Best Job Search Sites and Portals for finding jobs

Best Job Search Sites and Portals for finding jobs

Landing on a job or beginning a career with a company or organization for a fresh graduate or any educational background may be challenging. The reason can be due to lack of knowledge of the job vacancy published by companies. Job search sites or Job Portals work as a bridge between companies and candidate to full the position and to get a job.

This post will show you:

  • The best-known job search sites and career portals,
  • How to make more calls for interviews with the top job search network.
  • Tips to eliminate spam on jobs and wait for the best websites for work.
  • Tips for reducing job spam and waiting from the best job websites.
  • Also the best choice for work, which will help you obtain a better career.

Employment Search Sites and Portals are websites where organization advertise or announce their openings and allow prospective applicants to apply through them.

So here’s the importance of having a list of Job Search Sites and Job Portals websites handy. You can apply at one time to multiple companies on the basis of your education, skills, experience and even fresher experience.

After you’ve learned how to use the best job search engines. You’ll be able to skate through to a final line of interviews and finish your dream job fast. While waiting to be hired , you can start work online.

You can begin by looking at dozens of search engines for your next job or apprenticeship. The initial step? Find out the best sites for you.

In order to help you, from the short-term job to the next big break from your industry we have compiled a list of best Job Search Sites and Job Portals for each position you are looking for.

So the next time you are online, take a while to find out which companies hire the most recent jobs, and prepare your abstracts for your potential next employer.

15 Top Search Job Sites and Job Portals

1 Indeed Job Search

2 Glassdoor Jobs

3 LinkedIn

4 Google for Jobs

5 Monster

6 Naukari

7 ZipRecruiter

8 Simply Hired

9 CareerBuilder

10 Snag (Formerly Snagajob)

11 LinkUp

12 WayUp

13 CareerBliss

14 Robert Half


Best Job Search Sites and Job Portal

What is Job Search Sites or Job Board Websites?

Job board is a form of jobs website that serves job advertising posted by employers. Employment boards, such as IT, retail, healthcare, or hospitality, may be general or concentrate on a particular sector. By aggregating listings for open vacancies, work sites link employers with potential workers.

You can get a job by using job portals in two ways.

The first is,

You need to register and upload your resume to the websites of the career portals. Companies will call or contact you directly, if your resume is shortlisted and meets the specifications and expectations of the organization that is searching for the candidate. Company scans the candidate’s resume via a directory of career portals that have portal membership to access the candidate’s profile.

The second case is,

You’re going to check the job as per the job your are interested and location. You are already registered with the job portals and an uploaded resume with them. You are just away a single click of apply. Apply the jobs and wait if you resume matched with employer’s requirement. Get a call for interview and in.

I am sure the experienced employees are having the both taste of interview call.


Best Job Search Sites and Job Portal

If you’re just searching for a career website, it’s really the best option. It provides you with the most detailed collection of job listings anywhere on the Internet on the sites of newspapers, job boards and corporate careers.

Indeed, it is the most popular search engine for jobs, adding millions of new jobs each week. Job posting on indeed is free, so companies will post more here.

Employers will actually upload work for free directly. You will be either redirected to the site where the original listing was posted or taken to your own application form when you receive an application that you would like to apply for.

In fact, you do not need to create an account to apply, but doing so can save you some time as each new request will automatically import your details. With the Android and iOS apps, you can access your account from your computer or mobile devices.


Best Job Search Sites and Job Portal

This career platform website is very useful for first-time job seekers. This job search platform has job listings in all fields and helps you to find the perfect job or internship by employer, salary and venue. Like most extensive job search sites, however, it can take time to sort through seemingly never-ending job listings before you find what you’re searching for.

When you click on the “Interviews” tab on the site, Glassdoor shows you common interview questions for a variety of jobs, so you can be ready to nail down your first impression with your potential employer.

The website also offers additional analysis resources to help you prepare for an interview and negotiate a fair deal.

Its Salaries segment shows the average wage of your occupation in your region and country, and the main tool is to know how much you match up to your competition.

You answer several questions about your job experience and you get an understanding of your market worth, which you can use as your benchmark when negotiating your salary.

The interview segment lists the questions that have been posed by other job-seekers during field and field interviews. Reviewing them will give you time to plan the responses now, so you’ll be more prepared when you get to the interview.

3 LinkedIn

Best Job Search Sites and Job Portal

LinkedIn is a networking outreach for both job-seekers and human resources. Human resource loves to be a source of eligible applicants. is a LinkedIn career sponsor platform where you can search for a job and apply simultaneously. As a result of my experience, I have received two interview calls from a reputable organization via LinkedIn.

Users can set up a free account, post rich profiles, and link to key industry power players with a single click.

Search Jobs on

4 Google for Jobs

Lately, new features introduced by google in the Work Board sector to provide the candidate with a job opening list.

Google provides a list of matches that can be opened near you. To improve locations, press the big blue bar and check for a higher level to find more specific work.

