Earn money on the Internet with online mini jobs

Have you already thought about to earn something extra working online. If yes, online mini jobs are the best. Are you looking for an online mini jobs or part-time job online, but you can’t find anything that suits you? Here we will walk through it.

This post is about online mini jobs and how to earn money online with these small and simple jobs. I present the ten best online part-time mini jobs that you can do from home and these are free online jobs.

Previous knowledge is sometimes very good, but not necessary for most! These are jobs that others don’t want or can’t do because they don’t have the time or simply don’t know how it works.

Online mini jobs 1: Tester for websites, games and usability

Earn money on the Internet with online mini jobs

The first Internet online mini jobs or part-time job is particularly suitable for people who do not want to rush into another activity too intensively – in terms of time and energy expenditure. 

This work is all about testing for websites, apps, and online gaming . Anyone who would like to put the latest apps or games, but also new websites through their paces, will probably enjoy this internet job. In addition, you will regularly come into contact with the latest developments, which should give the whole thing an additional charm.

Employment sounds like entertainment and enjoyment at first, but such tests are eminently important for the providers of apps and other digital products. 

Because testers who approach the functionalities of the software with an open mind to find some errors or weaknesses in user guidance that require optimization.

What your job will look like working as a tester mini online jobs:

In the mostly standardized tests, you look for errors and weaknesses in apps, games and websites. 

With websites it is usually the case that you test whether the links in the navigation are all working, whether the website is easy to use for the visitor, whether all the information you want can be found quickly and easily, etc.

Although the apps, games, websites and other applications are also extensively tested by the developers for weaknesses and programming errors, errors are always lost in the daily routine.

You test the applications by answering questions about them. These are identical for all testers of the software. 

If the manufacturers have numerous tests, they are evaluated and, based on the results, improvements and bug fixes are made at the critical points.

Income potential : Approx. 15 euros per completed test as online mini job.

Platforms: Test birds .de , Test .io , Rapi du ser tests .com

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Online mini jobs # 2 : Paid surveys

You have probably already received a call asking for your opinion on products. 

The companies have noticed that this is totally annoying for the customers and also leaves a bad impression! Because of this, paid surveys have become more and more popular in recent years. 

Instead of annoying people on the phone, online questionnaires are sent via email! If you fill out this form you will get paid for it. You will receive between 1 and 6 euros per survey and you make money online with surveys.

Depending on how long the survey takes! In order to earn money online with paid surveys, you have to register with market research institutes such as GFK or Hiving! 

How this works exactly, I have you in my post: paid surveys – earn money on the Internet summarized. There you will also find a list of reputable providers that I have personally tested.

Online mini job at the market research institute:

  • Preconditions:  Internet and your own e-mail address
  • Workload:  low
  • Income:   50 – 100 € per month

Earn Money as a Clickworker – $100 in a month

Online mini jobs # 3: Copywriter for online content

Earn money on the Internet with online mini jobs

Even though pictures, videos and podcasts are popular media on the Internet, it is still dominated by texts.

Whether texts on websites, in online shops, in forums or in social media such as Facebook, text remains the most important information medium online and plays a decisive role in placing an online presence in the top search results on Google & Co.

Good, informative and topic-relevant texts cannot be produced automatically; people are still responsible for this.

Since texts that are worth reading and optimized for both the user and the search engines are in great demand in the online economy.

After all, every website and online shop operator wants to be listed with meaningful texts right at the front of the search engine results. So there is also a great need for authors who deliver the desired texts. You can do it online considering a mini job from home.

Text orders from companies you’ll find especially on special platforms on which you can register for free. Payment is mostly based on word prices. That means, your earnings depend on how much and how fast you can write.

What your job will look like:

You mainly write texts for online shops and other websites according to a set briefing (brief instructions). This defines how often a certain keyword should appear, how long the article should be, how many subheadings should be used, etc.

In addition, the text must be delivered over a period of several days. You should also be able to handle this time pressure well.

Platforms: text bro ker .de , content .de

Earning opportunities : With a remuneration of 1.7 to 2.2 cents per word and an average text length of 400 words, the payment is 6.80 to 8.80 euros. 

