10 sites to make money on Twitter for subscribing, tweet and publish a post

Like other social network sites, Twitter is now used not only for its intended purpose but also to make money. Twitter is one of the biggest Internet ventures in the world, raising over $ 1.5 billion in sales per year.

The Twitter site has over 200 million users, with a significant number of rich and solvent people. As a result, you can earn money on Twitter by participating in some income-generating operation or by using promotion services.

Is it possible to make money from your Twitter account? Yes, it is possible as there are a large number of readers. The most effective way to make money on Twitter is to place advertisements. It will be seen by a large number of people.

But the question is, where to find advertisers willing to pay for services?

Sending deals to corporate email addresses is a good idea. Such a action is unlikely to be rational. There are already available sites on the Internet with a large number of advertisers who want to promote their sites using social media.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten projects or sites that will help you make money on your Twitter account.

List of Top 10 sites to make money on Twitter


sites to make money on Twitter

The VKTARGET is an advertising site engaged in posting information on all social networks. You will earn money here by doing things like subscribing, retweeting, and publishing an article.

You need to copy the text suggested in the assignment and paste it into your own Twitter account. Then verify the tasks which you completed. You can’t reverse any acts you’ve done, erase documents or anything else after you’ve earned payment.

There is an opportunity to profit from referrals. Share your link, once anyone joins via the link you will get 15% of the income generated by the referral.

  • Action cost: from 0.01 $
  • Number of tasks: a lot, and are added during the day
  • Minimum salary: 0.50 $

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sites to make money on Twitter

The website Forumok is a “posting exchange” site. Here, Twitter users can make money for tweeting and retweeting.

Moreover, Forumok is a microtask exchange for supporting Instagram, VK, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube platforms, as well as blogs, brands, groups, and accounts. Thousands of performers would immediately react to your proposal by subscribing, reposting, tweeting, loving, and spreading the connection via forums, among other things.

You will be paid for forum articles, reposts, subscriptions, feedback, votes, tweets and retweets, viewing and rating videos on YouTube, and sharing links on your blog as part of the program.

On the Forumok website, you can make money with tweets. You can make 30 tweets in a day. Your account must have 100 followers. If you delete the task after completing it, there are penalties for it.

  • Earning Per Action: from 2 rubles
  • Number of tasks: not very many, but rarely added
  • Minimum withdrawal: 200 rubles

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sites to make money on Twitter

Several interesting ways to make money on Twitter are available via the well-known service site Blogun. So, if an account has a lot of followers and posts get a lot of retweets, you can put an advertiser’s ad here.

Another choice is to use the context of your Twitter account, i.e. the header, to view paid advertisements. Another method is to display advertisements when users click on links in the account owner’s tweets. The prices on “Blogun” are very high.

As a result, a tweet costs at least 15 rubles. The owners of “promoted” microblogs can be paying even more (and much more). A person who is well-known in a specific field and has his own Twitter blog can make a lot of money. In general, the Blogun service provides a wide variety of options for earning money via social media.

  • Earning Per Action: from 15 rubles
  • Number of tasks: there are many tasks, but to complete them you need a promoted account
  • Minimum withdrawal: 1000 rubles

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sites to make money on Twitter

RotaPost site helps advertisers to buy blog and Twitter ads. Here publishers and microblogging owners can make money on advertising. First, you need to add a site or blog to the system. And then indicate the price for which the owner is ready to complete tasks.

There is a setting called “Bargaining is feasible,” which requires you to accept tasks at the advertiser’s price.

The finished result’s page address is copied into a special section and submitted to the customer for approval. Payment is transferred if all is in order.

Every day, tens of thousands of new activities are added to the system.
Choose the best applications from the ones you’ve got.

You can make money on both a pumped and trusted platform and a new blog. You can withdraw any amount of money you receive starting at 100 rubles.

  • Earning Per Action: from 5 rubles
  • Number of tasks: many, but advertisers themselves decide whether to place ads in your account or not
  • Minimum withdrawal: 100 rubles

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sites to make money on Twitter

QComment is one of the best sites to make money online on Twitter. This is site running for 5 years. Comment and review are the main function or tasks on the site. If you want to join the system, a test will be held to determine the level of literacy of the user.

