Earn Money from Like and comment on Social Media & Social Networks

Earn Money from Like and comment

Like and comment is a normal activity we do on social media. Here in this post, we will learn the ways how you can turn these like and comment to earn money. Companies are now using Social Media for promoting their business and product.

Marketing perspective likes and comments play an important role to increase sales of the product or services. If there are more likes and comments, people will pay attention and think about buying the product. To increase sell companies look for more likes and comments and they pay for it.   

Even, Social Media’s Influencer looks for more followers for their account, likes and comment for their post. So that they can approach companies to get business by showing the engagement of audience to promote their brand to earn money.

You can not directly earn money for like and comment of any influencers and company’s social media account. There are some exchange websites which you have to join to earn money from likes and comments.

The more you have a social network account connected with these sites ample opportunity to earn money from it. Here is the list of some social networks which I personally use to earn money. If you don’t have to create one

  • Facebook
  • VKontakte
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Classsmates
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Tumbler
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud
  • Reddit
  • Zen
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Google+

If you are interested,

then this means that you likely have personal pages or accounts on popular social network sites, such as VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This is already half of what needs to be done to make real money online. 

By the way, you can also consider the possibility of earning money not only for likes and comments, but also for posting videos, clicks, and reposts of records of other users. It’s not at all difficult.

Sitting at home at a computer with a cup of coffee or Coca-Cola, clicking a mouse button you can do it. You can get money for likes and comments at any time of the day. And, for this it is not at all necessary to be free from other duties and works.

List of TOP-10 sites to earn money from Like & Comment

Below are the 10 most popular sites that allow you to earn certain money or for like and comment. There is no investment at all. Withdrawing money from these sites is also easy. 

Each of the sites has its own rules and procedure for performing actions. I strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the given information before registering. If you see the sites in other languages translate them into your language.

  1. FanSlave
  2. Paidlikes
  3. LikesRock
  4. Everve
  5. Vktarget
  6. Cashbox
  7. Forumok
  8. Social tools
  9. SMMOK
  10. V-like

1. Fanslave

FanSlave is the first company in the world to pay you to watch social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It is the pioneer service in Social Media Marketing. It is online since 2011.

Credits are Fanslave’s virtual currency. 200 credits are equal to 1 euro. You can earn € 0.04 per like or comment. At the moment, fanSlave offers seven different ways to make money:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Websites

After successful registration, you can browse the FanSlave network’s pages. Click on the earn money tab you will see the tasks. If you like a page, FanSlave will reward you with credits. You can withdraw once you’ve reached the minimum of € 15.

Some special Specifications of Fanslve

  1. Only works with a large number of friends (approximately 300–600 friends)
  2. With cash prizes of up to 0.06 euros per action / click, the game frequently refreshes.
  3. Payments start at 15.00 euros and take 14–30 days to arrive via PayPal and bank transfer.
  4. Referral bonus of 20% for the rest of your life
  5. Likes on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube views, and traffic
  6. Monthly earnings: approximately 16 euros
  7. Time commitment: 1–4 minutes per day

2. Paidlikes

You can make money on this platform by liking other Facebook fan pages. It’s very simple to register using your Facebook account.

After completing the registration process, you will be presented with a list of all available likes. Each like is worth 1-3 points, and 1 point equaling 1 cent. Each day, a maximum of 40 likes can be clicked.

You can also make money by recommending your referral link to your friends. 10% of the earnings you will receive of your referred referrals.

A payout can be requested from a credit of 250 points and can be requested via PayPal or bank transfer. Euro 5 is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Some special Specifications of Paidlikes

  1. Likes on Facebook are worth 2 cents each.
  2. Up to 5 cents for paid Facebook likes
  3. Payouts start at 5.00 euros and are processed within 24 hours via PayPal and bank transfer.
  4. Only Facebook likes are allowed.
  5. Referral bonus of 10% for the rest of your life

3. LikesRock

The site is available which is confirmed by an international domain. Likesrock is available in both English and Russian. It allows you to earn money from accounts on eight different social networks. A great place to start.

You will receive a 10-euro welcome bonus after registering. You can begin completing tasks right away. There aren’t many activities for the social network for Instagram. But you can make a lot of money on Vkontakte or Facebook.

They pay 0.0015 euros, or about 1 ruble, for a LikeRock subscription, which is not bad. And there are more assignments for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media account.

Upon creating a profile with the LikesRock you can start earning money with like and comment.

The minimum withdrawal amount is thirty dollars at first, but it can be reduced by establishing a referral network. The threshold would drop to $ 20 if ten people register for you and each of them replenishes the balance by any amount. The minimum wage will be $ 10 if 20 people sign up. Withdrawals are made via PayPal and Payeer, two international payment systems.

4. Everve

Everve is the best place to earn money by sharing likes, comments, and followers if you want to make money online via social media exchange.


Everve has over 100,000 members and is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the Business District, g.k. Mladost 4.

Everve is a website that allows you to earn money online for actions. These activities may include things like following other people on Instagram, Twitter, VK, and other social media platforms. Some task can be watching, liking, subscribing to, and commenting on YouTube videos.

This content is typically created by other Everve platform members who are also attempting to increase their social proof. You can then exchange your money for social engagement.

Everve allows you to withdraw money in CASH. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10.

Using Everve you can grow your online business, personal blogs, and social media networks. Everve will increasing website traffic, search engine rankings from real people.