Using it the same way that you use Google and its main search page. Look for key phrases such as “accounting job” to get a list of available vacancies. The results, if available, display the company’s rating and salary information.

If something is caught in your eye, press the button that says, for example, “Go directly to the job entry and apply,” Apply to LinkedIn. The main benefit of Google For Jobs is that it removes duplicate results and shows only one list for each open place.

5 Monster

Monster, a globally recognized online employment solution for people looking for jobs and the employers who need great people for their organization.

Monster is 20 years old job board websites and have expanded from roots as a “job board” to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management. The site also scores your potential fit with a role based on your skills and interests.

Monster, a globally recognized online employment solution for job seekers and employers who need great people for their organization.

Monster is a 20-year-old job board website that has its roots as a “job board” and a global provider of job search, career management, recruitment and a complete supply of talent management.

The site also scores your potential fit with a role based on your abilities and interests.


It is also job portals site like Monster. Across the globe job opportunity for job seekers. Easy to register with it and store you resume in the Naukri portals. The portals has unique features of Search and Apply to Jobs, Update Your Profile, Real Time Notifications & more. There is also opportunity for finding jobs from home.

7 Zip Recuriter

Zip Recuriter has nine million job postings on its site. You can also create job alerts that may interest you.

You are able to set standards and then you will receive notifications when new jobs are posted. When looking for jobs, there are several filter options to help you narrow down your search. These include salary range, job title, job posting date, job type and companies

If you want to find a single site and apply for jobs with one click, Zip Recuriter is the best choice. It recommends a job listing for each job you request, but if you’re in the pinch, a one-click request may be helpful.

The Zip Recuriter also has a notification system that tells you when an employer sees your application and if they send you a message on the Zip Recuriter platform.

You do not need to create an account to view jobs on Zip Recuriter, but creating an account will help you track all the jobs you have applied for and your information for each application. You can save access your Zip Recuriter account from your computer or mobile device.

When you apply for jobs, Zip Recruiter uses AI technology to determine your preferences.

The zip recreator will then send users information about jobs that are tailored to their preferences.

ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers but costs employers money to post jobs. Employers can start with a free trial to find out if it’s appropriate for them.

8 SimplyHired

Simple Hired is a job search site that collects job listings from across the web, including company career pages, job boards and job websites.

The company reports that it lists job opportunities from 700,000 unique employees and operates job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. Employers may want to note that the site sends your job to be published on more than 100 job boards.

9 CareerBuilder

Job Search Sites and Job Portal

Career Builder is an employment website. It can match jobs to your resume keywords. It is a Worldwide Job Search Sites and Portals.

If you’re looking to browse different careers and learn about average salaries and the day-to-day obligations of a certain position, CareerBuilder can help you research and apply to jobs in a variety of industries.

With postings from every field imaginable, know that you might have to scroll through a few pages of job listings before you find what you’re searching for.

Under the “Explore Careers” tab, CareerBuilder gives option you to choose jobs from almost any field, from health care to retail, and sign up for job alerts or see insider tips about each career.

10 Snag (Formerly Snagajob)

Job Search Sites and Job Portal

Looking for hourly work? Snag can be your favorite among all the top job sites. It specializes in non-salary positions jobs. You can find part-time and hourly work on any job website, but Snagajob deals in this field exclusively, and it’s earned itself a name as the premier job site for part-time work.

Filtering tools of  Snagajob aren’t as comprehensive as some of our other top picks and there are no additional resources to help you learn more about companies or industry trends. It is free and simple to use and. The filters does have enable you to surface the best jobs for you quickly and easily.

11 LinkUp

Job Search Sites and Job Portal

If you are looking for job postings within minutes of matching your search criteria while avoiding the chaos of searching or outdated dates, the link up will alert you to new jobs every day.

Unlike other job search sites that allow you to filter job listings by salary or job description, link-ups include filters only for the place and when the job was posted.

You can search for relevant job listings, link to applications, and find out where to send your cv or resume and cover letter without having to create your account via Linkup.

This job search engine ensures that the job index of more than 50,000 companies is updated.

You can search for opportunities on link-ups by keywords and location, and then you are sent directly to the company’s website to apply. You can also set up alert whenever a job meets your criteria.

12 WayUp

Job Search Sites and Job Portal

This job search site is created for college students and entry-level employees in mind, with the goal of helping users get noticed by employers and find their first internship or job in the industry.

Very easy to create a profile with WayUp, either signing up using your email or Facebook account. You need to make an account with WayUp before scrolling through their job board.

WayUp offers a series of free career advice and guides where you can find helpful tips on topics like how to use a blog to apply for an internship or how to use social media to network

13 CareerBliss

Job Search Sites and Job Portal

Job Seekers Looking for a Long-Term Career might check CareerBliss in my opinion. Many job seeker visit daily to find a job on CareerBliss which includes CareerBliss best Job Search Sites and Job Portal for employment.

