34 Places to Find Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

34 Places to Find Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for a real alternative to your 9-to-5 job, working as virtual assistant is the one of them. You could make it your second alternative income as a freelancer. Virtual Assistant is part-time job from home.

It doesn’t take much time to start a part-time job as a virtual assistant. I’ll show you how you can set up your own business/job as a virtual assistant and find enough jobs in the first few months.

You need only some suitable skills as well as a computer, mobile phone and the Internet. Freelancer platforms, social media and your own website are suitable for project acquisition.

First of all, I’ll show you what a virtual assistant actually is and what exactly he or she does. To make the start easier for you.

I will then show you how you can gain your first customers part-time and how you can gain a foothold in the industry in the long term. I will give you 34 specific places where you can look for Virtual Assistant (VA) work.

What do you need to become a virtual assistant?

To start as a freelancer in the field of virtual assistant, it takes very little experiences, but you should posses the below before to start:

  • A strong motivation to work independently and independently
  • A good sense of communication
  • Certain organizational and possibly accounting skills
  • A laptop, phone and internet
  • Relevant skills that you want to offer

What exactly a virtual assistant do?

The field of activity of a virtual assistant is wide and varied and can’t be define in one word. Data research, customer support and data entry are very popular job for beginners. It does not require any prior knowledge.

34 Places to Find Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

But there are other services that you as a VA can offer at the beginning. Find Virtual assistant jobs for beginners from here. In the beginning, you should focus on looking for a few specific services that you want to do for customers. These can include:

  • Social media support for companies or freelancers
  • Translations
  • Travel planning
  • Online shop support
  • Accounting and administrative activities
  • Appointments and bookings
  • Email and phone support
  • Design (e.g. creating graphics)
  • Write blog articles and newsletters
  • SEO
  • Website maintenance & content management
You can also offer yourself for the following tasks as a Virtual Assistant upon getting some self training. Get special training from here.

Classic office management   Numerous tasks that classic assistants perform can also be assigned to virtual assistants.

Online marketing – Digitization not only creates the profession of virtual assistant.

Customer service  – Good customer service is one of the hallmarks of a company. Time-consuming tasks can easily be taken over by a VA via telephone, email or chat:

Private tasks  – Busy clients often don’t have time to take care of the little things of everyday life. This is where virtual assistants can help and organize life.

Social Media Assistant – If you are a social media junkie, it stands to reason that you become active in this area. Social media is always very time-consuming, which is why bloggers and entrepreneurs are always looking for help to hand over tasks.

Blogger assistant – The bigger a blogger, the more work he gets to do. Blogger need to keep his followers up to date and produce more and more content. Many bloggers therefore take a VA because they simply cannot keep up with the times.

eCommerce assistant – Ample of job options in the filed of eCommerce virtual assistant. The tasks could be below

  • create product descriptions
  • Answer e-mails
  • Customer support over the phone
  • Friendliness towards customers

As you can see, the tasks are very varied and some of them require specialized. Therefore, it is best to have a specialization in anyone skills.

34 places to find jobs as a virtual assistant

If you do not have your own freelancer website or a social media account yet, the following job platforms and freelancer portals can open the doors to the world of virtual assistance for you.

Especially if you want to tackle the whole thing on a part-time basis, you save yourself a lot of work for creating your own website at the beginning. Make your first experiences as a virtual assistant.

Job portals for virtual assistants

It is also worthwhile to register on LinkedIn and Xing and keep an eye out for customers there. If you create a meaningful profile on these platforms , it is possible that potential customers will contact you directly.

Find Jobs as a Virtual Assistant on Facebook

A source for VA jobs that is still often underestimated is social media platforms. Above all Facebook due to the large number of groups specially designed for job searches . There you will find new assignments practically every hour. You can also introduce yourself and your services. Interesting groups for VA’s include:

Ebay classifieds

Here you can not only place ads yourself, but also search specifically for jobs and orders. Ebay classifieds are free. So you don’t have to deduct a commission like with many job portals. You can also determine your hourly rate yourself.

Your own freelancer website

Your own website is not only a good way of attracting new customers, but also serves as a kind of virtual business card. In applications, the reference to your own, professionally designed website is important.

