20 Best Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives sites for India to Make Money

Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives

If you did not succeed to make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk in India, then try alternatives sites. The aim of this post is to show you how to make money online with Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives sites.

As you know Amazon Mechanical Turk is a micro-tasking site and people use it to make money online. Similarly, you can work with alternatives micro-tasking sites in India.

You will get to know how much Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives sites pay. In addition to sites like mturk, you will understand payment methods for India, and some payment proofs.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) – Present status in India

At present, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) has stopped accepting new workers. Amazon Mechanical Turk says they have enough workers. There will be less work for everybody if more people signed up.

However, I’ve heard from people who say that their application was re-accepted after months of waiting. You may even be accepted if you’re fortunate. If you are not one of them, try working with Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives to make money online.

20 Best  Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives sites for India

Here is the list of Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives. You can work on these sites if you are from India and a non-US country. I found these sites best mturk alternative to get extra cash.

1. Yandex.Toloka

I am from India and working with a micro-task site named Yandex.Toloka. It is a perfect alternatives to the Amazon Mechanical Turk site for India. The methods of performing tasks on this site are the same as Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Yandex.Toloka is an open crowdsourcing platform launched in 2014. On the platform, anyone can perform tasks.

Tasks are usually quite simple and do not require special training to complete them. The amount of earnings for completing a task usually ranges from one to several cents.

Here are some examples of tasks that I was able to figure out while working with Yandex.Toloka.

  • Flip pictures
  • Matching names
  • Are the pictures similar
  • Content Relevance
  • Search for logo/watermarks
  • Clustering
  • Markup of reviews for media and organizations
  • The visual quality of pictures
  • Filtering ads
  • Playable video markup
  • Photo quality
  • The quality of images in ads
  • The presence of video content on the page
  • Evaluating clickbait headlines and insults
  • Moderation of articles
  • Image categories
  • Naturalness in dialogue
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Skrill, and Bank Account
  • Minimum Withdrawal – 0.02$
  • Referral Income – You can promote referral affiliate links to earn extra money.

Based on my work experience, I can say that Yandex.Toloka is similar to mturk microtasking site. You will find plenty of job available with this site.

Payment Proof

Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives

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2. Clickworker

Clickworker is a good crowdsourcing site to work with. This is my second site which I use to make money online from India. It can be also your alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk if you are in India.

Here you are known as Clickworker. Once you join, you need to pass the assessment test for most jobs.

You can make money by performing simple micro-tasks. These tasks could be..

  • text correction.
  • online typing.
  • survey participation.
  • record short video
  • audio transcription.
  • data categorization.

There are over 200,000 Clickworkers. It has a large number of micro-jobs available. You can work on these crowdsourcing jobs after passing the tests.

Simply log in to your account and start your first simple assessment now. Check out our latest project assessments!”

  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Payoneer
  • Minimum Withdrawal – 5$

I suggest you read its FAQ here before you join Clickworker.

Payment Proof

3. MicroWorkers

Microworkers is another micro-task site. It offers micro-jobs to their user to work and earn money. You can join any part of the world including India.

Microworkers could be an alternatives site for India users instead of Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Every day, you will find thousands of micro-jobs on this site.

Most of the tasks you will find on microworkers are linked to website promotion. It means you will be helping employers in microworkers to promote their website

Tasks are very simple and anyone can do it with little knowledge. Yes, if you’re still making money on Mturk, these tasks would be a breeze.

Here are the examples of some micro jobs on MicroWorkers.

  • To Follow someone’s twitter account.
  • Like, Comment and rate YouTube video
  • Creating a Gmail account
  • Registration or Signup on some website
  • Upload a photo on some website etc. etc.

Now you understand how easy it is to make money on MicroWorkers. So, do you believe it’s worthwhile to join MicroWorker in order to earn money?

  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bank Account
  • Minimum Withdrawal –5$

If so, go to this website and click on the ‘Register for Free’ button. Don’t forget to read their FAQs, too.

4. RapidWorkers

The Rapidworkers is a worldwide crowdsourcing site. RapidWorkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc. and growing rapidly. This website is pretty much like the Microworkers and has almost the same features and working interface.

On the payment proof section, you will find many are from India. So you can use it as an alternative to Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Most of the micro jobs here are marketing related which helps to grow the sites of the employer.

There are two kind of people at Rapidworkers- Employers and Workers .

You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $4.00. It takes less than 7 days to process a withdrawal request.

  • Payment methods – Paypal and Payza
  • Minimum Withdrawal – $4 + fees. It takes less than 7 days to process a withdrawal request

5. Fancy Hands

It is a Virtual Assistants service provider company based in the USA. It has a presence all over the country including India.