That’s not too much. Therefore, you should try to get to the highest quality level, then you would get around 26 euros with the text length mentioned.

Online skills mini jobs # 4: writing ebooks

Earn money on the Internet with online mini jobs

Ebooks have become increasingly popular as reading material in recent years, thanks to the many different ebook readers that are now on the market, just think of the Amazon Kindle or the Tolino Reader. 

The practical thing about the readers is that you can store numerous books on them, which makes them an ideal holiday companion. No more lugging around a lot of heavy books!

And the font can be enlarged or reduced on the display, which makes reading very easy, even for weaker eyes.

With the boom in ebook readers, it has become much easier for aspiring authors to sell their ebooks on large platforms. 

The most important platform is of course Amazon, on which more than 200,000 Kindle ebooks are offered in the fiction sector alone.

What your job will look like:

You publish on various eBook platforms , most notably Amazon KDP , your authored eBooks and monetize your these books according to your level of awareness and your sales drive.

Above all, you can use social media such as Facebook as a marketing tool and present your books to your friends list there.

If you have a large circle of friends, you can ask them to download the book from Amazon within a short period of time. 

This means that the ebook – depending on which topic it is in – can make it onto the bestseller list very quickly and is much more visible on Amazon. A very low ebook price such as € 0.99 is particularly worthwhile for such promotions.

Platforms: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing , Elopage , epubli , XinXii , BookRix , Neobooks , Tolino Media

Earning opportunities : Earnings as an ebook author depend on the sales figures and the price of the ebook. Since the ebook prices are usually quite low, there are often only around 25 cents to just under 3 euros left, depending on the pricing. 

Therefore, you should strive for intensive marketing so that the sales figures increase and thus your earnings.

Online home mini job no. 5: Virtual assistant

Earn money on the Internet with online mini jobs

As a virtual assistant you need a wide range of knowledge and skills. It is part-time job from home category.

Do you enjoy doing supporting tasks on the PC, anywhere? These tasks primarily include:

Activities in the office management (appointment organization, travel and event organization, research on the Internet and by telephone, various office services, transcription, translation and proofreading)

Activities in the back office (document creation, correspondence, data entry and maintenance, financial accounting preparation, online shop-care).

You can still do these core tasks

  • Marketing activities (social media marketing, blog campaigns, newsletters, etc.)
  • Tasks in the front desk (answering the phone, telephone advice, live chat),
  • Sales activities (sales structure, TeleSales)
  • and design activities (website creation, creation of logo and printed matter such as business cards, flyers and brochures, creation of graphics.

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virtual assistant or a virtual assistant so done work processes for customers who professionally distract from the point of view of the actual core business and therefore can be outsourced. And the range of tasks is quite broad.

For this online mini job, it is ideal if you can prove that you have a classic commercial training, further skills such as very good knowledge of CMS and shop systems (for maintaining websites, blogs and online shops), knowledge of graphic design and social media complete your skills Skills to get jobs as a virtual assistant.

What your job will look like:

You support startups or other companies or entrepreneurs in their regular back office and marketing activities. Since these processes can be outsourced or outsourced very well, you can do this work from anywhere and not just from your home office.

But how do you get such a part-time job as a virtual assistant?

Once you can register on freelancer platforms and enter your profile there with all your skills and experience.

And there are other portals that provide virtual assistants. The best way to find out whether they are interested in a new employee is by making a direct request.

But it also helps you a lot to get active yourself and not just get an account on a freelancer portal. By “active” I mean that you should introduce yourself as a VA on various social networks on the Internet. These include above all Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn.

Last but not least, having your own website, on which you can introduce yourself in all your facets, is also recommended. 

To do this, you don’t necessarily have to dig deep into your pocket and hire a web designer, but at the beginning it is enough to use one of the many web construction kits. 

My favorite is definitely there Jimdo with its professional-looking templates and tons of useful features.

So that you can find customers in this job with whom you can work on an equal footing, you should think in advance which companies or industries you would like to work for: For sustainable industries, fashion and lifestyle, entertainment, travel, healthy eating, etc.

