Make Money with your Facebook Account

make money with Facebook
make money with Facebook

Is your dream of making money online with your Facebook account? You can make like others people. There are number of options which depends effective use of it.

If you are already active on Facebook and have made the plan that you want to earn money online with the Facebook. Take a closer look at the below option. With the right strategies, this can be a profitable source of income.

What are the options to make money with Facebook?

There are really many ways to make money on Facebook. In this post, we will walk through the possibility of how newcomers can use Facebook Account to make a side income.

Here will be see to make money by Facebook likes and comments, Facebook group and Facebook pages.

We will also learn about Advertising products and services of other companies to make money on Facebook.

Contents of the Post

  1. Sell your Facebook likes & comments
  2. Selling Facebook Pages
  3. Make money with Facebook Groups
  4. More ways to make money with Facebook

Who Can Make Money With Facebook?

Basically anyone can make money with Facebook . Regardless of whether you are a private person, individual entrepreneur or company owner. 

It also doesn’t matter where do you come from. There are hardly any requirements that you have to meet on Facebook. 

To start, you only need a Facebook account, which is the basis of earning opportunities over the Facebook.

Options to make money with Facebook

1. Earn money with Facebook Likes

There are the sponsors who buy likes and on the other hand there are the users who want to earn money with likes. The two parties come together at like agents, who represent the marketplace for this. 

Maybe your heard about that many companies or public figure bought likes for their Facebook page. Likes are very valuable and many people like to pay for them.

How does it works?

There are many providers where you can register and earn money with selling your facebook likes .

Paidlikes and fanslaves are considered the two best among 5 websites to make money with Facebook likes. You can’t go wrong by registering with these platforms. Both stand out from the competition, pay reliably.

You can find a relatively large number of likes which are remunerated with 0.02 – 0.07 euros. So just a few likes are enough to make the quick euro.

Personally, I like the appealing, modern design of Paidlikes and fanslaves. I usually get the highest payment for like with both providers. Time expenditure and income are very fair here.

Key points of both platforms:

Earn money with Facebook
  • Up to 6 cents per like
  • Payout from 5 euros
  • Payout duration: 1-3 days
  • Paypal or bank account
  • Facebook & Youtube
  • 24/7 support
  • 1st ref level = 10%
  • Ref-Rally payout ~ 100 euros

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Earn money with Facebook
  • Up to 7 cents per like
  • Payout from 15 euros
  • Payout duration: max. 3 weeks
  • Bitcoins, Paysafecard, Amazon voucher, Payza and much more.
  • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google +1
  • 1st ref level = 15% | 2nd ref level = 1.5%
  • Ref-Rally payout ~ 1050 euros

Register here for free

How can I sign up Fanslave and Paidlikes?

Registration is free and easy. Just register yourself on the respective platforms and then link your Facebook profile or account. Then you can immediately start earning money with Facebook Likes.

In the meantime, other social networks have been integrated into Paidlikes and Fanslave. 

In addition to Facebook, you can now find Google +1, Twitter and Youtube. So you can also earn money, for example, by watching YouTube videos or subscribing to channels.

You should pay attention to these 4 points

1. You shouldn’t give too many likes a day, otherwise Facebook will block the Like button for a short time . I read somewhere that the aforementioned lock applies from 70 likes. Myself have never made more than 35-40 likes a day. Therefore I cannot say whether the number is correct. I think with around 30-45 likes in one day you are on the safe side.

2. We are in a pocket money segment here. If you are regularly active, you can expect income between 20 – 50 euros per month. This is exactly what you were looking for.

3. Use your real Facebook account. If you create a fake account, you run the risk of the work being in vain and the account being blocked by the likes brokers.

4. With paid likes, every new user is in a restricted mode until the first payout. It is therefore recommended that new users only work up to the payout limit of € 5 and then request a payout. Then you will be activated, receive more campaigns and better remuneration. The first 5 € are therefore the “most difficult”.

2. Sell and Buy Facebook Pages

Everyone has seen a funny video or meme on their Facebook feed. Such posts are shared very often, which makes a lot of people aware of them. 

This in turn leads to the fact that other Facebook users are made aware of the page and subscribe to the page.

Facebook’s algorithm notices this and shows users similar amounts more often. 

In addition, the algorithm works in such a way that Facebook shows people with similar characteristics such posts and the page organically gets more fans or subscribers.

The topic of the Facebook page is almost irrelevant, because there are so many users that you could also address very specific target groups, such as:

  • Cats
  • Astronauts
  • space
  • Astronaut cats in space

When you have reached a certain amount of followers, you can sell such a page. A follower is worth around 2 to 4 cents, depending on the topic of the page. 