In addition to posting, having a Twitter account you can earn money for retweets of a Twitter post. The writers of the exchange are ranked from first (lowest) to fifth (highest). The author has more costly tasks available as his or her rank rises.

By doing the below activities, you can make money:

  • Earn money by leaving comments on materials on websites.
  • Make money by talking on message boards.
  • By leaving likes and reposts, you can make money.
  • You can make money by watching videos.

  • Earning Per Action: from 2 rubles
  • Number of tasks: not very many
  • Minimum withdrawal: 100 rubles

The minimum amount for replenishment is 10 RUB or 1 USD. For withdrawal – 100 RUB or 1 USD.

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Advertisers may use the SocialTools website to create brand loyalty using technology. Messages are not ads, but friendly suggestions, the transmission of their own experience using the advertiser’s products or services.

To make money on your Twitter account, you need to fill out profile information on the site such as an address, age, interests, etc. After that, you need to add your social media accounts. They are moderated. Then the participant will be able to take for work those orders that are available for him.

  • Earning Per Action: from 2 rubles
  • Number of tasks: few
  • Minimum withdrawal: 15 rubles

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CashBox is a site for promoting websites in social networks, collecting reviews for goods and services, and getting subscribers to groups. It allows you to make money on Twitter by sharing, retweeting, and subscribing. When you click on a task button, the site redirects you to a page where you must complete the appropriate action.

Typically, the site works exclusively with the WebMoney payment system. Participants of this system do not need to register for CashBox, but they can immediately start searching for tasks.

  • Earning Per Action: from 0.30 rubles
  • Number of tasks: very few
  • Minimum withdrawal: no

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The ProfitTask is a 4-year-old site. You can make money on Twitter by using this site for completing some short tasks.

You can earn money using the site by downloading a special program for this called mobile earning. The amount paid for completed tasks on the platform is determined by the performer’s ranking and the total number of tasks completed. ProfitTask’s ability to operate from mobile devices is a standout feature; a dedicated app is available for this.

For Twitter accounts, you can earn money by sharing a connection, publishing a message, retweeting, or adding followers. Every job costs between 1-3 rubles, depending on the form.

  • Earning Per Action: from 1 ruble
  • Number of tasks: many
  • Minimum withdrawal: 15 rubles

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This site was not created to make money, but rather to promote your Twitter account. Once you have enough followers then monetize it.

The SocLike project promotes profiles in social networks and communities, on YouTube channels, etc. 

With regard to earnings, the system offers a profitable affiliate program. It pays 5% of the income from advertising customers who came through referral links. You will earn 20% in case of direct attraction of a new client. The program is multi-level. You can build a pyramidal structure that allows you to receive passive income. 

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What not to do with the sites to make money on Twitter

There are few things you can’t do it. They have some rules in order to protect advertisers and increase the quality of our services. Keep in mind that the accounts you’re following are run by people who want active followers in order to increase their following. That’s exactly what all need.

1. Do not use accounts that have been inactive for a long time. Use the same Twitter handle that you use on a regular basis. To ensure that our clients receive active followers, you can use your own active account. We look at the types of accounts you’re using to make sure you’re following our rules.

2. Do not unfollow the people you track. You should not unfollow a Twitter user on your private account after following them on via these sites. This is also tested to ensure that you are following the directions correctly.

3. Do not follow a large number of people on Twitter that you do not like. We suggest that you only follow users who are important to you so that you can participate in their timelines. You may not see all of their posts if you follow hundreds of accounts.

4. Do not follow so many Twitter users for this other reason. Following so many accounts might make twitter flag your account as a spam account.


In general, there are several ways to make money on Twitter other than the above sites. You may find the most suitable choice for yourself. I personally making money with online microtasks together with Twitter. It is not much more, but at least I am earning something.

10 short tasks to help you to make quick money online in one day

  1. Clickworker
  2. Yandex Toloka
  3. Mircoworkers
  4. Rapid workers
  5. Google Opinion Rewards
  6. Paid Surveys sites
  7. Beermoney Forum
  8. Jobboy
  9. OneSpace
  10. Typing Jobs ( Captcha Typing Work)

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