Make Money for Comments on YouTube Videos

One of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet is to make money from comments on YouTube Videos. Your job is to write comments on the YouTube videos and sometimes subscribing to the channel. Comments and reviews play a vital role for the customers and business owners. Good comments increase sales and build product loyalty among users.

Here is a sample of work, what actually you have to do.

Make Money for Comments on YouTube Videos

Make Money for Comments on YouTube Videos

The job of “writing comments for money” is suitable for anyone. It does not require any special skills and talents. Even if you write with errors, this is not a problem. Not every customer will find fault with this. 

Besides, you can also earn money by writing comments on websites’ blogs, discussions on forums, comments on social media posts, comments on items in online shops, and descriptions of movies and games, among other things.

How much money can I make by comments on YouTube videos?

You can earn from 0.01$ to 0.10 $ for the simple action of comments. In this way, you can earn 1-2 $ per day on YouTube. This is not much, but sometimes it is important to get some money at the start. If have an interest in such work, you can register on the below sites.

How to make money with making comments on YouTube videos.

Making money by leaving comments on YouTube videos is very easy. In the same way that you comment on YouTube, you can do it here. There is nothing new here. It’s the same thing you’ve got to do if you’ve ever posted on YouTube. It’s just that this time you’re being paid for it.

To make money by leaving comments on YouTube videos, you only need two things: a provider account and a Gmail account. I’m assuming you already have a Gmail account. Build a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

That is how easy it is. You can start from zero and make tens of dollars by watching videos and comments in less than three minutes. We pay you to have a good time. Yes, indeed! To get paid for watching YouTube videos that you like.

What is the essence of making money on comments

The method of making money is simple. You write a comment and get paid for it. Let understand some difference between comments and reviews:

  • Comments – is the text in which the user expresses his opinion on a particular issue and topic. It can be either short, consisting of 1-2 sentences, or long, if the commenters have something to say.
  • Reviews – is a text mentioning the advantages, disadvantages and expressing a personal opinion on the use of a particular product. It is also about receiving a service, watching a movie, using the medicine, visiting a restaurant, museum, etc.

Making money from comments and reviews works in a similar way. This is the case with many people. However, since the services in which the contact with customers and the execution of tasks are different, we wrote a separate article on making money on feedback.

Comments can be divided into:

  • Personal opinion. Write what you think about;
  • Custom comments. You write in the way the customer wants. These can be positive, neutral, negative, interrogative comments.

Obviously, comments like “Wow”, “Cool”, “Cool!”, “I’m interested” and others will not be approved by the customer. They do not carry any semantic load, do not generate discussion. Nobody will pay you for such comments. Below you will find out what a good comments should contain that you will be happy to pay for.

How does the earning process work? The method is very simple:
  1. Register on the site to earn money (we will consider the most popular below);
  2. Choose a task for a paid comment;
  3. Get acquainted with the conditions and requirements, if everything suits you – take the task to work;
  4. Do it;
  5. Submit your assignment on the site. For confirmation, attach a link to the comment or screenshot.

In fact, these are nothing difficult. If you complete at least one task, then you will deal with others without problems.

I have highlighted the following ways to make money on comments

  • Specialized comment exchanges websites. Such sites are developed by aiming for making money on comments;
  • In social networks. There are specialized services for making money on social networks, which I described in the article How to make money on likes, reposts, subscriptions on social networks. In addition to the listed actions there, you can find paid tasks for commenting on various accounts on Instagram, Vkontakte, YouTube, etc.
  • Forums. It is necessary to create and maintain discussions on popular forums on the topic desired by the customer.
  • Text exchanges sites. On such services, articles are usually ordered, but there are many tasks for comments for money.
  • Freelance exchanges. There is a lot of varied work. Most of the tasks are designed for experienced programmers, designers, video editors, etc. But there are tasks for beginners, non-professionals, students, maternity girls. Convert audio to text, work on an excel file, add product cards to an online store. You can find information on the Internet and, of course, write a paid comment.
  • Earnings in comment shops. These are sites that specialize in providing services for user activity in social networks. It is very similar to comment exchanges.
  • Contests in blogs. Often, blog creators hold monetary contests among commentators (who will write more, the most interesting/detailed/funny comment, and so on) to increase the popularity of their project.

Still, why do they pay for comments? Who benefits from this and why?

Who needs paid comments

Comments are usually ordered:

1. Website owners to promote their blog to rank their site in search engine rankings. The search algorithms of Yandex and Google, if an article has a lot of comments, it means the site is useful and in demand among readers, which affects its position in search results. The more people visit the site, the more its owner will earn;

2. Bloggers who promote their YouTube channels, Instagram pages, and Vkontakte groups. Similar to search engines, the more comments, shares, and reposts a video or social media post receives, the more people can subscribe to the blogger. The higher the profits, the greater the audience coverage;

3. Marketing companies that use comments to advertise their clients’ products and services. A simple example: I recently fell ill with bronchitis, and the sounds in my lungs while coughing were excruciating, so I turned to the Internet in search of an expectorant. An article came across and it seemed to be well-written and at the end, there were comments from other people who spoke about the experience of using certain drugs. And often such comments are very convincing. The logic of many is as follows – since other people use this and it helps them, then I will take such medicine for myself, although this applies to any product or service.