4. Vktarget

It is Social Network platform to make money on the Internet on simple tasks such as like, comment and subscribing. The site is existed since 2012. The site has an impressive user base, experience, as well as its own tools for collecting statistics.  To start earning with this site you need to join as a performer. Once you join as user. Next step is to complete tasks from the task section. These tasks include:

  • likes under posts or photos;
  • joining communities;
  • adding to friends
  • Tweet and comments

You need to verify (connect) your account. Connect your all-social accounts with this website to maximize the earning.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.25 USD (25 rubles). Considering the cost of a single task, threshold is reached literally in a little over an hour, sometimes even more quickly.

In my opinion, Vk-Target is the best site for making money on social networks for like and comment specially. There are several reasons for this: a large number of social networks, a huge variety of tasks at a very high price.

6. Cashbox

How can you make money on social media in such a way that it appears to be real? It’s that easy. CashBox is another universal service that allows you to earn money for like and comment on seven different social media platforms:

  1. Classmates
  2. Facebook
  3. In contact with
  4. Twitter
  5. Youtube
  6. Instagram
  7. Google Plus

There are a lot of tasks. If you do not see them, then switch to the “Contractor” mode from the top menu. Before starting work, you must be sure to log in to all social networks. If you don’t connect all accounts, 4-5 tasks from the general list are shown and that’s it.

CashBox has a referral program which you can promote. Earn 10% of the site’s profit from the performer’s work and up to 40% of the advertiser’s costs.

There is no such thing as a minimum withdrawal amount! So, even if you’ve only won a few rubles, ask for them; they’ll usually arrive on WebMoney in 5-10 minutes.

7. Forumok

The oldest site where you can earn money for like, comment, and repost. To do this, you just need to go through the registration process by entering your email address and password. Then you will need to add social media accounts and e-wallet address or account to withdraw money.

ForumOk is a microtask exchange, a comprehensive system for promoting goods and services in social services, on forums and blogs, on Twitter and YouTube.

It differs from other portals as limits are set on the publication of orders for promotion and promotion. The price of the assignments is set by the customers. 

The minimum price is on average from 0.05 to 0.10 USD ( 5 to 10 rubles) for performing one task. The minimum threshold for withdrawing funds is $2 (200 rubles).

8. Social tools

SocialTools is a reliable service. It allows you to earn money using your social media accounts with simple tasks such as like, comment repost, etc. You can also earn money by doing the below activities on the site.

  • Fortress and huskies records
  • Registration on sites
  • Joining groups and publics
  • Installing Applications
  • Writing reviews and comments

Join as performer to start working with this site and do the below

  • Add your social media accounts;
  • Perform a task;
  • Get money!

After activating your account and logging into the system. You will be taken to the “Profile” page. Specify your gender, date of birth, country, city, and then save.

The information in the profile must be accurate. Fill in everything exactly as it is to avoid any misunderstandings. Age, as well as country and city, are all factors.

You will be able to withdraw your funds once you have earned 0.15 $ (15 rubles). Money can be withdrawn immediately to Webmoney, YandexMoney.

The execution of the work is reviewed and checked automatically every 24 hours, or by the customer manually within two working days.


Smmok-FB offers to make money on like, comment and other actions on with Facebook. Unfortunately, there are not many orders here, but they are pay for tasks. Adding the site to the general “piggy bank” is probably worth it.

When creating an account, the administration will ask you to specify the gender. The Facebook account must correspond to the entered data. If you are a man, then the page must be made for a man. A prerequisite for work is a real and unique photograph (uniqueness is easily verified).

Join as performer. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.60 $ (Payout limit – 60 rubles)

10. V-like

V-Like is one of the most competitive social network sites to Earn Money from Like and comment. Only VkTarget, which we discussed earlier, comes close to matching it.

You will find always tasks here to do. It is simply impossible to sit without work. Three social media account only can be connected with V-like : Vkontakte, Instagram and YouTube . 

Again, do not judge by the name that Vkontakte’s earnings are the key direction of the project. This is not true. You do not need to register for V-Like. You can log in through the Vkontakte account from which you plan to earn.

Advantages and disadvantages to earn money on like, comment, subscriptions, reposts


  • Easy earnings (no special skills or education required);
  • Tasks are completed in a couple of seconds
  • Free schedule, no fixed time.
  • Earnings without investment


  • Low pay;
  • Monotonous work that would bore me in a couple of days;
  • Your social media page networks will be turned into a canvas for advertisements, which will clearly annoy you and your friends.

How to increase your earning from like and comment ?

Tips for increasing income:

  1. Create accounts on all social network sites that pay for like comment and enable you to earn money. It is not difficult to do this. Registration is one minute, and promotion will take less than an hour. Promote your accounts and add many friends.
  2. Register for several services at the same time. Thus, there will be a lot of work, and you will not sit around.
  3. Take advantage of the opportunities of the affiliate program. Engage people by inviting them to earn some money through clicks. Find like-minded people on the forums and ask them to join. How to attract active referrals. Create a YouTube channel, shoot videos about these sites, and invite viewers to register using your link. There are a lot of ways to attract referrals. The main thing is to have a desire.

Conclusion of earn money with like and comment

Making money on like, comment, reposts, subscriptions is simple and does not require investment. If you have no experience of earning money on the Internet, or you often spend time on social networks. It is recommended to give it a try. You will gain invaluable experience and make money while at home. But do not dwell on this, learn other ways to make money on the Internet.

Write comments if you have any questions. Did you like the article? We would be grateful if you rate it and share the material with your friends.

Today it has become quite real as you can get real money for likes comments. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself, it works.

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