Potential customers can be convinced of your skills of seeing it. So your website is the perfect place to create a meaningful portfolio with work samples.

Content marketing

If you don’t have your own website and don’t want to wait a little longer. You can use posts and articles on other blogs and websites as a guest post to prove your expertise.

Always insist on a link to a contact option with you (e.g. your own website or social media profile) or at least that your name be mentioned. You should also use the option to use the article as a reference in your portfolio. 

Find offline jobs as a virtual assistant

As an alternative to searching for orders online, co-working spaces are also suitable for customer acquisition. Here you can network with like-minded people and maybe even have the opportunity to offer your services on a bulletin board or directly in person.

Events, trade fairs and co-living places can also be an option. Approach people and convince them personally for work. Networking is essential for virtual assistants.

Why you should specialize in a sub-area as a Virtual Assistant

34 Places to Find Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

The more services you offer, the more potential customers? Thought wrong. Often, most virtual assistants make exactly this mistake.

Fearing that offering fewer services will not generate enough sales, they rely on the bookstore strategy. This is why, they offer a wide range of services.

However, this tactic has the major disadvantage. Because of this you are not seen as an expert in a certain area. You lose your profile compared to your competition and ultimately win fewer jobs.

But there are other reasons that speak in favor of early specialization:

  1. Not having a specialization usually puts you in greater competition with other virtual assistants. You are now competing for customers with the same non-specific offers. To win this battle, you often have to go for a lower price. I know it does not lead to more returns, but you should do.
  2. As an “expert” you are able to charge higher hourly rates.
  3. As a specialist, you stand out from the crowd and become more attractive and trustworthy for customers who are looking for a specific solution to their tasks.
  4. Over time you will build a name and a reputation as an expert in your area, you will be recommended more often by your satisfied customers.

* If a potential customer stumble upon you and your services, but have no need at the moment, they will certainly contact you later. If your portfolio able to them with. So make sure to leave an impression with your work and the presentation of your services.

Can I start virtual assistant job without any experience or prior knowledge?

The short answer is, yes, you can. The advantage of working as a virtual assistant is that you are rarely asked about your résumé or previous career.

Your future customers usually don’t care whether you completed an apprenticeship in the hotel industry or in a carpenter’s workshop years ago. In the end, all that counts is the quality of your work and the resulting added value for your customers.

Especially at the beginning, if you don’t have any references yet, building an attractive portfolio can help you prove your skills. But since you have not yet had any successful projects, you should at the same time attach great importance to the marketing of your services .

Do you offer B. Social media support, well thought-out and effective marketing via Facebook, Instagram and Co.

So your customers can see directly how you work and what you can offer them. An unkempt social media account, on the other hand, makes it doubtful whether you are the right person to advance your customer’s business.

How much can you earn in a Virtual Assistant Job?

The answer to this question cannot be answered across the board. It depends on the specific activity that you offer. 

We have seen that there are many services that can be offered without prior knowledge and special skills. With these you will of course also earn less than if you have distinctive skills in an area that you can put to value.

So it is not so much the qualifications that determine whether you earn a lot or a little. Rather, it is the level of know-how and expertise that you have. If you offer a lot of value to your customers, then they are also open to paying more for your services.

If you are looking for work as a VA on freelancer platforms, you will find hourly rates that start at 5 euros per hour – which is of course not much. 

But you will also find jobs that are better paid and where you can expect an hourly wage of 20 euros and more. It depends a lot on the individual customer and how much they are willing to pay.

As an independent virtual assistant, however, you basically have the option of determining your remuneration yourself – provided you observe the laws of supply and demand. You can orientate yourself towards your competition – but try not to set your approach too low right from the start . Otherwise you are only confirming customers that a low payment is fair and also attracting more dubious clients.


Tip : Start with, for example, 40 euros per hour and try to increase over time. If you were able to win some long-term customers, you can simply charge a higher amount with new clients and see what happens. You will be surprised what customers are willing to pay when they are convinced of your performance.

Would you like to know more about freelancing? Then take a look at the  Freelancer Guide , where you will find lots of helpful information and tips. You can find valuable  tools and aids  for building your freelance business  here.

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