Best Online Jobs From Home for You

Working from home is an easy way to make money from home and every one dreamed to do these jobs online. These job is becoming increasingly popular. 

There are many reasons why you want to earn money working from home: you have small children, live abroad or just want to earn money from home on the side. 

Due to technology and advancing digitization, internet is full of many jobs that can be done at home. We’ll show you the best sources of income sites working online from home and how much you can earn with what.

11 Best Online Jobs From Home for you

Market Research Job

One of the easiest and best online jobs to work from home is market research through online surveys. Registration is free on the portals with just a few clicks and start working from home straight away.

Surveys help companies, opinion polls and retailers to better tailor their offers to customers. That is why they there is a large area of ​​home work as a market research.

  • Your job:
    In this job you have to answer surveys while working from home with a little patience and time. On average, a survey takes five minutes to half an hour. If the providers have a survey that match with for your profile information, you will be invited to participate in the survey. Fill out the survey and complete it, in return you will receive money or rewards.
  • Skills you need:
    You don’t need any special skills or training to answer surveys. Only important is complete your profile with correct information with the survey companies in order to receive surveys that also suit you.
  • What you can earn:
    The compensation per survey is very different and depends on the provider and the length of the survey. They range from 1 euro to 15 euros and more. You can earn approximately 200-400 euros per month if you are active with many survey companies and take part in surveys regularly.
  • How to become a participant:
    Register with different survey companies to receive as many surveys as possible. The best known and best platforms include:

Registration is usually done within a few minutes. Fill out your profile with the providers as completely as possible and you will receive the first surveys very soon. More information about making money with surveys.

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Usability tests: Website or Apps Tester Job

Do you already know the work of a usability tester? This is an easy online job from home. As a potential user, you should help companies understand where and how websites, software or apps can be improved.

  • Your job:
    With their software or their offerings, companies naturally want to be helpful to their customers. If someone’s use is not right and consumers are dissatisfied, then no company will benefit. This is where you enter. You check where improvements can still be made and let companies know.
  • Skills You need
    You need to be familiar with the programs and software and have the right conditions at home to be able to use the programs perfectly.
  • You can earn that:
    The tests themselves are very complex, so the compensation for the testers is quite high. 25 to 80 euros per test is quite common. Depending on the platform, you can earn up to three digits per month if you opt for multiple tests.
  • How to become a participant:
    To become a participant in the usability tests, it is best to register with several platforms that provide these tests. This includes:

Sign up to and testers hero and earn above-average money with web page and app testing. >> Participate now with legit tester!

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Micro Task Job

A micro-job is a online jobs from home which you can performs small tasks from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Probably the most popular portal for micro jobs is Click Worker with millions of members. Become a Clickworker and Earn Money as a Clickworker – $100 in a month

  • Your job:
    You do small things like internet research, text writing, photography of things in the supermarket or something like that. Things are done very quickly and can be done at any time. Previous knowledge is usually not required.
  • Skills you need:
    No previous knowledge required.
  • What you can earn:  0.50 to 5 euros per order. We talked to micro employees who earn up to 500 euros a month with it. But for that you have to be on the ball every day. 

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Product Tester Job

It’s also a kind of online job from home that you can easily do. Product testers are especially important for companies because quality improves before they launch. Product testing is very well paid sector.

  • Your job:
    As a product tester, you have to test products that are not yet on the market and give your opinion to the company or manufacturer. You will usually be given a list to fill out. Sometimes you test products that are already ready for the market and then drop the rating (like on Amazon).
  • Skills you need:
    As with surveys, there is no knowledge required for product testers. You should be prepared to rate the product and submit your review within the required time. Of course, you can also reject the product. However, the more reliable you are, the greater the choice of test products.
  • What you can earn:
    It depends on the supplier and the product. Earnings vary between a few euros and can sometimes be in the three-digit range if it is a product that has been tested for a long time. Also, you can usually keep the product.
  • How to become a participant:
    There are many portals where you can register as a product tester. Here, too, the following applies: The more portals you register with, the more likely you are to have multiple tests. However, there will also be chaos in some products. Some of the leading portals where you can become a product tester are:

Sign up to Lutendo , testers hero , I-Say and and Toluna and earn good money there than average with product testing and website testing.

Copywriter or translator

If you have a training as a translator and good in any other language, then you can work online this jobs from home as a copywriter or translator.

Being a Copywriter or translator you will have a good chance of optimal earnings.

