7 Best Ways To Make Money From Home

Hi, in this article I will tell you how to make money without leaving your home. We will consider where you need to start remote work, where you can earn the first money right now and without investment, and we will additionally analyze 7 proven earning options.

Read this article to the end and you will know how you can make money without leaving your home and how you can create passive income for yourself in just a couple of months of remote work.

List of best ways to make money online from home – 7 Options

  1. Making money on clicks and simple actions
  2. Tutoring
  3. Become a Freelance Worker
  4. Personal Internet Assistant
  5. Remote Call Center Operator
  6. keep your blog
  7. Doing Dropshipping

How to make money on the Internet – the main rule

I think it is clear that in order to earn money from home, you will need to either sell any goods, or provide any services, or carry out any assignments. 

In order to earn money on the Internet, you need to exchange something (your goods, your services, your time) for money. You simply have no other options to make money, so be prepared for the fact that working from home will be quite difficult, but possible.

If you want to fully start working from home, then try not to imagine mountains of gold. That is, do not think that you will immediately start earning a lot, it is not so. Big earnings will begin to come only after you understand the area you are doing.

If you just want to find an additional source of income, then I advise you to pay attention to those methods that are marked with the criterion ” Who is suitable for this option of earning – everyone .”

Okay, with the introduction enough, now let’s get to the bottom of it.

7 Best Ways To Make Money Online sitting at Home

Option 1: Making money on clicks and simple actions

Best Ways To Make Money From Home
  • How much can you earn – 2 $ / day
  • Who is this earning option suitable for – everyone
  • Do you need special skills – No
  • Is there any investment required – No

Making money on clicks and simple tasks is one of the simplest and most ancient ways to make money on the Internet. 

The method is based on basic acts such as surfing websites, watching advertisements, and clicking on banners, among other things. That is. You just perform such simple tasks and get a pretty penny for them.

I must say right away that you will not earn much on this method, but if you have nothing to do and you just want to get some extra money, then this option is the best option.

The best part about this approach is that you don’t need any special experience or money to get started. Here, every person, regardless of gender and age, can easily earn money.

In short, the algorithm for making money here is as follows:

1. Register on one of the services listed below (I will give the links below);
2. Choose a simple task;
3. Carry out the task;
4. Receive money;
5. Repeat points 2-4 an infinite number of times, earning the required amount of money.

Recommendation: I advise you to carefully read the task that you are going to complete, because you will not receive money for partial completion, and some tasks can be quite confusing.

  • Proven services for making money on clicks and simple tasks:
  • Yandex.Tolola
  • Micorworkers
  • seosprint.net
  • profitcentr.com

Recommendation: it is better to register on several services so that you can receive more tasks and, accordingly, earn more.

On these projects, payment will be credited to your account immediately after the task is completed. Plus, you can withdraw money even daily (except for a couple of services).

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Option 2: Tutoring

Best Ways To Make Money From Home
  • How much you can earn – from 10 $ to 20 $ / day
  • Who is suitable for this option of earning – people over the age of 21 and with special knowledge.
  • Do you need special skills – yes
  • Do you need any investments – yes and no

Teaching is one of the most profitable options for earning money remotely, and there are a lot of topics for tutoring. It is another best ways to make money from staying at home

For example, you can teach people computer , different languages, different school subjects or disciplines from universities.

I even know people who teach others how to properly swing (do push-ups, do abs) at home, so the choice is really big. 

Well, the main advantage of this method is that you can teach others remotely by Skype. By the way, phoning on Skype is a very common method and the minimum cost of an hour, remote lesson costs an average of 8 $ , which is very good.

Well, now about the cons. I think it is clear that this way of earning money is not suitable for everyone. To make money like this, you need to be able to teach and have a sufficient amount of knowledge in any area. But if you have these two factors, then it is worth starting to teach.

And now about finding clients. You can search for clients in the following ways:

By registering on special services for finding tutors: –

  • Brainfuse
  • PrepNow Tutoring
  • TutorMe
  • Skooli
  • Tutor.Com
  • Studypool

Option 3: Become a Freelance Worker

Best Ways To Make Money From Home
  • How much you can earn per month – from 100 $ to 300$ (depending on the amount of work performed);
  • Who is this earning option suitable for – Everyone;
  • Do you need special skills – yes and no;
  • Do you need any investments – payment for membership on exchanges.

I have already written about how to start a freelancer and where to find the client in this article. Right there I will just tell you the basic requirements and main advantages of freelancing. In my opinion freelancing is best ways to make money from home.

