7 Tips To Make Work From Home Easy

Many workers having the flexibility of being able to work from home. It has been a dream and they’ve pursued for a long time. There are indeed real benefits to working remotely but there are also big challenges to overcome. Those used to working remotely this is not new, but if you are dealing with the situation for the first time here are 7 Tips To Make Work From Home Easy steps to master it.


Your first task is to create a workspace in your house that is conducive for work from home. Ideally, work on your own in a closed room, with no roommates or family members, no refrigerator or television, and certainly no bed to distract you. Invest in the right furniture to make it comfortable. An ergonomic work chair and desk are worth it to avoid back pain by dragging your laptop to the sofa or bed. Maintain a clean workplace. Make sure the wall or background is suitable for professional video calls.

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2. GET ORGANIZED (Block people and distractions)

Get your laptop diary pens cell phone any notes you need and chargers in place. If you are in a noisy house with many family members perhaps invest in a noise cancellation headphone. Use a mouse for better efficiency and quicker peace. If you have kids figure out who will take care of the children and keep them from disturbing you for those noises.

The biggest challenge in the WFH routine is the presence of other people at home or in your life. Stop these human disturbances by establishing ground rules with you. It helps to claim that you are not at home after hard work hours. Do not engage in personal calls or household chores. Worse, don’t go to YouTube or start scrolling through Instagram because you know no one is physically monitoring you.

Remove social media extensions and turn off all notifications on your laptop browser as well as your cell phone. Turn off your mobile data and use it only for calls.

If your spouse is on work from home to share times thoughts and child related chores. Organize routines and rules for other disturbances that may disrupt your work.


You should use the best technology available for WFH, to minimize technical glitches. Learn to use the best technology available for working from home. You can use Google Hangouts for a team video call and Skype or similar software’s or tools for messaging. Project management tools can help you achieve team outcomes while a list of app can help organize. Speak your IT department for any help you need including setting up a virtual private network or VPN if required.


Communication is the first key to success at work from home lies in prioritizing communication. Your team and manager need to know that you are available and taking work from home seriously and are just a call away. Call your colleagues on video or chat with them for routine queries instead of instead of spamming each other’s mailboxes. Ask your manager for regular performance reviews and feedback, get the right amount of time with him and keep the conversation going. If you are alone at home, you run the risk of social isolation, which can be detrimental. Participate in a non-work video hangout with any virtual entertainment activity developed by your team and HR.

As a manager, you can share more information than usual with your team, check in, provide them with the required technology, arrange social interactions, have chat sessions and discuss that How are they coping with this situation?

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5. PLAN WORKFLOW (don’t work disorganized)

Before starting the day, prepare a task list or target sheet. Prioritize your plans and schedule a time slot. Add some buffer time to complete emergencies such as unexpected work calls and unexpected new tasks. Don’t leave planned tasks unfinished and don’t switch between them or get away from your need to reply to a new email. Multitasking or frequent switching reduces productivity.

Get all your gadgets – laptops, phones, headphones, chargers and other tools – diaries, pens, important notes in one place. If your environment is noisy, get a noise cancellation headphone during work. Use mouse instead of trackpad for better performance. If you have children, share parental responsibilities with your spouse. If your spouse is also working, both of your work hours are not interrupted. Set routines and rules for other obstacles, such as employment and doorbells.


If working from home is new for you, don’t expect to go all out on Day One. You and your routine will gradually adapt to this new way of working, so be prepared for temporary targets. To crush the production code, schedule the most difficult tasks in the morning and call in the afternoon. Use the Pomodoro technique, working mainly on the cut parts for 25 minutes, then stand up and walk around for 5 minutes, preferably in sunlight and fresh air, to recharge. Use a music list or background sound on your speaker if it helps you focus. When you’re productive and happy, you can enjoy and appreciate WFH followers.


Remember you’re earning a salary in your work from home situation. Stay committed to your timings and deliverables. Do not take this time for granted. Avoid home chores or personal appointments during working hours except during scheduled breaks.  Don’t abuse the work from homeset up by being unavailable or just go missing in action lastly.

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