Means: If you have 10,000 followers, the value of the page is € 200 to € 400.

Warning: Buying and selling Facebook pages is not allowed according to Facebook guidelines . 

If caught doing this, the site will be closed. Nevertheless, it is common practice on Facebook. Thousands of Facebook pages change hands every day.

3. Earn money with Facebook groups

Earning money with Facebook groups works in a similar way to the Facebook pages. Within seconds, you can create your own Facebook group and start inviting members.

Here in the group you could choose any topic and talk to people about it. But be careful, in order to earn money with Facebook groups, you need sensitivity. 

The number of group members should be around 5,000 before starting monetization. 

In addition, you should only place meaningful advertising. Join high paying offer and earn from group if some one only register through the link.

What potential advertising partners look out for

Potential advertising partners pay attention to the activity of the group members. 

If there is too little interaction in the groups, it will be difficult to find potential business partners who want to advertise in the Facebook group.

Group members can be put off by excessive spam and advertising. As a result, many leave the group and the dynamics of the group decrease.

The quality of the content in the group must be high!

As an admin of a group, you should always make sure that interactions take place. This can be achieved through interesting topics and good care of the group.

The less you allow other members to post promotional emails, the higher the member engagement.

Placing your own advertising (affiliate links) should be helpful. You should also know the product or service being advertised before recommending it. 

Just following the money and posting inappropriate advertising can make it extremely uncomfortable.

How can you monetize a Facebook group?

If you don’t offer your own products or services, you can earn high commissions through affiliate marketing. As already mentioned, the products offered should offer high added value for the group.

4. More ways to make money with Facebook

Sponsored Postings

Many online shops, companies or service providers pay owners of large Facebook pages a lot of money for links or individual posts. To get sponsored postings, you have to have a large fan page.

Facebook for Media: Earn money with your own content on Facebook

Users who create their own content on Facebook are very important to Facebook. 

What has been working on YouTube for years should now also establish itself on Facebook. 

For this purpose, Facebook created the counterpart to Google Adsense. Fanpage owners, or people who create their own videos, now have the opportunity to advertise.

In addition to sustainable payments for partners, Facebook also promises many options for flexible advertising. For example, it is possible to decide for yourself when and how often advertising should be shown in the video.

In addition, the so-called Creator Studio helps you manage the content of your own pages. 

For example, it is possible to publish your postings on a time-controlled basis and view your statistics.

Facebook for Media is also interesting for companies. They can now contact individual site owners and “creators” with whom they would like to work.

Facebook classifieds

Everyone has old stuff lying around that is no longer needed. Facebook classifieds work in a similar way to local classifieds portals. Due to the high number of active users, the sales opportunities for second-hand or used items are very high.

Facebook advertisements

Facebook ads (also called Facebook Ads) is the supreme discipline and you can earn a lot of money with it!This is really not a joke! I know people who use Facebook ads to turn over 100,000 euros a month.

With Facebook ads you can build up enormous reach within a few hours. Of course you have to invest a few euros and get acquainted with the subject.

Service providers use Facebook Ads to advertise their own products or services. However, affiliate marketing professionals use Facebook ads to generate huge sales through Facebook.

Here is a graphic representation of the principle: 

You create several ad combinations and then link them to the desired partner program.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can precisely narrow down the target group. The advertisements are then only displayed for the appropriate target group.

Let us assume that we want to put together a suitable target group for dog training, then one would choose the following targets:

  • Dog owners
  • Fans of Martin Rütter (a well-known dog trainer with his own TV show)
  • Dog training
  • Dog training

But that’s not all! You can make further and / or settings. You can break your target group down very far.


  • Target group only dog ​​owners
    who are interested in …
  • Have dog training

The more you break down the target group, the smaller the target group becomes. But the willingness to buy increases. Facebook is so huge that there are suitable target groups for all areas. Even for dwarf shrimp. So there are no limits to the ideas.


As described in the post above, there are many ways to make money with Facebook. 

It doesn’t matter whether you offer your own products or services or advertise the products of others. If you really want to make money with Facebook, then you can try the above options one by one.

The important thing is to stay tuned! No matter how in any business. Develop your own ideas, make mistakes and gain experience. Nothing happens overnight.

Advantages and disadvantages of earning opportunities on Facebook

  • You can earn money with Facebook even without your own products.
  • No capital investment necessary (except for Facebook Ads)
  • Depending on the affiliate program, you can build up a good little extra income with Facebook
  • Not a real disadvantage, but a fact: Facebook ads are not suitable for complete beginners.

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