25 Great Ways To Make Money Working From Home For Free

Are you wondering how to make money from home for free while spending time on the internet? If so, this post will explain the 22 quickest ways to make money online. There are many interesting online jobs allow you to work from home.

Working from home can range from simple part-time jobs to full-time work, whether self-employed or as an employee of a company. The Internet is used in most of the tasks described in this article. Let use a try and it will make you start earning.

Make Money From Home For Free: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many employees and self-employed individuals can visualize working from home. Because it saves travel time and money, as well as the individual plan of working hours.

Furthermore, this type of job is helpful if you must be flexible owing to family obligations or if the commute to work is problematic due to a medical condition. The advancements in the online world, in particular, have created several chances for rewarding work from home. Whether it’s a full-time or part-time work, something for every passion and talent may be found here.

Working from home, on the other hand, presents unique problems in terms of self-organization. Even those who require human connection with coworkers will be unhappy if they work from home full-time.

There are occasionally dubious offers in this area as well. Keep your distance if you are requested to pay for materials or training, for example, or if an excessively large compensation is offered. Allow yourself to be inspired by the following 22 opportunities and examples of trusted sources in the field of working from home.

25 Great Ways To Make Money Working From Home For Free

1. Usability-Tester

2. Narrating Audiobooks

2. Gamer Tester

3. Create digital products

4. Programmer

5. Graphic Designer

6. Web Designer

7. Video Producer

8. Write, correct, proofread texts

9. Translate

10. Online language courses

11. Internet research

12. Virtual Assistance

13. Customer Support

14. YouTube

15. Sell DIY products

16. Sell stock photos

17. Blogger

18. Dropshipping

19. Online Surveys

20. Product tests

21. Assembly/production work

22. Microjobs

1. Usability-Tester

The usability test is a method of product testing that focuses on digital material. They, for example, test apps, software, or websites on behalf of the company. You assess speed, usability, and aesthetics, as well as logical and technical problems. They follow predefined test plans and document the outcomes.

You do not require any specialist knowledge other than an interest in and basic familiarity with the products to be examined. Concentration and precision are essential. The employment is ideal for students and those who choose to work from home.

On job exchanges or search engines on the Internet, you can find offers for permanent positions or freelance worker. You will also find job postings on the corresponding agency portals. The following are especially recommended in our opinion:

Read this post to see 11 platforms where you can get paid to Usability Tester from home

2. Narrating Audiobooks

You may make a lot of money online in this virtually unexplored market. Despite the simplicity of information transfer, audiobooks are not as popular as we would want. This is good way to make money online at home for free.

So, if you have a good voice, you may make a lot of money by turning books to audiobooks.

When making this decision, please be honest with yourself. People’s compliments will let you realize when you have good vocals.

3. Game-Tester

This type of home work is perfect for gamers because you should bring experience with you. It is all about testing new games for content and technical flaws before they hit the market. Such jobs are relatively common.

There are also offers for permanent roles, although these are generally for extra money in freelance work if you want to work from home. Contact the software firm directly for a position as a game tester, or look at current job adverts, such as Joblift or the relevant recruitment portals. Please keep in mind that funding for the testing is not always available.

3. Create digital products

If you create ebooks, audio or video courses, you can sell them to as many users as you want without any extra work. These digital products often generate passive income even after years.

This is not a classic housework, from which you immediately earn a regular income, but an automated activity with a higher initial cost of time. Because digital products must benefit your customers and meet their quality needs.

Marketing is also important for success, so that many potential buyers are familiar with your product. For example, use social media marketing or the help of Digistore24 or Amazon. You can sell e-books through the Amazon Kindal Store, among other places. It is called a selling digital products.

4. Working from home as a programmer

As a programmer, you can work very well from home, although of course you need to have a good knowledge of programming. This is an advantage if you are proficient in many programming languages ​​like C ++, PHP and Java. Most programmers specialize in, for example, database or app development. Programmers work as employees or freelancers. In this way students can gain practical experience.

