Earn Money as a Clickworker – $100 in a month

How I am earning $ 100 in a month working with Clickworker, Microworker and Appen only less than an hour in day.

You can also earn Money as a Clickworker – $100 in a month in your spare time when you are free such as on the way in the bus or train and waiting for appointment outside the doctor cabin.

Want to know how?

Let me put you some of my earning proof through images. Proof sample. Clickworker is available worldwide.

Earn Money as a Clickworker
Earn Money as a Clickworker

We will walk through in this post starting from registration process, how does it work, requirement of the work and how to withdraw the earnings in your bank account.

Requirement to start work with Clickworker:

  • You must know a little English which you can understand the work
  • You must be above 18
  • Papal account connected with your local bank account
  • Mobile / Desktop
  • Internet connection
  • Gmail account
  • Facebook account

What is Clickworker

Clickworker is crowdworking website. Crowdworkers take on small jobs for companies and offer their services over the Internet. They work via apps or internet platforms and compete for jobs online

As a Clickworker you will be doing some micro jobs like correcting text, online typing, taking surveys, or categorizing data, taking photographs etc.

Clickworker also hires people to proof read, do copy editing, test apps, and make short audio and video recordings.

You can choose weekly or monthly payments to get paid for your services or tasks. Minimum withdrawal is Euro 5 through paypal.

Earning money as a clickworker? Possible, but that doesn’t make you rich.

Clickworker is a very large data management platform. The service platform can be used by companies to carry out various tasks in eCommerce. Of course, these tasks also have to be done. 

At Clickworker, you have option of registering as a worker. Such a person is called a “Clickworker” on the platform, which also explains the name of the provider. 

There are different ways to earn money, the payout is reliable and you can choose when to work. Sounds pretty good so far. 

Nevertheless, we find the platform only conditionally recommendable. Because Clickworker also has some clear disadvantages that clearly contradict the fact that you spend your time on this.

You’ll receive payment when you complete a job. Payment varies by tasks with more complex jobs earning would be more. Every day you woke up, you have one new job which will credit amount in your account

Registration Process Step by Step

Before you can work on the platform, a few steps are required. The basic requirement is of course that you register on the platform. 

To do this, you first have to choose whether you want to use the platform as a Clickworker or a client. In our case, you would have to register as a Clickworker and click on “Register now for free”.

  • Register as a Clickworker
  • Complete qualifications
  • Choose between possible orders
  • Execute orders
  • Receive payment
  • Get paid off by Clickworker

Register here as a Clickworker to earn money

The next step is very simple. You just choose the country from which you want to work. So if you are based in India, you naturally choose India. 

If you live abroad, you specify the respective country. It is recommended that you provide correct information. Otherwise there may be problems with payment later and that would be quite frustrating.

Earn Money as a Clickworker

As soon as my place of residence has been specified, a form will be opened. The screenshot used here shows only part of the form. 

In addition to personal data, you also have to enter your address, an e-mail address, access data and the current time zone. 

Then you simply agree to the terms of use. You will then receive an activation link to your email. If you have activated your account, you can basically start right away. 

Before that, you have to carry out a few smaller tests so that you are qualified and can be assigned tasks according to your qualification.

Earn Money as a Clickworker
Earn Money as a Clickworker

You are now ready to get job offer from Clickworker and earn money

So let’s take a look at what Clickworker has ready for jobs. Although this screenshot relates to the client, it can still be used for this. 

This makes it easy to see what tasks have to be carried out. For example, writing texts. You can write product descriptions, glossary texts, advice and SEO texts. Look at the task which you will be probably do.

Earn Money as a Clickworker

You can even make money by completing surveys at Clickworker. This is of course a very simple and pleasant task to earn something on the side.

For example, providing information on individual products or optimizing the search function of an online shop. This leaves only one task left to devote to Clickworker.