As the name suggests, CareerBliss is about helping you find happiness in your ideal job or internship job by searching through over three million job listings on the site.

Although the site has options to search for jobs, salaries, companies, careers, and hints and trends. There is no search category specifically for internships, leaving college students looking for summer internships.

14 Robert Half

Job Search Sites and Job Portal

Robert Half is an exclusive job website where you’ll find thousands of job listings from companies you work with around the world. A very effective Job Search Sites and Portals.

Many opportunities are special for Robert Half. So you won’t find them anywhere else. This is jobs sites all at no cost to job seekers.

You can submit your resume, apply for temporary or full-time positions, and subscribe to job alerts to stay up-to-date on new opportunities.

They have a strong library of job and career development advice, workplace trends research on their blog, and annual salary guidelines for current pay rates for hundreds of positions in the fields in which they are providing jobs.


Job Search Sites and Job Portal is unique among the top job search websites and portals over the internet. It uses blockchain technology derived from bitcoin code.

Upload a resume, see the instant job matches, click for apply, and communicate directly with employers. The different approach is worth to have a try.

Best Job Search Sites and Portals For Finance

Finance is the key to any company which needed proper management to operate the business effectively by experienced staff to handle it. Each company has a finance department to deal with it.

If you’re from a banking background searching for finance work. Here’s the end of your quest.

Send your ready resume to multiple companies by applying to the following career portals that are currently opening up in the finance field. The role starts from the novice to the experienced stage.


eFinancialCareers is a specialty site designed for people looking forjob in finance, banking, accounting, and related technologies. There are more than 15,000 jobs in categories such as credit, sales, information technology, and asset management.

eFinancialCareer is the best job search sites for finance

Are job search sites and portals good?

In respect of getting employment in any organization or company, Job Search Sites and Job Portals are good as they help you in finding jobs at need.

You need to know how to use these work search sites and optimize the search results in a short spam of time.

Job Search Sites are very helpful as they provide a lot of information on job opportunities, job requirements of the different employers.

You need to look at the vacancies and requirements and apply your resume. Employment Search Sites shortened the timeframe of job searching to a smart job search.

Job boards Vs Job search engines

What is the best career search engine? There are two types of workplaces in particular: job boards and career search engines. Their benefits and drawbacks also exist.

There are also sectors, such as IT and mass media, which have their own workplaces that are worth testing if you are in one sector. Here is the basic differences between these.


Typically, when you think of a work site, there are job boards that come to mind. Employers post vacancies here for job seekers to apply.

These sites are typically free for work-seekers, whereas employers could pay anywhere from $90 to a few hundred dollars for a single job. Because of the high cost of work posting, these positions typically only appear on one or two pages.

This means less competition for you as an applicant, but it also means that you need to search several places to find all the new opportunities.


Employment search engines often allow employers to post job listings directly on their site, although most of their jobs are obtained from other job sites. It’s just like Google is working.

You submit an application and the site search algorithm searches all of its databases and returns the results. It saves you time searching several work sites at once, but you can’t always rely on algorithms to produce the most important results.

And when it’s time to register, you’ll leap through a variety of different websites before you even get the initial application.


Niche Job sites only offer positions in a particular field like STEM or journalism. These are usually rare, although often more lucrative, job postings, so if you have one in your industry, you may want to start with one of them. Some examples include Dice for technology, Media Bistro for Mass Media, and Healthcare Jobsite.

What Is the Best Job Search Site?

It depends on the need, but Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Indeed are the best work search sites in my view. Use Glassdoor for salary data comparison, LinkedIn for networking search work, and indeed for straight search capacity.

How to Find a Job Online via Job Search Sites and Portals

The easiest place to find online jobs? The best are gig jobs, employment websites, networking on LinkedIn, and business career pages. The problem, in a way, is that there are so many job openings with competition available over the internet.

Job Sites for Gig Workers

The gig economy was in full swing and in boom before the coronavirus crisis hit, but with tens of millions unemployed more or less, more people will be looking for freelance and contract work than ever before as the economy begins to return to life. Among the top sites for contract, freelance, part time, home jobs, and gig-based work are GigwalkMoonlighting.comWonolo, and Thumbtack

Best for Job Search in India?

Unemployment in India has always been a concern. Noticing jobs often leads to job seekers paying cash for registration costs in the cheat trap. If you know how to look for work, visit the following and apply jobs based on your skills, experiences and interest.

Indeed Job Search

Glassdoor Jobs


Google for Jobs


6 Naukari


Simply Hired


10 Snag (Formerly Snagajob)

11 LinkUp

12 WayUp

13 CareerBliss

14 Robert Half



Many work search sites and job portals are available to choose from. No matter what sort of job you are searching for, through one of these job search sites, you certainly need to find the right match.

You can’t go wrong with any of our top tips, but we suggest you get started with Indeed and ZipRecruiter if you’re still on the fence.

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