The salary is very good. With large orders you can earn several thousand euros. On programmerjobboerse.de you will find programmer jobs and individual jobs. An additional way to earn money is to develop apps, plugins and themes that you sell yourself.

5. Graphic Designer

Working from home is not a problem for both freelancers and graphic designers. In the case of employment, however, it depends on whether the employer allows you to work from home. To be able to work as a graphic designer, you need specialized skills that provide an apprenticeship or study. However, the professional title is not secure.

It is a good skill based method to make money working from home for free.

Graphic designer’s tasks include designing logos, packaging or graphics for websites and publications. In addition to creativity, empathy is an important condition for this work.

Because the use of colors, shapes and fonts always has a special effect. Job offers with employment contracts can be found on regular job exchanges. There are job exchanges for self-employed such as designenlassen.de, 99designs.

6. Web Designer

Web designers are self-employed or employees. It is possible to work from home, as only a computer workstation is required. In most cases, conversations with consumers take place online. In the case of a job relationship, however, the employer may require you to be present in the office. A web designer builds and maintains websites for his users. He should be familiar with the technical and creative aspects of these works.

Web designers are often clients of graphic designers and copywriters themselves. Employment requires a lot of skills and provides good earning potential. Self-employed people usually get through their website, as it is an important business card for their own work as well as through online marketing activities, advertisements on portals and recommendations.

7. Video Producer

A video producer creates video and movie collaborations. Typical projects are photo films, promotional clips or videos of private events. You can’t just work from home if you make movies yourself. However, later cutting, sound editing and adding effects takes a lot of time.

If working from home is important to you, then master these jobs. As a freelancer, work with partners who focus on filming. There are also companies that are looking for professionals for this job.

8. Write, correct or proofread texts

Whether for company publications, online shops, blogs or magazines, the need for content is overwhelming. Much of this is written by freelance copywriters and checked by proofreaders and editors. A proofreader checks spelling, grammatical and typographical errors.

If you well versed in writing and can write good this is a great way to make money working from home for free.

An editor also checks the content, structure and logic of the text. Linguistic and, in terms of specialization, technical training is an advantage. But with the right talent, career changers can also familiarize themselves.

This area is dominated by freelance work. However, it is also possible to have employment relationships with publishers, advertising agencies or text service companies that allow you to work from home.

Freelancers can find jobs on their website or through agency portals such as texterjobboerse.de. There are alternative portals like content.de or textbroker.de, which play a big part in organizational efforts such as customer acquisition and billing for commissions.

Just start working as freelance proofreader online in first instance.

9. Translate

As a translator, you can easily work from home. Unlike translators, you only translate in writing. Professional title not saved. Nevertheless, the work is very demanding. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. An expert is also needed if the text deals with specific topics.

It makes sense to master during your studies or training. There are different requirements for translating literary texts or websites. Potential earnings depend on the language, your skills and the type of text. Many translators work freelance and make money working from home for free.

10. Online language courses

There are many people who want to learn a new language or improve their knowledge of their mother tongue. Aside from private tutors and private schools, online language courses are ideal for this.

So, you can teach english to school children, students and immigrants via video chat to make money online. The preply platform makes this possible. Here you can register in just a few steps and create a course offer. You can then search, and book interested parties through preplay.

In addition, you can browse and submit an offer for existing positions as an online teacher. Applications come from different age groups and nationalities, which means you can offer courses not only in German but also in English, Spanish and many other languages.

As an online language teacher at Preply, you are paid digitally and then you can easily pay the earnings via bank transfer.

If you do this on a regular basis as a freelancer, you will need to register at least one small business. For a job relationship, you make a job contract. Although not a difficult task, it requires a high level of concentration.

You can find related positions on Job Exchanges and Classifieds. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “. Try start selling yourself through language courses or teaching subject.

11. Internet research

Both companies and research institutes occasionally outsource research work. These are often simple tasks such as pricing for company data or market research. Some research work also requires knowledge of the relevant field, especially in the scientific field. These works are good for the students.

