Get Paid to Write Comments on Blogs and Websites in 2021

Get Paid to Write Comments on Blogs and Websites in 2021

One of the simplest ways to earn money online over the internet is to write comments on blogs and get paid for it. This is a great opportunity to earn your first money without investments for writing ordinary comments.

Get Paid to Write Comments on Blogs and Websites is perfect for beginners who do not yet have sufficient knowledge and skills in 2021. You just need to understand what a comment is, how to write it precisely and sites to make money from commenting.

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In this post we will explore important aspect to earn money with comments. You will not be become rich but at least you will know that it is possible to make money online.

What are comments and Reviews?

Comments are a kind of statement of an opinion or views on a topic or product or service. These comments can be positive or negative. Usually, we do it in our day-to-day life.

For example, many times during gossiping with our friends we have commented about friend’s behavior and act, but it was verbal. These are the same things you have to do. But the differences are here that you need to write now.

Probably, you have seen websites or online stores, or some political platforms written with comments or reviews about events, people, or services.

Perhaps you even had to make decisions based on the posts you read. Maybe you did not even realize that all these reviews or comments are written by the same users, like you, but only for money. And not only positive comments, but also negative ones to make everything look believable.

Keep in mind that comments and review are different from each other. Let’s look at the distinctions between comments and reviews:

Comments – This is the text in which a user expresses his or her opinion on a specific issue or subject. It can be short (1-2 sentences) or long (1-2 paragraphs) depending on what the commenters have to say.

Reviews – a text that lists the benefits, drawbacks, and expresses a personal opinion on the use of a specific product. It can also refer to getting a service, watching a movie, taking medications, eating at a restaurant, visiting a museum, and so on.

Do I need any specific skills to make money with comments?

No, you do not need any skills to make money from comments. But you should know English and how to write comments. If you do not know how to write, do not worry. Write comments in your own local language and translate it using google translate. Go to bottom of the post to learn how to write a good comment.

How to Make Money with Get Paid To Write Comments On Blogs

To earn money with comments you need to join providers who pay for comments. For, example, look at, Socpublic, which is a website that pays for comments.

On this website, there are members who will get paid for making comments and customers looking for comments for their blogs or websites. If you just search on google find a website and you write comments, will not be paid for it.

The essence of the task is quite simple. Go to different sites and leave comments under the articles. There are many sites such as shopping (e-commerce) sites, film websites, service companies, etc. need comments to build their reputation in the market.

There are also such tasks that you do not even need to come up with comments yourself. Provider will give you a ready-made text and a list of sites where they need to be placed.

But the more difficult the task is to write a comment and the better you try to write, the more you will be paid for them. Therefore, it is important to approach this business with all responsibility. Having done the job perfectly once, be sure that they will turn to you again.

There are two types of comments:

Personal Opinion – write what you’re thinking about.

Custom Comments – You write in the style that the customer prefers and wants. These remarks may be affirmative, neutral, negative, or interrogative.

How to start working with comments to make money with blogs? The method is very simple:

1. Sign up with comments money-making website.

2. Select a task for which you will be receive money for comment.

3. Become familiar with the terms and requirements, and if everything suits you, begin working on the task;

4. Take action.

5. Submit your work to the website. Attach a link to the comment or a screenshot for verification.

In fact, they are not difficult at all. If you finish at least one task, you will be able to handle the rest without difficulty.

How much can you earn for comments on blogs?

For the simple act of leaving a comment, you can receive anywhere from $0.01 to $0.10. You can earn 1-2 dollars per day this way. This is not much, but it is often necessary to start with some cash. If you have an interest in doing such work, you can sign up on the sites listed below.

If you are looking for a job on the internet, get paid for writing comments and reviews are one of them.

Besides this, you can also earn money by writing comments on forums, comments on social media posts, comments on online shops items, and descriptions of movies and games etc.

How and where to find projects to Get Paid to Write Comments on Blogs and Websites?

You can independently search for such sites through search engines. We have listed here some sites where you can make money for commenting. These sites are popular and paying for long to the members and users.

List of Sites to earn money writing comments on blogs


Ciao is an international paid review website headquartered in the United Kingdom. You can earn money by writing product reviews on their website. They also pay extra for specialized categories that change on a regular basis.

The amount paid for each review is determined by the amount of traffic it produces. One advantage of reviewing with Ciao is the low payout requirement of £5 (approximately $6-$7 USD depending on the exchange rate).

Yandex. Toloka

With Yandex.Toloka you can earn money by just reviewing the comments on the blog. You have to check the relevancy of the comments according to the given task’s instructions.

