Earn Money By Watching Video Ads

Earn Money By Watching Video Ads

There are several ways to get paid or earn money by watching video ads on the Internet. The earnings are not exactly high like making money with surveys and freelancing.

Do remember that number of advertisements or video ads you receive per day is limited for each websites.

To get more earning you should at least register with several Video Ads websites or companies along with others.

On this page you will find the following ways to earn money by watching video ads.

  • Paid to Click (click on advertising)
  • Surfbars (runs alongside while surfing)
  • Paid homepage (payment when the page viewed)
  • Paidmails (money for reading advertising mails)
  • Watch paid commercials

Click and Watch Video Ads

Paid for sites are those websites where you will earn money for clicking and viewing advertisements and watching video ads. The earnings are between 0.1 and 2 cents per ad viewed. 

It is easy to see from these amounts that you can’t really earn much here. However, there are other ways to earn money with most providers.

Well-known Paid4 providers:


Paid surfing (using special software – surfbar)

Here you can earn money by running a small program while surfing, which is run above the taskbar. 

In this surfbar, you will see that video ads banners are displaying. Another possibility is to show complete web pages in a separate browser window; this window can run in the background.

With some providers, a presence check is carried out every 5-15 minutes, which must be confirmed with one click. 

The earnings are around 2 cents per hour. If you don’t mind these banner bars, you can also use several surf bars at the same time.

Surfbar provider:

iPaid  – classic Surfbar
Start paradise – classic Surfbar
eBesucher  – separate browser window, can run in the background
Surf More – separate browser window, can run in the background

Paid homepage

With paid homepage, you get paid to visit a website. There is a reload lock of 20-30 minutes with video ads. 

This means that you can receive payment for calling a maximum of 2-3 times an hour. The earnings are 0.2-0.3 cents per call. 

It takes several months to reach the payout limit (€ 5-15). If you have so much patience, it is best to register with several providers to increase your earnings.

The provider’s website does not have to be stored as the start page in the browser. You call up the “home page” like a paid link directly on the provider’s website.

Provider for paid homepage with earnings per view and payout limit:

Infomails  (0.2 cents / 15 €)
Klamm (0.2 cents / 5 €)
Stagelo  (0.3 cents / 5 €)

Paid email

Here you will make money for viewing promotional emails. The earnings are 1-2 cents per email per view. 

Here, too, you should register with several providers in parallel to increase your earnings. Read : Earning Money Online With Emails – Is It Really Possible?

Watching commercials on the Internet

You will see commercials ads that you have to answer a few questions about afterwards. 

You will receive an average of 200 points per advertisement viewed, which corresponds to 20 cents. 

Exchange the earned points for euros, vouchers (Amazon, etc.), rewards or services. You can request a withdrawal from a credit of € 2.50.


There are many other ways to make money online here

Step by Step Guide – Earn Money By Watching Video Ads

There are numerous ways to make money to watch ads. Basically, we can say that earning through by watching ads are not very high. 

Ideally, you should register on several portals at the same time in order to earn a certain amount.

There are various links on the portals that can be opened with one click. 

Now the advertisement starts running. The length of the advertisement varies. It can take anywhere from 15 seconds to 45 seconds. Table of Contents

There are also types of video ads in which actions must be taken. 

In these video ads, which are mostly made for games, the first actions of the game must be made so that the advertisement can be switched off after a certain time.

The ads must always be played over the completely specified period so that a reward can be expected. 

After the advertisement is over, there is a button. You have to click on this button and accordingly you will received the reward. In this way you can top up your credit over time and receive additional income.

Legit sites to Earn Money By Watching Video Ads

As with all other ways to earn money online, there are also some providers who specialize in this area when looking at advertising. Among the most famous companies are

1. Jugl

Jugl is a community that was founded in 2017.Members can watch videos on the platform and receive so-called Jugl Coins for each video at the end. 

But not only videos are made available on the platform. Articles may also be available for reading. 

Depending on the length and function, an advertisement can last up to 30 seconds and with up to 100 Jugl Coins and more.

100 Jugl Coins is the equivalent of 1 euro. Registration is free. You also have the option of registering for a premium service. 

