Earning Money with Micro Jobs – How to Become a Successful Clickworker

Can you really make money with micro jobs? At first glance, that sounds pretty good. You have to do small tasks with the help of your smartphone and desktop you will get a small financial compensation for these tasks. But is it worth working as a microjobber?

Micro jobs are small tasks that you can get via a smartphone app and then apply for. The tasks are done in seconds or minutes. You can earn between 1 and 10 euros per micro job. The earned money is paid out when you have reached a minimum limit. 

It all sounds tempting at first. Unfortunately, various self-tests have shown that working as a microjobber is easy, but unfortunately there is not really a lot of money involved. In this post we have examined the whole procedure completely. How the business with small tasks really works is explained to you in detail here.

Table of Contents

  • What are micro jobs?
  • Micro jobs have become very popular
  • What do you have to do as a microjobber?
  • The tasks of a microjobber
  • How Much Can You Earn With Micro Jobs?
  • How does it all look from a tax point of view?
  • How much time do you have to spend as a microjobber?
  • Popular clickworking apps
  • Conclusion: is the job as a microjobber worthwhile?

What are micro jobs?

Micro jobs are short and simple jobs that you can do on the Internet or using a smartphone. Earnings are made per order. Since these are mostly smaller tasks, you can earn a little money as a Clickworker.

The process is as follows: A company creates the simple orders on a micro-job website and the user can accept them and then carry them out. Most jobs usually take not more than 10 minutes. There are some well-known websites that advertise the ability to make a lot of money doing micro jobs.

Micro jobs are not just about a single task, like survey sites or making money as a copywriter . These are very different tasks with an individual expenditure of time. As a result, the payment fluctuates. So working as a microjobber shouldn’t be that boring and should contain a lot of variety.

Micro jobs have become very popular

There are now a wide variety of websites and apps so that as a clickworker (or appjobber) you can process enough jobs every day.

Most Clickworker tasks can easily be done from home and everyone can organize their own time. In other words, you can sleep and start work from noon.

The advantages of micro-jobs are those who are often available and who have a lot of time and motivation.

It is also often advertised that this type of job is very suitable for pupils and students, provided they have exceeded the minimum age limit. The minimum age limit is usually 16 years. On some micro-jobs websites, the minimum age limit is 14 years. In some cases, you are only allowed to work as an adult – i.e. from the age of 18 – as a Clickworker.

What do you have to do as a microjobber?

As a Clickworker you have a wide range of tasks, all of which take different lengths of time and have different pay rates. Surveys are particularly popular, but they are very poorly paid. A 15-minute survey costs an average of 30 cents. These are at least somewhat better paid on survey sites.

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Other tasks are taking photos or videos, of yourself or of a grocery store, the best way to make money as a Clickworker. For example, 5 euros or more can be transferred for a few photos from the supermarket.

Many companies also let clickworkers visit and rate their website to get a new person’s opinion. But here, too, the orders are paid very poorly. Other popular jobs are:

  • creating audio files of your own voice or other.
  • Correcting spelling or grammatical errors in texts.
  • Searching for information on websites
  • Preparation of product descriptions or short texts

They are all simple and quick tasks that can be done easitly. But unfortunately most of them are paid that way. You don’t get rich as a Clickworker. It should be viewed more as odd jobs.

The tasks of a microjobber

One of the tasks of a microjobber is to photograph the inventory of a grocery store.

The tasks can be completed using the smartphone. Some tasks have to be done from home and others can be done purely on the Internet. Tasks would be, for example, photographing the inventory of a certain brand at gas stations. Other tasks include checking the opening times of certain locations. You then upload this information via the app.

Businesses need these kinds of tasks to get an opinion, review their own stores, or conduct a study.

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Most jobs (also known as gigs) can be done in seconds. The disadvantage is that you sometimes have to drive from one end of the city to the other. To save costs, it is advisable to do the work by bicycle instead of a car or motorcycle. You can travel much faster within the city by bike, save money and be active in sports.

The faster you do  a micro job, the faster you can take on the next task and thus earn more money as a clickworker.

How Much Can You Earn With Micro Jobs?

Making Money with Micro Jobs
Making Money with Micro Jobs

Even if the internet sites for microjobbing often promise a constant and good additional income or pocket money, the reality is unfortunately very different.

Whether as a schoolchildren, student, adult or pensioner, it only pays off a little to work as a Clickworker. Unfortunately, it is not a full salary or a substitute for a real job. 

Worse still: various self-tests have shown that jobbers are often almost exploited. Of course you could optimize the workflow here and there. Micro-job app operators should, however, ensure that clickworkers are paid better.

With an average of 8 hours a day, you can earn between 8 euros and 40 euros. It’s not a really good hourly wage, but it’s not really work either.

As a small increase in pocket money, this may sound very tempting to some, but you should be good in your work planning. As already mentioned above, you should really ride a bike so that you can get from one job to another quickly.

Another problem is that if you make money as a clickworker, you cannot withdraw it directly. You must first have exceeded a partially high payout limit. This is sometimes over 50 euros, which unfortunately only takes a few days or even weeks.

But on a few pages there are sometimes jobs with which you can earn 3 to 10 euros, just by taking, for example, 5 photos. Such jobs are worth much more and are even recommendable, but they are less common. 

How much time do you have to spend as a microjobber?

Even if you want to start microjobbing now despite the low wages, you should still know how much time you want to invest. There are many jobs.

Everyone can decide for themselves when and how much they want to work. Whether on the weekend or just during the holidays.

If you really want to make money with micro jobs, you should work 2 to 3 hours a day. It is best to be available throughout the day to reserve jobs that you want to do.

You can actually say: the more you work, the more you earn. But you shouldn’t overdo it, you quickly become unmotivated and don’t feel like doing boring tasks with poor pay.

Popular clickworking apps

There are tons of clickworking apps. Check out the worldwide most popular micro-job apps such as Appen, Appjobber and Clickworkers. You can choose from a wide variety of micro jobs here. This includes tasks such as: mystery shopping, price monitoring, control of outdoor advertising and much more.

Conclusion: is the job as a microjobber worthwhile?

Well, honestly not really. It is definitely a good idea to be able to Making Money with Micro on the side from home. All you need is a smartphone. Unfortunately, it’s really out of the question as a full-time job. For this, companies would have to dig a little deeper into their pockets and pay the app operators a little more, who in turn can pay the micro-jobber more.

Micro jobs can be a sideline income that you could use on the way to and from work. You will really earn money online for doing small task. No one has anything to complain about.

In general, you should just try it out. Participation is free and maybe one or the other will have fun.

Advantages and disadvantages of micro jobs


  • Very good order book.
  • Orders completed in seconds.


  • Low to very low earnings.

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