For those in the tank:
Freelancing is a one-off work under a contract / agreement. On freelancing, the performer receives money for completing single tasks that he receives from different customers.

For example, such tasks can be:
– Website development;
– Image processing;
– Translation of audio into text (transcription);
– Publishing any message on 50 message boards;
– Creation of an advertising campaign;
And similar tasks.

Advantages of Freelancing

The main advantage of freelancing is that you can really earn a lot, but for this you will need to work a lot and communicate with a large number of different customers (and this, believe me, is quite problematic). But here you independently choose with whom to work and at what time.

There is a truth and a rather big minus – for most jobs on freelance exchanges, you need to have certain skills (the skill of creating a website, the skill of setting up advertising, etc.). 

The problem is that without these additional skills, you can only take simple tasks that are paid quite cheaply, while more expensive ones will simply not be available.

But there is also a plus – no one bothers you to earn money by completing simple tasks. For example, here is a list of simple tasks from freelance exchanges that almost anyone can do.

Orders for these and similar tasks can be found on the following exchanges:
– Fiveer
– Upwork
– Guru.com and the like.

Recommendation: do not try to take on expensive tasks on the fly or argue with the customer about the increase in the cost of work. Initially, when you just start working, you do not have a rating and a portfolio of works – this fact makes it difficult to receive orders. Therefore, first of all, we strive to build a portfolio, and then we raise prices for work.

Option 4: Personal Internet Assistant

Best Ways To Make Money From Home
  • How much you can earn per day / month – from 100 $ to 200 $
  • Who is this earning option suitable for – Men and women over 18 years old;
  • Do you need special skills – yes and no;
  • Do you need any investments – no;

Remote, personal assistant is a fairly common vacancy, while they are willing to pay quite a lot (of course, this depends on where you get a job). Another remote work to be a best ways to make money from home.

The main advantage of such work is that the performer does not need to have a higher education or any other specific skills. Most often, you just need a person who will take over the routine processes.

Are you ready to be

It is easy to start working as a personal, remote assistant, for this you just need to drive into Indeed.com the phrase “vacancy of a remote assistant” or “vacancy of a remote assistant” and Indeed.com will immediately give you a large number of vacancies, where the payment varies from 15 to 70 thousand rubles. 

For you to understand, the work of a remote assistant is very similar to that of a secretary, only you do not need to sit in the office.

Assistant’s tasks are simple, most often they are associated with routine processes, such as answering calls, booking tables and hotels, buying tickets, scheduling a day and performing similar tasks.

If you stay at home and have enough free time, I advise you to pay attention to this way of earning money. It will allow you to make good money from home, plus you can watch how and what the manager for whom you work is doing. This experience can help you in the future to open your own business.

You can find “remote assistant” vacancies at:
– HeadHunter
– indeed.com
– jooble.org
– jobisjob.com

Option 5: Remote Call Center Operator

Best Ways To Make Money From Home
  • How much you can earn per month – from 100 to 150 $  ;
  • Who is this earning option suitable for – Men and women over 18 years old ;
  • Do you need special skills – the main skill that is needed here is stress resistance and well-delivered speech;
  • Do you need any investments – no 

This job is really difficult, it requires strong nerves and increased stress resistance. Call center operator, this is a very unpopular type of remote work. Firstly, because in most of these vacancies, you have to make outgoing calls to strangers all day, while most often this happens on a cold base. Secondly, they pay very little for such stressful work, in the range of 20 thousand rubles a month.

But in fairness, I would like to note that there are those companies where they pay for incoming calls. For example, the services of remote operators (to receive incoming calls) are needed by taxi services, food delivery services (pizza, sushi, pies, etc.), various online stores, as well as those companies that are trying to quickly expand and do not have time to hire people in state.

The essence of such work boils down to the following actions:
The call center operator must receive (or make calls), advise customers on all issues that arise, take orders, make additional sales, record customer complaints and suggestions, and perform similar tasks.

If you are not one of those people who are comfortable answering the phone and you, in principle, do not mind talking to a stranger, then this option for earning money is definitely for you.

Recommendation: if you decide to get a job as a call center operator, then I strongly recommend getting a job where you only need to receive incoming calls and not make outgoing calls (unless in extreme cases).

Where to look for vacancies for a remote call center operator:
As with other jobs, vacancies can be found on job search sites:
– HeadHunter
– indeed.com

You can also find vacancies by simply typing in Yandex the phrase “vacancies remote call center operator”.