Make Money for Comments on YouTube Videos

4. Entrepreneurs and company owners who are not honest with their customers in order to generate constructive feedback and comments on a low-quality product, service, or fraudulent service.

What you need to make money to comments on YouTube Videos

The described type of earnings is not difficult and is suitable for people of all age categories: schoolchildren, students, adults, pensioners.

To earn money you will need:

  • Email. For registration and for data recovery in the future from the account and notifications. If you don’t have mail, don’t worry, it’s very easy to start. Type and fill in the required information.
  • Electronic wallet. You need an electronic wallet to withdraw money from the sites. With electronic wallets, you can pay for goods/services on the Internet, or withdraw money from these systems to a bank account. Popular wallets on sites for making money are PayPal, Pioneer, Webmoney etc.
  • Service for checking uniqueness. It is important that your comments are unique, and not copied from somewhere. An indicator of how to copyright your text is – uniqueness. It can be checked in free online service SEO Tools.
  • Service for checking for errors. Another critical criterion for good comments is error-free. I am prone to making typos due to inattention. Errors can be checked at Grammarly.
  • Screenshot software. Customers are sometimes asked to attach a screenshot to validate the work completed. Personally, I use the free Clip2Net software ( video demonstration ). By which you can quickly take a screenshot of the screen or a selected region of it, as well as draw an arrow on anything. This software was used to create all of the images in this post.
  • Touch typing.  Optional, but highly recommended. Fast typing increases productivity. You can learn typing from here. The more you practice the more your gain typing speed.

How to write comments correctly for money

Comments “Wow”, “Cool”, “Thank you!” will be rejected by customers, and your account may be blocked for such violations.

A good comment should:
  • Be on the subject. If you were given a task to comment on an article about Earning money on the Internet without investments, then you need to write about this, and not about something else. Ideally, describe your experience, what you tried and what were the results.
  • Carry a semantic load. That is, you have read/seen something, and express your opinion on the merits of the topic. You can ask a question, it will only be better;
  • The uniqueness is above 90%;
  • No grammatical, punctuation, spelling, stylistic errors;
  • If the assignment is not specified, then it is better to write on your own behalf. Even better – if you use life experience;
  • Write in a conversational tone and with plain sentences. It’s difficult to grasp abstruse words that are complicated by various turns.
  • Subscribe to a specific person’s name, not a nickname or a string of incomprehensible words.

Take a look at the screenshot above. The comments themselves are sensible and to the point, but the name of the commentator “Someone” is not suitable. But if I were a customer, I would definitely send it back for revision.

Pay close attention to the customer’s requirements. Do you work accordingly, and follow the rules.

When I did this kind of work, I attached screenshots everywhere. This is unnecessary, but I believe that this will pay 100% of your work. To do it or not is up to you.

The tips are simple enough, but following them will help you complete your orders perfectly. Now let’s look at the sites and services where you can find the work of a paid commentator.

YouTube can be a good part-time job or a source of steady income. We will show you how to start making money on YouTube from scratch. Let’s consider real ways to get money from video hosting. You will find out how much bloggers make on their channels, as well as people from their team.

Best Get Paid To Comment On YouTube Websites

  • Beermoneyforum
  • Rapid worker
  • Microworker
  • Seosprint
  • Qcomment

1. Beermoneyfourm

On this website, you will find that many members are looking for comments for their youtube videos as well as subscribing to their channel. You can find this under Market Place then click on the job.

You will see a link to a video, open it and make comments. There are no rules of what kind of comments you should make. Just the same way that you comment freely on youtube is how you will do it here. Join Now

Make Money for Comments on YouTube Videos

2. Qcomment

  • The minimum amount for withdrawing money: 100 rubles;
  • Electronic wallets for withdrawing money: WebMoney, Yandex.Money;
  • Affiliate program: 10% of the earnings of invited authors.

Qcomment is a popular comment exchange that has been operating since 2014. Here you will find an abundance of tasks for comments with good pay (on average, from 5 to 10 rubles).

Qcomment has a rank system. After registration, the author receives rank 0, to move to the next rank, you need to pass a mini-exam, namely, write a small text on a given topic (for example, your opinion about a movie, a resort, and so on). The higher the rank, the more tasks are available, and, accordingly, the higher the earnings.

In addition to tasks for comments, there is work for reviews and social networks. Read more about the features of this service.

3. SeoSprint

The most popular, which became my first site for making money. At the time of this writing, there were more than 10,000 user tasks (about 100 per comment).

Another feature is the level system. By performing various actions, you gain a rating, which will allow you to move from the status of “Passer-by” to “Businessman”. The status depends on the income from the affiliate program and the maximum withdrawal amount.

Earn Money with YouTube other than comments on Videos?

There are several ways to make money with YouTube:

  1. Providing services to bloggers. For example, make money editing videos or creating intros for videos in Photoshop. To start making money, you need to master the programs like design and editing(at least the basics). The income of editors and designers can range from 1 to 2$ per video. Earning depends on on experience, portfolio, presence of regular customers. 
  2. Become a video blogger and get paid for watching videos and advertising. Video bloggers’ earnings range from 500$ each month. Top bloggers can receive several million dollars a year from the channels.

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