You will find various types of tasks on the Yandex. Sometimes you may need to pass a test or training. The minimum payout starts from 0.02$. You can withdraw your earned money via Payapl and using another electronic wallet.


It is a Russian site that gives the opportunity to make money for writing comments. The site is geared toward cheating and sharing content on social media. Despite its name, the exchange connects all known social networks. The tasks are not the most expensive, but they check it in a matter of seconds.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.50 $ for all known platforms such as PayPal, Payeer, Perfect Money etc.


This site is working on the Internet since 2009. There are many assignments here other than Get Paid to Write Comments on Blogs and Websites. For one short comment, you can earn 0.01-1.5 rubles, for a detailed one – 2-10 rubles. You will see the tasks in the following categories:

  • Youtube;
  • Social networks;
  • Posting;
  • Give feedback;
  • Mobile devices.

Rating points are awarded for filling out a profile, activity on the project, actions of attracted users (referrals). 

The higher the status, the more money can be withdrawn from the box. For example, only 5-10 rubles are available for “Interns”. per day, and “Businessmen” – 300 rubles.

You can withdraw your money via Payeer and Webmoney. The minimum amount 0.25 $ to 1$ which depends on the methods.

Socpublic is now the Russian Internet’s leader in terms of the number of easy paid tasks available. They pay an average of 3-5 rubles for short texts and 10-20 rubles for extended texts. There are three types of orders for writing comments to look for:

  • Posting;
  • Comments / Votes .;
  • Mobile apps

Contests for activities are held on a regular basis on the web. You can win from 50 to 1000 rubles if you leave a large number of comments every day. Furthermore, the project’s activity contributes to the rating’s rapid rise. The latter has an impact on the amount of money earned from referrals at levels 1-3 as well as the conditions for withdrawing funds.

You can withdraw earnings from in the following ways:

  • to electronic wallets: Webmoney, Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex-Money;
  • to a bank card.

Minimum wage – 11 rubles. The commission, depending on the chosen payment system, will be 2.7-6%. Newbies can withdraw money no more than once every 3 days.

Success Factors Get Paid To Write Comments On Blogs

Earning money from comments is not great, but you can increase your income by applying a number of tricks:

  1. Work on multiple sites at once. You can register on all reviewed sites, as well as find others and work everywhere.
  2. Create a work schedule. Decide when you will bypass sites and subscribe to newsletters about new tasks.
  3. Learn to write high-quality comments to increase your rankings and get into customer whitelisting. What does it mean? Write competently and strictly to the point, interesting, unique. Do not copy other people’s comments or rewrite the same comment. You can write similar reviews.
  4. Work with an affiliate program. All exchanges we reviewed are endowed with such an opportunity. Attract referrals (new network members who registered using your referral link specified in your personal account) and get a percentage of their income.

How to write comments correctly on Blogs to Get Paid

Here are some tips which you can implement to get a high success rate in order to earn money by just making comments for blogs or websites.

Customers will dismiss comments like “Wow,” “Cool,” and “Thank you!” and your account may be blocked as a result. A good comment should include the following:

  • Keep your focus on the topic. If you’ve been assigned to write a comment on an article about Making Money on the Internet Without Investing, you must write about that and nothing else. Ideally, you should explain your experience, what you tried, and the outcomes.
  • Take on a semantic burden. That is, you have read or seen something and are expressing your thoughts on the topic’s merits. You are welcome to ask a question; it will only benefit you.
  • The uniqueness rate is over 90%;
  • There are no mistakes in grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, or style.
  • It is preferable to write on your own behalf if the assignment is not specified. Even better if you apply what you’ve learned from your life experiences.
  • Write comments in a conversational tone and with plain sentences rather than complex.
  • Subscribe using a real person’s name, not a nickname or a string of incomprehensible words.

3 Tips to Make the Most with Paid Comments

The truth is that writing reviews won’t make you a lot of money, but it can be a good way to supplement your income. The best ways to make money writing comments by implementing below.

Do it in your spare time.

Write reviews to turn some of your unproductive spare time into productive time. If you take the bus or train to work, leave a review or two after each trip. Instead of focusing on a Netflix show you’ve already seen a dozen times after work, play it in the background while you write a review.

Because most reviews are brief and simple to write, they’re an excellent way to pass the time.

Review things you already use.

Start with the products you use on a regular basis because you’re most familiar with them. Your familiarity with them, particularly if you’ve been a long-time user of a particular product, will aid you in writing high-quality reviews that other customers can benefit from.

Write high-quality reviews.

Take the time to make your reviews as good as they can be to ensure that the company paying you approves them and that other customers appreciate them. This entails double-checking your spelling and grammar, including photographs, and providing relevant product information.

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