list of vacancies that allow a beginner to earn money without experience and skills:

  1. Writing reviews or filling the forum. There are exchanges that pay for writing reviews. It is unlikely that you can earn a lot on social promotion exchanges, but it will definitely be enough for small expenses. This method is suitable for those who need money right away and without training.
  2. Earnings on games. With the help of a promoted account, you can sell goods and items.
  3. Performing work for students. If writing a term paper or an essay is not a big deal, then earning money on completing student assignments will be an excellent solution. In this direction, you can achieve great success and good income.
  4. Executing tasks on the Yandex. Toloka. Making money on it is popular among beginners. By completing regular simple tasks, you can get an extra penny without much effort.
  5. Cold and hot calls. Working as an operator does not require special knowledge and skills, however, it can bring good money.
  6. Copywriting. Simple copywriting does not require deep knowledge if you are highly literate. Initial activity is unlikely to bring mountains of gold, however, as you gain experience, the reward will grow.
  7. Selling articles. Another good way for a beginner to earn money if he has a good knowledge of the Russian language.
  8. Performing elementary tasks for social promotion. This includes tasks on the exchange, where customers pay for tasks of the “like” or “repost” type. You can’t make big money on such orders, but little is better than nothing.
  9. Questionnaires or polls. Different companies are ready to pay for surveys where people express their personal opinion about any product or service.
  10. Transcription. These are tasks where you need to translate audio or video files by ear. It is a demanded service that also does not require a specific skill, except for fast typing.


It is worth saying that such work does not require any investment at all. Anyone can make money, from a schoolboy to a woman on maternity leave. 

It all depends on the desire and the required amount of money. It should be said that such activity does not require any investment at all. 

Anyone can make money, from a schoolboy to a woman on maternity leave. It all depends on the desire and the required amount of money.

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