Only when you can identify with the company and its objectives will the work as a VA work really well.

Platforms: twa go .de and other freelancer portals, www .my -vpa .com

Income: On average, the VA portals pay between 15 and 22 euros per hour, but there are also significantly lower hourly rates that you should not accept.

Online mini job no. 6: Programmer

Earn money on the Internet with online mini jobs

Programmers have skills that are in great demand on the job market.

Are you good at programming, for example in PHP, JavaScript, Java or other popular programming languages? 

Then you should definitely use this talent and create small applications such as WordPress plugins or extensions for other content management or shop systems.

If you still have some knowledge of HTML, then nothing stands in the way of working as a theme developer.

As you can see, as a programmer you can go in different directions.

Since code snippets for CMS plugins and CMS and shop themes or templates are requested by numerous users worldwide, this income opportunity is very attractive, because the themes and applications can be sold infinitely. 

So you can generate permanent income, even if you don’t create a new application for a long time.

What your job will look like:

You develop useful applications, snippets or templates that you offer for sale on a platform.

Another essential activity will be to permanently maintain your developments and to bring them up to date with the latest technology so that they can also be bought by customers over a longer period of time.

And you should set up a reliable, promptly reacting support system, because there will be daily inquiries from customers who inquire about adjustments or have discovered programming errors. 

After all, the customers are the best software testers that you don’t have to pay for. If numerous programming errors occur, bring out a new version or a patch of the application or the template.

Platform: Enva to -Mar ket .com

Earnings: The prices on Envato Market for most products are between about 20 and 65 dollars, your revenue share is 50 percent at the beginning and can rise to 70 percent of the sales price.

Online mini job no. 7: Designer

Do you have a creative flair, do you like to paint or do you work intensively with graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator? Have you often received compliments for your creative gift from your friends and acquaintances?

Why not turn your talent into money by working part-time as a designer of online and offline media such as web graphics or print products. 

Because this ability is constantly sought on the Internet, since designers are required for the design of websites, online shops or printed matter such as flyers, brochures and leaflets.

But not everyone wants to hire an expensive graphic artist or web designer, which will benefit you as a semi-professional. Because as a creative without the appropriate training, you cannot charge as much fee for your work as a trained graphic designer.

You can find your clients on special platforms on the Internet that will also be used for communication, so that you do not have to establish direct contact with your customers.

What your job will look like:

You create graphics for web projects and print materials. Of course, you need very good graphic skills and you should have above-average knowledge of the PC programs required for this.

The software Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are mainly required for the creation of graphics and Adobe InDesign for the layout and typesetting of print materials.

Furthermore, you should have basic knowledge of web programming so that you already know in the planning phase of a web project whether your design ideas can be implemented.

It is part of this job that you have a sure taste in the selection of colors, form elements and styles.

In order to be successful in this online min job in the long term, you should keep yourself informed about new design trends and current developments in the field of web and print design.

Platforms: twa go .de , desi gnen sen .de , photo lia .com

Income: In general, the average hourly wage is around 20 to 25 euros. You can also produce graphics in advance – without having an order – and sell them on Fotolia. With this approach, you can even build a passive income, depending on how well your graphics are in demand.

Online mini job no. 8: Selling homemade products

Do you like to do handicrafts, do you have technical talent or are you good at knitting and sewing? 

There are enough people who make unique creations in their free time, be it textile articles, works made of wood, jewelry made of different materials or works of art made of concrete or metal.

If you are one of these talented people yourself and are passionate about your creative hobby in every free minute, have you ever thought of offering your handmade products to a large audience for sale?

In times of the internet it is easier than expected to sell your own creations online. You don’t need great technical knowledge to set up your own online shop, but you can use large platforms for sales that give you the necessary technology and marketing tools and provide communication infrastructure.

If your homemade products are well received by your friends and acquaintances, then many consumers would certainly be willing to buy these items. 

There is particularly good demand for individual work that can possibly still be personalized. 

Think about what you can change and optimize about your products in this regard. 