  • Your job:
    As a copywriter, you will be hired by companies to write texts for the website, flyers or cover letters. You may to write e-books or even develop slogans. As a translator, you will receive texts or books that have to be transferred into a specific language which you know.
  • Skills you need:
    As a copywriter, you need excellent knowledge of expression, spelling and grammar. Most clients do not expect training. As a translator, it is good if you can show that you have received training in the field. If you are a native speaker of a popular language that is often used for translations.
  • What you can earn:
    It depends on the assignment. You will be paid per word or at a flat rate. You can set the hourly wage yourself, but should be based on the market. Usually rate is 2 and 6 cents per word or a per word basis. With a high side it can go up to 10 cents.
  • How to become a homework copywriter:
    There are several ways to get started in this field. Check out these websites to get hired quickly.

Virtual assistant

First become a virtual assistant and start working online jobs from home. Virtual assistant requirement is in demand and companies are hiring.

  • Your job:
    A virtual assistant you takes over tasks for a person so that he can focus on other things. As virtual assistant you work from home or remote not on site. The tasks include making phone calls, making appointments, maintaining data and planning meetings.
  • Skills required:
    Learn some skills which required to do virtual assistant job like Data Collection, Lead Generation, Ms Office and Excel etc.
  • What you can earn:
    There is no fixed hourly rate for the virtual assistant. The hourly rate usually starts at 10 euros. Companies often make the payment how extensive and varied the tasks are.
  • How to become a virtual assistant:
    Get training online by yourself and apply for the virtual assistant job.

Become A Blogger

Thanks to the steadily growing World Wide Web and the world of social media, it is easy and simple for beginners to make money from home. Organize your working hours and the volume of work yourself. And, provided you are very successful, you can make unlimited money.

What do you have to do for it? Share what you love. What gives you a lot of joy and often makes up a large and important part of your life anyway. 

This can be your hobby, a matter close to your heart, a special sport, your child, your pet, your passion for baking and cooking, traveling or your special talent for crocheting cute figures. Today there is almost nothing that is not newsworthy and can find a target group.

It is only important that you have a good command of your talent, your field of knowledge or your hobby. 

And thus impress and captivate your readers so much that they would like to follow you and not get enough of your blog. 

Your followers should feel that you pursue your talent or hobby with a great passion and calling. This is the only way to make your blog posts interesting and make it worthwhile for others to visit your blog again and again.

  • This is your job: Your blog is your passion. You write articles on “your topic”, publish pictures and videos and get people to read, share and comment on your posts. The livelier it gets on a blog, the better it is for business.
  • Skills you need: Most important are your passion for your topic, solid knowledge in this area and the willingness to publish new articles on a regular basis. A certain talent for writing can be an advantage, but it is not the decisive factor. Most blogs these days are created with the free WordPress software and supplemented with free plug-ins (additional modules) if necessary. In addition, a hoster (data center service provider) such as all-incl. required for your blog to go online and be visited by others. To spruce up your blog, you can embed your own images, free or paid images in the public domain. For more advanced bloggers who also want to publish videos and podcasts, video or audio editing programs are then required.
  • What You Can Earn: Initially, you will likely have little or no income from your blog. That is normal. However, this will change quickly with increasing awareness and growing visitor flows. Many bloggers earn several hundred euros per month over time. Others live entirely from blogging. A lot depends on the right target group, the unobtrusive integration of the elements with which you earn your money and your persistence. Email marketing is almost a must for long-term financial success. If your visitors subscribe to your e-mail list, you have the option of writing to them regularly. With interesting information, recommendations and offers. For bloggers in particular, the money is in the list.

How to become a blogger while working from home:

Many people are now dependent on a part-time job or want to earn their money entirely from home. Be it to cover the monthly fixed costs such as rent or to service current loans. To fulfill big or small personal wishes. Or just to enjoy the freedom to work from the comfort of your home.

How about a modern job where you talk about your favorite pastime or area of ​​interest. And which you can operate yourself from home? Become a blogger ! As a blogger, you report regularly on your own website (blog) on ​​your hobby, your talent, your field of knowledge or your passion. And so easily earn your money from home.


Programmers have a knowledge that is especially in demand in today’s world. Developing software is a real challenge and many companies are looking for good employees. It is online jobs from home you can do it as a programmer.