You will also get mobile crowdsourcing category jobs. This is about monitoring point-of-sale campaigns. If one chooses to do this job, the task will usually be to provide photo evidence. These are intended to verify certain information. 

How to earn money working from home at Clickworker.com

Clickworkers or microjobbers are people who do small jobs on the Internet for cash. These orders can usually be fulfilled in a few minutes. However, orders that take a few hours can also be fulfilled.

Our Experience with Clickworker.com

Due to the many dubious providers, I was very skeptical at the beginning whether it was not a rip off. 

However, I realized very quickly that it wasn’t. The site is kept very simple and clear and no costs are mentioned in the terms and conditions. 

Registration requires the usual personal information (such as name and address) that you have to provide if you want to receive payouts anywhere. It is also important that you are over 18.

After registration, the first order was placed. Then I dealt with the training.

Training to improve the work order from Clickworker

The portal offers two variants to qualify for certain tasks. There is the basic training, which mainly deals with foreign language skills. 

Here you can take an English test, for example, which qualifies you for writing or translating English texts. 

The other is project trainings, which are very important for new areas of responsibility. 

With the first three training courses you can become an author or proofreader for German texts. Unfortunately, I did not do well.

Because of my poor results, I think I only get a few orders. So far I have been given the following tasks:

  • Translation of short texts

Small English texts between one and two sentences are translated into German.

  • Writing community posts

Creativity is required here. You get a new product and should come up with a question and the answer to it. It must of course be a question about the product.

  • Writing text summaries

Here you get a short text that you should categorize and create a short summary of the text.

  • Writing reports

You will get a topic on which you should write a report according to the guidelines of the provider.

Tasks assigned after the training.

These are the tasks I was given for the first few days. It is up to you which tasks you want to work on. However, every order is checked and can be canceled afterwards. 

Either you get the opportunity to edit your contribution or it will be completely rejected and there is no compensation. So far I have only received one order back, which was accepted after a brief change. However, I still have a few assignments under review.

Important note to Work with Clickworker

People who do better in the training courses are sure to get better assignments. In addition, the more jobs you do, the more jobs come in. According to clickworker, the following orders should still be possible:

  • Classification of texts, images, videos or other
  • Participation in surveys
  • Data acquisition
  • Finding keywords for texts

Earn money with clickworker.com

At the moment 10,000 orders are available on the platform, although I have only received a few and unfortunately few new ones are added. However, there is also a little competition between the clickworkers, because “first come first served”.

Earning opportunities

Now we come to the most important questions. How much money can i earn?

I can say in advance that as a Clickworker you can’t get rich working from home. It always depends on what jobs you get, what skills you have, and, above all, how fast you are. 

So far I’ve earned 10.47 euros as a Clickworker within couple of days.

Hourly Wage?

I can’t give an exact hourly wage yet, because at the beginning you have to familiarize yourself with the tasks. 

I’ve spent 2-3 hours processing orders so far. I earn most of it by translating short survey and taking pictures. I would estimate that I earn 5 euros an hour with it. 

Clickworker community contributions

Creating community contributions is less worthwhile for me. That might bring me to 2.50 euros per hour, as I have to think and research for a long time about possible questions and possible answers. But even this is all just a question of training. 

So far, I have not created any texts because the orders are rarely offered and usually sell out quickly. But I estimate that the hourly wage for me is only around 4.00 euros. I have not yet measured exact values, because I am still at the beginning and you can only make a proper statement when you have got used to everything. 

Creating community contributions is less worthwhile for me. That might bring me to 2.50 euros per hour, as I have to think and research for a long time about possible questions and possible answers. 

Working as a clickworker – do jobs on the net really make a lot of money?

After the first few days as a Clickworker , I am already quite satisfied. 

Unfortunately, I did not pass the tests that well and must therefore be satisfied with a mediocre order situation. The relationship between income and expenditure also leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. 


I would like say you if i can earn money as a Clickworker $100 in a month together with Appen and Microworker you can also. Try and test as it pay you for your work.

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