And ask the people in your immediate environment for their opinion, how they perceive the product themselves and whether they would buy it this way or another version.

You can also find new ideas for design and customization on the corresponding platforms, where countless creative people offer their products.

What your job will look like:

You create self-made products, whether bags, clothing, decorative items, jewelry or whatever.

In order to present the products in an appealing way on the sales platform you have chosen, you take photos of the articles, write informative sales texts and calculate the sales prices for the products.

You should set up your own business account for this, which will receive payments from customers. So you keep an exact overview of your income.

You also have to decide in advance whether you will charge VAT on the products or not, i.e. whether you will take advantage of the small business regulation. It is best to discuss more details with your tax advisor.

Platforms: Etsy .com , Palun du .de

Earnings: I can’t give exact numbers, because it depends on how many products you sell per month. 

For a decent extra income, you should have several products for sale; When it comes to the amount of product, you should also take a look at the competition, which may make items that are similar to yours.

Online part-time job no. 9: stock photographer

If you have a talent for photography, a part-time job as a stock photographer is a good option. 

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can still earn money with your photographic skills without having to work in this creative industry.

Because on the Internet there is a huge demand for high-quality and professional pictures, because countless website owners regularly need pictures for their websites and do not want to fall back on expensive commissioned photos, but on the much cheaper stock photos from various international photo agencies.

The term “stock photography” means that images are created in advance and offered and sold by picture agencies. 

The opposite of stock photography is order photography.

For photographers it is not difficult, photo-floor platforms upload to such images and offer for sale . 

The uploaded photos are given keywords so that they can also be found using the internal search for specific inquiries.

And the more photos you upload to such a platform and offer them for download, the greater the chances of earning money.

What your job will look like:

In order to be able to sell your photos and motifs successfully on a stock platform, it is important that you have a good eye for motifs and have more than just basic knowledge of photography, technology and the design of photographic images.

You can now take high-quality photos with your smartphone, but really professional pictures can only be made with high-quality cameras.

So you need at least a semi-professional photo camera as well as further equipment and common image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop to optimize the images accordingly.

If you look around on the various stock photo platforms, you will find that there are motifs from certain theme worlds that sell particularly well.

These include close-ups of objects or people, everyday objects, job descriptions, health, business, religion, education, training, the environment and family.

Platforms: Photo lia .com , Pan ther me dia .net , iStock photo to .com

Earnings: Earnings depend on how often your images are downloaded and how many motifs you offer. A professional photographer can earn several thousand euros per month, as a part-time job these numbers are too high. Nevertheless, you can earn several hundred euros per month with it.

Online part-time job no. 10: Online Teacher

Would you like to teach people and do you have very good German or other language skills, depending on which language is your mother tongue?

Perhaps you can even fall back on teaching experience. Certainly, it is an advantage for online language teachers to have a solid education or even a degree, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are also lateral entry language teachers (and I limit myself to the German language on this point ) who work online as DaF (German as a foreign language) teachers without extensive training.

The demand for German lessons is high, because many foreign companies are relocating their customer service and call centers abroad for cost reasons. 

Since customers in Germany are also looked after from there, employees are encouraged to learn German, among other things.

For German lessons, native speakers are clearly preferred by language schools, companies and private students.

It is particularly important in this activity that you refresh your German skills in self-study and that you are ready to learn new things over and over again.

The following questions are important for a successful online mini job as an online teacher:

  • What do the levels A to C mean within the Common European Framework of Reference (GER)?
  • Which vocabulary is taught in which framework in the individual levels?
  • Which grammar is dealt with in each level?
  • What previous knowledge does the student need in order to be able to deepen a certain grammar topic?
  • Which grammar topic should be connected with which vocabulary?
  • Which material is best for which type of learner?
  • Must know to explain the individual grammar topics in a way that is understandable for your students?
  • How do you design a meaningful learning unit?
  • How do you best present yourself linguistically in front of your student (facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, intonation)?

It takes a certain amount of time – and that can be up to two years – to acquire all of this. During this time, however, you can already give online lessons.