This costs you a one-time fee of 3 euros, but you get 10% more earnings when you watch the advertisement.

Advantages and disadvantages of Jugl

Advantages :

  • easy to use with a smartphone
  • set up within minutes
  • no fixed working hours
  • three ways to earn
  • Increase earnings with Premium Membership
  • suitable from 12 years
  • no subscription
  • no hidden costs
  • Payout after 24 hours after the application

Cons :

  • Premium membership costs 3.00 euros
  • Fill the personal data or information

2. TVSmileys

Another possibility are the TV smileys. It has been around since 2013. There are now more than 170,000 users who secure additional income with TVSmileys. 

All you need is a smartphone and the TVSmiley app. Once the app is installed, all you have to do is turn on the TV. 

During the commercial breaks you can now collect the smileys with your smartphone.

To do this, you have to be a bit away from the television and press the appropriate buttons when advertising. 

There are users who have found up to 480 TV smileys during a film. That is the equivalent of around 2 euros. Payment is only possible via PayPal.

Advantages and disadvantages of TV smileys

Advantages :

  • can by any smartphone or tablet owner
  • possible from 14 years of age
  • uncomplicated collection of TV smileys
  • high quality rewards
  • quick payout

Cons :

  • Many smileys are necessary for a high-quality bonus
  • no regular additional income

3. ySense (formely ClixSense)

ClixSense is one of the best and most famous paid to click sites on the internet.This is a PTC provider where you can make money watching ads. 

With ClixSense you can earn up to 50 cents a day with clicks. The platform also offers surveys and other campaigns. 

Bonus promotions include competitions, ClixGrids and online surveys.

With the assignments and surveys, you can do an additional $ 5 a day. The commissions are staggered and are calculated according to levels. 

Up to eight levels can be reached. In addition, you can refer members and that brings in another dollar. The company has been around since 2007 and has now paid out more than $ 15,000,000.

Advantages and disadvantages of ClixSense

Advantages :

  • everyone can make money like this
  • versatile income opportunities
  • good affiliate program
  • German forum
  • reliable payout

Cons :

  • Page is in English


In order to be able to watch the advertisement, you have to register with the providers. 

Registration is usually free and only takes a few minutes. Go to the website of the respective provider and enter your personal data. 

The data includes name, surname and email address. After the confirmation you will receive a confirmation email via email address and can register directly.

After registering, you can start watching advertising directly. There are plenty of videos to watch. 

An advertisement usually lasts around 30 seconds. Some providers offer the option of interrupting advertising after 10 seconds. 

In both cases, you will earn points or rewards which you can remit. it’s time to collect.

Depending on the provider, points must be collected in order to exchange them for rewards or cash. 

The providers allow ads to be viewed up to ten or more a day. In order to get a decent extra income, you should always register on all portals.

What is the earnings from watching video ads?

The earnings vary. You can earn 1 euro a day or 4 euros a month on the individual portals. 

It always depends offers category and what is the offer related. In principle, you can expect up to 35.00 euros per month with a daily working time of around 30 minutes. However, this differs from provider to provider.

Requirements to earn money by Watching Video Ads?

In order for you to be able to make money online by watching ads, you have to meet a few requirements. A requirement is a smartphone with internet access or a computer. 

A smartphone for some advertisements, other providers rely on the computer or desktop.

You must be download app on the smartphone, which is usually are free to downlaod.

After the download, restart your mobile or smartphone to start the initialization. After that you can use the app can without any problems.

With the computer you only have to log in to the respective portal and you can start watching advertising. 

With every advertisement your credit account fills up until you can withdraw the money.

Watching Video Ads payment methods?

A certain amount of credit must be collected on the individual watching ads websites before a payout can take place. The portals offer two options for payment

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer

PayPal is the most popular variant of the payout. The credit is on the PayPal account within a few minutes. 

More time must try the bank transfer. Depending on the bank, a credit can take up to five working days. 

The portals provide precise information on the credit balance from which a payout is possible.

As a rule, a credit of around 10 euros must be achieved or earned from Watching Video Ads.

If you have interest in the topic and lover to earn money by watching ads. You can start immediately, alternatively, I recommend my great guide on making money online .

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