Option 6: keep your blog

  • How much you can earn per month – from 200 $ per month
  • Who is this earning option suitable for – Everyone;
  • Do you need special skills – No;
  • Do you need any investments – 350 rubles;

Creating and maintaining your blog is the best and easiest way to make money (I tell you this as a person who maintains his blog). This method stands apart from all others and allows you to make money on what you like.

For example,

I like everything related to Internet marketing, I like to dive into this topic and share with others what I have found or tried to do. And on this “hobby” of mine, I earn an additional 40 thousand rubles a month, simply by publishing 2 articles on my blog a week (sometimes it happens less often).

You can start making money as well, and you don’t need any special knowledge to make your blog. You can just take some kind of content management engine, for example, WordPress (my site, by the way, is made on it) and start publishing interesting content there.

Recommendation: if you are in doubt that you will be able to make your blog, you can take a free video course in which I explain in detail how to make a blog from scratch in one day and start making money on it.

Many free courses over the internet, check out those.

Take the course and if you have any questions, ask me or the support service and they will quickly help you solve them.

For you to understand, the principle of work and earnings on your blog is as follows:

  1. You are creating your blog site;
  2. You publish interesting content on it (articles, photos, videos);
  3. Yandex and Google search engines see that you have high-quality content and start driving more free traffic to you;
  4. You monetize your site in many different ways.
    For example, you can earn on:
    – Advertising;
    – Affiliate programs;
    – On the sale of their goods or services;
    – On the sale of review articles;
    – And on the other, whatever comes to mind.

Tip: You will earn more if you post interesting and useful content to your site. Search engines see when the content is interesting to users and raise such blogs to the first places in search results, which is why more and more traffic begins to come to the site and, accordingly, earnings increase.

Yes, I almost forgot to say – there is money investment in this method. To create your blog, you will need to spend money on hosting (170 rubles) and spend on the domain name of the site (180 rubles) – without these two factors, you cannot create a blog site. But compared to what you get from your blog, these are mere pennies.

Well, the main advantage of your blog site is that it will become your small business project that will feed you and thanks to which you can start working at a convenient time for you and (which is very important!) From anywhere in the world where there is the Internet.

In the long term, your blog will begin to bring in much more than the amount that I mentioned earlier, the main thing is to continue to publish interesting content on it. 

So, I recommend that you pay special attention to this option and try to make your blog site today.

Option 7: Doing Dropshipping

  • How much you can earn per month is difficult to say, depending on the product;
  • Who is this earning option suitable for – Everyone;
  • Do you need special skills – you need to be able to sell;
  • Do you need any investments – yes;

Imagine that there is a person (let’s call him Vasya) who wants to run his own business, but does not want to buy goods, rent a store / warehouse and hire a large number of people. 

Instead, such a person finds suppliers of a product and invites them to work through an intermediary scheme.

That is, the suppliers provide Vasya with a list of goods, and he makes his markup on these goods and then looks for buyers for them. 

As soon as Vasya finds buyers, he receives payment for the goods from them, takes his margin from this payment, and transfers the rest to the supplier, along with the buyer’s contacts. Well, the supplier, in turn, packs the goods himself and sends the order to the buyer.

In this scheme, everyone wins. Vasya wins because he does not need to maintain a large store and store goods somewhere. The supplier wins because he does not need to search for customers for his products. Well, the client just receives his product.

Explanation: Roughly speaking, dropshipping is a profitable intermediary. 

I have already written a detailed article analyzing this way of making money and it would be foolish not to add it to this list. You can read the article about dropshipping here.

In this method, you earn on the resale of goods, while not having these very goods in stock, but simply transferring orders for them to the supplier.

You can search for customers for goods in the following places:
– On free message boards;
– your blog;
– On pages and in groups in social. networks;
– In the forums;
– On commodity aggregators;
And on similar sites

You can make quite a lot of money from dropshipping, provided that you find the right product to sell.

I want to warn you in advance:
Dropshipping is an area of ​​earnings with huge competition and it will be quite difficult for a beginner to start earning in it. 

Therefore, I would recommend that you use this method when you have your own promoted site or a promoted account in any social. networks. 

If you don’t have that, then you will have to spend a lot of time and money setting up ads and testing different products.

But if that doesn’t scare you, then you can start looking for suppliers and see what products they have. 

I don’t really want to repeat myself, so I’ll just leave a link to an article on dropshipping, in which I explained in detail where to find suppliers who would be happy to work with dropshipping.


Here we are with you and figured out best ways to make money without leaving your home. Naturally, I managed to describe not all the ways of making money, but only those that can be used almost immediately, without much preparation.

If, after reading the article, you still have not chosen a suitable method for yourself, then I advise you to pay attention to making money with the help of your blog.

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