Make Money as a Hobby Photographer

Make Money from Home as a Hobby Photographer

Hello everyone!

If you are passioned with the hobby of Photography and posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites. This is article / post for you. Your can turn this hobby into as a Make Money from Home as a Hobby Photographer.

The first question, Why the company will pay you for the photographs.

The company build an AI technology Artificial Intelligence through the photographs. In return company pays rumination to the workers or users.  

Just turn your photography hobby into making money online.

Here you will learn how to earn money from home as a Hobby Photographer. If you don’t believe , just try this one time as we know something is better than nothing.

Apart from this, You’ll find there some tasks, like taking pictures, answering surveys, and these are only some of the tasks that you can earn from doing this.

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The only requirement is a phone, an internet connection and of course a PayPal account for the payout.

So stay with until the end of this post to know about what app it is and if it’s worth your time.

Okay, the app that I was talking about earlier is Clickworker.

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By the way, I’d like to share a tip for those of you who are still looking for a high paying online job. Instead of submitting just your resume, one way of impressing your client is by setting up your own website.

What’s Clickworker?

Clickworker is also an app or micro freelancing website, similar to the ones we recently featured before like Fiverr, Microworker,

So, Click network is one of them Just go to their website which is

Join Now – Make Money from Home as a Hobby Photographer

You’ll find there some tasks, like taking pictures, answering surveys, and these are only some of the tasks that you can earn from doing.

The unique thing about it is that it pays in euro. And since it’s available on phone, I’ll just use my phone and I’ll put it on the screen so that you can see how to sign up, how’s the process, what are the jobs or tasks that you can do at Clickworker and how to earn.

Go to click You can sign up or login or you can actually download and install it from Google Play.

Then it’ll say “Hello, are you already a Clickworker?” So choose “No, not yet” And you’ll be asked “Where do you live?” Just choose the home country where you’re most often in.

And then you will also select what is your first language or your mother tongue. Statue your gender. “What is your name?” Make sure you provide your real name. What is your birthday? This app requires you to be 18 years old, And you also need to provide your real address.

You also have to set up your username and password. “What time zone do you live in?” It says “Almost done.

Please confirm that you are 18 years old, that you have read our terms and conditions and that you accept them”.

So just read it and when you are ready to register, just click on the box “confirm” and then go ahead and click on register.

And then they will send you a confirmation email. “Please activate your user account” So let’s just click on the link and it’ll open us a browser. “Your account has been successfully activated” Since we already have the app, let’s go back to the app and see the jobs there.

 You will right away the jobs on the home page. There only have three tasks. You have jobs, profile and setting.

Let’s first set up our payout method.

When you click “Profile”, you’ll find the account balance and the payable. So since we’ve just started, it’s at 0. There are more options if you do it on the desktop. Because the more complete is your profile, the more tasks they provide you. Let’s set up the payment details. So, for the Philippines only PayPal is available. So enter your PayPal email address.

Create your paypal account, if don’t have

And it’ll say “No tax details have been provided yet! Please make sure to enter your tax detail below” “I am commercial and/or freelance” select no. For the tax number, input your PIN ID, if don’t have any input any national ID number, meaning any government-issued ID like UMID, SSS, passport and just click on “Save”.

You’ll see a button that says “Confirm PayPal data” What will happen is that it’ll link the app to your PayPal, so you have to log in to your PayPal. So that they’ll send you automatically the money.

So let’s go to jobs. “Photo Capturing: (Make Money from Home as a Hobby Photographer)

Show us old photos which completely failed!” You’ll see there how much is the pay, how many jobs are available, they have a time limit so once you’ve accepted the task you need to finish it within 120 minutes for this task.

They’re all different it depends on the task. And the pay if 30 days after you’ve completed the task.

There are instructions. They’ll show sample images that they are looking for. As you can see they’re blurry.

Let’s take a look at the other jobs. There are others with a higher rate. Before it was €0.44 With this one, if you share photos over the year, covering the 5 or more years and a 30-second selfie video, you can earn €7.20 Word of caution:

Clickworker is not for everyone. Like I said this is legit, they won’t use your pictures to scam people. They’re gonna use it to build an AI technology.

Like for example a few years back, Siri’s voice didn’t know that they’d have used her voice for Siri. She sold her voice. And one day she was surprised that it was hers. So it’s the same as these photos.

They’ll make use of someone, but it’s something yet not in the process. They’re still gathering information so they’re still building a data base.

The highest pay that I’ve seen here is this Video Creation, where you need to take several videos of yourself and your family member.

So if you finish it you have €16.00 For that one is 12 videos, 4 different actions with 3 different people. It need to be a blood relative. it’s okay to include the minors as long as you’re the parent or legal guardian. When you’re ready to accept the task, then you just have to select “accept job”.

Let’s try the photo capturing one, “take a live photo of an object” It’s €0.40 per job.

Only three are available, it’s either a coupon, electronic receipt or parking pass. Let’s try electronic receipts. You’ll get additional instructions.

Hold the camera still. Please hide any personal informations. Just confirm the consent form and release.

What they mean by electronic receipts they don’t mean the printed version but the one on your phone.

Let’s just click on “Got it”. Okay and then click on add photo. It didn’t work when I tried to upload it from the gallery, so you need another device to shoot it from.

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So if you’re using this phone, you need the receipt on the other phone. For the first one it’s my receipt from Grab.

Let’s try uploading it. And then you’ll see the form consent and release. Just click on “Got it” if you agree.

Then just click on “yes” and check.

Once they’re already checked for the task just click on next.

The job is now complete, we will now check the data and pay you accordingly.

So, let’s go to the next job.


Take a live photo set of the object selected. Technically, I don’t have a coupon but let’s see if they accept this Manila Ocean Park Pass. Let’s add the photo. Then click on send.

I tried to look at it from the PC, to log in. There are actually other jobs available on the PC or from the laptop, like taking picture of yourself via webcam There are more options on how you can toggle your personal profile.

Once your tasks have been approved, you’ll find them on your account balance. As you can see I now have €0.80 So once it’s been approved it automatically shows here.

Their payable, the minimum payout is €5.

So you need to accumulate it and once you reach €5, then they’ll send it to you via PayPal.

It’s automatic since we linked our PayPal account. Make sure that your PayPal is verified and you reached €5.

They send it weekly. You don’t have to initiate the transfer anymore.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons, what we liked and we didn’t like experiencing Clickworker.

For the pros, it has a higher pay than the other similar apps it’s not the highest base on what I’ve heard, Remoteasks is the highest paying portal.

Another good thing is that you can use it on the phone. For those who are still saving for a laptop, this is great as a side income.

It has a flexible time, you can choose the tasks, you can skip tasks as long as you can finish it within the timeframe, it’s up to you on how you manage your time.

Good thing that they indicate the time limit before a tasks end. What didn’t we like? As I said, this is not for everybody.

Some people don’t want to share photos because they may be used to scam or just for privacy reasons.

The minimum payout is quite high, you need to reach €5 to be reflected on your PayPal.

Other things you should note, there are a lot of tasks here at Clickworker it rarely finishes the tasks but I’m not saying that they don’t finish the tasks. That’s it. That’s it for Clickworker.

If you have any other questions, just comment it down below. If you have other apps that you want me to review, comment it below.

Hopefully, this post was helpful. If you didn’t like it, let me know so that we can improve the articles.

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