There is a fixed price for each piece of information researched. So a lot of internet experience should be available. This research work is often done by freelancers. Employment is possible in individual cases with the employment contract. You can find related positions and orders at regular job exchanges, including Joblift or Adzuna.

12. Virtual Assistance

This includes taking on the role of secretary, for which no presence is required. Companies want to use this option during peak hours or during the holiday season. Even small companies use this support without their own secretariat. Tasks include making calls, arranging meetings and answering emails.

Virtual assistants work from home as self-employed or employed by a related service company. It is also often possible for employees to work from home in this profession. Payment is based on the time or fixed price that has been paid. This job is also suitable for an important job.

Examples of well-known job portals:

  • Fernarbeit.net
  • my-vpa
  • eAssistant
  • beach layer
  • MachDuDas

13. Customer Support

Customer support is often, but not always, based on the employment contract. Because it’s about communicating with the company’s customers by phone, email or chat. This requires more extensive knowledge of the company’s products and services. You can find related positions on job exchanges.

They answer questions, take care of customer concerns and receive complaints. Friendship and customer familiarity are therefore the most important requirements. Customer care can also be provided by self-employed domestic workers as part of virtual support.

14. YouTube

A separate YouTube cannel is also suitable for working from home. In the long run, you can earn a good passive income and build your business. But it also means that you have to work hard to succeed. You need to make interesting videos regularly and focus on your channel through smart marketing. This is the only way to reach enough customers to earn a reasonable income.

Earnings are generated by placing ads and affiliate links in the video description. Highly accessible YouTubers can also get product placement agreements. In any case, running your own YouTube channel is free.

If you want to know how to create your own YouTube channel in no time, you should watch the following video. Create video games channel to make money fast.

15. Sell DIY products

Do you like to be creative with your own hands? Then you can earn money by selling your home products. Sewing and handicrafts, self-made jewelry and decorative items bring extra income or even a significant income. You work from home and can turn your hobby into a job. Just simply design and sell your own products.

Suitable sales platforms include Handmade at Amazon, productswithlove.de or etsy.com. If you are very active, you can also set up your own store, for example with Shopify. Focus on competitive offers and prices and use social media channels to attract attention. Regular sale of DIY products is considered a trade and requires registration. You can also sell woodworking items.

16. Sell stock photos online

As a hobby photographer, do you have a lot of photos saved and new ones added all the time? Use this treasure to make money. Of course some of your work is suitable for websites and publications. Image usage rights can be sold on stock exchanges such as Alamy or iStock.

Of course, you can’t work from home exclusively because you’re shooting abroad. But you are not connected to the scheduled work hours and you do a great deal of post processing of photos and assignment of keywords at home. But best of all, even after a long time, images still generate passive income without you having to do anything about it. And with the exception of a good camera and proper image processing software, there is no initial investment.

Similarly, you can sell your unused items online. There are many sites which allows to sell handmade and unused items. You can also sell clothing online.

17. Make Money as a Blogger

You can also work from home and make money from your blog. Revenue comes from affiliate links. These are recommendations for the products or services associated with your site for which you receive a fee. Depending on the agreement, you earn, for example, every click or purchase. Large online stores and other companies offer programs for this.

In order for affiliate marketing to be valuable, your blog needs to have a good search engine ranking. On the one hand, it is important to publish interesting articles on a regular basis. On the other hand, you need to take care of search engine optimization (SEO).

You can make a lot of money with a good and extensive blog. The initial effort usually pays off in the long run. Make a blog based on business ideas which will attract traffic.

Tip: You can find out more about affiliate marketing in Ralph Schmidt’s free webinar “License to make money”. Ralf Schmitz is also known in the industry as “Affiliate King” and he will show you in his webinar how you can make money online in just 6 steps by applying the principle of affiliate marketing.

18. Dropshipping

Working from home is also possible with your own online store, especially if you use the concept of drop shipping. This means that the wholesaler sends the goods directly to the customer. You do not come into contact with it and do not need a warehouse. You don’t have to finance anything in advance. Therefore, it is also a good start for typewriters.

