Website testing as a way to make money on the Internet

Website testing as a way to make money on the Internet

Website testing is a great way to make money on the internet. You can start without clients and even can make the profession of tester a part-time job.

Some people only spend a fraction of their time doing tests. The best way to see if this is the right thing to do is to try it. We have compiled a list of platforms where you can practice and make money.

The important thing is to pass the qualification for testing or complete a trial test assignment. There are no requirements for knowledge, experience and education, the only limitation may be age: many sites do not accept applications from users under 18 years old.

How to start Website testing job or work?

The first step is to register as an assessor on the test platform of the websites and then fill in the necessary profile information

It is important to present yourself as a conscientious and responsible performer. Include real data, an existing phone number, and if you need a photo, upload a real photo. Then, these will be replaced by ratings that affect the number of tasks available.

The reputation of such projects immediately takes shape from the moment the candidate introduces himself, so that points can be earned right from the start.

Who is Assessor?

A user who takes on tasks for test sites is called an assessor. Anyone who has a computer with an Internet connection is candidate for this “position. Of course have some idea of what a website. In other words, in our time, almost anyone.

Website testing as a way to make money on the Internet

There are no requirements for knowledge, experience and education. The only limitation may be age. Many sites do not accept applications from users under 18 years old.

Before commencing the work, the assessor undertakes to provide the project with all the necessary data about himself: age, gender, information about education, occupation, hobbies. Thematic tasks are selected for him according to the profile created.

The tools that the assessor uses: a browser with an installed extension for receiving orders for testing and a program for recording video, which will then be included in the work report. Browser extension and recording software are provided by the project.

How does this happen?

Once a registered user becomes an assessor. He or she has access to the programs and required to complete the tasks.

For example, to work for Askusers, a growing project that has been running successfully since 2014. All you need to do is download and install a browser extension.

It is an universal tool that will notify you of the arrival of tasks, records responses to questions sent by the customer. It also records a video of the performer’s actions on the website. Basically, user interaction with the program is limited to clicking the Execute button when a task notification appears.

Website testing as a way to make money on the Internet

But there are also cases when the resource does not fully provide the assessor with resources, and the user has to install additional equipment on his own.

To report on the Uxcrowd project , voice comments are needed, and if the artist’s PC does not have a built-in sound recorder, he will have to look for a microphone.

Website testing projects are convenient for their accessibility, but if they do not put forward strict requirements for skills, then some unspoken wishes may still be present.

A striking example is Respondent , which is open to all adult performers. It has English-language interface and offers assignments only in English. Knowledge of the language is not much need to work on a project. It give an understanding to how to work.

Why do companies pay to testing websites ?

The quest for increasing popularity of the online resource, companies bound to take their business online.

In some case company need to optimize its structure and features, which would help to keep the existing audience and attract new users. Companies need to clearly understand how to modify the website to achieve their goals. Here the companies pays to tester to test their website.

However, in addition to the authoritative opinion of programmers and web design specialists. the owners of the resource need to know what an ordinary person thinks of him – a normal network user, he is also a potential customer.

10 online platforms for making money on testing websites

UserTesting – the platform allows you to quickly receive feedback from customers. You can create your own tests from scratch and perform product reviews.

UserTesing provide 24 / 7 support works. You need to register, fill out an application and take a test to receive orders. Afterwards, paid offers are available to the user.

Userbrain – earnings from testing within 15 minutes. Register, install a Chrome extension or an iOS app. You must pass a qualification test. Wait for approval to participate in. You can earn $ 3 for each test.

TryMyUI – getting paid for honest reviews is the credo of this platform. You test sites, give an expert opinion via testing site. Once you test is accepted by the appraisers you will get payment for it. Every Friday payment comes to PayPal. Before starting work, you will have to pass a qualification test.

More Testing job website and platform

Userlytics is a platform where customers are better known than each other. User testing, as a result of which you can earn from $ 5 to $ 90, depending on the scale. The main thing is to be attentive and know English well.

IntelliZoom is a platform with the simplest and most user-friendly user interface. The company performs UX tests on computers and mobile devices and pays between $2 and $10 for video reviews.

test IO -the platform is for QA testers. It provides tasks for various applications. If you find a bug, a crash and the problem is critical, you earn more. Payments are monthly basis.

Checkealos is an online rating platform that helps companies build better websites and apps. Each rating costs about 8 euros and the session lasts 15 minutes. If you don’t speak English, you can work in Spanish.

PingPong – the biggest earning opportunities here. According to the description of the service, the reward can be up to 200 Euros. Main thing is that it need a stable Internet and your desire to work.

How to influence the level of income?

Once you register as a tester or assessor any of the platform. Your work start from here. You will start receiving tasks by the project system itself. These tasks are based on the information in the profile and evaluation.

The greater the hobby and interests of the user specified in the questionnaire and profile, the more tasks are usually available to him. There is no role of Professional skills.

Increase your earning by performing in several projects at the same time. There is no limitation. May by some same type of task.


Website testing jobs are a great way to make additional money online. Build experience, try yourself in the international market, understand your weaknesses and identify growth areas.

The advantage of all platforms are eminent customers who use them. Want a line on your resume about Coca-Cola, Facebook or Loreal? Take a closer look.

Online testing platform will help you make money from freelancing.

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