  • This is your job:
    As part of the customer order, you are assigned to check the programming software, applications or IT of the program or company. You can also take courses – online. You also need to be a software tester.
  • These are the skills you need:
    Computer science education is an important prerequisite for taking your potential client seriously and getting a job. Of course, many careers have changed, but they have to prove themselves through their references. This is also an advantage if you have mastered several programming languages   and already have references (including your own projects).
  • What you can earn:
    You have a high value for the company and therefore the earnings of a programmer per hour are at least in the middle double digit range. However, as you offer to work from home you will always come across clients who try to pay you less. Here it is important that you put yourself in the market. In any case, a wage of 50-70 euros per hour is considered normal
  • How to Become a Homework Programmer:
    There are several ways you can get a job as beginner programmer. Apply directly to companies that fit your job profile or look for jobs for freelancers on various job boards. There are some good job boards in the IT sector.

Graphic Designer

Pictorial representations bring your passion to the boil and you always have an idea of ​​how to implement something. As a graphic designer, you can work from home as a freelancer.

  • This is your job:
    You can be used in many different areas. It is only important that it is about images. From advertising to website design to the design of posters and projects, everything is possible.
  • Skills you need:
    Training as a graphic designer is a good basis. You work with specialized programs and are familiar with various forms of processing. Most importantly, you can use your tools correctly and keep an eye on the structure and design. At the end of the day, only the results count.
  • What you can earn:
    If you don’t have much experience, then your hourly wage is even lower if you have already made a name for yourself. Depending on how big the projects are, you can earn between 20 euros (as a beginner) up to 100 euros and more per hour.
  • How to become a graphic designer at home:
    Companies use the job boards to search for a graphic designer. Among other things, it is worth taking a look at:

YouTube, Instagram & Facebook: Social networks

Social networks are very important in people’s daily lives these days and they also offer opportunities to earn money from online jobs from home

  • This is your job:
    Social account such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have millions of users and they can help you make money. You have created one or more accounts – either about yourself (as an influential person) or about a particular topic. For example, you can set up a channel on YouTube that is about education, how to make money online, money making tips and tricks. As the number of followers increases, make collaboration with companies for advertising their product. YouTube also allows ads to be displayed in front of or inside the video. The same thing applies with Facebook and Instagram: the more fans / followers you have, the more companies are willing to book ads with you.
  • Skills you need
    You need a knock to know the latest trends, you need a little technical understanding, and you need to enjoy marketing yourself or different topics. Important: The idea behind your account must be real, otherwise it will be difficult to access.
  • What you can earn:
    People have already become millionaires with YouTube. However, if you are successful, you can earn three to four digits a month. For 1,000 video views, you can usually charge between 1 and 2 euros. For posts on Facebook and Instagram, market prices vary depending on the target group and the number of followers.
  • How to be successful with social networks:
    Sign up with one or more networks, create an account and go yourself. There are many guides online on how to get more followers.

Creating an account with a large number of followers takes time and patience. However, if you stick to it and manage to ignore the crowd, this investment will be worth it.

We recommend a social media cash system and a special Instagram course to promote knowledge in this area. The best way to learn is from people who have successfully built the whole thing.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

✅ Which online jobs from home is recommended without prior knowledge?

If you do not have any special knowledge that will secure you home work (e.g. programming or design), we recommend earning money with surveys, product tests and as an app and software tester. These tasks can be easily carried out from home and do not require any prior knowledge.

Among the best sellers

✅ How much money can I make answering surveys?

Paid surveys can be very lucrative. It is important to register with as many reputable providers as possible, as each individual provider cannot provide every user with new surveys every day. If you earn € 20 per month per provider and register with 5 providers, you can earn a good € 100 per month. In our experience, 200 to 300 euros a month is realistic if you are very active.

Among the best survey providers

✅ How can you make money as a product tester?

There are providers who pay you to test products, apps, and offers. In individual cases, these are only made available free of charge and you can then keep them. Such product tests are usually remunerated with 5 to 100 euros – depending on the scope. You just have to register with the relevant providers and you will be informed about new product tests.

Among the best providers for product testing

✅ How do I recognize dubious or scam providers?

There are also some black sheep in the home work area. You can usually recognize them by the fact that you have to pay in advance. 

Example: screwing a ballpoint pen together. If you have to pay a small amount for the pen parts and the finished pens are supposedly bought back from you at a higher rate, there is something fishy about it. 

No serious employer requires its employees to spend money. As a rule, the homeworkers then stay at their expense and pens.

To the reputable providers

Final note:

Working online jobs from home does not always mean working as a self-employed person or freelancer. 

Do you have any other ideas for a worthwhile home work? Then write us in the comments!

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