The best virtual assistant jobs for beginners

Virtual assistance is the best and easiest way to start making money online. Virtual assistant jobs are everywhere. You just have to look in the right places and keep your eyes open. But the best thing about virtual assistance is that getting started is not difficult at all and there are many jobs for beginners.

You don’t have to specialize and cater to a specific niche or audience on the first day (that comes later when you want to charge higher prices ). You can start with simple jobs to get started and develop over time.

Everyone starts small. In my first year I also performed simple tasks as a virtual assistant. I’ll say it again:

There are many virtual assistance jobs for beginners and I’ll show you the 6 best in this post.

Beginner job # 1 research

virtual assistant jobs for beginners

Research Job is a part time virtual assistant jobs for beginners. For this jobs, you don’t need any specialist skills, any specific training or years of experience. 

You can do Internet research without any prior specialist knowledge. 

My first assignment as a virtual assistant was also a research assignment. I was allowed to research real estate agents from the greater Frankfurt area for my first client. 

I entered the research results (name, address, contact details) in a table and my first order was done.

For research jobs, you should be relatively familiar with the internet and search engines like Google. 

It is an advantage if you can type quickly and have a little knowledge of tables like Excel. Whether you do the job well or not also depends on how well your customer instructs you. 

The more information you get about the job, the better you can do it.

Researching data such as addresses, information, hashtags or keywords is one of the easiest virtual assistance jobs for beginners.

Beginner job # 2 data entry

Anyone who can use a keyboard is suitable for data entry. In all honesty: there is almost no easier way to earn money. In most cases you will get a ready-made table and corresponding data, which you can then enter into a table.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge for this job. Sure, the quicker you are with the keyboard, the faster you can work. It is the most easiest virtual assistant jobs for beginners worldwide opportunity.

But you don’t need to show references , certificates or training. Data entry and data maintenance are great jobs for virtual assistant beginners

Beginner Job # 3 Email Management

Do you know what holds customers back most in their day-to-day business? Answering e-mails and organizing your e-mail inbox. E-mail management is one of the first things that clients outsource to virtual assistants.

If you can express yourself well in writing, have a good feeling for customers and are also good at organizing, then this job is perfect for you.

For this job, you will either receive the access data for your customer’s mailbox or your customer will set up your own email address. 

Depending on which form of email management you choose, you write and answer on behalf of your customer or you act as a team member.

Do you remember that I mentioned earlier that my first job was a research assignment and that I researched all the real estate agents in Frankfurt? My next assignment was to contact exactly these brokers by email and give them a brokerage contract. 

There was a lot of email correspondence to do, but I didn’t need any specialist knowledge. My client just wanted me to express myself professionally in the emails. That should be feasible for every virtual assistant.

Beginner job # 4 customer support

virtual assistant jobs for beginners

Customer support and customer service are jobs that are great for beginners because they don’t require any specialist knowledge for Customer Support either. 

The only requirement is that you are familiar with your customer’s products and offers so that you can handle the customers’ incoming correspondence. 

This can be done in writing by email or letter or by telephone and this virtual assistant jobs is available worldwide

Sure, you should be able to express yourself professionally again and have a feel for good customer service. But these are things that are a basic requirement to be successful as a virtual assistant anyway. 

Your customer will show you everything else, because a certain training period is necessary. After all, you need to know how to help customers and answer their queries.

Beginner job # 5 appointment management

Are you good at organizing and good at keeping an eye on appointments? Great, then this job is just right for you.

Our customers have many different appointments that need to be organized. 

Private and business appointments must be entered in the calendar, new times must be found for postponements and, above all, the customer must be able to rely on the fact that his calendar is kept properly.

Your customer may also want them to receive automatic reminders for upcoming appointments. Or that the calendar on the PC is always in sync with the calendar on the mobile phone. 

You can do all of this and do not need any specialist knowledge. Sure, you should be familiar with the calendar functions. 

But let’s be honest: You can find instructions for every calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, Calendly, youcanbookme, etc.) on the Internet.

Beginner Job # 6 Facebook Group Management

I bet you are in at least one Facebook group and you know basic functions of groups.

Most of the customers who hire virtual assistants have their own Facebook group. Especially if you are from the coaching sector. And I can tell you: Facebook groups are a lot of work!

The most important thing about Facebook groups is that they are active. To keep interaction high, administrators need to ensure a lot of movement. 

Tasks like responding to comments and posting within the group are very simple, but can be time consuming.

I myself have a group with almost 10,000 members and now two other virtual assistants support me with the administration. 

One colleague is an absolute beginner, it’s even her first job. But even if it’s her first job as a virtual assistant, she does a lot of work for me. 

She lets new members into the group and welcomes them, approves contributions and ensures that the group rules are adhered to. She also posts regular posts to increase group interaction.

Taking care of Facebook groups or creating groups are jobs that every beginner can do. Here you can even develop from a beginner to a professional community manager .

Conclusion: There are many virtual assistance jobs for beginners

To get started, you don’t need to be a highly specialized virtual assistant or have specific specialist knowledge. You don’t have to know how what’s going either. You just have to be willing to learn and find out.

It did not require you go anywhere like office job. You can do it from home as these above virtual assistant jobs are online.

It is much more important for customers that you are reliable and think ahead. You can always acquire knowledge, you should bring along certain character traits and soft skills by nature.

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