Your first task is to set up an online store, for which you can use Shopify, for example. The hardest part is finding the right wholesalers. But once the store opens, you care about product range, advertising, and customer relationships. You can work from home completely.

If you want to learn more about how you can automate with your online shop, we recommend Christoph Schweiger’s drop shipping video course. Here you will learn step by step about drop shipping.

19. Participate in surveys online

There are some online portals that conduct surveys for the purpose of market research and pay for them through money, vouchers or bonuses. Here are some examples:

To participate, you must register. The number of reviews per person in a given period is limited.

For a significant income you will have to register with many of these portals. Also, very common payments with vouchers or bonuses do not offer the same flexibility as money.

However, the survey is a good opportunity to earn a few euros, which allows you to work from home or in the waiting hours created in everyday life. Because a smartphone is enough for that. Many survey companies offer affiliate program that will boost you additional earning.

Upon completing survey, you will get voucher cash back credit card. This is how people make money from home easy and free by taking surveys.

ways to make money working from home for free

20. Product tests

Another possibility to work from home, which is suitable as a side income, is product testing. This can be done, for example, with Pinecone. In principle, however, paid tests are rare. For example, you can register at mysterypanel.de, where you will be selected for the appropriate test.

However, most other portals are about testing the purchased product, for which you get vouchers or bonus points.

Registering at shopdoc.de can also be helpful. Here you can test the products that are being traded on Amazon. You must apply for individual tests.

You give feedback to the manufacturer after the test. There is no charge for this, but you get the product for free and you want to keep it.

21. Assembly, production and packaging works

Working from home is possible without a computer. This is a classic form of working from home, in which you perform simple manual activities.

Advertisements sometimes offer jobs for filling surprise bags or collecting pens. If you are asked to pay for the material provided, do not accept such work. Because there are black sheep in this area.

It may be worthwhile to ask local businesses about working from home. Due to the proximity, the delivery routes are not long and the employer provides you with the necessary work equipment. In addition, you will usually get a job contract. Paying for such work is almost always piece work.

22. Microjobs

Crowd sourcing occurs when a large project can be subdivided into smaller tasks. This creates micro jobs that you can do online through portals like mechanical turk. These are small, simple tasks for which a fixed price is paid. You can check here list of sites which offers micro jobs.

The most common tasks are researching the Internet, categorizing images, or writing short stories. In most cases, the effort pays off. If you want to earn a living by working from home then micro jobs are not suitable. However, it is a good idea to make money working from home for free.

Which employers still allow working from home?

There are many other opportunities to work part-time, self-employed or full-time from home in a variety of industries. In online job exchanges, you can especially find opportunities that make it possible to work from home. Enter “work from home”, “home office” or “work from home” in the search bar. When looking at different offers, pay attention to whether it is a job offer or a freelance job and above all it is a serious offer.

This is what you can earn by working from home.

As the examples above show, earnings can vary greatly. The range ranges from occasional survey vouchers to several thousand euros per month for full-time programmers.

It doesn’t matter where you work, but how and with what effort. Some forms of work, such as creating stock photos or blogs with affiliate links, only generate revenue over time.

The following are examples for guidance:

  • Answer the survey: 5 to 20 euros / survey
  • Usability tester: 10 to 30 euros per hour
  • Virtual support: 15 to 20 euros per hour
  • Assembly work: 9 to 15 euros per hour


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Conclusion: Many different options for working from home for free to make money

Making a few euros a day working from home is not a problem thanks to the internet. But a full-time existence in a demanding job can also be created in this way. Gig economy is also one the good method to make money working from home.

In principle, it is possible for many self-employed and employees to work from home. In the case of a job relationship, however, the employer determines the place of work.

Many interesting professions make it possible to work from home. The Internet plays a role in the activities described in the following article. I am using stock brokers to buy and sell shares to make money from home.

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