Fancy Hands site specially connects customers with virtual assistants to complete a wide variety of tasks on demand. You can use Fancy Hands to complete microtasks like making a dinner reservation or calling the cable provider.

As a Virtual assistant, you can complete jobs from home. Starting pay is around three to seven dollars per task. You can set your own hours.

Everything you’ll need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and a microphone-equipped audio headset.

You can enjoy becoming a virtual assistant if you enjoy doing a variety of tasks and are comfortable talking on the phone. Join Fancy Hands.

According to nature of work it is good mturk alternative sites to make money online.

6. Appen

To work with Appen you need some patience. It is a very reliable micro-tasking or crowdsourcing site. If you live in India and looking for alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk, then Appen is one of them.

Just register, upload your cv and fill in your profile information accurately. Wait for some time Appen will review your application and get back to you via email. Usually within a week or couple of days or sometimes longer. So, keep checking Appen websites for your application approval. Read my complete guide on Appen.

Once you selected to work with Appen. Login to your account and go to the all project section and start applying those tasks and projects.

As far as my experience, I am getting continuous jobs on the Appen site. These tasks are very easy. You just need to qualify for the project. This site pay more money for their works compare to other sites.

  • Payment methods – Paypal and Payoneer
  • Minimum Withdrawal – $5

7. Seosprint

SeosPrint is a Russian based site but it not limited to the people of Russia. In any part of the world, people can register and earn money from here.

SeosPrint gives an alternatives opportunity to make real money if you failed with Amazon Mechanical Turk. You do not need any special skills to work with. Another crowdsourcing sites and best mturk alternative.

Tasks are very simple on this site. Your tasks will be comments and reviews. Sometimes posting on social networks, reposts, likes, joining groups, registering on various sites, etc.

Note: – if you face any language issue, translate the site into English. Usually it did not happen with me.

  • Payment methods – Paypal, Webmoney, Bank Account
  • Minimum Withdrawal – $2 ( reach the minimum to to withdraw)

8. OneSpace

OpenSpace is a micro job site especially good for writers, editors, and moderators. 

Here you find small tasks for example labeling pictures, categorizing. You will see tasks related to transcribing, writing responses, and writing a product summary. You don’t need a lot of time and skills to do these tasks.

OnceSpace is open of all countries. To start working with this site you need to qualify the test.

Currently, there are 269 proficiency tests are available. You can give tests for Quality Assurance Specialist, Associate Copywriter, and Senior Copywriter.

The passing test is the main criteria to get more work. Tests are not difficult. Try to increase the number of tests. You will get more tasks based on the tests.

OnceSpace has a fantastic user interface. Their payment system is also awesome.

  • Payment method – Paypal
  • Minimum withdrawal – Unlimited (complete an assignment worth 1 cent and receive a transfer of 1 cent to your Paypal account).

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9. Remotasks

Remotaks is a new site but growing faster. It has several prestigious clients such as UBER, Google Alphabet, Procter, Gusto, and others.

Since they work with self-driving car companies. You’ll see a lot of small tasks involving image annotation, cuboids, image tags, content moderation, and so on.

You can sign up for a Remotetasks account using your Facebook or Gmail account. Click on Sign Up and it will take you registration page.

After you’ve registered an account, you can start taking courses at the Remotasks Training Center. After that, you can start working and earning money.

  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount – None. Everything you earned during the week will be sent to your PayPal account on Tuesday every week.

10. Jobboy

Jobboy is a CrowdSourcing website with more than 60,000 people worldwide. It is worthwhile to join Jobboy.com and earn money.

Although there are fewer tasks than on the other websites listed here. If you are fast enough to choose crowdsourcing jobs from this platform. We recommend you join this site.

11. Minijobz

Minijobz is one of the lesser-known sites like Mturk. You may have to search a little more for “legit” opportunities here, but it’s worth a mention.

This site does have some scammy jobs, like downloading files (which could contain viruses). But, these can be found on just about any microtasking site – they’re just a bit more common here.

So, use your due diligence. Don’t download anything to your computer or do anything that seems like a scam.

With that being said, some online reviews have proved that people have been paid here, so it’s worth a mention.

You can also earn some extra cash through friend referrals.

12. Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say is a popular short task site that is accessible from many countries in the world. It’s also great that it is open to people who are not citizens of the US or Canada.

It’s easy to earn money with this app. All you need to do is answer a short questionnaire. Once you sign up, the site can figure out what type of surveys you like and send you interesting ones.

While there are other ways to get money on MTurk than surveys, if you don’t mind sharing your opinion for money, this site is perfect for you.