What your job will look like:

In order to introduce yourself as a teacher to a broad target group and to attract students, you can use the online platform ital ki .com.

There are now more than 2000 tutors registered on ital ki .com, who introduce themselves there with their profile and knowledge.

ital ki .com takes care of all financial formalities, so you don’t have to worry about them. The platform also helps you with students who cannot pay online or who are having trouble paying.

The language lessons themselves do not take place via ital ki .com, but via corresponding video chat software such as Skype or Zoom.

The contacts and registrations of the students are established via ital ki .com, the payment process also runs via this platform.

You give online German lessons for your selected target group. Since you conduct the training courses online, you will need certain tools such as Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom in order to hold video chats with the students.

What you do best with is up to you. And you will find other tools for professional online teaching on the Internet that you might find better than the ones mentioned here.

Online training also includes tasks that students work on. You will send training materials by email or make them available to your students via Google Drive.

Platforms: ital ki .com , lin go da .com , pre ply .de

Merit: The time required at the beginning is likely to be higher if you have an intensive training period ahead of you. In general, you should have at least 15 to 20 hours a week available for this activity so that it is also worthwhile.

If you still have to specialize, you cannot set high hourly rates straight away, but should start with a lower rate, which is around 15 to 20 euros.

Then you can gradually work your way up to around 30 to 35 euros up to your desired hourly pay.

Online mini jobs # 11: blogger

Are you interested in a topic that can be easily monetized? Are you ready to familiarize yourself with many new areas such as search engine optimization, online marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, keyword research, WordPress and its functions, blog optimization, etc.?

Then blogging should be your thing. Above all, you should like to write, because a blog wants to be filled with content at the beginning. Which topic you specialize in depends on your interests, there are successful blogs that generate income in many areas, whether it is travel blogs, food blogs, parent blogs, money-making blogs, game blogs and whatever else there is .

You can use different sources of income for your blog, be it money

  • with affiliate programs
  • engage with paid blog posts and link sales
  • sale of advertising space (for that you need quite a high number of blog visitors)
  • pay-per-click advertising
  • with own services and (digital) products
  • with a paid member area

What your job will look like:

After creating your blog (if you are familiar with WordPress and website design, you can do this yourself or have it done by a professional) you should write a lot of posts in the initial phase, preferably one or at least three per Week.

This is the only way to ensure a sustainable ranking on Google.

If you have a content base of 100 to 200 articles, you can deal more intensively with the various marketing measures and gradually look around for interesting income opportunities for your blog.

Since blogging is very diverse, it can by no means be fully described in this article. Every blogger can also bring his / her own ideas for profitable collaborations into his / her business concept. In any case, a lot is possible.

In addition to writing, you will be familiar with blog optimization, online marketing, your social media presence on Facebook, keyword research, loading speed, data backup, your own advertising campaigns, corresponding analysis tools, building a newsletter, writing guest articles, employ useful collaborations with other bloggers, etc. 

New topics are regularly added in the fast-moving internet world. Blogging is really a versatile and varied activity.

However, you won’t be able to think about making money right away, a blog must first grow before it can be really monetized.

Platforms (to make money): affi li .net , blogfoster , blog mission,  financed zen .com , Amazon Partnernet , digistore24

Merit: From little to much, everything is possible on a blog, so I can’t give any specific figures. Most bloggers don’t make much money, but if you focus on blog growth, it can be an attractive source of part-time income for yourself.


In order for you to earn a profitable income with the these mini jobs online listed here, you have to get involved and be active. Otherwise, the chances of earning money don’t look good.

Most jobs don’t bring you money straight away, but require a lot of time, energy and learning, such as blogging, photography, teaching, writing ebooks or selling homemade products online.

And even then, success is not one hundred percent guarantee. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to market your talents and skills on the Internet in a way that you probably wouldn’t have in the “offline world”.

– – –

I got to know and researched these activities in the course of my self-employment on the Internet. 

How are your experiences with online mini jobs and part-time jobs? Have I forgotten some in this list that you also think are good? 

I look forward to further recommendations, criticism and an exchange of experiences.

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