Microworkers : Micro Task Site Registration, Earning and reviews

Hello everyone, Today, I’m going to show you how you can make money from a website called MicroWorkers. I think many of you are going to be very pleased with this site, because you can do it on your phone, as well as if you’re from any country.

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Usually, as a microworkers, you get paid to do small tasks. For example, by clicking “Like” and “Subscribe” on a YouTube channel or Facebook post, visiting a website and searching for keywords on Google+, etc.

Microworkers registration process and earnings


Click here microworkers.com and a window will open like the below image. Then click the Register button at the top. Here is the simple process.


Complete your profile information

Now, fill in all your personal details with the microworkers. Make sure you enter the correct details, your real country, your real address, and do not use a VPN, or try to pretend to be from another country because you need to search your cell phone number for the country you are in.


You will also be sent a PIN to your physical home address. Therefore, make sure that you include the correct address for your home or apartment as well.

They do this because they don’t allow people to have multiple accounts on this site. Therefore, they want you to make sure you’re a real person, and then click Submit.

Check your email mailbox and activate your account

So now you need to go to your inbox and click the link you’ve been sent to, and then click the button to activate your account. Once you do this, your account will be active.

Jobs List – Check your job

And then you can click on the list of available jobs. Now you can see that there are hundreds of small tasks available, but first click on any of them, and then you will see that you need to check your phone number before you can complete the task. You have a number of different options.


Add your phone number

You can now click Send pin to my phone and then enter the pin number in the box above and click Send pin. You’ve got three attempts, otherwise you might get a board if it doesn’t work. So I just hit the send pin to my phone button right now, and then click Change next to the phone number.

Your phone number will be added automatically, so you won’t be able to change it. So make sure that you create an account without using a VPN. So, for example, if you’re in India, your phone’s coming from India. Then enter your phone number without a dash or a space and click “Save Changes”

Then click “Verify your phone number” Now enter the PIN that you received on your phone and click “Send PIN” Mine was easily checked without any issues, then go back to the account settings. So, before writing down the rest of this tutorial, I decided to do a few tasks.

A Good Micro Task sites

I was also surprised by how easy it was to make some pocket money doing these small tasks, so I could make sure it was really practical and that the customers really approved and paid for these small tasks.

This isn’t a lot of money, but it’s a lot easier than other micro jobs that I’ve seen as remote assignments. It’s actually better money, in my opinion, and easier than doing some low-paying transcription jobs like the QA world.

Process to start working with Microworkers

As such, your job listing will differ depending on which country you live in. For example, you can see that a lot of my work is in English because I live in India, so this will change depending on where you are from.

To view all available vacancies, we will click on vacancies. Then we’ll scroll down and you can sort jobs by Highest Paid, Latest, Best Ranking, and Time to Grade. Evaluation time means how long it will take for an employer to evaluate your work before you get credited to your account.

So if we look at this work, for example, the TTR is two days. This means that in two days the employer will evaluate your work or should have already evaluated your work. And then the payment amount will be approved to go to your balance. TTF stands for Time To Finish.

So you can see that most of the work will take you two to five minutes to complete. There are all kinds of jobs, including click-to-search, bookmarking, Google, YouTube, Facebook, blog, commenting, etc. To view a job, just click on the job title.

Follow the instructions of Microworkers Task

So let’s try this for example. After you read what you need to do and if you decide you want to do this work, just click I accept this work. And then the form will open below. It’s like searching for a brand and visiting and you get paid 15 cents.

And it has a small list of instructions for what you need to do. I have to do this from my mobile phone, and then they want me to go to Google, google this offer. So instead of directly telling you at work what offer they want you to look for.

To do this, they sent you a link to imgur.com which basically takes me to the photo they uploaded. And then they need you to google those keywords from my phone. Uploaded another picture showing me which website link I need to click as soon as I search for those keywords.

And then I just need to scroll down the page until I see the code on that website. So this particular task was for people in Spain, but there are many other jobs, as well as for people of all countries. And after you complete the task, you must provide proof that you have completed the task.

For this to work, all I had to do was copy and paste the code that appeared at the bottom of the website they wanted me to visit. In other cases, you may need to upload a screenshot. On some jobs, they may ask you to visit a website within five minutes.

Provide screenshot of completed work

Therefore, you need to take a screenshot of how you accessed the website. And the time you left the site. But in this case, I just needed to copy and paste the code. And then click I confirm that I completed this task. Now he will say “thank you” for completing the job, the employer will review your task and, if approved, you will receive payment.

So now I’m going to click to see the tasks you’ve completed. And you will see that I have completed six assignments and five have been approved. For the rest, it will tell you how much you earned, and the title of the job, proof, etc. There are two types of tasks, the main tasks are listed here.

And there are also what are called higher group tasks. Higher group assignments or higher group assignments are now assignments that are handed off to selected employees of employers. Employers can include you in their group campaigns by referencing your reputation.

The higher your reputation in a particular category, the higher your chances of getting a job. Thus, the better you work, the more likely you are to get more work. To accept and view more vacancies, simply click on vacancies again.

And to go back to the work done, go to the tasks that I completed and then select either the basic tasks or the tasks that I completed. Now, to withdraw the earned money, just click “withdraw”. Then click place a new withdrawal request.

Withdrawal or Payment Methods

Here you’ll see that you can get paid via Skrill, Payoneer or PayPal. You need to earn a minimum of $9 to request a withdrawal from Skrill or PayPal, but you need at least $20 for Payoneer. There is also a 5 to 7.5 per cent withdrawal commission.

Once you meet these requirements and fill out all the information, just click Submit Request. 


Overall I think Microworkers is a very good way to make extra money for small tasks.

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