Ipsos I-Say awards you with points for completing surveys, which you can then redeem for gifts or cash. Keep in mind that you may not always be eligible for the site’s surveys. They will, however, send you an email if you do.

Furthermore, some surveys begin with a qualification quiz, but even if you do not qualify, you will receive 5 points for taking part. That’s a website that doesn’t take shortcuts.

13. Samasource

Samasource is a nonprofit organization that’s been lead by Leila Janah since the company’s launch in 2012.

It is an innovative social business that connects people with work. They do this through the internet, and also very importantly through donations.

It partners with organizations in underserved countries to help them find the poor, unemployed women and youth. These partners help these individuals become Samasource employees, giving them the opportunity to make a living wage.

Workers are prepared for work with an online program. This training may last two to four weeks and helps workers be successful in the workplace.

Samasource facilitates the creation of micro work from clients. This enables workers to make a living wage, while gaining the skills needed for their future careers.

14. Figure Eight

Figure Eight is an site that offers quick, small jobs–similar to MTurk. Formerly known as Crowdflower, this crowdsourcing site provides many jobs every day for people to quickly complete.

These include things like verifying profiles, validating product names, and setting up email accounts, among other things. The nicest aspect is that they pay you promptly through PayPal. You can receive your payout via PayPal whenever you achieve the $10 minimum.

15. UserCrowd (Formerly UsabilityHub)

On the UserCrowd site you work will be to test some websites which has similar work like Amazon Mechanical Turk.

UserCrowd tests are quick and easy. It does not take less than a minute long test and each one pays out 10 cents. Is it ok 10 cents? If, yes stick with me here

The test tasks will be like clicking anywhere on a site, answering a question, or navigating a site. It’s simple things that you can finish in seconds once you get the feel of it. If you complete ten of these tests per day, you’ll earn an extra $365 per year.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to receive 10 test every day, but it does not mean you should not sign up. Even if you only make an extra $50 each year, it may be worthwhile to put in the effort.

You can cash out your earning via PayPal and you must have at least 100 credits ($10).

16. Smart Crowd

Lionbridge offers an online service called Smart Crowd which is a popular and effective platform for microtasking. The site is heavily dependent on data entry tasks and they need your skills.

These data entry tasks or works are online jobs which you will be doing online.

You can join the team at any time, but it may not be possible to always have work available.

Tasks on Smart Crowd depend on where you are located, so you may find a lot to do in some areas and not much in others.

Smart Crowd will let you know when there are tasks available to you. Choose from a list of tasks and work according to your schedule and pay rate.

Before you start working with Smart Crowd, you need to take an evaluation to make sure you have the skills. A higher score means a better chance of getting some work.

Smart Crowd is great mturk alternative to make money online by doing micro task.

17. KashKick

If you’re looking for a viable alternative to MTurk, try Kashkick. The site offers short tasks for money and is an excellent option.

Not only do they provide surveys and quick polls, but they also pay you for completing other tasks. These include watching videos, playing games, and watching ads. Therefore, it is not a survey site only.

However, the real money lies in taking surveys of KashKick. The site will offer you suitable surveys based on your profile, so you won’t have to wait long to complete them.

One of the best things about this site is that you can get paid instantly, and you’ll even get a $1 bonus just for signing up. Cash is always an option, but you can also redeem gift cards to your favorite retailer.

Final Words

That’s it for our list of MTurk alternatives. Like on MTurk, you can earn money by completing small tasks or ‘Turks’ on these sites.

hese sites are alternatives to MTurk; they offer the same benefits. These sites offer the same benefits as MTurk, just like tasks. You can earn points and money from completing small tasks on these sites.

While there are many ways to make money online, the type of jobs and tasks will differ from site to site. Some offer physical tasks, some allow you to take surveys and watch videos, and others let you advertise your skills.

You have a lot of options when it comes to working online. But make sure that you don’t rely on ratings and reviews alone. Chances are, you need the perfect site for your skillset and amount of free time. The best alternative to MTurk is the app that allows you to maximize your earnings while staying in your comfort zone.

Are there any similar services to Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Here is a comprehensive lists of similar services to Amazon Mechanical Turk to make money with micortasking or crowdsourcing website.

Prolific Academic – Prolific Academic is a new, research-focused alternative to MTurk. Mostly the tasks over here are home job which you can do it and make passive income.

Yandex.Toloka – Toloka is an open crowdsourcing platform launched in 2014. On it, anyone can complete tasks – simple and easy to do. The amount of earnings usually wide range from one to several dollar cents.

Clickworker, MicroWorkers, RapidWorkers , Fancy Hands are sites like amazon or amazon mturk that pay for complete tasks.

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